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Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for August 19-25, 2019

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer

How wonderful to realize that whatever we ned to know, we can and will know because God (Mind) is forever teaching us all things. What God teaches brings peace, comfort, and healing. We can count on it! Understanding this enables us to dismiss false teachings that continually confront us and that tempt us to accept mortal views of limitation, conflict and discord. There is no pecking order in God’s universe. No individual has a greater proclivity to receive instruction than another. God’s love is unconditional and universal, so no one is left out of Mind’s gracious unfolding. As we study this week’s Lesson, we can rejoice in the promise that as we commit our works to God (trust every thought and action to the one Mind) our thoughts will be established (stable, ordered, and perfect). (RR)

Golden Text:
A big shift is taking place in the prophet’s teaching here with the promise that “ALL thy children shall be taught of the Lord.” At the beginning of Isaiah, the “Children of Israel” are identified as rebellious and ignorant of God. The prophets were thought to be the only ones who heard God’s instruction and were tasked with awakening the people. Now, God promises that the children of Israel and future generations will be taught of God directly and the consequence of following this instruction will be peace. (New Interpreter’s Bible)
The Hebrew word translated as peace in the Golden Text is shalom. It can also be translated as: well, happy, friendly or great, health, prosperity, safety, all is well, wholly. We can think of ourselves (and our descendants) as continuing to receive this promise. We receive instruction from (and are used by) God, Mind, so that we are led, given ability, healed, and freed from conflict by the one and only omnipresent and omnipotent Mind that knows all and reveals all to man and all of creation! The rest of the Lesson elaborates on these themes.

Responsive Reading: (RR)
We have three proverbs here that lead us to an understanding of the wisdom given to us by God and what we need to do in order to take full advantage of God’s gift. Let’s look first at what God, Mind, does. As always, I’m not professing to see everything there is to see — dig deep and get your own inspiration (which is natural since you are being “taught of the Lord”)! God, Mind, gives knowledge and understanding and is a buckler.

Mind keeps us, preserves us and establishes our thoughts and our way. Looking at the Hebrew for these words, what stood out was: understanding = intelligence, discretion, reason, skillfulness; buckler = protector; keepeth = to guard, maintain; preserve = attend to, save, watch; and established = prepared, proper, firm, stable; God provides all of this — forever pouring it forth out of love for us and all of creation.

So, what do we need to do to feel and experience all of this good? The sun may be shining brightly outside, but if we never open our eyes or open the shades or walk out the door, we won’t feel or experience the full effect of the warmth and light of that sunshine, or walk without stumbling. Here we’re told that in order to get the wisdom and understanding that we need in order to see and feel the reality of Mind’s creation, we need to walk uprightly (with simplicity, integrity and innocence), look straight ahead (focused on what Mind is revealing without detouring), “ponder the path” of our feet, and commit our works to the Lord (yield every thought to be moulded by the all-knowing Mind).

To ponder a path meant to prepare a road by rolling it flat. The Hebrew meaning of commit also includes the idea of rolling away — removing what doesn’t belong. Leveling our mental path and removing obstacles such as fear, jealousy, doubt, and self-will means tripping less and following in the footsteps of Christ, Truth, more!

Section 1: Mind, the ONLY source of intelligence, leads!

Here’s a question … who is a better or more reliable teacher than God? (B1) Who or what is a better guide than God as we strive to make a decision? Answer: no one and no thing — because there really is nothing but God! (B3 & B4)) And yet, how often do we turn to the opinions of other people or check in with the body to determine next steps? Any information that comes from news reports, medical research, sensations of the body, or popular opinion needs to be fact-checked against what Mind is saying about a situation.

So often these sources will have us going back and forth in indecision, choosing between options that all have their own set of limitations — trying to decide things based on lists of pros and cons or finding ourselves deterred by negative reports. But, God’s understanding of things is infinite — no limits! (B6) And we have this wonderful promise that when we are faced with a choice, we can depend on God to shed light in a way that we can understand and makes the right path clear. (B7) The Bible even promises that we will hear a voice saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” (B5 NRSV)

Does it take some special ability to hear this voice or see this light? Absolutely not. But, it does help to acknowledge that there is one Mind — and that this Mind is, as we read in the textbook of Christian Science, “the only I or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, divine Principle, substance, Life, Truth, Love; the one God;” (S1) This sense of only eliminates the multiplicity of opinions and choices. Recognizing that “all substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause, and effect belong to God (Mind)” takes away the possibility that our experience can be going on outside this Mind and thus be influenced by elements other than Mind.

In Mind there is only good … only right paths. There are no mistakes, no accidents, no wrong turns, no injury. When we encounter confusion or conflict or seemingly make bad choices, we can correct our course (and discover inevitable blessings) by being clear that in Mind “the entire being is found harmonious and eternal.” Starting right then we can yield to this Mind and let it teach us what steps need to be taken to get back on — and stay on — the “straight and narrow way” of Love’s teaching. (S6) We are ALL being “taught of the Lord”! No one is ever left out of being led down the path of good.

Section 2: Mind’s instruction gives us the ability to do whatever it is ours to do

Once again, we hear the message at the very beginning of this section that there is nothing BUT God. (B8) Understanding God to be infinite Mind, that expresses all, we can proceed in all we do with the confidence that Mind is directing, instructing, giving us every needed ability, and that there is no power to oppose infinite progress and right activity. (S7)

Whenever we’re tempted to doubt our abilities (and most of us do at one time or another) we can think back to Moses. At every turn it seems Moses’ response to God was, “REALLY, God??? You want me to do WHAT???? No way — I’m not good enough!!” And God’s response to Moses was one that we can lean on when faced with any task that seems beyond our ability … “Certainly I will be with you; who hath made man’s mouth? I will be with your mouth and teach you what you should say.” (B9 & B10)

Regardless of what we’re tasked with, God’s response is going to be: “Who made your mind, arms, legs, eyes, and ears, your creative, negotiating, reasoning ability, etc.? I did!”

Whatever it seems we are lacking, we need to remember that the source of ability doesn’t lie with us …. but with God. And God’s instruction, enabling us to accomplish whatever it is we’ve been tasked with (in school, business, family, or community), we can do as we acknowledge God’s (Mind’s) allness and accept God’s ability to use us for His purpose.

Although sometimes it’s tempting to sigh when we read, “We are all capable of more than we do” — thinking that we really don’t want to do any more than we are already doing — put in the right perspective, it is very freeing. (S8) We are always capable of doing more because “man reflects infinity.” (S12) A reflection effortlessly expresses the original — in this case man expresses Mind, God.

It is impossible for a reflection to be exhausted or overextended. And what we are reflecting, or expressing, is infinity! Check out just a few synonyms for infinity … unlimitedness, inexhaustibility, unmeasurableness, perfection, wholeness, completeness, continuity, unbrokenness. How is that for a description of our abilities? What does it take to realize this unlimited state? Gaining “the true conception of man and God.” (S12) We gain that as we respond to the messages of Truth, perpetually communicated to us by God, Mind.

Section 3: Instructing mortal mind with immortal Truth brings healing

This section of the Lesson brought out, to me, that as we gain an understanding of God’s law, we are given power ‘to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease” just as Jesus’ disciples were given such power. (B16) Jesus taught others what he had learned from God. He never claimed some special gift or special understanding. Quoting the prophets, Jesus assured the crowd of people following him that all shall be taught by God. And “everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to [Jesus.]” (B14, NRSV) In other words, God’s teaching is universal — available to all. but those receptive to the teachings of God will recognize the truth of what Jesus teaches and acknowledge that he is the Messiah, or Christ. With this acknowledgement comes an acceptance of the power of Christ, Truth, to heal sin and sickness and raise the dead. We have received this instruction and nothing can prevent us from accepting the truth of what we have learned and demonstrating the rule of healing.

The essence of this teaching — as we have seen in previous sections — is the allness of Mind and the nothingness of anything contrary to this Mind. In this section this verity is expressed in Science and Health as a line from the Scientific Statement of Being: “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.” (S19) The phrase “All-in-all indicates the totality of something — thus there is nothing outside of the allness of God. There certainly seems to be reality outside of the goodness of Mind, but this stems from the supposition of a mind apart from Mind, God, which Mary Baker Eddy has termed “mortal mind.” This so-called mind “seems to induce disease by certain fears and false conclusions.” (S17) But, we have been given authority to address the claims of this suppositional mind with “immortal Truth.” (S16)

We have been taught by God, and Christ has given us power to use that teaching to destroy what would tempt us to believe there is a power other than God. Just as Jesus understood that he had no power of his own, but fully reflected the divine power and demonstrated that power, let’s stand up to every erroneous belief and exercise our God-given understanding the best we can. The important thing is to stand up to mortal mind … never believe the lie, and instruct this falsity with the truth of Mind’s infinite creation!

Section 4: The teaching of children

With schools starting in parts of the United States, a lot of thought is being given to the education of children. But, this next section brings out the importance of teaching children the spiritual lessons that will bless them all of their lives. What adult cannot identify with Paul’s 2nd letter to Timothy? He expresses gratitude for Timothy’s faithfulness and encourages him to continue to practice what he has learned. For those of you who might be interested in the relationships mentioned here, Timothy is considered to be Paul’s “beloved and faithful child in the Lord” rather than his actual son. Timothy’s mother, Lois, and grandmother, Eunice, were Jewish-Christians, although his father is believed to be a Gentile non-believer. So, Timothy had been raised to follow Christ Jesus’ teachings. And, apparently, he then chose to continue his spiritual education with Paul. (B19&20)

Our job as parents and educators is to introduce children to the laws of God so they have the benefit of that knowledge forever. There is, perhaps, no better advice than that of Proverbs 22: 6. [W: CedarS Founder, Ruth Huff, used this verse as the tagline at the bottom of CedarS stationery.] The Amplified Bible puts it this way, “Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents], Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (B17)

We read in Science & Health, “The entire education of children should be such as to form habits of obedience to the moral and spiritual law, with which the child can meet and master the belief in so-called physical laws, a belief which breeds disease.” There is no greater gift we can give to a child. Jesus recognized the innocence of children, and thus their receptivity. Let’s defend that receptivity — and the right of children to “remain children” as long as possible — knowing that the “world” doesn’t have power to adulterate their innocence. Expect healing to come naturally — and to be remembered. (S22 & S23) Regardless of what path these children choose as they go out on their own, nothing can steal from them the good that they learned about and experienced as children — resulting from God’s love for them!

We are, of course, ALL the children of God. Sometimes I hear people who started studying Christian Science as adults, or people who felt they didn’t have a strong Sunday School experience, bemoaning the fact that they didn’t get the apparent benefits of having received a strong spiritual foundation as children. No need for such regret! As we’re seeing this week, we are being continually taught by God and will always have all we need.

Section 5: Striving to focus thought without wavering allows us to receive instruction

God is forever instructing us — revealing His nature in ways that we can understand. But, we have a part to play in order to receive this instruction. This section speaks of the importance of keeping thought focused in order to break out of the limited mortal view. There are references to studying in two of the Bible citations. Looking at the original Hebrew meaning of study, I was interested to find an emphasis on the ideas of being diligent and making an effort (B21) and laboring or striving (B22). This second reference speaks of studying (laboring) “to be quiet, and to do your own business.” To me this means striving to still the mortal testimony and do what we know is right, rather than being caught up in the business or distractions of material living.

Often studying is thought of as pouring over the “Word of God” contained in the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, in order to gain new insights. But, here I saw how important it is to diligently strive to digest what is being read and letting thought expand to embrace each idea. We discover in our textbook that “academics of the right sort” include observation, invention, study, and original thought because these qualities serve to expand thought and “promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself, out of all that is mortal.” (S26)

No matter what course of study we may be pursuing — what we are needing to learn — focusing on these qualities of thought will enable us to perceive and understand what we need to, regardless of the subject. This goes along with Biblical warnings to guard against being double-minded (accepting both a mortal and an immortal view) and the need to focus on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, having virtue and praise. (B23 & B24)

We know that to grow in knowledge and understanding, it is helpful to read and study. But, this section spoke to me of the importance of putting into practice what we read — translating the words into active, focused thought so that we can drop “mental swaddling-clothes” and let thought expand to see the infinite nature of Mind’s creation. (S29) Sometimes, the temptation — especially when faced with a problem — is to feel pressure to read and study all the time. But, we need to be sure we are really making the effort to watch every thought to determine what we are accepting as true and what we are rejecting as false. This enables us to take a stand for Mind’s revelation and see the light that is forever being revealed.

I am so grateful that we have our books to help us stay focused, to instruct us, and to keep our thought from wavering. How wonderful that Love is constantly awakening us from human illusions as we begin with Mind and reason “from cause to effect in the Science of Mind.” (S27) Then, just as a baby discovers his/her ability to move and breaks loose from its swaddle, we discover that we are able to “rightly [divide] — or dissect correctly — the word of truth” and we break loose of our mental swaddling that would confine us to a mortal view. In this way, we proceed on straight paths, yielding to the instruction of God which reveals God’s harmonious universe.

Section 6: Understanding the limitless nature of infinite Mind eliminates conflict

This section reminds us of the Scriptural command to “Let this Mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (S32) As we’ve seen in earlier sections, Christ Jesus was fully aware of being taught by God. He knew that he could do nothing of himself, but that God could do all things, and thus, by reflection, so could he. The basis for Jesus’ emphasis on loving one another also comes from his understanding that there is one indivisible, omnipotent Mind, God. Being one, there are no conflicting forces — no warring, self-centered, fearful, hateful minds.

It is certainly as important today as it was in Bible-times to take to heart Paul’s instruction to the Corinthians: “Be made complete [be what you should be], be comforted, be like-minded, live in peace [enjoy the spiritual well-being experienced by believers who walk closely with God]; and the God of love and peace [the source of lovingkindness] will be with you.” (S26, Amplified)

Love IS imparting “the limitless idea of infinite Mind.” (S31) Holding to this fact we can expect to see the power of Love instructing, leading, and freeing all mankind to be what God’s creation is designed to be — harmonious, loving, wise, and free.

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