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PSST: Sunday School Teaching aids for the 10 Commandments (updated for 9-6-2020 Zoom classes+)
by Warren M. Huff, • 314-378-2574 (text too)

Hopefully, you and your class will enjoy using my homemade teaching aids of a revised soccer ball & hula hoop. Feel free to make your own version of my 10 Commandments hula hoop & soccer ball… My pictured, dog-eared ones have been used by me as "Moses" on many visits to CedarS Bible Lands Park with countless CedarS groups as well as friends from many denominations to reject the Top 10 Temptations “going around” today to break the Commandments and to settle for lesser version of yourself and of mankind. On the Downloadable pictures of the hoop & ball, right above each temptation going around the hula hoop, is a pledge written on a soccer ball to counteract that temptation so as to help you score your highest goals. Say each pledge aloud (or as a silent prayer) as a commitment to better keep each Commandment and fulfill your highest potentials.

Tempting-to-accept lies “going around” these days that break the 10 Commandment (red # hula-hoop pic)

#1 When it’s hard to stop worrying (being ungrateful in advance) pledge to keep God’s 1st C. below

#2 When obsessed with body worship & thinking most of things pledge to keep God’s 2nd C. below
#3 When saying “OMG!” (“Oh, My God!”) out of habit pledge to keep God’s 3rd C. below

#4 When I forget that everything’s already perfect now! pledge to keep God’s 4th C. below

#5 When very tempted to disrespect authorities (police, politicians, media…) pledge 5th C. below

#6 When tempted to be angry, to put other down or to bully pledge God’s 6th C. below

#7 When tempted to be dissatisfied and break promises, protocols… pledge God’s 7th C. below

#8 When tempted to think about me first & take what doesn’t belong to me pledge 8th C. below

#9 When tempted to say (think) what’s not REALLY true of another or myself pledge 9th C. below

#10 When feeling jealous of anyone’s possessions or accomplishments pledge God’s 10th C. below

Jesus says the greatest of the two great Commandments is to “love God with all your heart… soul & … mind” (Matt. 22:37). It’s lived by whole-heartedly putting into practice the 1st 4 Commandments, summed up below:
#1. I pledge to: Love God, good alone & celebrate examples of Love’s unfailing, freeing power whenever tempted to be worried!** (Worry is really just ingratitude in advance.)
#2. I pledge to:
Quit thinking most on material things & bodies that’ll never be “up to the job” of being God.
#3. I pledge to: NOT say O.M.G. (“Oh, My God!”) unless I’m praying God’s name & expecting a quick answer!
#4. I pledge to: Remember (give loving attention to) God’s Sabbath & work out from perfection, not up to it!

To “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:39) is lived by practicing Commandments, summed up below:
#5. I pledge to: Respect and obey all RIGHT authority figures and boundaries in my life.
#6. I pledge to: Refuse (re-fuse) to get angry, make fun of or put anyone down!

(Such unchecked "supposed superiority" leads to killing as Jesus tells us in Matt.5:21+)
#7. I pledge to: Seek deep satisfaction in all God’s given and keep my promises
(Unchecked looking with lust is adultery and leads to it… as Jesus tells us in Matt.5:27+)
#8. I pledge to: Stop trying to GET happiness & instead try to GIVE it!
(“to impart truth, health and happiness… is… my reason for existing… …” My. 165)
#9. I pledge to: Stop saying what’s not REALLY true of others or myself (To bear true witness: "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!”)
#10. I pledge to: Feel & say of others’ good “Thank You God! That’s Mine Too!
(T.Y.G.! T.M.T.! Is more powerful than T.N.T.! (And, that's dynamite)

May this help guide your daily journeys to the "Promised Land" of best-yet version of yourselves. God’s kingdom is found right within each of us as we daily commit to gladly obey each Commandment and feel the harmonious wholeness (God's kingdom) within that comes from expressing “the whole of man in His image and likeness.” [SH 340:9+, S5; Deut. 7:9, B2; Ex. 20:1+, B8; Mark 12:29+, B9]

If you have a few minutes to watch short, video clips, all will likely love learning more about each Commandment by clicking on each red # below for animated, fun background on that Commandment offered by our son, Barry Huff, who is now a Bible professor at Principia College. As a grad student, Barry did this podcast series on The 10 Commandments for TMCYouth that's still hosted at His animated First Commandment of the series starts with Links to the rest of the series can be accessed by clicking on the red numbers here (and below)–ideally before first making each pledge:
#1. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. #10.

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