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"Choose Good"– Prayer Watch GEMs to Realize Reality for March 23-29, 2020
[Please ask others to join us in a Global Prayer Watch for World Health 2020 whenever they can for a few moments in prayer at the top of each waking hour and for a 1-hr. Prayer Watch daily. Whenever you first join us, to make it official, please email "I'm in!"]

Start with Foundational GEMs for Section 1 Bible-based realities:
Citation B1 from John 1: Start and stay in the absolute with affirmations and denials!
[As do the Scientific Statement of Being and John 1]
Cobbey Crisler on John 1:1-3 (citations B1, S1): “In the beginning”

[CC:] “John 1:1. John starts off unlike any of the preceding gospels. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” He starts off, as a matter of fact, as only one other book of the Bible begins. Notice Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. " Do you think the early readers of his gospel would have recognized that? Do you think that was John's intent? That it should be recognized?

“This is something that is a major clue to studying the Bible. That is, when you get the remotest hint of an Old Testament verse in the New Testament, don't ignore it or put it aside. It’s there for a very deep reason. It probably holds the key to the meaning of the New Testament event, or the author would not have included it…

...[It's] the kind of surface research that Jesus expected of his followers… When he said in John 5:39, "search the Scriptures,” … Jesus knew [this] would be enormously rewarding. The yield on that kind of investment would leap out of the page into the lives of those who did it. Therefore, "the word would be made flesh,” (John 1:14).

“John 1:1 starts his gospel off, "In the beginning was the Word.” The Greek is, en arche hin ho logos. Does arche look familiar to you? It is the root word in "archeology." It's an exciting word. It doesn't just mean when things begin or when they have started in a human way, so much as, translated by some scholars, as "the first principle" of things.

“For instance, when Jerome, in about 400 A.D. translates the Greek Bible into Latin, here’s how he does those opening words. "In principio," which, of course, is our root of our word "principle," in principio. He could have used another Latin expression which is "ab initio, " which would have meant at the initial phases of things, but instead he chooses a Latin word which has a dual meaning which could be "principle," the first principle, the origin, the basis of things.

“If we choose that particular Greek meaning for the opening of both Genesis and John, then it gives it an entirely different connotation. If, in principle, God created the heaven and the earth, or in principle, was the word, it starts out like many mathematical or scientific textbooks which start out with the statement of principle. Everything else derives from it.

…“Do you know where we use logos in the English language? Biology, physiology. Logos is the one that has been used to define the sciences in the English language. This was the comprehension at least of the lexicographers who developed our own language of the Greek term. Look how it's lasted even in our language. We use it all the time without realizing it, taking it for granted. Is there a scientific connotation, then, that "In the beginning,” "In the first principle of things,” there is a scientific unvarying, inalienable, order that's ruling. And that it's not only being uttered as an expression or word, but behind it is the immense thought that also must be based on the same principle. Notice in Verse 1 of Chapter 1 that it all related with and to God.

“John 1:3 continues with a statement that is quite absolute, "All things were made by him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.” Is there any reservation for qualifications? "All things were made by him. That is [an] enormous commitment to make at the beginning of a book. The theology of this book is therefore committed right squarely on what principle if we're now defining the theological principle on which the Bible is based? Not only oneness of God, but the fact He's one, also means He's all. "All things were made by Him.” Everything is created by Him. That also poses problems, because all we have to do is open our eyes and look around us. And what we see, we'd rather not think was created by God. But as of now, we've just started the book. So, let's see what the style of the author is and his theological commitments. "All things were made by Him.”

“He doesn't leave it there. The very next sentence adds, “Without him was not any thing made that was made." Why is he saying that? Doesn’t “all things were made by Him” take care of the other part? What is the difference? What’s the distinction that he is implanting in his readers' thought right at the beginning of the book? "All things were made by Him.” What would you call that? That kind of statement is an absolute, but is it also an affirmation. It's a real solid plus. This is a plus of the theological view of John. "All things were made by Him."

“What have we got now? Denial. Here is how we're going to deal with the minus element. The minus element is without Him, "without him was not any thing made that was made.” Any hint of a minus existing after the all-things-were-made-by­-him being declared, is removed, because it is the other side of the same coin.

“The plus, the minus, the affirmation, the denial is a mathematical approach. Dealing with the plus, dealing with the minus and ending up with one, not dualism. One, so there’s no doubt that the key to the gospel is monotheism. It challenges the reader’s thought to see if he’s there at that altitude before he continues any further in the gospel. It forces the reader to get to that height in order to remotely communicate with what's in the gospel.”
“Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved Disciple,” by B. Cobbey Crisler

Citation B2 from Genesis 1: Feel the WOW of this G.E.M. for you!
Be transformed from feeling like an exile suffering from"very bad" aloneness to
feeling the "very good" ALL-Oneness of spiritual togetherness and baptism! —

[transcribed from W’s notes on Cobbey Crisler talks on Genesis 1 (B2, S6)]:

[CC:] “Genesis chapter 1 was written in response to the Hebrew people’s crisis of exile.

“Verse 2 attempts to explain how creation occurred as well as how a new beginning could occur out of the vacuity of the nothingness of the exile (W: Think about what a super-severe quaratine an exile would be, to be taken away from your home, family and all that's familiar.) To the post-exilic authors of Genesis 1 “the earth was without form and void” – or “Toe-who” and Boe-who” – the translated names of the Babylonian mythical leviathan-like, sea monster and their mythical behemoth-like, land monster. The modern-day myth is that we evolved from the sea to be dry land creatures with a further refined way of animal thought and life. Human thought was dark much like “darkness on the face of the waters.” … Spirit is the root of the whole word inspiration… No advance can occur in life without inspiration—so “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”… This happens also when Jesus is baptized, coming “straightway out of the water,” as part of a divine announcement. He sees “the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon him.” (Matthew 3:16) Consequently, one recognizes that if Spirit represents the motive of his career, it’s an inspired career…

“It’s how the entire Bible begins (Genesis 1:2) because “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” It’s almost as if in Jesus’ baptism, we’re getting this genesis of God’s creation, that first chapter, applied on earth. The Spirit is moving on those waters in which Jesus is standing. There is a Spirit genesis here. Look at what happened in Genesis 1 in those brief verses when creation is depicted for us.”

Verse 3 (from a bumper sticker that I enjoyed seeing): “The Big Bang theory: “Let there be light” and BANG! It happened!”) …

[transcribed from Warren Huff's notes on Cobbey Crisler talks on Genesis 1]

Citation B3 from Psalm 33: Mine this new Global Prayer Watch G.E.M! – Turn from every vain, merely-material remedy (every drug-based treatment with side effects and every partially-effective vaccine purposely infected with a little with the virus it's meant to cure) to the One Source, as our instantaneous, inspiring “Pandemic Panacea” (Worldwide-Plague Cure-All or W.P.C.A.) for all healings! [W: these angel-coined terms for “freaky-fast” “Big Bang” healings also come with guarantees of No convalescence, No relapse, No side-effects and No after-effects! (see Cobbey Crisler below on Ps. 33:9, 11, B3)
Psalms 33:9
Chapter 33, Verse 9, we’ve already alluded to. The swiftness of God’s treatment. It’s not a process, according to the Bible. It’s not recuperation. It’s not convalescence, or gradual recovery. “He spake, and it was [done],” In case we have had room in our thinking for a possibility of relapse, it is stated, “He commanded, and it stood fast.” No side effects, no after effects.

In Verse 11, “The advice or counsel of the LORD stands” for how long? “For ever.” What good I that, if we aren’t there forever to receive such advice? “The thoughts of his heart to all generations.” What good are God’s thoughts unless those are the potions we are supposed to be taking, imbibing, ingesting. God’s thoughts, His potions. Take them, eat them up, drink them in. That makes the Bible a pharmacopoeia which is a word the dictionary says describes “preparations issued by official authority and recognized as a standard.” [W: That’s what I call “BIG Pharma!” It’s worthy of daily investing in with a “PROPHET” motive. (a “spiritual seer” inspirational motive of “the disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth.” (SH 593:4)] Pharmacopoeia, which is a word that in its ordinary meaning without uplifting it to what the Bible would require of the term anew would just simply be an authority to which one would turn to know where the remedies all are.”
“Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Join our Prayer Watch today by applying an Isaiah GEM for Health Care workers and all who serve! God promises they will be upheld! Being upright they’ll be able to keep serving to the delight of God’s soul!
“Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delights; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.” (Isaiah 42:1, citation B11)

Cobbey Crisler on Isa. 42:1 (B11)
“Chapter 42:1 is a prophesy of a servant who should come, the “elect of God” who would have “the Spirit of God upon him.” You will notice in Verse 7 – and in Isaiah 61:1 – what the assignment of this servant would be, “To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, [and] them that sit in darkness out of the prison house (W: or shelter-in-place or self-quarantine).”

Isn’t it interesting that the prophet Isaiah foresees this prophesied individual in the terms of “a servant” when the Greek word most often in the New Testament for healing has the classical Greek meaning of “to serve.” You remember how Jesus defined his ministry in those terms, “I came not to be ministered unto but to minister” [Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45]. Healing is serving by definition in Greek. Serving whom? God and man.”
­“Heal the Sick”: A Scriptural Record,”
by B. Cobbey Crisler**

[Warren: These prophesies in Isaiah foretell the coming of God’s healing servant, Christ Jesus. But the verse in our Bible lesson also says that God’s servant(s) and healer(s) will be upheld. That is a promise that we can affirm in our Global Prayer Watch specifically for health care workers and for all exposed these days to the CoVid-19 virus in their work to restore freedom and harmony in our communities and our world for all citizens.

Florence Nightingale, a famous wartime nurse in the Crimean war, was cited by Mary Baker Eddy as a great example of the immunity and endurance that God gives to all who provide care for and serve others.

Mary Basker Eddy wrote: “…Florence Nightingale and other philanthropists engaged in humane laborers have been able to undergo without sinking fatigues and exposures which ordinary people could not endure. The explanation lies in the support which they derive from the divine law, rising above the human. The spiritual demand, quelling the material, supplies energy and endurance surpassing all other aids, and forestalls the penalty which our beliefs would attach to our best deeds… Constant toil, deprivations, exposures, and all untoward conditions, if without sin, can be experienced without suffering. Whatever it is your duty to do, you can do without harm to yourself.” (Science and Health, p. 385:2)

[W:] MANY wonderful resources are being shared daily with great healing content for our Global Prayer Watch for World Health 2020. Check out in JSH-online an excellent Journal podcast by Janet Horton, a retired US Army Chaplain. She gives context to the above passage by sharing a brief biography of Florence Nightingale and her tireless labors for the soldiers during the Crimean War. She also shares an example of the pulling together and protection that she and others in the Pentagon demonstrated when it was bombed on 9/11.

[W:] Chet Manchester, CSB, had an excellent “Daily Lift” yesterday (March 23, 2020) called Gathering spiritually, calming pandemic fears

[W:] Norm Bleichman, CS, also addresses today’s concerns perfectly in today’s excellent “Daily Lift” (March 24, 2020) called Consent controls contagion.”

[W:] As I was praying to see as divinely protected all the world’s front-line, health care providers, including all dear Christian Science nurses—and all patients as well, I continued to read page 395 in the chapter, “Christian Science Practice.” I found especially helpful the paragraph with the marginal heading of “Mental Quackery.” It also relates very well to our Christian Science Bible Lesson on “Reality” when it says: “It is mental quackery to make disease a realityto hold it (the coronavirus) as something to be seen and felt—and then to attempt its cure through Mind…. Mental practice, which holds disease as a reality, fastens disease on the patient and it may appear in a more alarming form.” (SH 395:21)

Share Section 3 GEMs of God Expressed Meekly/Mightily in Wednesday Testimony meetings!
It will be very worthwhile for you to connect online with your church in a Wednesday testimony meeting today!
These services continue to show that healing continues to be an essential, divinely blessed part of Mary Baker Eddy’s church. Every Wednesday, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston shares a 2pm ET Live testimony service with replays afterwards at

Several of the very inspiring testimonies read at The Mother Church testimony meeting today were about stopping or healing many types of contagion. They can all be heard again till Friday at 8am (Boston time) by clicking on either link above. Each testimony shows clearly the instant good and healing effects to all mankind from applying the truths of Christian Science.

One testimony shared in Boston today was about healing a spread of the flu. It cited several citations from this week’s lesson—notably citation S12 (p. 480:31-2). This message could easily be seen to be a key to the whole Bible lesson this week: “As vapor melts before the sun, so evil [CoVid-19] would vanish before the reality of good. One must hide the other. How important then, to choose good as the reality.”

Several Branch Churches are offering dial-in testimony meetings tonight and others are hosting Zoom webinar meetings—with a growing number featuring remote testimony-sharing capability.

Mary Baker Eddy defined Church NOT in term of brick and mortar, but as “The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle. The Church is that institution, which affords proof of its utility, and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick.” [the sick economy, even] (SH 583:12)

In today’s “Global Prayer Watch for World Health 2020” let’s apply our church prayers to healing the aggressive evidence of a crippling pandemic and its resultant economic paralysis and unemployment! In this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson (Luke 6: 6-19, B14), Jesus modeled this for us— on an individual scale—in his healing of an unemployed man with a withered (paralyzed) hand.

Below are insights from Cobbey Crisler (cc) on this withered hand healing in Luke 6:6-19 (B14) (and Mark 3:1-5)
[CC:] “In Mark 3, Verse 1, [and Luke 6:6-10] we have a renewed definition for church where another healing occurs in the church context, namely, ‘the man that had the withered hand.’… According to an earlier, largely lost gospel called the Gospel of Hebrews, we find this man saying to Jesus, “I was a mason seeking a livelihood with my hands. I pray thee, Jesus, to restore me my health that I may not beg meanly for my food.’

According to Luke 6:6, it was his right hand that was withered. [W: shrunken, lacking fullness, dominion, ability to function…] As a mason, you could not really pursue your craft. If that is an authentic recollection, it just adds a little more enrichment to our comprehension of the story. Again, it’s the Sabbath and we find that prayer is a church activity. It would be hard to find someone that would disagree with that no matter what denomination one belongs to. Healing would have to take place, because prayer is no idle exercise without results. Healing follows prayer.”

Verse 3. Jesus stops the order of service (again). He says to the man with the withered hand, ‘Stand forth.’ Would that electrify most congregational worship today? ‘Stand forth.’ Everything stops. The priority is here.

Verse 4. Then he asks the question, ‘Is it lawful,’ is it a church rule, ‘to do good on the Sabbath days, or to do evil?’ Notice his definition of ‘doing-good’ here. He must not remain on the surface. Doing-good for Jesus would be what? Healing the man. Doing-evil would be what? Not healing the man. He regarded not-healing as evil. The normality of the spiritual function of healing is underscored here…

Verse 5. Then he says, ‘Stretch forth thine hand.’ Why didn’t he go and stretch it forth for him? Again, the consistency of having dominion. Dominion doesn’t exercise you, does it? You exercise it… ‘Stretch forth thine hand and it was restored whole.’ This stone mason no doubt could earn a living again using his hands.”
“What Mark Recorded,”
by B. Cobbey Crisler**

[Warren’s] PS: Let us follow Jesus’ example today in our “Global Prayer Watch for World Health 2020. Like him, let us demand and expect HEALING and DOMINION as a natural part of church — and in “whatever” way as directed by our ever-present “ventilator” of the Holy Spirit (Wind or Pneuma in Greek). Let the Holy Spirit move freely in our church services tonight, our Prayer Watches each hour of every day—at work in sick rooms and homes all around the world to bring – not only protection from infection— but also quick and miraculous healings with the help of much availing prayers. One recent overnight healing of a man with serious respiratory issues was acknowledged by a doctor and testified about Monday night on a major news network.

[W:] Such healing results can be expected and delivered with scientific certainty by the “church triumphant” that Mary Baker Eddy worked to establish. She founded it on the Rock of the Christ-healing which Jesus demonstrated both inside and outside synagogue walls. In “church” Jesus restored not only this poor man’s withered hand, but also his paralyzed employment prospects. This can be a model for us to magnify and multiply in our times to negate the way that the novel coronavirus would claim to spread and multiply.

[W:] See CedarS Board member and Met contributor, Kathy Fitzer’s insights on it only being the right of God’s dominion-creation to “be fruitful and multiply.” Genesis 1:28]

[W:] Jesus promised that his followers and the Comforter would do “greater works” (John 14:12, 16). Could some of these “greater works” be to demonstrate the healing power of collective prayer on a global scale? (See Christine Irby Williams’ sharing this idea more fully with a CedarS Precamp staff.)

The passages from “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” in Section 3 of the Christian Science Bible Lesson on “Reality” unlock how Jesus brought about the withered hand healing and all his awesome healings. “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appeared to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.” (S15, 476: 32-4)

Jesus’ correct, God-eye view provides a model for our Prayer Watch work. Right “where a sinning, mortal” economy of paralyzing fear and withering unemployment appears to “Bad News Bears,” or bearers, we can behold that —“as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent supreme.” All that God made is already perfect and vigorous, reflecting God’s model of free flowing of good(s) and services. (SH 476:32, S15)

Last Sunday Night (640 screens joined) in CedarS 365 first virtual Hymn Sing on Zoom as we sang and prayed seven hymns including Hymn 412 together: “The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking, unloosing bonds of all captivity.” Everyone loved the virtual camaraderie, freedom and inspiration that were tangibly felt! We will welcome the first 1,000 Zoomers or callers to join us again at 7pm (Central Time) on every foreseeable Sunday! [Watch for full details on our CedarS 365 blog page and in a separate invitation coming today!]

P.S. More from Cobbey Crisler on Mark 3.1-5: dominion method works from “Heal the Sick”
“Chapter 3 of Mark, Verse 1, the man with the withered hand. It's on the sabbath day again. Jesus hadn't checked his calendar. Here it is in the middle of a service, the man with the withered hand. [Verse 2:] They’re watching Jesus, almost like they hope he will break the sabbath rule, so they could accuse him of something. Notice how he takes this early church-service-to-be.

[Verse 3:] "He says," right in the middle of the service, in the middle of the synagogue, "to the man with the withered hand, Stand forth." So, he's going to make an issue out of it. Then, he turns to those around. Notice, again, this is not an immediate healing. He deals with the environment.
[Verse 4:] "He says, ‘Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath days, or to do evil?" How about that being the basic law for what we do and where? If it's good, it's according to the law. If it's evil, it isn't, regardless of what man has legislated to the contrary. "They didn't answer him."

[Verse 5:] It says, "he looked round about on them with anger." Only Mark used those things with reference to Jesus. And "being grieved for the hardness of their hearts," the blindness of what? Of ecclesiasticism. "He says to the man, Stretch forth thine hand." Did he go up to that man and say, [Speaker made sound of physically straightening out the man's hand] Did he do it himself, "Let me help you," even though it was bent perpendicularly to his arm probably?

He says to that man to do what? "You do it." Notice what his support of that man's ability to do resulted in. Suppose Jesus had gone up and done that to him, performed a surgical operation, in a sense, on that man's arm? It would have been depending on person and not God. [Live recording voice: not clear] That's right. Look at the great impersonal freedom, plus the dignity of the man in participating in his own healing. Is it dominion if someone else does it for you? It's not your dominion. It's someone else's. Jesus told him to stretch forth his hand, the very thing he thought he couldn't do. He does, "restored whole as the other."

We're just sitting here as neophytes in the twentieth century reading the account of a method which worked. If we are laboratory scientists at all, or oriented in that direction in our century, which we certainly should be in our technological age, the least we should do is to be willing to study the method and see if it works.”
“ ‘Heal the Sick’: A Scriptural Record,”
by B. Cobbey Crisler

Mine four Section 4 G.E.M.s to see God Expressed Meekly/Mightily in ALL!
1. Lift labels off of Martha and all!
2. Be receptive like Mary and worry-free!
3. Pause — stop going it on your own! "Wait on God" to always seek divine help!

4. Grow pearls by handling all irritations with a spiritual sense of love and peace!
*Join our Global Prayer Watch for World Health 2020!

1. Luke 10:38-42, citation B16, Cobbey Crisler apps—Lift off labels! Be receptive, worry-free:
[CC:] “In the familiar story of his visit with Mary and Martha, let us remember that we’re talking about Jesus’ again dealing with a state of mind.

Where is womanhood? In her thoughts about herself? How limiting on woman is woman’s own thought? Is it stereotyped? Is it free? Does it have dominion like Genesis 1 indicates woman has? Directly from God, not through man, not via man, but directly from God? Dominion-womanhood, as dominion-manhood?
[W: Statistics show women have shown more dominion over CoVid-19 than men. Young more immune than old… But, we are “all-in” for lifting off ALL lies, stereo-types & labels!]

On the sixth day of creation we don’t have a complete creation. God does not rest until woman has been given her divinely appointed place. God doesn’t rest, and He’s the original. Creation is incomplete until woman, alongside man, are complementary to each other and united under one God.

Martha chooses a stereotype here. Please don’t leave her there. No one would want to be labeled all their human life for one mistake. Jesus did not leave her there with that label. He lifted her out of the label. We have kept it stuck to her. As proof that he lifted Martha out of that label, it is only to Martha in the Gospel of John (11:25) that he makes the comment, “I am the resurrection, and the life.” We know Jesus never makes idle comments, and we know that he never deals with a subject unless he sees the ingredients of receptivity. When we realize that it is only to Martha that he makes that statement, it’s a different Martha. It’s one who has been willing to change her concept, one who has dealt with the stereotype.

We’re told in Verse 41 of Chapter 10, “Martha, you’re careful,” The Greek means “distracted mentally,” and troubled, “hustling and bustling” or “concerned about many things.” But woman is not just a housekeeper. That’s a stereotype.

Mary, Martha’s sister, has just locked into place at Jesus’ feet. Jesus is discussing higher spiritual thoughts which shows woman is called, not by Jesus, but by God, “The Son can do nothing of himself” (John 5:19). Women are called to intellectual and spiritual research with just as much right to be there as men. That’s what Jesus says in Verse 42, “is that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” That good part cannot be subtracted from womanhood if God created it as an integral part of womanhood.”]
“Luke, the Researcher,” a talk by
B. Cobbey Crisler
For full transcripts email Cobbey’s wife, Janet, at]

Additional uplifting insights await you in a YouTube poem "Martha, Martha" by Ken Cooper at

2. Matt. 6: 32, 33/ B17– Cobbey Crisler “app”— Stop worrying; seek God, all good coming:
[CC:] Matthew 6: (Verse 32). Again, Jesus repeats, 'Take no thought…' Don’t be so concerned and anxious about what we eat, drink or wear…
(Verse 33). And then Jesus gives the priority equation, 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." In other words, is what we eat, drink or wear of no significance? They are natural and normal on earth. He's not wiping them all out as if it were a branch of some ascetic cult. But rather, 'Seek God first and all these things will be added.' Added. The heavenly law of mathematics is priority first and all those that we normally take thought of would come into our experience naturally. Instead of wasting so much good mental time, taking thought, worrying, and being anxious, we spend that same time seeking the kingdom of God, and all those things come naturally as a result of that."
“Book of Matthew, Auditing the Master: A Tax Collector’s Report” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

3. W. on SH p. 323:9, S19—a Mary Baker Eddy “app” to mineDon’t go it alone! "Wait on God…” This citation is a CedarS favorite Met to affirm before water-skiing. Mary Baker Eddy says here: "Beholding the infinite tasks of Truth, we pause, wait on God. Then we push onward, until boundless thought walks enraptured and conception unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory."

After saying "Hit it!" for the boat to start pulling you, it's all too easy for most beginners to lean forward right away, as if to get up "on their own." This causes quick nose-dives. However, when we PAUSE, waiting to acknowledge the boat, or really God, as the true power of the event, able to pull us through it, God precedes and PRE-SERVES us – and we express such dominion that we almost feel like we are Walking On Water (WOW)! (A successful pausing posture for skiers to mimic is that of a testifier getting halfway up out of his seat and pausing for a few seconds before proceeding, because another testifier got up at the same time.)

In like manner, when we realize that life is about God, about Love, and not about us (as physical beings) or because of us (as sexual beings) we are free to merely reflect, instead of originate, the "incontrovertible" perfection of man AS A SPIRITUAL BEING, as the "image, reflection, of God. . . neither inverted" ('reversed in position, order, or relationship') "nor subverted," ('overturned from the foundation: RUINED: perverted or corrupted by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith') "but upright and Godlike." (S&H 200:19, with Merriam Webster's definitions in parenthesis)

From a Warren Huff Bible Lesson “Met” originally Posted: 4/27/2003

4. W. and Holly on SH p. 265:3, S21—a Mary Baker Eddy priceless “*pearl*”Grow Your Treasures of Truth!
CedarS 2020 Theme: from page 265 of Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy:

"Man understands spiritual existence in proportion as his treasures of Truth and Love are enlarged. Mortals must gravitate Godward, their affections and aims grow spiritual, they must near the broader interpretations of being, and gain some proper sense of the infinite, in order that sin and mortality may be put off. This scientific sense of being, forsaking matter for Spirit, by no means suggest man's absorption into Deity and the loss of his identity, but confers upon man enlarged individuality, a wider sphere of thought and action, a more expansive love, a higher and more permanent peace." (SH 265:3)

[Holly Huff Bruland:] We invite you to join us in "gravitat[ing] Godward." Camp is the perfect place to discover and enlarge your treasures of Truth. Every "met" (inspirational sharing before activities), every breakfast Christian Science practitioner talk, every Bible Lesson study, every hymn sing, every Sunday School class, and testimony meeting offer campers nuggets of Truth to make their own. And each activity offers opportunities to apply these Truths and prove their value – to really turn them into treasures for life!

The list in this passage is such a beautiful promise of the (priceless pearls* or) blessings realized through spiritual growth:

-Enlarged individuality

-A wider sphere of thought and action

-A more expansive love

-A higher and more permanent peace

We see this list as so contemporary, as so on-target, and as so timeless. This is as exactly what today's youth needs – and exactly what today's world needs.

*[W:] Pearls are wonderful examples of the “treasures of Truth and Love” and how they are grown. Pearls grow in oysters only because irritants have entered their shells and the oysters respond by secreting on them layers after soothing-layers of irritant-soothers such as a spiritual sense of love and peace. Let’s take that as a challenge to be like the oyster and turn everything that looks negative and ugly into a string of beautiful pearls by applying layer upon layer of a spiritual sense of love and peace to grow our treasures of Truth and Love!

[W:] Please ask others to join us whenever they can for a few moments in prayer at the top of each waking hour and for a 1-hr. Prayer Watch daily.
To make your commitment official, please email "I'm in!" if you haven't already.]

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