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Follow Jesus’ example of humbly knowing your oneness with Mind, the Father of all!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for August 20-26, 2018

by Kathy Fitzer

This week’s lesson spoke to me of the infinite nature of divine intelligence as the only Mind. This Mind is the Father of all. Christ Jesus humbly demonstrated the fact that there is no separation between God (Mind) and His Son, the ideal man (Christ). As we follow Jesus’ example — having the Mind of Christ (or being like-minded, as the Greek word for mind in Philippians 2:5 can be translated) — we will let go of the belief that intelligence dwells in matter or that it can be limited, lost, confused, evil, deranged, or diseased. We will glimpse the true nature of all as the full expression of the one, infinite Mind, as Jesus fully understood it to be.

Golden Text: Yes, let’s praise — let’s celebrate — that God’s understanding, intelligence, and wisdom (all translations of the same Hebrew word) is infinite (beyond measure, as the New Revised Standard Version puts it.) Understanding the immeasurable nature of God as the only Mind and knowing that man is inseparable from this intelligence and understanding, there need be no concern about human attempts to measure man’s intelligence. We must not be impressed by an IQ score (whether recorded as high or low), or fear that we won’t score high enough on a test to move forward. We need not fear nor accept any report that stems from the belief that brain is the seat of mind — or that artificial intelligence will get out of control. We can have a healing impact on our world as we celebrate the infinite nature of Mind and claim it to be the only intelligence, fully expressed by man and governing all.

Responsive Reading: Wisdom is of GOD! [See also W's PS#1 and PS#2]

The first part of this tells of a single citizen whose wisdom saves the city from being destroyed when attacked by a mighty king. In the verses not included in the lesson we read that the “poor wise man” wasn’t long remembered and his wisdom forgotten. (v. 15 & 16) This story taught me a couple of things. I saw the importance of never feeling helpless in the face of a problem — no matter how big it seems — and to act out of a sense of humility. The rest of the Responsive Reading (from Job) explains why feeling pride for any good idea — large or small — doesn’t make sense. This passage in Job asks if people even know where to find wisdom. Many believe that wisdom and understanding come from brain or experience, and some have more or less than others. But, this poem states that wisdom isn’t something that can be bought or mined. It “is in the world, worked into its very fabric, yet not in a way that allows it to be extracted.” (New Interpreter’s Bible) The rest of the Bible Lesson offers examples that demonstrate that none of us are wise by our own right. But, we ALL express infinite wisdom as we honor the all-wise God as the only source of intelligence and reject the evil belief of any mind existing apart from Mind. All wisdom is of God! Relying on it is better than relying on the strength of weapons or the wisdom of other people.

Section 1: Humbly turn to God as the only intelligence [See also W's PS#3]

Throughout the Bible we find the admonition to not glory in our own ability (or wisdom). Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding belong to God — and to God alone. “Wisdom and might are his.” He reveals and gives wisdom. (B2) The Glossary of Science and Health defines God, in part, as all-knowing and intelligence. (S1) In reality, all of mankind, the animal kingdom and nature reflect the intelligence that is God, Mind. Because God is intelligence, and God is infinite Spirit and All, wisdom and intelligence must be fully expressed. This is the authority with which we must rebuke and reverse any and all seemingly non-intelligent action of individuals, material cells or destructive material elements.

We can determine what is true by looking at the source. We know from familiar optical illusions that we can’t trust all that our eyes report. Similarly, we shouldn’t trust as true what the body or newsfeeds report — even when evidence of disease, hate, and destruction are staring us right in the face. How do we discern Truth — “the intelligence of immortal Mind” from error — “the so-called intelligence of mortal mind”? (S3-S6)

The prophet Jeremiah gives some helpful instruction. We read that God delights in our understanding and knowing Him/Her as the one who “demonstrates unfailing love and who brings justice and righteousness to the earth,” (B1, NLV) Although one meaning of the Hebrew word “delight” is to take pleasure in, it also means “to bend down.” The imagery of a parent bending down to take care of the needs of a child came to me. As we make it our priority to know and understand our Father/Mother and acknowledge infinite intelligence as the only Mind, we can feel the embrace of Love delighting in us. Then we are able (by reflection) to discern the Truth of intelligence (of Mind) right where the non-intelligence of mortal mind seems to be. We humbly reject any wisdom of our own and watch infinite intelligence reveal the good.

Section 2: Jesus sought to be in His Father’s house and about his Father’s business [See also W's PS#4]

Jesus’ innate understanding that his Father was God, Mind, enabled him to sit with the teachers in the temple when he was 12 and to astonish them with his ability to converse with them and ask them questions. (B5, PS#4) Apparently, it felt perfectly natural to Jesus to stay behind in Jerusalem! He seemed surprised that his human parents wouldn’t have known where he was. According to other translations, rather than saying that he needed to be about his Father’s “business”, Jesus responded that he needed to be in his Father’s “house”. That reminded me of Mary Baker Eddy referring to the “house of the Lord” as the “the consciousness of Love” in her interpretation of the 23rd Psalm. Part of the definition of Father in Science and Health is “the one Mind.” (S7) Even as a child, Jesus knew that his ability was never his own — but a reflection of divine Intelligence coming from his Father, the one Mind. He always dwelt in spiritual consciousness — recognizing God as the source of every true thought and action.

Jesus’ example shows us what can happen when we acknowledge God as our Father — and the Father of all — and when we dedicate ourselves to understanding — and expressing — God’s nature. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians expresses gratitude that the Father of Jesus was also their Father and prays that that this Father (Mind) that Jesus claimed “would give [them] spiritual wisdom and insight so that [they] might grow in [their] knowledge of God.” (B6 — NLT)

Science and Health explains that because Mind is “omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience” all is the manifestation of Mind. (S11) When faced with evidence that appears to contradict that fact in the form of lack of intelligence or an evil intelligence, we can rebuke that lie with Science, Truth, and know that nothing can stop this Science from revealing the “supremacy of Mind.” (S12) Just as we see through optical illusions (like train tracks appearing to meet) we must see through the belief that there is any personal intelligence — expressed as “sharp” or “less-sharp”, more or less honest or alert, kind or mean, even more or less spiritually-minded, etc. Intelligence is “never unconscious nor limited”. (S10) We need to make it our “business” to really understand that fact, and understand why our world (God’s creation) truly is governed by this omnipotent and omnipresent intelligence. Then we won’t be fooled by the lies of mortal mind and we will overcome the limitations imposed on mankind by Mind’s so-called opposite, mortal mind. Healing is the result.

Section 3: Discerning human thought by understanding the oneness of Mind [See also W's PS#4 again and PS#5.]

In the account from Luke in the previous section we’re told that Jesus was filled with wisdom, and yet the account ends with the statement that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature.” (B8, PS#4) Looking up the Greek for “increased” I found “to drive forward.” That indicates action! Our pipes are filled with water, but we feel the effects of the water only when the faucet is turned on and the water pours out. Jesus put his wisdom into action! I love that when Jesus healed the man with the withered hand, he apparently didn’t give the slightest thought to any consequence to himself that might come from healing on the Sabbath (which was against Jewish law.) (B9) Are we as confident about speaking out for (or acting in accordance with) Truth, even when the possible consequences are not nearly as threatening?

It seems, though, that the real message of this story in the context of this week’s Lesson is that Jesus knew the thoughts of the scribes and Pharisees. He made a conscious decision to heal the man — putting more emphasis on his mission to be about his Father’s business of applying God’s law to free all mankind from the bonds of mortality than on pleasing the authorities by honoring a strictly human interpretation of law. Through his questions, Jesus made the scribes and Pharisees think, while he healed the man by simply commanding him to stretch out his hand. The whole thing was a demonstration of the activity of Mind. I love the inclusion following this story that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (B10) When we respond to God’s directing, we can trust that all will be blessed — even when it doesn’t seem like it at first.

The kind of “mind-reading” that Jesus did was always for the purpose of healing. In the case of this story, he healed both the disease of the man, and perhaps some of the “sinful” thoughts of his accusers. What’s the key to being able to discern thought as Jesus did? Mary Baker Eddy talks about it depending on “genuine spirituality” or “our fidelity to Truth and Love.” (S17) To me that means identifying the fact we don’t have an independent mind, but fully reflect the divine intelligence and perception of the “ever-present Mind who understands all things.” (S18) It keeps going back to there being ONE intelligence — God, Mind — and man being the full expression or reflection of that intelligence. We need to continue to declare the truth of that fact, without wavering. And step by step we will more fully express it!

Section 4: Understanding God, good, to be the only Mind heals mental disturbance [See also W's PS#6]

There seem to be a lot of causes attached to mental disturbances in our world today — stemming from disease, accident, trauma, birth defects, age, drugs, you name it. But, Jesus showed us by example that all of these claims can be healed — as naturally as the young man in the story was healed when the “unclean spirit” was rebuked by Christ, Truth! We’re told that the disciples had been unable to heal the young man. (B14) But, that doesn’t mean that we should feel defeated or overwhelmed by the evidence. All forms of mental disturbance and disease stem from the belief that brain is the seat of mind and that brain is subject to all kinds of ailments. But, no matter how much that is believed — or how much material evidence points to it being true — it doesn’t make it true!

This statement from II Timothy is very powerful in both relieving our doubts that we can heal such cases, as well as giving the truth needed to rebuke the lie. The King James Version says, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Another translation has, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (B15, NLT) We can apply that to ourselves as healers, knowing that we weren’t made to be timid in the face of error and we have the self-discipline to keep thought aligned with the intelligence of Mind rather than the non-intelligence of material evidence. Additionally, we know that no one can be deprived of the power (force) and soundness of Mind that is forever reflected by man. Mary Baker Eddy asks, “When will it be understood that matter has neither intelligence, life, nor sensation, and that the opposite belief is the prolific source of all suffering?” (S20) As with any discipline, we gain understanding the more we put into practice what we already understand … or at least glimpse.

So, we must start by declaring that ALL is governed by God — there is no other intelligence or power. And because ALL is governed by God, nothing can be “deprived of the light and might of intelligence and Life.” (S25) It doesn’t say “whoever”, but “whatever” is governed by God. To me, that means we’re not talking about persons with separate egos, but ideas that spring from omnipotent and omniscient Mind. Even if it doesn’t look like it, we have to stick to the fact that the universe (including man) is made up of ideas governed by the ONE Ego — one I AM. And that Ego is Mind. Because “man is governed by the law of divine Mind, his body is in submission to everlasting Life and Truth and Love.” (S24) That’s the fact! And understanding — or even just glimpsing, declaring, and accepting this fact — enables us to see that we are not a combination of matter and Spirit — of good and evil. Sometimes we see that so clearly, and other times it seems to get lost in the lies of mortal sense. But, we must not become discouraged.

STICK with what is true. WE don’t do the healing. God does! Truth rebukes error. So, let’s stick to Truth and rebuke every error that confronts us by knowing that the one Mind — the one Intelligence — is the only governing power. Healing is natural, and as we submit to Mind, we will witness it.

Section 5: Humbly accept your oneness with your Father and have the Mind of Christ [See also W's PS#7 and PS#8]

The setting of the story in this section is the Feast of Tabernacles. This was a joyous fall harvest festival that gained theological significance in ancient Israel by its identification with the wilderness journey after the Exodus. It was one of three pilgrimage feasts observed during New Testament times, along with Passover and Pentecost. And it was well attended! The Jews were amazed when Jesus started teaching in the Temple (the most sacred place) mid-way through the celebration, when the crowds were the largest. How did this man know so much, not being a trained teacher! They clearly didn’t really know Jesus. They knew his human background, but they did not understand his divine nature as the Messiah. They couldn’t really understand him without understanding his true Source.

As we have touched on earlier, perhaps the biggest thing that separates Jesus from others is his complete understanding of his oneness with the Father, God, and the humility that goes along with this understanding. [B18, PS#7] Remember that part of the definition of Father in the Glossary of Science and Health is “the one Mind”. (S7) Jesus understood his oneness with the ONE MIND. He could share Mind’s doctrine (or teaching) without having received any formal education because he was getting it straight from Mind. (B16) As school gets started, and as we all go about doing what we do, wouldn’t it be great if we would focus on becoming clearer on the fact that there is ONE Ego — ONE Mind — and we all are at one with that Mind?

Paul admonished, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (B19) Most other translations I checked used the words attitude or mindset, rather than mind, in this verse. As we’ve said, it was Jesus’ humility that allowed him to hear and respond to the knowing of the one Mind. It was Jesus’ humility which kept him from feeling pressure or taking false responsibility on himself. “Jesus did his own work by the one Spirit.” (S27, PS#8) As we practice this attitude of humility, we will recognize “no separate mind from God and we will realize that we possess “no life, intelligence, nor creative power of [our] own, but reflect spiritually all that belongs to [our] Maker.” (S28)

As we practice acknowledging our oneness with Mind, we will begin to experience the inspiration and wisdom that Jesus demonstrated even if we feel we haven’t had the required formal instruction or experience. We know what we need to know because God knows! We are at one with our Father — the one Mind — as Jesus was!

Section 6: Having the Mind of Christ allows mankind to dwell in love and unity [See also W's PS#9]

Jesus’ understanding of his relationship to his Father/Mother enabled him (as it enables us) not only to read thought, heal, and express unlimited intelligence, but also to express limitless love, forgiveness, and consideration. So, claiming that “we have the mind of Christ” enables us to follow Jesus’ example of love. (B23) The audience when I Peter was written is believed to have been Christians who were in exile in various portions of the Roman Empire. It was often a challenge because they didn’t easily fit in with those around them.

As Christians today we may feel we don’t “fit in” with the world in which we live. Or we may find it difficult to work together as fellow church members, teammates, family members, etc. We are again urged to follow Jesus’ example. Peter’s council was, "all of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude.” (B21, NLT) He didn’t say everyone had to think exactly alike … but Jesus’ example was that as he responded to the one Mind that is Love, it wasn’t necessary to assert his will. He could trust God to take care of things. Again, humility is key.

And, if we sometimes wonder how we can be loving or have sympathy, Paul provides the answer. We can’t do it if we think we are dependent on an individual human mind or will power to be nice and loving to everyone. We must pray for ourselves and others as Paul prayed for the Romans: “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had.” (B22, NIV) Mary Baker Eddy puts it very concisely, “Controlled by the divine intelligence, man is harmonious and eternal.” (S32) The one Mind IS our Father/Mother — our source. Jesus demonstrated all the good that comes from understanding that! It’s true for us, too — in every circumstance that we may find ourselves. We can’t do anything by ourselves. God is all and does all!! The sooner we accept that as absolute fact, the better able we will be to confront and defeat whatever limitation comes to tempt us! Jesus did just that … and we can!

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