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Make your “morning meal” a “Breakfast of (Word/World) Champions!” Application ideas on the “Sacrament” lesson for July 5-11, 2004 from Corde Hanzlik, C.S. (Austin, TX)

Sacrament is certainly not a ritual of what we are giving up so much as witnessing/recognizing what we are! The questions for the week: “Saw ye my Saviour? Heard ye the glad sound? Felt ye the power of the Word?” (CS Hymn# 298 by Mary Baker Eddy) “The power of the Word” was best demonstrated by Jesus, our World Champion Wayshower and Cheer-Leader. In John 16:33 he says “In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

The Golden Text and Responsive Reading for this Lesson give us many clear directives as to our relation to God – praise, give, sing, rejoice, seek, declare, give, give, give …. Him. We must do it!


Section 1 Bible  Who is the messenger? The refiner and purifier? Our Master Christian has given us a great assurance that we ‘shall be filled’ and that we ‘shall see God’ in the be- attitudes, our attitudes of being. Why is it that we shut the door when we enter the prayer closet in marker 4? TO KEEP US THERE! as well as to shut out the evil suggestions. A closet in the Biblical sense was a storehouse, a storeroom. Typically, there is everything you need in a storeroom. The final Bible marker is the opening passage that heads the chapter Prayer in Science and Health. Coincidence? What should be our attitude of prayer?

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy   It is interesting that the first marker in this section was also in last week’s Lesson. Maybe it is important. It is a huge confirmation of God’s power and what our job is. In the 2nd citation, “Lips must be mute” is an interesting challenge for most of us. It’s easy to tell God what we need, how we would like it done and when. Have we reached “the El Dorado of prayer for the growth of grace?” is a good test question to ask yourself (m 4). How can we even measure our love for God?


Sect 2 Bible Jesus makes the comparison of theological differences in who can pray, how to pray, where to pray. Our instruction is that all sincere prayer is between each individual and God, anytime, anywhere, privately.

Science and Health dittos the Bible. We are reminded of the importance of our prayers in the final marker (8) – “come out from the material world and be separate”.


Sect 3 Bible What is the key to the healing if the lunatic boy for Jesus? Jesus never saw a lunatic boy! He only knew the perfect idea of God. Prayer and fasting (not seeing the lie, the suggestion, refusing to be mesmerized) is a requirement of every healing. Jesus rebuked the devil, not the boy. Do we identify ourselves with the problem that is suggested or do we see us as Jesus does to rebuke the devil? We don’t own any problem and of course, it doesn’t own us!

Science and Health repeats the Bible from section 1 Marker 11 is a test of how we are doing.


Sect 4 Bible and Science and Health In this section we have the Passover story. How do we have communion? What is our bread and wine? When friends ask if we take communion, what should our answer be? Yes, daily, hourly, minute by minute. Jesus taught, not absolved, us through his experience. We all have our own crucifixions to see through in resurrection and ascension.


Sect 5 Bible and Science and Health Try to imagine how Jesus could have felt as he appeared on the shore for the morning meal event. There he was, seeing his disciples fishing for ???? in the night, dark dullness. This beach appearance was the third time that they had seen him, but they didn’t even recognize him! He caught them red handed in denying him. You can imagine how hurt, frustrated, hopeless, disappointed, he could have felt. But he had breakfast waiting for them. (Also, not in the Lesson, is a verse that he told Peter and company to bring in the fish that they had caught. He was that considerate of their welfare.) Do we recognize the Christ or do we go fishing? How do we Christian Scientists celebrate the morning meal? Are we tempted to put off prayer until ??????, night fishing? We need to claim our place as Jesus’ followers to bring in the millennium.


Sect 6 Bible Although Paul isn’t physically here to call us to the church. Aren’t we church? Each one of us – one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father – all one. We need to work, heal, together in the unity of our church, us.

Science and Health We are the structure resting on Principle, the institution, the proof of utility, the elevators, the rousers, and the demonstrators. Then are we baptized, born again (new born), redeemed and regenerated. Amen! We do know God! Amen again!

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