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“One with God is a monopoly!”
Application Ideas for the Bible lesson on “Substance”
by Corde Hanzlik, C.S. (Austin, TX)

This week’s Lesson is a game of Monopoly! One God, one source, He owns it all – so, we’re all winners! Let’s all rejoice in our wealth!  Isn’t that the essence of our Lesson on Substance? Because as the Golden Text states: I know the substance of being so I am rich. (My words) Because I know God, I am rich – Responsive Reading. Through God, we have durable riches, but greater is wisdom, honor, righteousness, judgment and His ways.

Section 1:  We have everything and we must act like it!
How great? Even if we don’t think that we see our wealth, we can make the demand to see it clearly as we understand God’s provision. On page 300 (S&H 3) of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy states that “God is revealed only in that which reflects Life, Truth, Love, ..”  That’s us! We reflect His divine substance and see it manifested! S&H 4 tells us that the more we realize ‘what we have because of who we are’, we have our completeness and act it out, but never in matter. S&H 5 sums up the whole process!

Section 2: David shows us the right way to be rich
David’s expression of gratitude for all that he had was to recognize God as the source of all good. He honored God with his heart (thought) and voice.

In Science and Health it is evident that the ingredient to receiving good is being grateful for what we have without preconceiving what we might get. Tricky sometimes. Do we not give time, donations, energy, thanks, to others because we think that we will come up short or not get the ‘credit’ that we think we deserve? When we give, it should be with a pure heart – pure of any hidden agenda of getting in return, except joy. It is interesting to see the word “affords” in the definition of Church in this section. Church can afford the proof of its purpose, power, place in the world. Each of us is church in action. Are we proving use, elevating, rousing to apprehend, demonstrate, and casting out as an offering to God?

Section 3: How much does understanding cost?
Solomon’s prayer for the right substance – wisdom and knowledge – was granted. He was very rich! He shared his wisdom in proverbs.

The Science and Health reminds us that wisdom isn’t a transfer of knowledge, but it is Mind made manifest in what we are and do. We don’t have to wish for it – we’ve got it! S&H 13 tells us  of the three ‘c’s – the consistent, constant, and continuous – nature of wisdom, Life and Love as “yesterday, to-day and forever”.

Section 4: What makes us teachable?
Hear the instruction in Proverbs.  It was not enough for Solomon to be rich in wisdom, he had to share the gift. The queen of Sheba was one to recognize the wealth of wisdom  that Solomon had. Humbly, she asked for the gift of God’s wisdom.

Are we content with just getting by? What about our “latent abilities and possibilities” (S&H 18)? Remember back to marker 5 in the Bible when we read S&H 20. The “invisible and indivisible” is clearly seen and made manifest. As we are curious about wisdom, humble and determined, we ask and receive what we are entitled to.

Section 5: Oops!
The lesson from our Master is rather pointed in two extremes. If we don’t understand that all of God’s wealth is available to all, equally, we might think that we have little or nothing. But, we also get into trouble with the greedy side as we think that we have everything and are obsessed to get more. Neither covetousness nor arrogant selfishness gets us anywhere. So where is your heart-treasure?

Material success holds no peace for us if we cherish it instead of God. Our true investment security must come through the understanding of God (S&H 25, “Truth and Love enlarged” and “gain” infinitude). What are the demands put on us? “Gravitate Godward, affections and aims grow spiritual, near broader interpretations, gain a proper sense of the infinite”. The returns on this commitment are immeasurable and permanent.

Section 6: The riches gained through Christly understanding. Baaaaaa! 
Jesus healed the poverty of health of all mankind. He taught his disciples to do so as well. Are we not his disciples?

Mrs. Eddy teaches us of our wealth of health as never matter based, but of spiritual origin. We are no longer fooled by the tricks of mortal belief as we “avail ourselves” of Truth. (S&H 27) We are no longer fooled, fearful, of false material existence. The sense dream vanishes. It was never real in the first place. Why?

“All substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause, and effect belong to God.”(S&H 30) So we have found “I am become rich, I have found me out substance”. (Golden Text) Claim the prize! It’s tax free!

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