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Mine "miracles" as precious G.E.M.s for you from C.A.M.P.
in God Expressed Meekly/Mightily by Christ’s Animating Mindsets Practiced!

Application ideas “mined” by Warren Huff from insights by
Cobbey Crisler, Ken Cooper and others related
to The Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for December 22, 2019

Mine the priceless GEM of Love’s “control over ALL,” including WEATHER, as proof that “… with God all things are possible.” (Golden Text, Matthew 19:26 & citation S20, Science & Health 232:9 … 517: 26)

Yesterday, as examples of application ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lessons of the last two weeks, I emailed you an early version of the weather-related “miracle” GEMS from CedarS A.P. (Answered Prayer) History. I’m repeating a refined version of these GEMS below because they relate perfectly to the “all things are possible” Golden Text theme and especially to Science and Health (S&H) citations in Section 5 with Jesus’ demonstrations there of exercising spiritual power over all limits.

These S&H zingers explain more of the Science behind the so-called miracles not only of Jesus, but also of CedarS Answered Prayer History (some examples below). Mary Baker Eddy forcefully tells us that this amazing, divine all-power is meant for YOU as well as me to confidently lean on EVERY DAY!

  • “…we must act as possessing all power in whom we have our being.” (S24, 264:10);
  • “… unselfed love, receives directly the divine power.” (S23, 192:30);
  • “…all good is possible to Spirit; but our present theories practically deny this, making healing possible only through matter.” (S20, 232:10);
  • “Moral and spiritual might belong to Spirit, who holds the “wind in His fists;” (S23, 192:17)

The December 8th Lesson’s link to GEM 2 of Jesus’ storm stilling (Mt 8,B10) & the December 15th Lesson’s calls (Ps 91:15 25:2 40:8) connect with the December 22nd Lesson with Jesus walking on water and instantly teleporting himself and the boatload of disciples to their destination. [You too can witness God’s control of weather which looks to be outside you, but really isn’t!]

Mine CedarS Answered Prayer History G.E.M. (God Expressed Meekly-Mightily)
of asking God for divine directional signals!

How God controlled the weather on 4/8/1961 to clearly show CedarS right site selection:
Our Huff family first witnessed this G.E.M. on a prayerful, but soggy Saturday “scouting” trip to check-out my Grandpa Buck’s UNDEVELOPED land (where CedarS Camps now flourishes).
It rained steadily all 365 miles from our home in Omaha, Nebraska to one of Grandpa Buck’s two “gentleman’s farms” near Lebanon, Missouri. On that wet 7-hour drive, we read a Bible Lesson that included Gideon asking God for signs: one to let his fleece be wet when the surrounding ground was dry (as in Facets 2 & 3 that follow); and, another sign to make his fleece dry when the surrounding land was wet. (Judges 6: 36 -39, this Facet 1)

My mom proposed that like Gideon, we ask God to show us a divine sign as to which of two properties owned by her dad, Roy (“Buck”) Buchanan, might fulfill Ruth’s inspiring Bible openings directing our family to start a short-term summer camp to serve Christian Scientists near Lebanon, Missouri. [Read Ps. 92:12-14 and Ps. 104:16-17 and “CedarS Camps, Its Origin and Growth” by Ruth E. Huff for more on CedarS Bible-based origin and growth.]

To make an inspiring, but long, story shorter: As soon as we got to CedarS future location, the rain stopped and the sun came out nicely for our whole visit! Then, as soon as we drove through the gate to possibly go see a second property that could have been CedarS Camps location, a steady rain started again (our fleece was wet)! Just seeing the rain stop and start—as if on cue—seemed like the divine signs we had asked for, but God added two more unforgettable signs— not only a rainbow “of promise” over the beautiful property we’d just seen, BUT ALSO an amazing cloud. It was shaped like an arrow pointing down to this divinely-promised place for God’s idea of CedarS Camps to flourish!

That clear, divine guidance was just the first of many facets that daily-demonstrate the precious G.E.M. of God giving us divine directional signals to follow and of Love’s control over the elements—not only at CedarS, but wherever we expect to “love into view” a spiritual sense of divine direction and presence!

Facet 2 of the GEM of God’s control of the weather sparkled for all to see 7/19/2009: During Rest Hour after lunch on the middle Sunday of Session 3, 2009, a call for help from David Napper went out all around camp to 30 radios in the hands or our management team and program directors. David had been mowing our Bermuda-grass soccer field before an afternoon game, when some thatch caught on fire against the hot engine of the mowing tractor and threatened to catch the tractor and the whole, dry Bermuda-grass field on fire. All of us who heard the call were praying as we rushed to the field to help.

Seeing that no yard hydrant or hoses were nearby, and that the immediate need was great, I shouted loudly for all to hear—not a mere “O.M.G.” of surprise—but an EXPECTANT PRAYER AND CALL TO GOD: “Oh My God! We need water NOW!” Without a cloud in the sky or on radar, within 10 seconds my prayer call to God that I started by “taking God’s name” was NOT “in vain,” but WAS answered (Exod. 20: 7).

Right away, along with a quick, cooling breeze from Him who “holds the winds in His fists,” the greatly needed, significant rain started falling right above us. (S23, 192:18) It lasted –about 30 minutes—putting out the fires and making puddles on previously dry roads! As Rest Hour ended, over 200 children and their counselors from Girls Camp as well as Boys Camp came out of their cabins to dance in God’s rain on our wet gravel roads and splash in the puddles!

The rain stopped conveniently on cue, just as games began, so I went to CedarS mailbox (about ¼ mile away) –and saw that the roads from there to Lebanon were bone dry! What cannot God do!! I later pulled up a weather app that showed about an inch of rain—only over CedarS. This was witnessed not just by our prayer team holding radios, but also by the whole camp–many who went home to testified about it in their home churches.

This modern-day example of A.P. (Answered Prayer) History at CedarS provides a segue to connect GEMs mined in the last two week’s Lessons with GEMs from this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson on “Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”.

I hope you (like I) will never hear someone say “OMG!” or “Oh My God!” without thinking of God’s amazing and immediate answer to my prayerful “Oh My God!” plea. (See an online, CedarS Bible Lands Park (BLP) picture of a current day version of the third Commandment carved in a stone tablet and that has been pledged by thousands of BLP visitors. And check-out O.M.G. prayer pleas in citations B2, Ps 25:2; & B3, Ps. 40:8.)

Facet 3 of this G.E.M. of God’s control of the weather was filling our new Mediterranean Sea with 60 million gallons of “holy water” during the week right before CedarS Memorial Day Weekend Family Camp that kicked-off our 50th anniversary season.

On Thursday, May 19, 2011, as the sun was setting, I literally took a knee in humble prayer overlooking CedarS (soon to be) Mediterranean Sea. It was empty due to weather-related construction delays. I had a great view from atop the seaside Mt. Carmel in CedarS Bible Lands Park. I was praying like Elijah had on Mt. Carmel in that week’s (and last week’s) Christian Science Bible Lesson to bear witness to the fact that God alone was the Omnipotent Cause that could bring down from heaven either fire, rain (or manna) whenever needed and whenever expectantly requested in prayer. As Mary Baker Eddy successfully prayed for her milkman’s empty well, “if he only knew that God fills the well”— I knew that God would somehow fill that lake for His glory. I argued mentally and aloud that God had led us to promise for our Memorial Weekend and its over 200 guests (who were to arrive in a week), that by His power and for Her glory, we’d be swimming in and wakeboarding over the water in our new Cable Ski Lake in Bible Lands Park (modeled after the Mediterranean with its islands).

Atop Mt. Carmel, I reviewed mentally how each of the Ten Commandments applied to having a full lake in order to facilitate campers fully expressing “God’s being” (of) “infinity, freedom, harmony and boundless bliss.” (SH p. 480) When I got to the Fourth Commandment to “remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy” I gave loving attention to a mental picture of this lake and its Sabbath day completeness. Seeing it as already finished—completely filled and being enjoyed fully by campers paddling, fishing, skiing, wake boarding… I got a strong angel message to go early the next morning to the lake building contractor (Scott York from Kansas City) to ask him to seal off the drain culvert through the bottom of the dam as soon as possible to prepare for a rain that would fill it. (This drain culvert at the bottom of the dam had been left open during a rainy spring to allowed bulldozers to properly form its slopes before the lake was prematurely filled with rain and spring water.)

The following line from Mary Baker Eddy’s article on “Obedience” came to mind. “Be sure that God directs your way; then, hasten to follow under every circumstance.” (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 117:31) While I was confident that this message and its concrete course of action was from God, I followed (as always) my mom’s example to do random openings of the Bible to “Be sure that God” was directing this way before I “hasten(ed) to follow” to fulfill His promise of fullness.

The first words I saw were:

“Make HASTE… as thou hast said, do even so… let nothing fail of all that you have spoken.” (Esther 6: 10)

Seconds later, I opened a Message Bible to see:
“A child has been born—for us!… there’ll be no limits to the wholeness he brings… that PROMISED kingdom… beginning NOW and lasting always. The zeal of God … will do all this.” (Isaiah 9, The Message)

Moments after I recorded those openings, what I saw in my last Bible inspired me to right away seek out our lake builder (and former camper) Scott (York) to show him these openings and their divine directive for us to hasten to “seal the deal” and our open drain pipe:
“David inquired of God, saying, Shall I go up? … Go up; for I will deliver them into thine hand… like the breaking forth of waters… And the fame of David (CedarS) went out into all lands…” (I Chron. 14:10)

When Scott rightly pointed out that in trying to place the concrete, his equipment would likely get stuck in the mud, I promised that if his rig did get stuck, we’d pull it out, because after all, Mary Baker Eddy directed us to “hasten to follow (God’s sure direction) under EVERY circumstance.” (Misc. 117:31) Scott’s equipment did get stuck; and, Bill did pull it out as the quick-set concrete plugged the lake drain pipe. A huge system of rain from the Gulf of Mexico swept in as if on cue that evening and over the next several days delivered over 16 inches of rain to fill half the lake with 30 million gallons of what we still regard as holy water! As the week I told Mike Olsen of KC Watersports to install the cable ski system because we planned to use it as promised for the upcoming Memorial Weekend.

Thanks to another Bible-inspired angel message, we had followed Joseph’s stockpiling model (of grain in Egypt) by stockpiling spring rains in nearby Crown Lake. So, Scott pumped into our new Mediterranean Sea the remaining 30 million gallons of water needed from what we’d stored there.

Thanks to God quickly making His directions clear for us to following, CedarS had a lake full of holy water that weekend with cable skiing and wake-boarding on it! As the Golden Text for this week states “with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

Here’s another wonderful blessing of the perfect timing of this seemingly miraculous, but “divinely natural” demonstration. Had we NOT hastened to follow God’s direction when we did, our lake would have been empty and not useable for our whole 50th anniversary season. We had no idea that no more rains would fall till after July 4th and that they would be of normal, 1-inch amounts.

Another fun fulfillment of my third Bible opening (above) was that all our local helpers were eye-witnesses to the perfect timing, divine favor and awesome blessings being bestowed on CedarS as a results of our priority love of God and obedience to the Bible. As promised “the fame of David (CedarS) went out into all lands…” (I Chron. 14:10).

CedarS A.P. History is being recorded and shared to inspire all of our dear campers, staff and Met subscribers to mine these and your own GEMs and to make them your own by your humble application of their principles.

Mine three YouTube GEMs for you from Ken Cooper this week!
See Ken’s "Jesus overcomes gravity and time" Youtube offering at

Ken writes: Please find Download attachments (at the above right) for my poem for this week, “The Birth of Jesus.”

Jesus gave the world “The Lord’s Prayer” of which the first two words are “Our Father”, (not “Your Father”). This links us so directly to what Mary the human mother of Jesus saw so clearly. In her innocence and pure thought, she conceived that God was indeed and in truth the Father of all men and her uniquely clear understanding of this led to the conception and birth of Jesus. This fact Jesus proved. No wonder we should be glad and rejoice!

What a message, (BEHOLD!!) that we are all the sons and daughters of God!

I also include a link which you may like to include either this week or next from my second ever video! "Joy to the World"

“Mine, mine, MINE” precious G.E.M.s ‘til you know Love’s “arm encircles me, and mine, and all.” (Hymn 207:2)

Five precious GEMs written by Cobbey Crisler about so-called miracles in this week’s Lesson!

Mine the precious GEM 1 of receptivity to your angel messages—to make Christ welcome!
Cobbey Crisler on Luke 1, Verses 26-47 documenting the Nativity of Christ Jesus (B7):
“Gabriel has another assignment (Verse 26), to go to Nazareth. Luke is a gospel that tells us quite plainly that Mary was a virgin… (Verse 27), “To a virgin espoused to a man.” That means we are dealing with a contract period prior to marriage, an engagement that nevertheless had that sanctity of marriage attached to it legally. If that contract were broken, especially through immorality, it was very severe. A capital execution by stoning could be carried out.
“Gabriel announces to Mary that she is to be the mother of the Messiah. Verse 29 shows that Mary does not take it entirely calmly. She was “troubled at that saying,” and did not really know what to make of it, very similar to what we read of Zacharius.
The human doesn’t know what to do in the presence of angels. Of course, all it needs to do is listen. That’s why it’s so hard for the human mind. But, Gabriel, true to character, begins the conversation (Verse 30) with “Fear not,” calming the fear, any sense of alarm in Mary’s thought.
“The announcement is clear in Verse 31, including the name of Jesus, just as the name of John (later, the Baptist) had been given ahead of time to Zacharius.
“Verse 32 gives us some of the things that actually were synonymous with the Messiah in the expectations of the Jews, namely that he would be “the son of God.”
“Would he be the only son of God? Do we have any Scriptural authority for that, or for its opposite? We do have the announcement (Matthew 3:17) as he came after baptism, “This is my beloved son.” What about unique or “only begotten”?
“When you realize that every Jewish mother prayed daily to be selected for that role, imagine when it came to Mary how overwhelmed and very deeply humble she must have felt.
“Mary, in Verse 34, asks the only reasonable question one can ask, “How can it be possible, an immaculate conception?…
“…Mary yields (in Luke 1:38) to this event, “be it unto me according to thy word.” And the angel leaves.
“Mary immediately goes to help her cousin (Verses 30 and 40). It’s about 100 miles away from Nazareth…”
“Our third use of Holy Ghost. Elisabeth is filled with the Holy Ghost (Luke 1, Verse 41). Imagine that major human laws of life on earth are being set aside… a very precious encounter for the whole human race…
“Mary begins in Verse 46 what the Latin Church refers to as the “Magnificat.” Let’s study some of those words. Mary said, “My soul doth magnify the Lord.” That word “soul” in the Hebrew is very close to our word “identity.” In this case we find that Mary is discussing her being as if it were a lens for God, a magnifying lens. What a beautiful way to describe identity. Would that we ourselves could look through our identity, and every time we did, we only saw the magnification of God and all the qualities associated with the divine nature, increasing more and more as the lens magnifies…”
“Luke the Researcher,” B. Cobbey Crisler**

Mine precious GEM 2 to believe and obey your angels and so to nurture the growth of the Christ idea!
Like Joseph, accept Jesus’ virgin birth. Cobbey Crisler on Matthew 1:18-23 (B8)
“(Verse 18) … we find "the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise." The word "birth" in Greek is our word "genesis." Writing to a Jewish readership, there would seem to be very little question that Matthew was relating a new genesis here. The word would remind his readers of the opening book of the Bible. "The birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph." Our modem term "engagement" would probably best suit that. It was a period in which the couple would promise to one another. It was regarded with as much sanctity as the marriage-period itself. So, that any violation of it morally was treated with the same severity as if it had been adultery during marriage.

“When the news reaches Joseph that Mary is ''with child," how do you think the average husband would greet that news? They aren't even married yet. The news comes to Joseph that his wife­to-be in this very sanctified period of promise is pregnant. Under the Jewish law, what would be the most severe measure that Joseph could take against Mary? Stoning. Publicly. He could have chosen and elected to have exposed Mary publicly and had her executed. But Joseph is as important an aspect of this great account of the introduction of Jesus humanly on earth as Mary. We get an insight into his thinking. Remember that Joseph is just you or I in the sense of going through the same reaction that one would have with this sort of news. This shows some of the quality and character of Joseph.

“(Verse 19), It says that "Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a publick example." We see right away that he doesn't want to take the extreme measure, He wanted "to put her away privily," and go through divorce proceedings, but quietly.

“(Matthew 1, Verse 20). "While he thought on these things." That isn't exactly Joseph being a philosopher. The Greek word suggests agony. "While he agonized about these things.'' It gives us a view of what was really going on in his thinking. At that point, "an angel of the Lord appears unto him." "Angel," actually comes from a Greek word, angelos. It means "messenger" and is virtually inseparable from the message that the messenger delivers. It is this inseparable message and messenger that comes to Joseph in what appears to him as “a dream," addressing him as the "son of David" and saying, "Forget what you're thinking," which was a normal conclusion any husband would come to, "Because Mary is with child but what is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost." How many husbands would exactly buy that? It really flies in the face of the entire biological history of man.
“The Book of Matthew: Auditing the Master,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Mine precious GEM 3 to be an alert shepherd 24/7 & hasten to follow angel messages to see the Christ!— Cobbey Crisler on Luke 2: 1-19, 40

Luke gives us the story of the shepherds (Luke 2:8-18), those alert shepherds in the fields near Bethlehem. This is going to radically change our ideas of Christmas, although I'm sure that you are probably prepared for the fact that the birth of Jesus undoubtedly did not occur December 25th. It's pretty cold out there for shepherds to be watching their flocks in the winter night of Palestine. Normally they all would be within an enclosure at that time.

However, it doesn’t hold always true today. It depends, again, on the weather. If it is warm, and if there is sufficient grass on the hillsides, the shepherds could have been out there at that point.

Shepherds generally watched during the spring when the lambs were being born to protect the flocks from the marauding animals or human thieves. Shepherds had to be alert twenty-four hours a day. The whole figure of shepherd received special metaphorical treatment all the way through the Bible, specifically by Jesus himself, where the title "shepherd" is used to give an indication of his own character.

… There is a tradition that the Messiah would be announced at Migdal Eder, the tower of the flock. This was a place just outside of Bethlehem, identified with the shepherds' fields. So, we do have an early Jewish tra dition it would assign the Messianic inauguration near Bethlehem.

The announcement comes to the shepherds in Luke 2:9. Verse 10 begins to give us a hint of part of Luke's purpose for writing. Most scholars think that Matthew has written his gospel for Jewish readership. It also seems clear that Luke wrote his gospel with a much more universal application in mind. Verse 10 underscores that in its last line by saying, "All people.” The universality of Jesus and his mission to the entire world is emphasized. Only Luke has this story of the shepherds. We're dealing with the most spiritually conspicuous birth in history.

That means there would have to be a sign from God. We see that consistently through the Old Testament. A sign accompanying the setting aside of human laws, rules, and traditions. A radically new deeply drawn breath. from Spirit, from the Holy Ghost, accompanied-by angels. “Fear not,” the opening words again, "good tidings, great

joy, all people.''

Right here in this small city of David a sign, (Verse 11), an unmistakably unique sign. First a virgin will conceive, (Verse 12), then a heavenly anthem or symphony ends the angelic message to the shepherds, (Verses l3 and 14).

The shepherds do something with the Holy Ghost with which they have been filled. They respond; they obey. They utilize what they have been inspired to do. They go to Bethlehem, (Verse 15), "find the babe lying in a manger," (Verse 16), and "spread the news around,' (Verse 17) so that the story was available among others. We don't know where Luke would have gotten it. But that gives us certainly sufficient justification to see that it was known more than by a handful….
“Luke the Researcher”,
by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Mine GEM 4—Hurry to follow divine direction. Protect the Christ idea & when the time’s right, return to share it & free mankind.
Cobbey Crisler on Matthew 2:13-21 (B12)

Matthew 2, Verse 13 gives us the next indication we have of divine direction, which is symbolized by the appearance of an angel, where Joseph, again, gets a communication which tells him to "flee into Egypt, and stay there until Herod is no longer around."

(Verse 14). They do that.

(Verse 15). Notice what Matthew does again. He goes to prophecy and sees this trip into Egypt as one that not only was fulfilled in earlier Scriptural times, such as when Joseph went down to Egypt and then Israel was called out of Egypt by Moses' receptivity. But also, that Jesus would repeat that very same thing. Egypt represented bondage and Moses had freed the people from bondage in one way. Is this child who is coming out of Egypt going to free mankind from a universal bondage that has restricted his normal activity by the manacle known as sin, disease, and death? Is this the mission of this child? All that, perhaps, implied just by use of the earlier Scripture which is found at Hosea 11, Verse 1.”

“The Book of Matthew: Auditing the Master,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Mine GEM 5— Walk above the waves! [W. Gravity takes two material objects to work, so don’t be one of them.] Don’t be afraid or look down. With Christ aboard, travel at the speed of thought! –
Cobbey Crisler on John 6:16-21 (B15)
John 6:16. After Jesus feeds the 5,000, he stays behind and the disciples go back alone in their boat.
John 6:17. “Over the sea toward Capernaum.” That means they had to be on the other side of the sea, which is Bethsaida.
John 6:18. “The winds that come suddenly sweeping down from the east and the desert, or from the west and the Mediterranean, often stir the sea up without warning. They [the disciples] are having trouble negotiating their little boat. And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew.
John 6:19, “Jesus is having no trouble approaching them on the sea.” This shows that he wasn’t really walking on the surface of the sea at all. As my father once pointed out, if the sea were churned up, walking would be more laborious than being in the boat. Jesus, however, had a method that was revolutionary and less laborious. He must be walking above the sea, not in the peaks and valleys. And if so, then he’s walking on air. But what’s the difference? They’re both rather difficult to do from the human view of it. This sounds mighty logical to me.

John 6:20. When he gets near he says, “It is I; be not afraid.”
John 6:21, “They willingly receive him into the ship.”

They learn a lesson in transportation. Space and time, as obstacles, can be overcome. “Immediately the ship, the disciples, everybody is beached. They’re right there at the destination. It’s a wooden boat. No one says it ended up in fragments. No one was holding their heads and complaining that they hit their head against a sonic boom of something.”
“The Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved Disciple,”
by B. Cobbey Crisler**

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