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Mine a G.E.M. (God Expressed Meekly/Mightily)
from C.A.M.P. (C
hrist’s Animating Mindset Practiced)!
Claim YOUR divine benefits package and use it daily as your Pre-served identity!
Application ideas “mined” by Warren Huff from insights by
Cobbey Crisler, Ken Cooper and others related
to The Christian Science Bible Lesson on
“God the Preserver of Man”
for December 15, 2019

Beginning “with the end in mind” let’s have fun mining for ourselves the GEMs in its last Bible & Science and Health citations (B23 and S32). Using these gems will bless not only you and yours, but the whole, wide world (www) as does Love’s “arm (as it) encircles me and mine and all. (Hymn 207:1)
So, “Mine, mine, MINE” for yourself, your family and all mankind the precious GEM of living in the kingdom of heaven (within you)! Daily expect and USE these all-inclusive features of your identity and royalty benefits package (as “the spitting-image” of your forever Queen Mother/King Father) in a divinely royal kingdom within you that is “maintained … as distinct and eternal” (S32, 70:12):

1) a complimentary, personal fitness & health care system (with the Best Physician on-call for you 24/7/365);*
2) a free, built-in security system constantly monitored by “the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal” Security Go(uar)d (SH 587:5);
3) a perfect travel-planning system with free trip insurance/assurance (“going out & coming in forever”);*
4) systems for personally-planned, food service & waste management (“going out & coming in” Ps 121:8);
5) an ideal match-making service (to preserve right companionship & even your “going-out” … dating as W’s wordplay); **
6) an income (“coming-in” from W’s wordplay) preservation service from your “Soul(/sole Provider of)…“infinite resources with which to bless…” (S&H …);
7) and, best of all, it’s FOR EVER!

* GEM of No off-hours for health care providers as elaborated by Cobbey Crisler on Psalm 121:3, 8 (B23) “Psalm 121, Verses 3 and 4. Let’s remember that the Bible tells us that the Great Physician has no off-hours; “He that keepeth thee will not slumber.” There are no busy circuits, no vacations, no fully booked calendars. You can get right to God, and there is a security system built in Verse 8*, “The Lord shall preserve thy going out* and thy coming in* from this time forth, and for ever.”
Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms by B. Cobbey Crisler

Having this amazing, built-in benefits package as part of the divine heritage of your spiritual identity is not much practical good if you do not really know that you have it and aren’t really call on God to put it to use. Below are results of my claiming these benefits and rejoicing in God’s amazing delivery of them at CedarS Camps as part of our AP (Answered Prayer) History. They are just as much a part of your divine heritage and your Answered Prayer History!

“Mine, mine, mine!” & Claim for All GEMs from a vein of connected thought & demonstration!
Some sparkling Facets of GEMS in CedarS A.P. (Answered Prayer) History meant for you too!

Link last GEM 2 of Jesus’ storm stilling (Mt 8,B10) & this week calls (Ps 91:15 25:2 40:8) [You too can witness God’s control of weather which looks to be outside you, but really isn’t!]

Facet 1 of the G.E.M. of God’s control of the weather was first clearly shown us on 4/8/1961:
It was on that prayerful, but soggy Saturday “scouting” trip to check-out my Grandpa Buck’s UNDEVELOPED land (where CedarS Camps now flourishes), that our family first witnessed this G.E.M. It rained steadily all 365 miles from our home in Omaha, Nebraska to one of Grandpa Buck’s two “gentleman’s farms” near Lebanon, Missouri. On that wet 7-hour drive, we read a Bible Lesson that included the examples of Gideon asking God for signs: one to let his fleece be wet when the surrounding ground was dry (as in Facets 2 & 3 that follow); and, another sign to make his fleece dry when the surrounding land was wet. (Judges 6: 36 -39, this Facet 1)

My mom proposed that like Gideon, we ask God to show us a divine sign as to which of two properties owned by her dad, Roy (“Buck”) Buchanan, might fulfill Ruth’s inspiring Bible openings directing our family to start a short-term summer camp to serve Christian Scientists near Lebanon, Missouri. [Read Ps. 92:12-14 and Ps. 104:16-17 and “CedarS Camps, Its Origin and Growth” by Ruth E. Huff for more on CedarS Bible-based origin and growth.]

To make an inspiring, but long, story shorter: As soon as we got to CedarS future location, the rain stopped and the sun came out nicely for our whole visit! Then, as soon as we drove through the gate to possibly go see a second property that could have been CedarS Camps location, a steady rain started again (our fleece was wet)! Just seeing the rain stop and start—as if on cue—seemed like the divine signs we had asked for, but God added two more unforgettable signs— not only a rainbow “of promise” over the beautiful property we’d just seen, BUT ALSO an amazing cloud. It was shaped like an arrow pointing down to this divinely-promised place for God’s idea of CedarS Camps to flourish!

That clear, divine guidance was just the first of many facets that daily-demonstrate the precious G.E.M. of God’s control over the elements—not only at CedarS, but wherever we expect to “love into view” that divine control!

Facet 2 of the GEM of God’s control of the weather sparkled for all to see 7/19/2009: During Rest Hour after lunch on the middle Sunday of Session 3, 2009, a call for help from David Napper went out all around camp to 30 radios in the hands or our management team and program directors. David had been mowing our Bermuda-grass soccer field before an afternoon game, when some thatch against the hot engine of the mowing tractor caught on fire and threatened to catch the tractor and the whole, dry Bermuda-grass field on fire. All of us who heard the call were praying as we rushed to the field to help.

Seeing that no water hydrant or hoses were nearby and that the immediate need was great, I shouted loudly for all to hear—not a mere “O.M.G.” of surprise—but an EXPECTANT PRAYER AND CALL TO GOD: “Oh My God! We need water NOW!” Without a cloud in the sky or on radar, within 10 seconds the prayer that I started by “taking God’s name” was NOT “in vain” (Commandment 3, Exodus 20).

Along with a quick, cooling breeze from Him “who holds the winds in His fists” came a significant rain that right away started falling above us as so greatly needed. It lasted –almost 30 minutes—putting out the fires and making puddles on previously dry roads! As Rest Hour ended, over 200 children and their counselors from Girls Camp as well as Boys Camp came out of their cabins to dance in God’s rain on our wet gravel roads and splash in the puddles!

The rain stopped conveniently on cue, just as games began, so I went to CedarS mailbox (about ¼ mile away) –and saw that the roads from there to Lebanon were bone dry! What cannot God do!! I later pulled up a weather app that showed over a half inch of rain only over CedarS. This was witnessed not just by our prayer team holding radios, but also by the whole camp–many who went home to testified about it in their home churches.

This modern-day example of A.P. (Answered Prayer) History at CedarS provides a segue to connect GEMs mined last week (and over 59 years at CedarS) with GEMs from this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson on “God the Preserver of Man.”

The Responsive Reading (RR) starts a theme of about calling on God: “I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me…” (Ps. 118:5) and “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High…shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble” (another theme word, the same as distress in Hebrew) (Ps 91:15).
(GT, RR, ) with an “Oh My God” plea as in B2- Ps. 25:2, B3—Ps. 40:8,…).

Facet 3 of this G.E.M. of God’s control of the weather was filling our new Mediterranean Sea with 60 million gallons of “holy water” during the week right before CedarS Memorial Day Weekend Family Camp to kick-off our 50th anniversary season.

On Thursday, May 19, 2011, as the sun was setting, I literally took a knee in humble prayer overlooking CedarS (soon to be) Mediterranean Sea. It was empty due to weather-related construction delays. I had a great view from atop the seaside Mt. Carmel in CedarS Bible Lands Park. I was praying like Elijah had on Mt. Carmel in that week’s (and last week’s) Christian Science Bible Lesson to bear witness to the fact that God alone was the Omnipotent Cause that could bring down from heaven either fire, rain (or manna) whenever needed and whenever expectantly requested in prayer. As Mary Baker Eddy successfully prayed for her milkman’s empty well, “if he only knew that God fills the well”— I knew that God would somehow fill that lake for His glory. I argued mentally and aloud that God had led us to promise for our Memorial Weekend and its over 200 guests (who were to arrive in a week), that by His power and for Her glory, we’d be swimming in and wakeboarding over the water in our new Cable Ski Lake in Bible Lands Park (modeled after the Mediterranean with its islands).

Atop Mt. Carmel, I reviewed mentally how each of the Ten Commandments applied to having a full lake in order to facilitate campers expressing “God’s being” (of) “infinity, freedom, harmony and boundless bliss.” (SH p. 480) When I got to the Fourth Commandment to “remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy” I gave loving attention to a mental picture of this lake and its Sabbath day completeness. Seeing it as already finished—completely filled and being enjoyed fully by campers paddling, fishing, skiing, wake boarding… I got a strong angel message to go early the next morning to the lake building contractor (Scott York from Kansas City) to ask him to seal off the drain culvert through the bottom of the dam as soon as possible to prepare for a rain that would fill it. (This drain culvert at the bottom of the dam had been left open during a rainy spring so as to allowed bulldozers to properly form its slopes rather than be filled prematurely with rain and spring water.)

The following line from Mary Baker Eddy’s article on “Obedience” came to mind. “Make sure that God directs your way, then hasten to follow under every circumstance.” (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 116) While I was confident that this message and its concrete course of action was from God, I followed (as always) my mom’s example to do random openings of the Bible to “Be sure that God” was directing this way before I “hasten(ed) to follow” to fulfill His promise of fullness.

The first words I saw were:

“Make HASTE… as thou hast said, do even so… let nothing fail of all that you have spoken.” (Esther 6: 10)

Seconds later, I opened a Message Bible to see:
“A child has been born—for us!… there’ll be no limits to the wholeness he brings… that PROMISED kingdom… beginning NOW and lasting always. The zeal of God … will do all this.” (Isaiah 9, The Message)

Moments after I recorded those openings, what I saw in my last Bible inspired me to right away seek out our lake builder (and former camper) Scott (York) to show him these openings and their divine directive for us to hasten to “seal the deal” and its large drain pipe:
“David inquired of God, saying, Shall I go up? … Go up; for I will deliver them into thine hand… like the breaking forth of waters… And the fame of David (CedarS) went out into all lands…” (I Chron. 14:10)

When Scott rightly pointed out that his equipment would likely get stuck in the mud trying to get the concrete placed, I promised that if his rig did get stuck, we’d pull it out, because after all, Mary Baker Eddy directed to “hasten to follow (God’s sure direction) under EVERY circumstance.” (Misc. 116)

Scott’s equipment did get stuck and Bill did pull it out as the quick-set concrete filled and plugged the lake drain pipe. A huge system of rain from the Gulf of Mexico swept in as if on cue the next day and week with over 16 inches of rain to fill half the lake with 30 million gallons of what we still regard as holy water! As the week began Mike Olsen of Kansas City Watersports was summoned to install the cable ski system so as to be ready for Memorial Weekend use a week away. Since we followed the angel inspiration (like Joseph in Egypt) to stockpile rain in our nearby Crown Lake, Scott was able to pump in the remaining 30 million gallons of water needed from what had been impounded and continued to rise above the Crown Lake spillway.

Thanks to God and to His quickly making his direction clear to us to following, so that CedarS had a full lake that weekend with cable skiing and wake-boarding on it! As the Golden Text for next week states “with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

Tune back in tomorrow as more of CedarS AP History is recorded and shared to inspire all of you dear subscribers to mine these and your own GEMs and make them your own by your humble application of their principles.

A GEM for you from Ken Cooper to enjoy mining!
See Ken’s offering Youtube at https://youtu.be/w8GEXKhRIwM.

Download attachments at the above right.

Ken writes: “Having understood God as the Only Cause and Creator it follows that man, created in the image and likeness of his Father-Mother, is forever preserved in that image and likeness. Our perfection is never less than God’s perfection. The plea of mortal man for protection is the false belief that there is something besides God, something outside of infinity that can get in to interfere with man’s harmonious being.

“When we start with and know the Truth, we have perfect protection, for the so-called enemy is nothing and nowhere. Jesus stilled the storm because in his knowledge of God it never was. Healed the sick because he knew God, good, never made them sick.

“It is perfect hiding, for darkness cannot see into the light. Evil thoughts can never reach us because they never have any being outside of infinite good.

We are preserved from trouble, for God is always All-in-all. “For in him we live, and move, and have our [perfect] being;” Acts 17:28”

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