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Lord’s Prayer “Prac Talk” before Big Surf 7-13-23

Christie Hanzlik, CS, extended a CedarS tradition started by her mom, Corde Hanzlik, CS, when she served here as a practitioner many years ago.  Before we went out as a whole camp to “Big Surf,” a fun, public waterpark at Lake of the Ozarks, we circled up in a Big “O” shape to remind us of our unity with one another and with all we would encounter by virtue of our all having the same Father-Mother. And, the Lord’s Prayer starts with a capital letter “O’ as in Our Father.
This morning we happened to all be gathered around the flagpole because we had planned to do a practice fire drill right after breakfast. The audio of came from over 300 people united in a big circle around Christie, praying the Lord’s Prayer and its spiritual interpretation as givne by Mary Baker Eddy on page 16-17 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.   

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