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[Expose and reverse the lies of man's vulnerability to the lure of personality, the ills of genetics and the destruction and chance of accident!]
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for Sunday, September 6, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
(314) 406-0041

The Bible opens with the story of creation, including the creation of man. It is a story of spiritual creation, for while there is light, it first appears without material source, plants and animals are created without seed or predecessor, and man is made after the likeness of Spirit itself. This lesson on Man opens in the same vein with the Golden Text extracted from Genesis 1. The lesson proceeds to present a clear view of man. In some cases this view is made clearer by contrasting the material sense of man with the spiritual, true view. Most of us have experienced a time or two… or many, where a less than spiritually anchored view has led us to choose a path that lead to unhappiness or disappointment. In these cases, such disappointments afford opportunities to open our eyes, figuratively. They can help us to see the spiritual reality more readily by contrast. Just so, the stories of Absalom, the blind man, and Paul's shipwreck experience help us to understand the dominion brought about by a spiritual view of man's source of being.

Let's read this lesson with the assumption that we are all well aware of the contrasting story of creation from the second chapter in Genesis. "Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." (Responsive Reading) is a plea to see clearly with our spiritual sense by turning to God's unfailing laws of good for support. This is closely followed by "Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way." If you think here of the Genesis 2 version of material creation, you can see this as a plea to help us to look away from the false promises of material sense, however they may be presented. The "serpent" of material sense seems to be always there to try to tempt us into believing that life is in matter and is to be enjoyed fully in matter. The only true life that is satisfying, as in citation B8, is found by looking into the face of Spirit to see Spirit's creation; this is being "quicken[ed]…in thy way". (To quicken, is to be made full of life or be made to live). We have a little foreshadowing in verse 69 when we are told that "the proud have forged a lie against me". Couldn't this pride be a form of thinking that we are creators in our own right—that we have the power to act separately from God or Good? This is what Absalom found himself doing. He felt personal pride and a desire to be recognized as a man above others (and especially his father). How interesting that he posed himself as a wise leader to his people, by trickery, and out of pride, in sharp contrast to his brother, Solomon, who eventually inherited the throne that Absalom coveted, and was known best by his humble prayer for wisdom to rule his people well as he embarked on his role as king. The Responsive Reading wraps things up with the statement that God's kingdom endures through all generations. His kingdom is not temporary. He doesn't yield His government to a talking snake that disobediently fools his unwitting human creations into also disobeying. His kingdom is inseparable from, and coexistent (S1) with, His creation. He never would kick His ideas out, or cast them into an existence so decidedly lacking in dominion. Instead He reflects His dominion gloriously through His spiritual, diverse, individual, and spiritually lovely ideas.

Sections 1 and 2:
These sections
lay the groundwork of spiritual truth about man so that we can understand how this one and only man has dominion over the false suggestions of personality, heredity and dangerous situations. It is affirmed that the "breath of the Almighty hath given me life."(B3) and not any kind of material, genetic, or physical source, not "flesh and blood" (B4). Instead of running around searching and studying to "gain" dominion, "Man, made in His likeness, [already] possesses…" this dominion (S1). Citation S2 makes a direct reference to the curse on man to till the soil, to be stuck in matter, working it, buried in it, subject to its limits and whims. When actually man's birthright, Mrs. Eddy reaffirms, "…is dominion, not subjection… himself subordinate alone to his Maker." We can best understand this spiritual individuality of man through spiritual sense. When we ask God (B5 says: "Ask me of things to come concerning my sons…"), instead of looking to matter, we are likely to see displayed the righteousness, integrity, honesty, intelligence and goodness that God is expressing in man. In order to see these spiritual qualities expressed we must know God better. Each day needs to bring us a clearer picture of God as Spirit, Truth, Love and so on. "We know no more of man as the true divine image and likeness, than we know of God." (S6) It's interesting to note here that the serpent offered Adam and Eve greater enlightenment than God would give them as part of his "bargain". His temptation included the thought that somehow man is better if he asserts his independence from God, makes his "own" choices and becomes more "individual". The backlash from this myth is laughable. Instead of greater individuality and freedom, Adam and Eve are left imprisoned in a false sense of matter and its limitations. Matter limits their joy, their supply, and their freedom from death; it initiates strife with each other and their offspring. Through a material belief of separation from God, we are given war, famine, sickness, limited understanding, and all kinds of misery. Whereas, the understanding of man's individuality as stemming from the infinite I Am, "…confers upon man enlarged individuality, a wider sphere of thought and action, a more expansive love, a higher and more permanent peace." (S7)

Section 3: [NO personality or lure of it for God’s man, YOU!]
"There is no personality, and this is more important to know than that there is no disease." This is what Mrs. Eddy wrote to Ann Otis in 1893 (p. 229 of Mary Baker Eddy Christian Healer, Amplified edition) This is not among her published works and was shared as a part of her private communication with Ms. Otis, so we must see it in this context. I have, however, found it very helpful in my practice as a reminder of the importance of considering the suggestion of personality as a negative influence. (As a point of interest, this quote is followed by several references Mrs. Eddy made to personality in other letters). Absalom fell prey to the suggestion of personality as power. Aided by his good looks, and feeling slighted by his father, King David, he set up his "office" by the gate of the city where people would come with their grievances. When a person with a grievance would come to him and bow in deference, he would lift the man up and embrace him. This personal, and seemingly warm, greeting deceived the people into thinking that Absalom had the people's interest at heart, when in fact he only wanted personal recognition and power. As we dig deeper in our understanding of God as the infinite source of man's satisfying identity, we are less likely to be impressed by the allure of fame or personal recognition. We are also less likely to be influenced erroneously by those parading in the attractive "clothing" of charming personality. The Good News translation of Colossians 3:4 includes this sentence: "Your real life is Christ and when he appears, then you too will appear with him and share his glory!" What more could we ask for than to share Christ's glory? Here is one warning sign that we are either acting on personality or being led astray by it: is there a lot of "pretty" talk and no action? Citation S14 says: "Mortal mind must part with error, must put off itself with its deeds…" Those deeds are clues to the truth about whether we are dealing with spiritual identity, or human personality. "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace." (B11) Absalom is the poster child for an end that was decidedly the opposite of peaceful! Nearly all the strife, within our personal experience or throughout the world, is based in the suggestion that man has a separate and willful personality, or identity, from God. As we correct this imposition of man as flawed, sinful, imperfect and mortal, we experience more peace in our own lives and perceive it throughout the world.

Section 4: [NO material heredity for God’s man, YOU!]
Jesus brought us closest to understanding that our being comes only from God—that we are His heirs alone. In his healing of the blind man in this section, he radiates spiritual light that not only removes the blindness, but also enlightens the understanding of all those around him who are struggling with the suggestions of human heredity. [Cobbey Crisler sheds light on this aspect of the story in Warren’s P.S.] In Jesus’ day this heredity was thought to be the sin of the man or his parents, rather than genetics, but the belief is the same in its essence. It is based in the suggestion that man is composed of matter and that his senses reside in matter. It is fixed in the assumption that God has put life into matter and does not govern with unswerving justice, love, or intelligence. Jesus knew that this was not the case, healed the man, and demonstrated man's God given dominion to experience freedom from the so-called laws of matter. Citation B15 really says it all by including not only the authority of spiritual law, but the way that we can bear witness to this law by employing spiritual sense. This sense is really the "…the discernment of spiritual good." (S&H 505:20-21) And it is also "…a conscious, constant capacity to understand God." (S&H 209:31-32). We don't need to make the mistake of thinking that spiritual sense is something that other people have and not us. We can keep that "simplicity that is in Christ" (2Cor. 11:3) foremost in thought; and we can consciously see God in the discernment of all the spiritual good around us. All of us have this ability! We inherit this from God.

Section 5: [NO destructive anything for God’s man, YOU!]
I love taking apart a story from the Bible that I've read hundreds of times to see what it has to say to me that is new. This time around with the story of Paul and the shipwreck I've been thinking of Paul's "abstinence" as a fast of material sense so that the above mentioned spiritual sense became so tangible that he knew with peaceful certainty what the outcome would be. It was human stubbornness, material will (a sense of man as separate from God), that "stuck" the boat "fast" in the shoals. (The captain did not listen to Paul's warning and to the nearly certain outcome of leaving on this journey beyond the season of safe sailing). Without the spiritual flexibility that could discern and heed the messages of God, our lives can seem like that ship, stuck in a material, sometimes violent, sense of life, being battered by aggressive material sense. But from such experiences, on the broken pieces of this false belief, we can find ourselves carried to the shore. We are lifted out of such storms and safely guided to a more elevated view of man, and of self. As we reject the sometimes awful (always false) suggestions of mortal mind, we can practice that firm and "undisturbed" sense of being that Mrs. Eddy refers to in citation S23. This may take persistence. (Paul endured that storm for many days!) But we can do it with the authority and dominion born of the knowledge that we are a spiritual idea, God governed and maintained in perfect harmony. [Check out “No More Storm”, today’s “Daily Lift” by Heike Arneth, CS of Munich, Germany . Harmony quickly resulted from her strict obedience to “refuse to be fascinated by something destructive.”]

Section 6:
Now that we have gone through all the sections—the stated facts of man's spiritual being, and the false suggestions about man—we can finish this lesson as a true Christian Science treatment of the suggestion that man is mortal. We have the Biblical statements throughout of man's spiritual perfection. We have dealt with the lies of man's vulnerability to the lures of personality, the ills of genetics and the chance of a destructive disaster or accident. And now we can revel in the demonstration of "The great truth in the Science of being, that the real man was, is, and ever shall be perfect…" And she says, this truth is "incontrovertible", undeniable, indisputable! We can each claim the authority that is divinely bestowed on this spiritual man, this man that is us. After all, the whole Bible begins with man's God-given dominion and Jesus best showed us—(but so many others as well)—that this dominion was no idle promise, but demonstrably true.

[Warren’s P.S.: Here are Cobbey Crisler’s insights on baptism from the horrible heredity and blame game of the dust-man as in John 9 (B15):
John 9:2. “Who did sin? (A) This fellow over here?
Or (B) his parents?”
John 9:3. Jesus had that paper before him as in the examination room on that point many times before. “He says, (C), none of the above… [Or as Warren proposes (D) DNA—DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA)—the molecule that supposedly carries encoded genetic instructions Does Not Apply!)] Neither hath this man sinned or his parents.” What’s that saying about origin? Where is that man? His roots are not in his parents or in some reincarnated experience…”
Notice what he does in John 9:6 and what it may remind you of. “He spat on the ground, made clay of the spittle.” That reminds you of man being made of the dust in the Second Chapter of Genesis Verse 6 and 7, doesn’t it? Would Jesus ever mock God if he considered that was the real way that creation occurred? Yet, it almost looks like a mockery of that. He’s taking on that concept of the man of dust. He’s spitting on that ground, into the dust, making clay of it, and slapping it on the eyes of the blind man.
John 9:7 The man goes to the pool of Siloam. He can’t see his way there. He’s got mud all over his face. He doesn’t go seeing. He comes seeing.” He comes only after he has washed off that symbolic making or formation of man out of the dust.
In a way, it might even give us a greater hint on what the true meaning of baptism is, the immersion in Spirit, nativity, and washing off every trace of the dust man.” The Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved Disciple, by B. Cobbey Crisler, quoted from pages 52 and 53 with prior permission from Janet Crisler.]

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