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Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson Feb. 3-9, 2014

Subject:  Spirit

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer of St. Louis, MO and Park City, UT


The first verse of one of our hymns written by Mary Baker Eddy begins with three questions…. “Saw ye my Saviour?  Heard ye the glad sound?  Felt ye the power of the Word?”  Let’s answer yes! [Yes! YES!]  This Lesson is full of references to God speaking, and the Word being heard and felt. Understanding is from God and comes to all of His people.

Golden Text:  [“…the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power…” Heb. 4:12]
A couple of things that stand out to me here… it is GOD that speaks.  Because God speaks, we know that answers and right ideas must always be at hand.  As we know that God speaks, we can be confident that we will hear His voice and can trustingly follow the message that we receive.  All we have to do is faithfully listen.  What a voice God has… what a message!!!  Alive, powerful, “active, operative, energizing, and effective”.  Everyone everywhere can feel the power of that Word!!!

Responsive Reading: [Be of one accord & inspired to join a newborn Church Alive!]   
Although Jesus is no longer physically present with the disciples (or with us,) that doesn’t mean that Christ’s mission of salvation and instruction doesn’t continue.  The Spirit communicates the divine message to mankind.  The apostles were the messengers of their time.  This same privilege falls to anyone willing to take on that role of recipient and communicator of the Word.  Are WE willing?  During the Day of Pentecost described in the second chapter of Acts, thousands of Jews had come to Jerusalem to celebrate the holy day known as Shavuot/Pentecost.  It was traditionally celebrated 50 days after Passover.  This particular year, Peter delivered his first sermon to this gathering.  He included in his speech the prophecy made in the second chapter of Joel. The Hebrews are told that good will be restored to them, and verse 28 reads, “… I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh;”   And, that is exactly what happened here.  “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind….”  The origin of the word, Spirit, is wind or breath.  Thus, each one felt the power of Spirit and understood Peter’s message “in his own language.”  They didn’t hear the words of a man.  They heard the Word of God… they were filled with the Christ Spirit.  Are we willing to let the Spirit speak to us and others… acknowledge the source of all wisdom to be God and get self out of the way?  And are we willing to HEAR the voice of the Spirit moving us to action, or are we halted and disturbed by apparent language barriers and mis-communication.  Praying to know that the Spirit communicates effectively to all, we can trust God to show people (including governments) across the world how to work together, how to communicate, how to compromise, [how to hear divine guidance,] and how to respond to the righteous activity of Spirit.

Section 1:  [Choose irresistible spiritual sense that reveals spiritual existence!]
We have a choice to make, every moment of every day… are we tuning in to the reports of the physical senses – or the report of spiritual sense – to determine our perception of reality?  I remember a time when I was pretty discouraged about life and questioning the very presence of God.  But, as I looked at the wonders of nature, I was convinced that there must be a God. (“The heavens declare the glory of God” – B-1)  And I felt God silently assuring me of Her presence.  I determined to stop doubting, and start accepting… even if I didn’t really understand God at that point. That simple shift made a world of difference and I’ve never turned back from my determination to start with God’s presence as fact, and exercise my spiritual sense in order to feel that presence.  To me, that experience hints at the message received by the prophet, Haggai.  The people were in the middle of rebuilding the temple, and were discouraged at how the project was coming along (as I was discouraged with how my “life” was coming along.)   Haggai’s message was to not get hung up on the negative, but to “take courage and work.” (B-2)  Why?  Because of God’s promise, “I am with you!”  Haggai was assuring the troubled people that “God’s ‘Spirit,’ the very presence of God, already ‘abides’ or ‘remains’ among the community.  God was in their midst, and thus they had nothing to fear.” (New Interpreters Bible vol. vii, p. 723)  What an amazing promise to each of us today!  Paul continues this message of hope in his letter to the Corinthians. (B-4)  We can’t possibly know the wonderful things God has prepared for EACH of His precious children.  But, we can begin to see and experience these gifts as we learn to perceive our lives, our experience, and our world through a spiritual lens.  God is with us… ALL of us… always, and in all ways.  We must choose to have our consciousness abide with Him… be in tune to His message of harmony and all good.  As Mrs. Eddy puts it in our textbook, “spiritual sense lifts human consciousness into eternal Truth.”  (S-2)  And, “Spirit imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness and leads into all truth.” (S-3)  A view is always more expansive from a higher elevation.  What we’re looking at doesn’t need to change as much as how we’re looking at it.  SPIRIT does the lifting up of thought.  We need to accept this Spirit (this eternal presence and power of good and clarity) as reality… and be willing to respond to its action.  Then, take it a step farther and know that ALL must respond to this voice of Spirit. (S-6)  It is irresistible!

Section 2:  Refuse to succumb to evil of any sortSpirit comforts and heals!
God, Spirit, is all good – ever-present light, constantly with us! (B-6)  Spirit comforts! (B-5) Spirit overcomes evil (and heals all things)… always! This section includes the story of David being called to comfort Saul when he was troubled by “an evil spirit from God.” (B-7) According to Dummelows One-Volume Bible Commentary, Saul was in a state of “gloomy, suspicious melancholy bordering on madness.” It was typical for this sort of condition to be blamed on an evil spirit. The Hebrews believed that every spirit (good or bad) came from Jehovah.  To this day, there is a tendency to think that the problems we face (disease, limited resources, violence, grief, etc.) have some kind of source… and maybe they are even somehow from God, sent to wake us up, punish, or correct us.  But, when we are troubled by so-called evil spirits (whether they come in the form or mental or physical disturbance) we need to “try them.” (B-8)  Literally put the situation on trial, probe to the bottom to see if the source is God, good.  If it isn’t, subject the claim to the authority of Spirit and let that goodness that is “in you” overcome that which would oppose it.  Just as quickly as darkness flees when the light is switched on, the darkness of false belief (no matter how scary, wide-spread, or substantial it appears to be) MUST fade away (as it did for Saul when David played his harp for him) when the presence of Spirit, which is all good, is acknowledged. The new light bulbs we’re using sometimes need to warm up before they completely light a room … but we know that they will light it. We don’t give up on them!  Spirit is always playing its comforting music that destroys the discord.  It is always putting forth light. Don’t give up on it!  We read, “Spirit, God, is heard when the senses are silent.” (S-8)  So, stand up to the testimony of the senses.  Silence them as powerless … just as darkness is powerless to be something that can act on its own.  Discord is only the false supposition that there is a power equal to, or superior to, the goodness of Spirit.  Musicians correct discord by understanding the principles of harmony (“the science of music.”)  As these principles are applied, inharmony cannot possibly hang on!  As the principles of the Science of Christianity are applied… as thought entertains the ever-presence of Spirit and slams the door on aggressive mental suggestion (which is all any sense of evil ever is) Spirit, God, is heard, seen and felt. And all darkness, inharmony, and discord MUST yield and disappear! (S-11 & S-12)

Section 3:  Speak up (and heal) with the authority of Christas Jesus did!
Jesus returned from his forty days in the wilderness confident that the various temptations he had faced had no power with which to influence or overtake him. He “went back full of and under the power of the [Holy] Spirit into Galilee.” (Amplified Bible) As he began his ministry, he entered synagogues and spoke and healed with an authority bestowed upon him by Spirit, his Father. Reading the entire story, we find that when Jesus entered Nazareth, his home town, and identified himself as having fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy, he met with serious opposition.  He knew he had been sent to preach the gospel – the good news of man’s relationship to God – and to heal and deliver mankind from bondage. But those in Nazareth couldn’t get past his human heritage to recognize the power behind his words.  They drove him out of town, but he escaped unharmed and unfazed.  Continuing on to Capernaum, Jesus was again challenged and belittled… but this time by a man not in his right mind – “which had a spirit of an unclean devil.”  The question was, “What do we have in common with you?”  Jesus more or less answered by showing that he didn’t have anything in common with evil of any kind… and then with authority he spoke to the evil (or error) and commanded it to come out of the man!  The man was healed, and the authority with which Jesus spoke was recognized.  (B-11)  What was that authority, and can we speak with it, too?  The authority was the Christ, which Jesus so completely demonstrated.  Mrs. Eddy defines Christ as “the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness.” Jesus “was appointed to speak God’s word” in a way that it could be understood.  (S-14)  But, the authority was the universal Christ which speaks to each of us.  The Christ is here!!! (see Hymn 412) “Spirit or the power of divine Love” does the healing work.  We can speak and heal like Jesus, as we accept the authority of Christ as our authority!  Don’t be afraid to open your heart to hear, and your mouth to testify to, the absolute truth of God’s almighty power. No room for timidity or doubt or feelings of inadequacy.  Spirit is the doer.  Check out citations S-16, 17 & 18 for specific guidance in how to exercise this God-given authority of Christ!  Have fun with it! Look for opportunities to share the inspiration that flows from Spirit.  We are all healers!

Section 4:  Be transformed by the purity of Spirit
We’ve established that Spirit (the Word of God) is always speaking.  There is one voice … as a testifier beautifully shared at a recent Wednesday Evening Meeting. This Spirit is all good and brings harmony.  And, Science and Health offers a secret to how we can bear witness to the activity of this Spirit.  Mary Baker Eddy writes, “To discern the rhythm of Spirit and to be holy, thought must be purely spiritual.” (S-20)  Don’t let yourself by intimidated by that requirement, or start from the deprecating premise that your thought will never be purely spiritual!  What would have happened if the Olympians we are privileged to start watching at the end of this week had let themselves believe they would never be able to master the sport they were pursuing?  Step-by-step, we need to start with a “willingness to become as a little child and to leave the old for the new.”  And then continue with “gladness to leave the false landmarks and joy to see them disappear.” (S-24) Measure your progress in baby steps as well as big ones.  When you have a really grimy pot, it takes a lot of scrubbing to get off the baked=on layers that have accumulated.  But, as you persist, the surface gradually appears in its native purity.  Mrs. Eddy tells us that the “calm, strong currents of true spirituality …. must deepen human experience… and sin, disease, and death give everlasting place to the scientific demonstration of divine Spirit and to God’s spiritual, perfect man.” (S-25) As the soap, and willingness to scrub, cleans the pot… Spirit and a willingness to be “new born of Sprit,” cleans our thought.  Then, our native state of health, purity, and self-immolation (exchanging a personal sense of self for recognition of our identity as God’s likeness) must appear!  Nicodemus recognized that Jesus was special. But, when Jesus told him it was necessary to be born again to enter the Kingdom, he got hung up by a literal interpretation. (B-14) We have to turn away from the misconception of material birth and life.  Even though we can’t see Spirit with the physical senses, we feel the effects of it… as we feel the effects of the wind.  Go with it!  Trust the Christ communication that testifies to Spirit, and be willing to be new born. Look away from the flesh and cherish our true identity as God’s spiritual idea – made up of everything good and pure.  Starting from that premise, we can expect the old, limited views to disappear, and limitless harmony to appear more and more… right here, right now!

Section 5: [Be spiritually hungry for] Gods gift of understanding and nurture it!
I loved thinking about the message in Job.  The spirit (the state of being God’s likeness,) and the intrinsic desire to recognize that state, is “baked in” in to EVERYONE.  And God provides the means for each of us to discover what is true about our world and ourselves. (B-16)  The Eunuch from Ethiopia held a responsible position in the Queen’s court.  But, he was spiritually hungry.  More than position and material wealth, he wanted to understand the message behind the words of the prophet Isaiah. Perhaps he had been drawn by the message in Isaiah 56 where God promises to “gather the outcasts of Israel,” including those “eunuchs and foreigners” who “keep the Sabbath and do not profane it.” (New Interpreters Bible)  That description fit this man perfectly.  He wasn’t allowed in the temple, but that didn’t keep him from getting the understanding he yearned for.  His meeting with Philip couldn’t have been planned by either of them.  But, God brings people together for the purpose of blessing.  Philip came along at just the right time.  But, the key was that he was willing to respond to Love’s nudge (“the Spirit”) and approach this stranger, who was very different from himself.  Philip spoke freely about Jesus and shared his understanding.  And the Ethiopian didn’t hesitate … jumping at the opportunity to be baptized.  We’re told that Philip continued on his way, preaching as he went along. (B-17)  Were all as receptive as the Ethiopian?  Probably not.  But, Philip didn’t try to judge who would receive his message… he just shared and let his example speak more than anything else! (B-18)  The absolute truth of God’s perfect creation (divine Science) can be found in the Bible.  But, it can seem far away and obscure at times.  That’s where spiritual sense comes into play.  That “conscious, constant capacity to understand God” is present with all. (S-27)  As we are willing to question the evidence before the senses and pray, listen and respond to the revelation of spiritual reality, we will see more and more of God’s harmonious reality practically expressed in our lives.  A flower naturally turns to the light.  Let’s hold to the fact that it is also natural for thought to turn to the light of Truth. (S-30)  Recognizing the inherent spirituality in each of God’s children, we will find opportunities to share in ways that will enhance and bring out this spirituality in ourselves and others.  Sharing isn’t pushing… but it also isn’t withholding or judging who we think is “ready” to think more deeply about reality.  Christ and Christian Science reveal all there is to know about Spirit. (S-28)  This knowledge is invaluable to the progress of mankind.  As we recognize that everyone already has the spirit of God within them, we’ll find opportunities to see that spirituality come to the surface.  Let’s resist thinking that we have something that others lack… or another has something that we lack.  God is revealing himself to us ALL!  ALL can feel the power of the Word!  Alleluia!

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