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Let Your Light Shine Through the Illusion with the W.A.L.L. Treatment

Reference: Luke; Science and Health 495: 15-24

Campers were asked if they knew what the woman who lost her coin did first? Before praying or looking, she lit a candle. In essence, she let in the light and in that light she saw that what appeared to be lost or missing was really there all the time. There were numerous references in this week’s lesson on Truth about light. How important it is to let our light shine.

Mrs. Eddy lit a bright and wonderful candle for the entire world when saw that sin, sickness, and death were only illusion and need to be understood as such. She further “lighted” the world by giving it her textbook: “Science and Health.”

Cedars shared copies of Science and Health and highlighter pens with every camper who then marked p 495:15-24, circling the first letter of each sentence, spelling WALL. When we came upon some illusion challenging our relationship or our ability or our health, we can light our own spiritual candle and see that whatever appears as a wall obstruction our progress is only an illusion. We can see through the illusion by doing as we are instructed – cling to God and his idea.

Campers marked passages for themselves or to share with a friend as directed by God with the same grateful sense that the woman shared her joy with her friends when the lighted candle revealed the presence of her coin. Mrs. Eddy’s discovery is to rejoice more, love, and share.

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