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[Build with Soul’s substance not with straw, sticks, bricks… (Soul’s Specs in endnote)]

Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Soul and Body
for May 26, 2013

prepared by Rick Stewart, CS, of Dresden, Germany

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Straw, sticks, bricks………..or Soul’s eternal substance?

As I began to study the Bible Lesson this week I thought of that classic children’s story, “The Three Little Pigs.”

I guess part of my inspiration came from my station in life at  this moment, Christian Science practitioner and Papa.  Having four kids has given me ample opportunity to become an expert on the various versions.  The basic story of course starts with three little pigs going out into the world to seek their fortune.  The first two pigs are rather lazy and content to build their houses quickly out of shoddy, weak materials, (straw and sticks.)  The result being that the two houses are destroyed by the “Big Bad Wolf.”  In some of the early versions these first two little pigs are eaten by the wolf.  In other revised versions these two little pigs flee to their brother for safety.

The third little pig has built a sturdy house of bricks.  This house survives the windy attack of the Big Bad Wolf.  And thereby provides a secure, safe shelter for all three pigs.

If my comparison of this week’s lesson to the Three Little Pigs story seems a little far-fetched then I invite you to read I Corinthians, Chapter 3.   This chapter from the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth is a wonderful commentary on good building practices and also the source for our Golden Text this week: [see also Soul's Specs in Warren's Endnote]

Golden Text:   I Corinthians 3:9    “…ye are God’s building.” [See “Live up to God’s Specs 4 U”, Warren’s Endnote
Here are some excerpts from J.B. Phillips translation of this chapter,

I Corinthians 3:9-15    “9 In this work, we work with God, and that means that you are a field under God’s cultivation, or, if you like, a house being built to his plan.

10-15 I, like an architect who knows his job, by the grace God has given me, lay the foundation; someone else builds upon it. I only say this, let the builder be careful how he builds! The foundation is laid already, and no one can lay another, for it is Jesus Christ himself. But any man who builds on the foundation using as his material gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or stubble, must know that each man’s work will one day be shown for what it is. The day will show it plainly enough, for the day will arise in a blaze of fire, and that fire will prove the nature of each man’s work. If the work that the man has built upon the foundation will stand this test, he will be rewarded. But if a man’s work be destroyed under the test, he loses it all. He personally will be safe, though rather like a man rescued from a fire.

Make no mistake: you are God’s holy building”


Responsive Reading: 

 Isaiah 44:8 ye are, 21 I have (to 2nd ;); 43:3 (to :), 10, 21; Jeremiah 32:40 (to ;), 41
I love the promise of the Responsive Reading as it introduces us to the heart of our Lesson.

“. . . ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any. 21 . . . I have formed thee; 3 For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour: 10 Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me,….. This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise. 40 And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from them, to do them good; 41 Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and my whole soul.”

That is even better than the safety found in the brick house of the third little pig !  In this Lesson we are going to learn of how we are actually built , the good building materials used, and the eternal nature of our Soul-built structure.

Section 1: Soul reflected substance and identity. 
Picture with me an idyllic pastoral scene by a completely still lake.  A fat little pig stands at the edge of the lake enjoying some delicious wild mushrooms.  The air is still and clear.  It is so still that the reflection of the pig in the lake is an exact duplicate of the original pig on the shore.  And here comes a hungry  wolf.  He sees the pig’s reflection and with gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth, the wolf springs at the reflection.  Result?  The big, bad wolf does not catch pork chops, but instead a mouth full of water.

As you read this section remember that this Lesson is designed to refute false beliefs about Soul and body.  Through its inspiring ideas from the Bible and Science and Health we begin to understand that man is not a material building, composed of shoddy, temporary building materials, somehow housing a tiny part of spirit in the form of an indwelling soul.   That man, you and I, are actually created by God, (Spirit, Mind, Soul), as in (B-1), Isaiah 45:11,  “Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.  I have made the earth and created man upon it.”  And from Science and Health,  (S-1)  477:22,…  “Soul is the substance,  Life, and intelligence of man, which is individualized, but not in matter.  Soul can never reflect anything inferior to Spirit.”  And (S-2), 281:14, “The one Ego, the one Mind or Spirit called God is infinite individuality, which supplies form and comeliness and which reflects reality and divinity in individual spiritual man and things.”

Our true identity is in the clear reflection of the original Mind, Soul, or God.  And this reflection is safe from all big, bad wolves of mortality !!

Section 2: God the one and only Builder
One not  two.   And the question is, “How many Creators, how many creations?”  (S-6) 335:16-18, “Soul and Spirit being one, God and Soul are one, and this one never included in a limited mind or a limited body.”

Some inquirers into Christian Science often choose to isolate this concept and ridicule it as absurd.  They argue that it denies the obvious substantiality of material existence. A careful study of this lesson and in particular this section might help explain the seeming contradiction.

Some insight might come from a deep consideration of Paul’s statement, (B-8) II Corinthians 5:1,2, 16.  “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven: 16 henceforth know we no man after the flesh: “ 

 This statement is sometimes thought of as referring to death and then the assumption of a spiritual life with God.  But an interesting scene my family saw Sunday evening, (Pentecost), could prove helpful.  It had rained heavily early in the day.  Then the sun had shone brilliantly.  The air was moist, the day had warmed, and then as the sun began to set the evening coolness set in.  And we all saw a heavy mist forming in a low, forest glade.  The mist was substantial.  But all it would take to disappear would be full sun shine, or full Son Shine!!  “if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved !!”  Not death, but “Son shine” dissolves the mists of seeming mortal existence.  And we then discover……………one man, one life, as Soul’s reflection.

Mrs. Eddy writes in a paragraph with the marginal heading, “Pentecost repeated.”   “The magnitude of Jesus’ work, his material disappearance before their eyes and his reappearance, all enabled  the disciples to understand what Jesus had said. Heretofore they had only believed; now they understood.  The advent of this understanding is what is meant by the descent of the Holy Ghost, — that influx of divine Science which so illuminated the Pentecostal Day and is now repeating its ancient history.” SH 43:7

Oh, yes it is !!

Section 3: Elijah and Soul’s law of restoration.
The doctrine of God, Soul restoring life is not new.  It is ancient , we might say as ancient as the Ancient of Days. But it does require understanding and proper application.  And that is why we seek to learn and discover more of this Science of Soul. And obviously why you are reading this lesson!

This section includes the marvelous healing that took place about 3,000 years ago, or 900 years before Jesus.   The prophet Elijah restored hope and life through his understanding of God.  A widow’s son was restored to life, and the widow herself was restored to life because of this healing.  At that time women were dependent on men, husbands or sons, for their livelihood.  But this widow made place in her life for Elijah, the man of God.   And in so doing she also opened her life to a livelihood beyond human dependence, directly dependent on God and his goodness. (B-11) I Kings 17

Perhaps you are aware of the opportunity that exists for someone yearning to know more about Christian Science to study with an authorized teacher.  The prospective student contacts a Christian Science teacher and applies for a course of instruction that is just under two weeks.  It is a holy time filled with inspiration.  And each year after that class the pupils of the teacher gather for an Association meeting.  You can find out about this in The Church Manual,  Article 26, “Teaching Christian Science.”  And these “Associations” can continue to meet even after the teacher is no longer teaching. Well, I had the honor of attending one of these Associations.

We had all agreed to share how Christian Science came into our experience.  One of these experiences was just priceless and shows the eternal shepherding of God.  Victoria told us that she had been raised by her mom with no religious training.  Later as an adult she found herself led into the reading of the Bible and about the same time she discovered a Christian Science Reading Room where she purchased Science and Health.  The Bible was a complete unknown item to Victoria.  But as she began to read and eventually added Science and Health to her studies she discovered something very interesting.  Her grandmother told her that when Victoria’s mom was expecting her there were complications that led the doctors to predict that neither the mother nor the baby would survive.  Her grandmother (who was not a Christian Scientist) called to enlist the services of a Christian Science Practitioner.  The practitioner prayed and both mother and child survived in perfect health.  Later when there were occasions that Victoria faced serious life threatening situations, this grandmother called for Christian Science help again.  Always successful.  So Victoria, shared that in one way she had always been a  Christian Scientist and just not known it.  She had always been grateful to not only have found Christian Science, but also to discover the wonderful healings that had taken place when she was a baby through her grandmother’s intervention

This section includes the statement, “It is our ignorance of God, the divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and the right understanding of Him restores harmony.” (S-11) SH 390:7   My mom used to say when confronted with “apparent discord,” “Oh this is just ignorance and I can always learn more!”

“Does God send sickness, giving the mother her child for the brief space of a few years and then taking it away by death?” (S-12) SH 206: 19

No, God does not do that.  Just go to your Bible and ask Elijah.  You can read his answer in I Kings.  Or go to the Science and Health citations in this section and let Mary Baker Eddy give you the answer.  Or you can also ask Victoria !!  Give me a call and I will be glad to give her your number!

Section 4: Never beyond Soul’s, God’s control.
In Bible citation, (B-13) Mark 5:25-34 we read of a woman who for 12 years had “an issue of blood.”  We are told she “suffered many things of many physicians, and spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.”  This was the condition she was in when she courageously contacted Jesus.  Courageously?   Yes, because first she was forbidden by religious law of the time to go out in public in her condition.  Also she should not have touched someone else in her “unclean” condition.  And most certainly she should not have touched a strange man.  And for that matter, Jesus, really should not have had anything to do with the woman because of her being a stranger  and also because of her illness.  So all in all there is a lot of courage here, and as Jesus noted, a lot of faith. 

The Science and Health citations of this section are a powerful outline of how this Science of Soul heals.  We learn how to overcome “organic inaction or overaction.” (S-21) SH 125:6-16.  There is also instruction in how to govern your body more harmoniously.  (S-19) SH 208: 25-1.

And as my mom learned years ago, God always is ready to teach us in everything we do.  This Science of Truth, the Comforter, the Holy Ghost forever waits to teach, bless, and heal.  There is nothing beyond God’s control.

  My mom was vacuuming the living room carpet.  The vacuum cleaner stopped and would  not restart.  At first mom was frustrated because she knew it was not a good time financially to have to buy a new vacuum cleaner.  So she was praying about all true action. She identified  the functioning of the vacuum cleaner as a derivative form of Mind.  Mind, God was in control of every function.  And it came to mom to pray with Principle’s “ever-operative” nature.  “The proof, by present demonstration, that the so-called miracles of Jesus did not specially belong to a dispensation now ended, but that they illustrated an ever-operative divine Principle.”  SH 123:

The “ever-operative divine Principle” took control.  The vacuum cleaner started up again and was fine.  Just then the phone rang.  It was the attendant at the Christian Science Reading Room calling.  It seems a visitor to the Reading Room had collapsed and was suffering from a sever hemorrhage of blood.  My mom agreed to pray immediately and was instantly directed to the ideas she had just worked with regarding the vacuum cleaner.  “Ever-operative Principle of Life, Truth and Love” was what came to my mom’s thought.  Then the phone rang and the report was that  “all was well.”  The bleeding had stopped, the lady had revived, and she was able to go on her way in absolute freedom.

Section 5:  Don’t throw money at it, pray!!  Peter and John heal man at the Gate Beautiful.
 I have heard it said that the best way to solve a problem is to throw money at it.  Many of those researching in hopes of finding a cure for a disease spend a good portion of their time in raising money for research.  And in this section there is a man that has been crippled since birth and his first request of the disciples, Peter and John, is for “alms.”  But they literally have no money, so instead they heal the man.  He walks and leaps and praises God.  (B-18) Acts 3  I would say that is a very cost effective solution, a real solution, a healing!!

 Mindy Jostyn wrote a beautiful song about this healing entitled, “Peter and John.”  It is available  from  Watchfire Music, 400 West 43rd Street, Suite 38D,  New York, NY  10036
(212) 244-0426: 

And you can listen to a sample of this song at this link:_

“Peter and John
Lyrics by Mindy Jostyn and Jacob Brackman
Music by Mindy Jostyn

With eyes to the ground and a held-out palm

Asking for pity, begging for alms

A desolate cripple from his birth

No reason for hope, no sense of worth


Who should he see but Peter and John

At the door of the time, where upon he cried,

”Hey, have you got any change to spare?”

Peter stopped him cold with a powerful stare


Now do you believe this story?

I do with all my mind

What was true that day is true today

I too have been that blind

I too have been that blind


Peter and John came to his side

Peter smiled and said, “Look me in the eye.

We don’t have a farthing, a dime or a sou

But what we have, we give to you.”


They helped him to rise, told him he could stand,

”In the name of Jesus, walk like a man.”

His ankles grew firm and though he shook,

he took the first steps he ever took


Now do you believe this story?

I do with all my heart

What was true that day is true today

I too will rise and walk

I too will rise and walk


Into the temple marched all three

The beggar beside himself with glee

Dancing and leaping and praising the Lord

While the congregation was completely floored


Now do you believe this story?

I do with all my soul

What was true that day is true today

I too will be made whole

I too will be made whole

Copyright 2005 Say No More Publishing (BMI) & Maya Productions LTD. (ASCAP)


The Science and Health citations in this section are a great answer to how we can heal what appear as hereditary diseases.  (S-22) —(S-27) We can reply to claims of “DNA” in that wonderful reminder from Cedars Director, Warren Huff, DNA, Does Not Apply !!

The following items were found through the wonderful new resource, JSH Online.  This service from the Publishing Society puts all the past and present copies of the Christian Science magazines at your fingertips.

In the June 21, 1993 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel, the Editors shared the following experience,

“ A friend told us  that two or three years ago, while looking through a popular magazine, he saw an account of a young girl's battle with cystic fibrosis. He said that for several days he felt quite sad about it. The picture the article painted was one of injustice and hopelessness.

Then, last June, he read an issue of The Christian Science Journal—a sister magazine to the Sentinel—that described another girl's healing of this same disease through prayer. Although he had often read that anything is possible to God, he was overjoyed to learn that such healing is actually going on. Although the disease is believed to be inherited, the girl's mother stated, "Bible study released me from the belief that this illness was hereditary—that I was guilty somehow of inflicting this ailment on my daughter. … Not only was this a release from the terrible label of heredity, but it gave assurance that the manifestation of health and wholeness could be accomplished. After this, my confidence in God just grew and grew."

Today this girl, now a mother herself, is living a normal life. This week's Sentinel contains specific ideas that lead to healing so-called hereditary and other diseases. We encourage you to join with us in exploring the practicality of prayer.”

The cover of that issue of the Sentinel included the following quote from First Peter, chapter 3, verse 7.  “heirs together of the grace of life.”  An in depth study of heredity in this section, and in that Sentinel can heal so-called hereditary claims. 

The lead article from Joy Bove Lurken explains:

“The more we think of ourselves as the child of God rather than as a child of a certain human family, the more freedom from so-called inherited weaknesses we'll see in our experience. Understanding that man is governed only by God's law of good corrects the belief that man is at the mercy of heredity.

A young man I know suffered from hay fever. Each spring he would experience difficulty with his sinuses and breathing. His father, who also suffered from this, told his son he must have inherited it. Taking class instruction in Christian Science helped this young man to understand that no belief of illness has any power over, or can even touch, God's child. He did an in-depth study in the Bible and in Science and Health on the subject of heredity, determined to know his birthright as the spiritual offspring of God. His understanding that God created only good gave him confidence in his divine right to be free from the supposed law of heredity. That spring he was completely healed of hay fever, and has never suffered again from this trouble.”

You can read the entire article at:

Section 6: The radiant beauty of Soul is ours eternally
Our Golden Text encouraged us to remember that we are God’s building.  And isn’t it special that our last section also reminds us, (B- 23) | I Corinthians 3:9  “  ye are God’s building.”

There is a great deal of humility involved in remembering that we are indeed God’s building, God’s work,  that “He hath clothed (us) with the garments of salvation, he hath covered (us) with the robe of righteousness…”, that “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:”  that “ thou shalt shine forth, thou shalt be as the morning.” (B-21, 22,24.)

As we remember this we stop trying to make ourselves up into something or shape ourselves up into something.  We daily, hourly, continually learn to rejoice in what God, Soul has made us to be.  We are eternal.  We are ageless.  We are glorious.  We are radiant. And with this beloved Science of Soul we can heal.  We overcome the ravages of sense and shine with the “radiance of Soul.” (S-29)

One of the last books my mom was studying was entitled, “Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science of Doris Dufour Henty, C.S.  The foreword of the book is written by Doris Henty’s sister, Flora Nelson Ogden, West Sussex, England, January 1989

Mrs. Henty's book is published by Mulberry Press, Carmel California

From Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science of Doris Dufour Henty C.S:

Foreword :"It must have been about the year 1910 that Christian Science was first introduced to our family; I know Mother was disappointed that she had just missed seeing Mrs. Eddy.  Certainly no family could have been more in need of the truth. Our home was a "hospital ship."  We had never known what it was to see Mother well.  She had no strength; her days were spent lying on a couch anad no medicines had helped.  My brother Ronald had consumption–it was hereditary– and it was thought a miracle that he had reached the age of fourteen, even though he had not been able to attend school.  My father suffered from liver complaint and periodic attacks of migraine.  And my sister Doris– Doll, as we called her– was a shocking sight.  She had had multiple operations on her face and head for carious bones.  Her face was constantly bandaged, and a nurse was in attendance to do this.  One side of her face was paralysed; her mouth was at an angle and one eye was shut.  The surgeons said they could do no more for her as the facial nerve was severed, but they offered the scant comfort that, before long, she would know no more as the disease would reach her brain.”
     “One day a friend came to see my father at the mill which he ran.  To the question "How are you?" my father replied as usual, "Just fair."  On hearing this, the friend asked if he could tell my father about his "faith," which had changed his life.  My father agreed with some reluctance, as he held office in the Wesleyan church, and he learned that his friend's faith was Christian Science.  The friend lent my father a copy of Mrs. Eddy's book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, setting a time limit of two weeks for its return.  However, when my father got home with it, Mother said, "We don't want any of those newfangled ideas," and the book was put on the piano, where it remained unopened until it was returned a fortnight later.  I can see it there to this day!”
    “ A little later my father visited Manchester; and, feeling he had perhaps been a little discourteous about the book, he went to a Christian Science Reading Room and purchased a copy of Science and Health.  One day shortly after that, Mother was feeling particularly weak.  She had been reading the Bible and then turned to Science and Health, and her eyes fell on the words (page 135), "There is today danger of repeating the offence of the Jews by limiting the Holy One of Israel and asking: `Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?´ What cannot God do?"  She jumped up, went into the kitchen, and started giving orders.  My father returned home for lunch, saw Mother was up and about, and asked what had happened.  Mother answered, using a Yorkshire expression, "I've been reading the book: I feel made over again."  Father said, "Do be careful."  But Mother replied, "I know what I am doing. I'm all right."
    “Shortly after that, Mother went into the schoolroom and said to Ronald and Doll, "There's no need to be ill any more.  I have found a book that tells us that Life is spelt with a capital L, and what we thought was life was just a mistake.  I wish I had known about this before."  Ronald began to improve at once and soon attended school.  He had a long and active life before he passed on at the age of ninety years.  My mother said to Doll, "Now we have heard of Christian Science, we shall not take you to Manchester (where the specialist was) any more."  Nor were there any more bandages.”
     “ My parents began to attend church services some miles away.  One day, my father had a severe attack of migraine and retired to bed.  My mother read Science and Health for a short time and then went to him and said, "Get up: you are healed!"  He was.  Doris also began to improve, even though there was at that time no practitioner locally.  She soon started to attend school, which was a great step, and one day, not long after, she suddenly said to the schoolmistress, "I can feel my face!"  Feeling had indeed come to her face for the first time.  Father took Doll to the specialist in Manchester, who looked at her and said, "The age of miracles is not over.  The nerve has joined."
       “It was about this time that, as Doll recalled, two things happened.   She made contact with James Neal in Boston.  He had been in Mrs. Eddy's last Class and was the one whom Mrs. Eddy had referred to as the "perfect practitioner."  She asked him what time he worked for her each day so that she could be working too!  Then one day, she read in  a local paper that a cousin had won a beauty competition.  Rather sadly she said, "I could never do that," but then she added, "But I have the beauty of holiness."  She went to her schoolroom and all morning she thought about the beauty of holiness.  At lunchtime, when she came down, Mother exclaimed, "Doll, have you seen your face?" Doris replied, "God cannot see a mortal face: He can only see the beauty of holiness."  By the evening, her whole face had moved round to a normal angle.”

As our Bible Lesson concludes, “Man is the expression of Soul.”  (S-30) SH 477:26

Yes, indeed.  You are the expression of Soul.  And when the wolves of mortal belief, the tauntings of time, age, disease, discomfort, doubt or fear come knocking you just remember that you are God’s building.  Your home, your consciousness is even more sturdy than the little pig’s house made of bricks.  And you can with complete authority and joy sing, “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”  Not me!

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[Warren’s Endnote on Soul’s Specs: Here's a new take on the Ten Commandments.
ou might enjoy seeing the 10 Commandments as God's building specs. Hourly look for new ways to live up to these specs of your highest identity as "God's building."
"You are God's building!" (I Cor. 3:9)
Insights from Warren Huff, Missouri Registered Architect

Since a Master Architect and Builder has built you, you must be a masterpiece! As "the noblest work of God," (Hymn 51) you are designed to function flawlessly in every detail in the carrying out of Love's unique and perfect plan for you! In preparing for my architectural registration exam, it came to me that the Ten Commandments were like Architectural Specifications created by God to guarantee the ongoing perfection of His masterwork, you and me. Like all architectural specs these divine Specifications or construction standards fall into ten categories or sections, and were written by "the great Architect" using "shall" and "shall not" language. Far from being "the Ten Restrictions" on your liberty, they are more like the Ten Guarantees to your lasting freedom and perfection. And they are not merely "Ten Suggestions." As specs, the Ten Commandments are a key part of your contract agreement that define the "high-def" you. They must be totally followed and upheld.

Spec #1–General Conditions: "Spirit, the great architect," (S&H 68:5) starts with "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" (Spirit) as the one precondition that governs all other conditions. With a prevalence of body worship these days, one applicable adaptation of this commandment might be: "You should worship and focus thought on no other "Bods" (your own or another's) before me and your embodiment of unselfed Love." Are you willing to live up to your contract and spiritual identity as upheld by your divine "builder and maker" (Heb. 11:10)?

Spec #2–Selective Removals: Our Creator rules out of you and me all obsessions, addictions, false dependencies and weaknesses. To be rid of these and a false sense of lack that would make us dwell on graven, media images, we must treat them as unwelcome impostors and impositions. Declare that, "As God's image and masterpiece, I have everything I need and I know it!" Are you willing to allow the removal of what must go to make room for the best?

Spec #3-Concrete: He that "set the foundations of the world" has established your foundation and superstructure with all the divinely natural ingredients you need to withstand every worldly pressure and tension. Built on the Rock of Christ's example, you will not fall for or cave into peer pressure. Reinforced with (re-bars of) humility and flexibility, you never get bent out of shape and are naturally immune to tension and its headaches. Your 3rd Commandment Spec, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain," might translate, "You shall not (be able to) take God's nature in vain, or without positive, CONCRETE results!" Are you willing to continuously affirm the solid, quick efficacy of Christian Science treatment?

Spec #4-Masonry: When your life feels burdened and things seem to be in pieces or falling to pieces–fragmentary and incomplete–remember your high goals and that your Mindful Mason has already used an "ever-faithful mortar" that will invariably keep each building block of your experience in place as part of a cohesive and finished whole. Commandment Spec #4, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy," reminds us to find rest by keeping our undivided attention on the Genesis 1 record of a complete creation that is "very good." Will you pledge to always see and rest in the big picture of completeness–to begin with the end in Mind?

Spec #5–Structural Steel and Metals: Ever feel unstructured? Overloaded? Living in a structure (body) that's sagging and ready to collapse? Dishonoring authority in its many God-given forms brings about such weak conditions. You will always find stability, direction, renewed strength and longevity as you "honor your [human & divine) father and mother, (and all right manifestations of authority) that thy days may be long." Exodus 20 Are you willing to find strength by acknowledging the role of proper authority and structure in your experience?

Spec #6–Carpentry: Our Master/Carpenter Jesus prepared for his remarkable healing ministry by seeing that all events, including all human relationships, were "fitly framed together" by a divine plan and hand. Jesus proposed stopping murder by healing the attitudes that led to it. (See Matt 5:25-26) Even worse than a wood butcher, a "would butcher," makes fun of those around him lest they would draw attention away from him. Beware of the prevalent trend of seemingly innocent humor that features labeling and ridiculing others. It is a subtle form of disobedience to "Thou shalt not kill" that really injures the bully more than the bullied. Are you ready to stop the futility of anger and of tearing others down?

Spec #7–Thermal & Moisture Protection: No one wants to be homeless or to live in a home that leaks like a sieve and that fluctuates uncontrollably between being bitterly cold and horribly hot. Yet, that's what it's like to be "absent from the Lord" and "at home in the body" (II Cor 5:6) with its gnawing incompleteness and inner lack called lust. We can insulate ourselves from the hot flashes of lust and the cold disappointments of self-contempt and broken promises by daily reveling in God's view of true manhood and womanhood. Jesus taught that living with lust in your heart is what leads to adulterous actions. (Matt 5: 27-28) "Tempted in all things like we are," Jesus showed us how to deal with temptations in Matt 4:3-11. In the face of temptation "that original man, Jesus" didn't reinvent new ways to refute them, but instead quoted scriptural references that negated each temptation to "lie with me." (Gen. 39:7,12) Come to class with at least one citation per week memorized so you too can "throw the book" at any lie, even when you don't have physical books with you. What's your memorized verse this week? Are you applying the truths you know to establish an insulated firmament without lust or leaks?

Spec #8–Windows & Doors: (The "Eyes, Nose and Throat" of a building.) Taking what does not belong to you by divine reflection, such as taking a cold, is breaking this commandment or Spec. Such stealing of what doesn't belong to you, is like living in a home without the security and comfort of windows and doors. Have fun properly sealing up ways that your sense of God's allness would leave you. Then, "stand porter at the door of thought" (S&H 392:24) and admit only what truly belongs to you. Are you ready to accept the security and sufficiency of your divine identity and stop trying to steal what doesn't belong to you?

Spec #9–Finishes: Bearing false witness and gossiping about others is like baring your floors and walls and living in an unfinished shell of your home without either the refinement of coverings over the exposed structure of the walls and ceiling or the comfort of a covering over the bare subfloor. An atmosphere where others are cut down will always feel bare and unrefined, never homey. Are you ready for earth's "finishing school" for your character that will always bear true, spiritual witness to those around you and to all of creation?

Spec #10–Specialties: Coveting the specialties of others (like their college options, SATs, grades, honors, cars, homes, friends) is actually arguing for your lack of them. This hurts instead of helps you as in the Bible stories of Hagar mocking Sarah and Saul seeking to hurt David. Instead, use the dynamite idea of "TYG! TMT!" ("Thank You God! That's Mine Too!") A disposition to rejoice in the good of others as if it happened to you is an awesome attitude that causes Tibetans to outlive others by 20-50 years. Are you ready to rejoice in all of the good specialties of others as advance proofs that such good is universally available to be demonstrated in your experience as well? Having this guileless attitude that sincerely delights in another's good will always results in blessings all around.

"Fitly framed together*" with divine Love and "founded on the divine rock**" of Christ,

*Ephesians 2:21
**Science and Health 297:27]


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