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The Great Discovery
(And those who implement it!)
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for June 24, 2012
Subject: Christian Science
Prepared by: Rick Stewart, C.S. of Dresden, Germany (
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I still remember the early morning 12 years ago.   Our son, Noah, woke up around 4 a.m. and was not ready to go back to sleep. My wife, Susanne, needed to be able to sleep longer, so I dressed Noah warmly, put him in his car seat, and he and I headed out for a little drive. (Noah was a little less than one year old and always loved riding in the car.)
I drove north of Dresden on a road that went through the Dresden Heide, a forest that is on the north side of town. Noah had settled down immediately and was enjoying the drive. I drove through a village near Dresden, and ended up on an unknown road that ran through beautiful farming fields. As the car rounded a curve, Noah and I found ourselves  on the top of a high hill with a commanding view that stretched out miles before my eyes. The stars were shining brightly and next to the road was a small covered bus stop with a picnic table in front.  I parked the car and bundled Noah up in a sleeping bag.   I watched the new day dawn as Noah slept comfortably on the top of that picnic table. It was our first glimpse of an area that has become one of our favorite places for family outings. Noah and I had discovered a part of the countryside that our family has explored and enjoyed ever since. The more time we spend there, the more we enjoy it, hiking, biking, picnicking, watching the wildlife, and letting our dog Theo run to his heart's content. We have also shared this special place with many of our friends and family. At the heart of this beautiful countryside is a village named, Ullersdorf. Everyone in the family knows where we mean when one of us says, “Let's go to Ullersdorf!”
Discovering this little corner of the universe has brought our family unending joy. The more we visit and explore this area the more fun and adventures we have. And that is exactly how I have felt as I explored this week's Bible Lesson on the subject, “Christian Science.”
In the Bible Lesson we read of several people who have discovered the great adventure, the dominion, the blessing that comes from living in the “law of the Lord.” Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and Mary Baker Eddy all discovered how vital it is to live with “delight” in the “law of the Lord,” “the laws of Life, Truth, and Love.” We too will learn that these laws are indeed a “Science” that we can explore and learn to practice. And as we join Mary Baker Eddy in the discovery of what she termed, “Christian Science,” we are also guaranteed to have wonderful, wonderful adventures.   
After all, my family did not create or invent this favorite place we simply call, “Ullersdorf.” As a matter of fact this area has been settled and farmed for hundreds and hundreds of years. But we have grown to appreciate and love this special place.  We have discovered it for ourselves and we continue to have new adventures every time we visit. 
And that is just like what you will discover in this week's Bible Lesson, new adventures, new fun, new delights in the law of the Lord, Christian Science.
Golden Text: “The Lord is well pleased for his righteousness' sake; he will magnify the law, and make it honourable.” Isaiah 42:21
The “Complete Jewish Bible” renders the above verse:
Adonai (the Lord) was pleased, for his righteousness' sake,
to make the Torah (the law)  great and glorious.”
“The Torah is Judaism's most important text.  It is composed of the Five Books of Moses and also contains the 613 commandments (mitzvot) and the Ten Commandments.  The word “Torah” means “to teach.”
The writings of the Torah are also part of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible), which contains not only the Five Books of Moses (Torah) but 39 other important Jewish texts.  The word “Tanach” is actually an acronym: “T” is for Torah, “N” is for Nevi'iim (Prophets) and “Ch” is for Ketuvim (Writings).
(Isn't it fun to know that our Camp Director, Warren is not the first one to love acronyms?)
Responsive Reading:
The Responsive Reading according to the CEB (Common English Bible) begins with the phrase, “The truly happy person.” Who doesn't want to be happy?  I have been reading the Responsive Reading, not just as an introduction to the lesson, but also as a key to happiness, [and to “Occupying the kingdom of heaven”, CedarS 2012 theme.  A foundational quote for our new zipline ride back to the Bible Lands Park to learn something from it to take back to your future, is Mary Baker Eddy insight from “Pond and Purpose”: “Mortals who on the shores of time learn Christian Science, and live what they learn, take rapid transit to heaven…” (Miscellaneous Writings, 205:31)}

The Responsive Reading comes from three different Psalms: 1, 119, and 19. Here are some interesting facts about the Book of Psalms. The Book of Psalms is a book of praises to God. It is “a book of the Hebrew Bible, of the Christian Bible, and of the Islamic Zabur” (The Book of David, a book of songs.)
In this week's lesson we will be discovering that the law of God is a universal Science, the “laws of Life, Truth and Love.” Isn't it a step in that direction of universal law to know that Jew, Muslim, and Christian all study the Book of Psalms? 
Section 1 – Christian Science, the law of God
Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Just what is Christian Science?” Is it a religion? Is Christian Science a church? Is Christian Science a philosophy, a personal teaching? Here is how Mary Baker Eddy describes Christian Science, “In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science.”   (S-1)
This section begins our journey of discovery to see God's law as Science, not human belief. (S-2) Or as the Prophet Jeremiah describes, it is putting God's law “in their (your) inward parts, ” and “in their (your) hearts.” (B-2) The change from thinking of God's law as a religious belief system and instead discovering it as the “laws of Life, Truth, and Love.” (S-1)
Every year as CedarS staff, directors, and counselors prepare for the new camp season there are pre-camp talks. This year one of the talks was by Dr. Steve Hinthorne, Principia College Math professor, CedarS pianist, and all-around carpenter, handyman and helper (also a pretty good basketball player!). You can access Dr. Steve's talk at the CedarS Website, Audio Metaphysicals.  It is one of finest talks I have ever heard on Christian Science, and one point that was just super was Dr. Steve's personal discovery that Christian Science is indeed a Science and not a religion. He was struck by Mrs. Eddy's definition as found in Rudimental Divine Science, Page 1.   “How would you define Christian Science?”  Mrs. Eddy answered: “As the law of God, the law of good, interpreting and demonstrating the divine Principle and rule of universal harmony.”
Section 2 – Elijah- steadfastly holding to the law of harmony.
My son, Johann, loves an animated TV series “Ben 10” and all of its various sequels. Basically it is a cartoon about a 10-year-old boy who becomes a hero battling evil aliens. I have to admit I have also become a fan of “Ben 10” as I watched with Johann.  (I like to know what my kids are watching!) Recently when Johann and I were watching, Ben and his sidekicks, cousin, Gwen, and her boyfriend, Kevin were told, “From now on you are the law in this quadrant of the universe.”   To me it sounded like the old Western lawman, “I am the law in Dodge City.” But it got me thinking.
What is the place of the individual listening to or obeying the Law of the universe, divine Science? An example could be Elijah in this section.  (B-7, I Kings 17) Perhaps we are beginning to see God's Science as law, as supreme, as bringing happiness and harmony. Sometimes like the widow woman in this story we even welcome the practice of this Science into our home. And then, whammo, we are hit by a great challenge, an illness, a family tragedy.  When her son became ill and she appeared to lose him she pleaded, “What have I to do with thee, O thou man of God? Art thou come unto me to call my sin to remembrance, and to slay my son?” (B-7, I Kings 17:18) What was the effect of welcoming Elijah (the man of God) into her home, a curse or a blessing?
Elijah then proceeded to establish the supremacy of divine law in human thought. He held fast to divine authority and goodness and harmony. (S-9) Through his individual demonstration or practice of “Christian Science, the natural law of harmony which overcomes discord” (S-5), he healed the widow's son, raising him from apparent death. This is an interesting section for seeing the role of the implementer, or individual practicing the law of divine Science. With full faith in the Science of God's law you become “the law” in your quadrant of the universe. 
Section 3 – Jesus lives the Christ, as eternal, ageless Science, blessing all generations.
Jesus taught, preached, and healed “every disease among the people.” (B-12, Matthew 9:35) Was his wonderful practice of healing only for a limited time, or just because of his wonderful uniqueness? After all, he was Jesus! Shouldn't we actually look at how Jesus continually pointed to God as the source of his power and practice?  We are clearly told that “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,….from the Father of lights.” (B-10, James 1:17)
Mary Baker Eddy in (S-14, S&H, 333) tells us, “Throughout all generations both before and after the Christian era, the Christ, as the spiritual idea, – the reflection of God, – has come with some measure of power and grace to all prepared to receive Christ, Truth.  Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and the prophets caught glorious glimpses of the Messiah, or Christ, which baptized these seers in the divine nature, the essence of Love.  The divine image, idea, or Christ was, is, and ever will be inseparable from the divine Principle, God.”
I remember my mom saying that just because you were not taking a class in mathematics at that particular moment did not mean that you were not using math every single day! Throughout our day we put into practice the principles of math that we learned in school. It is almost impossible to get away from the daily practice of arithmetic. A firm, consistent affirmation that we are dealing with the very laws of the universe, the laws of Life, Truth, and Love gives us a confidence that we all need. Our practice of this Science can be continual, uninterrupted, like a “garment without seam or rent.” We can expect the eternal presence and power of Science whether we are reading our lesson or washing the dishes. The Science of God's Love is as much with us on the high ropes course or the hymn sing. We can feel the comfort of the law of harmony and health whether we are in the middle of “Power Hour” or riding high in the saddle on “Cowboy” or on “Ozark”!! Here is a link for a fun look at one of CedarS Camps awesome horse shows:
With renewedly fulfilled confidence we can be like the nobleman who was at first very concerned and fearful concerning his son.  Speaking to Jesus he said, “Sir, come down ere my child die.” “Jesus saith unto him, Go thy way: thy son liveth.” And the man's son was healed at the very same moment the man spoke with Jesus. (B-11, John 4)
Section 4 – Paul- preaching with power to heal.
“Our Master said to every follower: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature! . . . Heal the sick! . . . Love thy neighbor as thyself!” (S-19, Page 138) 
“Anciently those apostles who were Jesus' students, as well as Paul who was not one of his students, healed the sick and reformed the sinner by their religion.” (S-20, Page 343) 
Since the Sunday service in Christian Science churches is based on the reading of this Bible Lesson as a sermon, do you think Mary Baker Eddy expected dull, boring,” have a good nap” preaching? The actual fact is that there is nothing quite as thrilling as church services that heal. 
And Mrs. Eddy expected that church services based on the Science of the Christ would be healing services. The following is evidence of her hopes.  “Mrs. Eddy once said to a student that she longed for the day to come when no one could enter a Christian Science church, no matter how sick or how sorrowing that one might be, without being healed, and that this day can come only when every member of the church studies and demonstrates the truth contained in the Lesson-Sermon, and takes with him to the service the consciousness thus prepared” (“Healing the Multitudes,” Florence Clerihew Boyd, Christian Science Sentinel, July 1, 1916, p. 866)
Here is an excerpt from an article in the Christian Science journal. It effectively makes the points;
From the June, 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal
“Those words were spoken by a head usher at The Mother Church, after each usher's meeting twice weekly. There were healings at The Mother Church services, of course, but as a new member of the usher staff, I had not seen any, and muttered about it too often.
The 1966 Annual Meeting at The First Church of Christ, Scientist, was the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Christian Science.  Due to the crowds, tickets were given out at Horticultural Hall on Saturday, prior to the meeting.  About two hours into the distribution, a couple arrived in a taxi.  The husband was on crutches, and his feet were badly swollen over cut-out bedroom slippers.  He was obviously in pain, and moved to a chair just inside the door to the Hall.
As ushers, we were encouraged in such cases to pray for “man” as Christian Science defines the term.  I reasoned: “Man is not matter; he is not made up of brain, blood, bones, and other material elements” (Science and Healthp. 475); therefore, no individual creation of God could be used or pained by matter.  I held that metaphysical position, praying, as I'm sure the other ushers were doing also.
The following day, Sunday-again due to the crowds-an additional afternoon service was held in The Mother Church.  I was stationed at the top of a large stairway, when up the stairs came this same couple. The man had no crutches, and was wearing a brand new pair of black tie dress shoes with shiny soles, visible as his foot came over the top stair riser. I left my post to tell this couple how grateful I was to see this quick and powerful demonstration.  The wife broke into tears, saying that she didn't think anyone would notice the healing-but that they had purchased the new dress shoes in “anticipation of the healing.”  Already that day, they had attended the morning service, walked downtown in Boston for lunch, and were planning to come to the service that evening.”
Section 5 – A universal Science, right where you can get your hands on it! Wow.
Time was when you, like Moses, needed to spend 40 years in the wilderness tending sheep just waiting for a “bush to burn and not be consumed” to discover the Scientific Statement of Being and to know Yahweh, the “I am.” Or like Elijah, you had to be fed by ravens by a brook or stand at the mouth of a cave and see through earthquake, wind, and fire to hear “the “still, small voice” of scientific thought” reaching around the world. (Science and Health, page 559).  
Or, like Jesus, you had to spend 40 days and nights in the wilderness without groceries, drinks or even a microwave oven to know so clearly that you are the beloved Son of God that you could heal instantaneously. Or, like the Apostle Paul you had to endure beatings, stonings, imprisonment and a “thorn in the flesh” to learn that “all things work together for good to them that love God.” (B-21, Romans 8:28)
Now we have it so easy!!!! How grateful we can be that thanks to all those early spiritual discoverers and explorers we were being led to a universal, eternal Science shining through the pages of the Bible. And now thanks to a dear friend to humanity, Mary Baker Eddy, we have access to this Science as a “system, a form comprehensible by and adapted to the thought of the age in which we live.” (S-27)
Mrs. Eddy through her lifelong love for the Bible and its truths, rose above great personal trial, and discovered this eternal Science, giving it the name, Christian Science. This is Science as it applies to humanity's needs. And through her exploration and demonstration she was led to write a textbook that clearly reveals this systematic, understandable, universal Science, Christian Science. 
Today we can access the textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by way of MP3, DVDs, cassettes, LPs, continuous audio stream, mobile phone apps, websites, chat rooms, multiple language translations, “Daily Lifts”*, and daily demonstrations. We have Bible Lessons, teachers, lecturers, and practitioners ready to help us unlock the treasures in Science and Health. We have churches and reading rooms just waiting to bless us in our search. And we even have camps, schools and dedicated camp counselors ready, willing, and able to share their practical understanding of the teachings of this law of God, the Science of Love.
What are you waiting for? This Bible Lesson is just waiting to unfold to you the wonders of this land of adventure, the land of eternal, divine Science. Discover, explore, heal, and remain blessed!
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Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
Christian Sciencefor 6-24-12
By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri 
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]
PSST-Golden Text (GT)
In what way is the subject of this week's lesson, Christian Science, connected to the idea of law?  Discuss what a law is, even look up the definition together, and unpack what the attributes of law are and what that means for Christian Science.  (p.s. look throughout this lesson for ways that Christian Science is either defined as law or connected to law)

PSST-Responsive Reading (RR)

What does meditating on and loving God's law do for a man?  Look at the metaphors that the Psalmist uses, then consider his audience.  He is talking to a population of people very familiar with these images.  Can you come up with images in class that reflect these metaphors but might connect better with today's audiences? What metaphors and imagery do you think the Psalmist would have used if he was writing today?

What does it mean to say that God's law is perfect? Look up the definition for perfect and consider the implications of each definition.

What is the impact of God's law? Why should we follow it? Why not break the law and just hope for forgiveness? Isn't that advertised as 'more fun'?

Fascinating statement in the responsive reading…the fear of the Lord is clean…what does that mean?

PSST-Section 1: What does Moses say to Joshua in Deuteronomy? Can you hear the same message being said to you on a daily basis? Consider assigning this as a daily prayer every morning for a week. How would our days be impacted by beginning them with this confident connection to God?

How do we internalize the law of God? Do we know already what His law is? If we can't identify it in concrete language or terms, what good is it to us? Spend time this week identifying what actually is God's law.

Define apodictical.

What does Christian Science do to religion AND medicine?

What is the 'problem of being' that Mrs. Eddy refers to in section 1 of this week's lesson?

PSST-Section 2:
How is the law further defined in section 2?

How does the woman know that Elijah is a man of God? What does this imply for us in our work as Christians?

Define Logos. What is the significance of this term?  How is Christian Science 'demonstrably' the true Logos?

What is the 'power of Mind' that Moses, Joshua, Elijah and Elisha proved? How can we work to prove that power today, on a daily basis?

What are the effects of one, universal God?

What laws of Science are revealed in section 2?

Why is it unwise to doubt if reality is in perfect harmony?

PSST-Section 3:  What are you and your students doing to increase in knowledge and attain understanding? Are you willing to work for knowledge and understanding? Do you ever get lulled into the temptation of taking the path of least resistance, least work? If so, how do you get out of that path? What are the rewards of taking a path that requires more work? (Remember Mrs. Eddy's powerful statement: Work, work, work, watch and pray – why does she include three works and only one watch and pray?)

Why does Jesus challenge the man about only being willing to believe after signs and wonders? Look up what Jesus says to his disciples about seeing and believing. The Gospel according to John has much to say about this.

What power does Science have as an 'emanation of divine Mind'?

How did Jesus heal scientifically?

How do we grow in our ability to understand Science?

What basis do your students work from? What basis should we constantly strive to attain?

How do you win the battle with mortal mind? How does Science help in this battle? What laws are in effect and are on your side?

PSST-Section 4: There are some pretty strong demands made on us in this section.  How do your students respond to these demands? In what way can they respond to them immediately? How do they think they can prepare to respond to them more fully as they grow?

How is a science proven? How does this section show that Science is true and based on Principle?

Define imperious. Then read citation 23 and discuss the message in that citation.

What does the testifier in citation 24 of the Science and Health mean when he says, 'Mortal mind needed to be set right.'? How do we set mortal mind right?

PSST-Section 5:  Define covenant with your students. Then discuss what the covenant is that God has made with us, and how His law applies to this covenant.

Why would we rejoice in the Lord? What cause does God give us to rejoice? Think about the synonyms in this question and replace Lord or God with any one of them to expand on this conversation.

What does it mean to love God? What does it look like? How does this connect to the theme of law present throughout this lesson?

Replace God with Love, Mind, Soul, Life in  citation 26 and discuss how each of those is the Principle, or law of divine metaphysics.

Do your students feel as though they comprehend divine metaphysics? What helps them understand, what hinders their progress? How can loving God more lead to further progress?

What are the divine rules of Christian Science? What tests can we submit them to today? Can we experiment and prove this science in the way that Mrs. Eddy did?

How often do your students truly study the Science and Health, and the Bible?  How often do they work to understand what they are reading? Encourage them to do so, even a little more than they currently do, and then a little more, and a little more until the laws of science are primary in their thought.

How can health and holiness be a rule?

What is it that determines our efficacy as healers?

[Be a “shining” (from within) example of the Science of God’s laws learned and lived!]
CedarS PYCLs–Possible Younger Class Lessons for:  
Christian Science
The Christian Science Bible Lesson for June 24, 2012
by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041
 [PCYL G.T. & R.R.:]
You can't avoid the idea of law in this week's lesson. Why not talk about what the laws of God are with the kids? Ask them what they think they are first. Don't be a stickler for quotes or wording. See if they have other thoughts than, say, a recitation of the Ten Commandments (there is, of course, nothing wrong with this!) If they are coming up with good original ideas and wording, have someone be a secretary, if there are those comfortable with writing, or do it yourself if they are younger. If the list is interesting, make sure they each bring home a copy. What does the word “law” mean to them? Do they think that a law of God differs from a human law? If it does, then how? Talk about what laws do for us. What do they think it would be like to live in a society with no laws? Can they give you some thoughts and examples of what might be some things that happen? Try to see if they give you ideas without “priming the pump”, so to speak. The obvious comparison would be traffic laws and the chaos that would ensue without them, but it would be really cool if they came up with their own surprising and inspired ideas. Now what do they think the universe would be like if there were no laws of God? How do we know that there really are laws of God? What proves this to be so? Can you find examples in the lesson that illustrate the existence of such laws? Can you think of examples that are from today? (You may want to have a few of the latter at your finger tips for this one right? : )).
Can you talk about how laws of God affect us in our day to day lives? One way to approach this is to look at the passage in the R.R about the tree planted by the rivers of water. What does that mean? What would such a tree look like when everywhere was surrounded by drought/famine? (Let's assume for the purposes of this discussion that this river is a big, permanent one). Why does the writer choose this illustration for how the law can serve us and bless us? See if they see/understand the beauty of the line being drawn between the ever presence of God's goodness, the nurturing power of His laws, and the constant water that can be drawn by the tree that grows on the banks of a big river. If you move out of range of the river/try to live in opposition to God's laws (you can't actually succeed at this!), then it's as if you have walked into a desert and left the water behind and now you are thirsty and having a terrible time and you are just dependent on the fickle nature of the weather/luck for drink/happiness/wealth/success, etc. You may want to look at the story of the woman and Elijah, who experienced abundance and healing in the midst of literal drought.
In the same vein, you can discuss one of the definitions of the word principle, which in its capitalized form is a name for God. Principle can refer to source, as in the source of a river. When you think of it this way you can see the analogy of the river come even more into play. That water has its source in the Infinite Good! We don't need to look for another source if our source is God, infinite good. Does this limit us in some way? Only if we feel that life isn't complete without lack, sadness, loss, and so on. Does this mean that we will never experience these feelings? We have only to look at the story of the widow losing her son in this week's lesson to see that these feelings can seem to be a part of our experience even when we welcome in the Science of Christianity/ Elijah! But this same Science can dispel this illusion of material law, and there is no other way to do this than through God's law, which as our Leader points out to us, is Christian Science.
To make these laws practical in our lives, we must “internalize” them/ “write them in our hearts” (see B2 and B17 and also S9, among others!). This river is not “outside” us somewhere. We are created with it “running through us”, if you will! Is this similar to this summer's CedarS theme of “the Kingdom within”? I think so! See if anyone has ever felt like something they learned about God or Christian Science, was something that they felt as if they already knew? Have they ever felt like they knew what they were supposed to do in a sticky situation, even when no one was there to tell them? This is that inward law, part of that Kingdom within. S9 contains that passage about holding thought steadfastly to God…You could use this as an example of “staying in the river”. Give each of the littler ones a pretend oar, or paddle, or bring some sort of prop. Line up the chairs and pretend you are in a boat on a river. Talk about how the river represents God's goodness all around you and in you, with you everywhere you paddle. Pretend to paddle together down the river and talk about all the beauty that God's thoughts bring into view. Just as a river provides rich habitat for birds, fish, turtles and other animals, so God's goodness give us a rich life of interesting, intelligent, loving things to think about and act upon. (Use specific examples here). Pretend to point out the beauty around you, you can start with a heron, or a fish in the water, maybe a deer drinking at the river's edge. Then move on to things that God is giving you, a loving home, health, intelligence, happiness and gratitude and an awareness of His goodness. See if they join in! Ask them if, knowing that this “river” is the source of everything good in the universe, they are going to want to get “out” of this boat and leave the river and walk off into the desert? Talk about how when we are listening to God's loving thoughts, it is like being in the river. We are cool, never thirsty and without a drink, we feel Love with us and Love is the source of our happiness and health.
Our ultimate goal in this lesson is, as we have said, to internalize the Science of these laws of God. In this way we can have that “day star” from B9 shine from within, we aren't waiting for it to shine “on” us. We can then be a truly “shining”, walking example of God's goodness through healing, blessing, cheering, encouraging, uplifting those around us. We become, if you will, branches of this great river carrying this law to all that we come in contact with. Ask them if they can think of ways that they do this already. Can they think of more ways that this can happen in their day to day lives? Does it seem too trite to talk about being helpful…do they have ideas? If they aren't out in society much, what can they do in their homes or with friends to have that day star shine in their lives? Can they put away dishes from the drainer/dishwasher without being told? Can they make their own bed without being reminded? How are these examples of God's law in action? Can they tell you about a Commandment that something like these actions express? You get the idea, but see if they have their own thoughts to add. I think it is important that the ideas we talk about in the lesson leave the realm of “good thought” and make it into the realm of action. Christian Science and its laws are not theoretical, or merely comforting ideas. Christian Science brings the actual Comforter and the presence of God into view in ways that are felt and bring change. So lets leave them with some ideas or help them come up with them on their own, of how these things we are talking about are put into action today. To illustrate you can talk about Paul’s preaching in section 4. Clearly he wasn't just spouting great inspiring ideas! His ideas and thoughts raised Eutychus from the dead. He showed how these laws were practical. Do you think anyone went away doubting whether what he said was true at the end of that sermon?
So it is healing/demonstration that puts these laws “in our hearts”. I guess that might be why we focus so much in C.S. on such demonstration. But we don't actually have to “focus” on healing. That can be daunting, for young as well as mature. Think instead about B19 and B20. We are really heading toward the “high calling of God”, it is God's work, God's ability and power, not our own. We are putting our good efforts into this stuff to show ourselves “approved unto God”, not our parents or friends or whoever it might seem we are trying to impress or help. Talk about why we follow laws again. It is a good way to wrap things up with this lesson. What motivates us? Are we afraid of what will happen if we don't? If so, can we elevate that? Maybe it is so we can have as much genuine fun as possible, maybe that's a little trite for such a subject, but really, these are kids and they truly will have more fun if this law is foremost in their thoughts. Talk about what activities are available to them as they begin to listen better to the law of God. A simple example might be: Mom and Dad can take you out to dinner and movies or other activities when you are able to behave in a way that shows you see the blessings of listening to good. When you were too little to listen and you would flip out if you didn't get the milkshake at dinner…well then you probably didn't get to go out much, if ever. I'm sure you can come up with better ideas than this. What if they want to learn how to rock climb?  Can they, or should they do this without rules? Surely not. The rules may seem constricting at first, you have to follow a series of commands, you have to make sure all the equipment is in place, you have to make sure there is someone there to belay and so on. But these rules offer protection (isn't that a form of Love?), and courage, and ultimately freedom, joy and success right? So have fun coming up with ideas that are relevant to your class! And enjoy thinking about the rules and laws this week!

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