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Met” Application Ideas for the Bible Lesson on “Sacrament” for 7-7-03 to 7-13-03
by Corde Hanzlik, C.S. (

This Lesson Sermon teaches us how and what to worship. (Count the times that the word worship is used) The Golden Text definitely tells us why and how – God is due our worship – and how, “in the beauty of holiness”. The Responsive Reading gives us more guidelines for right prayer -joyful noise, sing, sing, come and see, burnt offerings (destruction of all false traits, earthly treasures and characteristics), pay vows, lips and mouth worship. Then, God does hear and answer.

Sect 1 If we don’t know the right way to worship, who to worship, where to worship by the end of this Lesson, we’re not paying attention to the orders. Moses starts us off with the firm concept of 1 God whom we worship. There is no other. Moses outlines the why – God led and leads us out of all bondage, whether it is called Egypt, poverty, loneliness, depression or whatever. God delivers. David follows much later in time to continue the worship of the 1 God through burnt sacrifice and song. Now it’s our turn.

Science and Health with The Key to the Scriptures: Mrs. Eddy tells us that it is Soul, Mind and Spirit that lift up the real understanding of prayer and worship – never in matter. “Give Mind the glory, honor, dominion, power everlastingly due” (S&H 143) And want to … long to… being ever watchful.

Sect 2 In I Kings 18 we have the example of the right way to pray. The people of his time needed a graphic and dramatic example, a real Hollywood technique. Elijah is our hero. Go to your Bibles to read the first part of the story to find the wrong way to worship. Too many gods that have no power. Elijah has the answer – 1 God, most powerful. What an amazing barbeque! It was the most understood teaching method for those folks. Although it was not the totally correct method of worship, still it was right for them to learn about the 1 God.

S&H: Matter is not going to give us any right answers! The finite can’t produce anything real. Nor can a claim of many gods solve our problems. What gods might we be tempted by? Designer clothing, money, rock cds, pornography, wasting time internet surfing, mall time, body watching time, ….?
Mrs. Eddy asks us a big Biblical question to challenge us forward, “Dost thou love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy mind?” She calls it a command as the “El Dorado” (a once famous gold mine, worth much, as one meaning) of Christianity. (S&H 9) This is a great marker to study in depth so as to challenge thought.

Sect 3 The baptism of Jesus by John, his cousin, is another example of the graphic display needed by the people at the time. Jesus allowed the baptism, purification, in order to become accepted by the people as a regular guy following religious custom of the time. We know that Jesus was the most pure and holy man ever. He didn’t need to be baptized. Through this experience, those of us who really understand, know that he is “God’s beloved Son”.

S&H: We have the definition of baptism. Let’s really “get” into Spirit, totally submerged, free from all error. Through “repentance, spiritual baptism, and regeneration” (marker 13) we awaken to our true selfhood that is already truly within – one reality. We are pure, always have been, always will be.

Sect 4 Jesus is doing his wonderful works in this section. He disregards the Sabbath laws by healing as he is compelled to heal the woman bowed (long o sound) over with her infirm spirit. Jesus restored her to her upright, God-centered selfhood. She was never infirm, but always straight and sure of her birthright, right birth. The ruler of the synagogue didn’t like Jesus “working” healing on the Sabbath though. Jesus sure puts him in his theological place with the practical ox and ass parable.

S&H: God takes care of all of His children – man, woman, child, pets and all. Our instruction from the Master is that we too, like him, must heal. We have the strength and power to “cast out evil and fear”. Our holiness is our invisibility cloak. Evil can’t find us or anyone! We are free, not bound by false, ignorant beliefs.

Sect 5 Again, we are told to follow the example of our Master in this section. The lesson this time is not about healing as much as being like him. Serve and give as he did and does. We have the Passover, Jesus explaining to his disciples the bread (word of Truth), cup giving us the strength to learn from cross bearing trials, the wine, inspiring. The Eucharist. (Look it up in the dictionary. Is it just a ceremony?) Ugh! Wash the feet.(Marker 15) What a great way to show humility and servitude to make others happy and comfortable. Wasn’t Jesus cleaning and purifying the disciples’ foundations, what they literally stand on? They were being prepared to help others. Shouldn’t we follow his example?

S&H: What is our first Christian duty? Practicing the “healing power of Truth and Love”. This healing service is our worship. Worshipping the “Father in spirit and in truth”.(S&H 31)

Sect 6 Jesus is crucified once again. Sad as it sometimes seems that such evil would come to a man who was so good and did so much good, the greatest proof and example that he could give us came to pass. Would there have been a resurrection if there hadn’t been a crucifixion? The disciples, the men closest to him didn’t get it. They went fishing! (marker 18) At last! The morning meal after the gloomy time! The meal (the Truth and proof) was already provided and waiting for them to wake up. Are we still fishing sometimes?

S&H: Mrs. Eddy tells us to be rebels, revolutionaries, and bring in the millennium of awakened thought. (S&H 34) Wow, have we got work to do and the tools to do it, our new light. With the love that he showed us, we “celebrate his victory over death”. After all he proved death to be powerless for all of us! We worship through living Life and Love. Now! The last marker in the S&H pg. 55 gives us clear direction for worship – what do we put on the altar, drink – for the promise of recognizing the “spirit and power of Christian healing”! Let’s do it!

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