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Let Life live you!
Metaphysical Application ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

13-19, 2020

Prepared by: Kathy Fitzer

Hear Kathy read her following Met (metaphysical application ideas) on the Lesson.

Overview: To me, this Lesson, brings out God’s gift of uninterrupted Life that we express completely and forever. Many years ago I experienced symptoms of heart problems. At the time I had a young family and was super involved in volunteer work for church, school, and community. I felt stressed and pulled in a zillion directions. This difficult period became an opportunity to learn more about Life as God. The take-away that has been with me ever since was that I didn’t need to struggle to “live life” but Life was living me. I am — and we EACH are — the active expression of Life itself. Life is infinite, eternal, full and free. Being entirely spiritual, it is independent of material limitations — flowing abundantly and without obstruction. I was healed, and grateful for the liberating lesson learned!

The Golden Text speaks of Spirit giving life. So, as we unwrap this gift we find all we need every day to navigate whatever crosses our path. The opportunity is to acknowledge the gift, accept it, and utilize it. Things will not always seem like smooth sailing, but we have the promise “our sufficiency is of God.” Looking at the context of this verse, we see that WE don’t do anything (we don’t live life). It’s all God — God living us! The Greek word translated as sufficiency can also be translated as “ability or competency to do a thing.” No matter what comes up — no matter what challenge we face — the ability and competency to deal with it is from God and is given to us as a gift! Accept the gift of Life and confidently go forward!

In the Responsive Reading, we get to eavesdrop on what was going through King Hezekiah’s thought when he was very sick and didn’t expect to live. In his desperation, he asked God to help him. Sometimes that’s all we can muster in our prayers— just a cry for help. But when we remember that God is forever living us, this sort of cry is enough. Hezekiah realized that it is not God’s will for his children to die. Just as Jesus connected the forgiveness of sin with physical healing, Hezekiah realizes that God has cast all of Hezekiah’s sins behind God’s back.

God isn’t focused on how Hezekiah has messed up. Sin is the belief that we can be separated from God — from Life. As that lie was destroyed, Hezekiah’s life was restored. Hezekiah realized that man is made to praise God, and that can only be done as we live. And, praise God he did! The Psalmist repeats the lesson learned!

No matter how tough things get, we can trust God and praise Him. God does deliver us! So many times, I have found that lifting thought up to gratitude and praise for God (even before totally feeling it) breaks the mesmerism that would bind us to fear or discouragement. God lives us!

Section 1: Look to God — Life itself — to find all you need to live

Things can seem pretty uncertain these days — and it’s tempting to feel alone, disappointed, scared, or “at loose ends.” But, we can feel settled even when we don’t know what the future holds. It’s believed that David was hiding in a cave, feeling alone and uncertain, when he wrote Ps. 142. Not finding help elsewhere, he turns to God and puts his trust in Life itself to be his refuge (shelter and safety) and portion (whatever he needs for a sense of stability). (B1, Ps. 142:5) Notice David’s other affirmations of God’s goodness and provision in the rest of the section — including confidence that God will provide direction, joy, satisfaction, and renewal.

The key is in this simple statement, “Life and being are of God.” (S1, 103:31) Accepting that as fact, we realize we can’t be separated from Good! The trick is to look “beyond fading, finite forms” to “gain the true sense of things.” (S3, 264:7) Material circumstances are like looking through a fog that obscures our view of present good.

I live on a lake, and sometimes the mist is so thick that we can’t see the surface of the water or the houses on the other side. That doesn’t mean they’re not there — and I’m never concerned that something has taken them away! We don’t need to fall for the misty view of mortal belief that obscures the present goodness of God (including health, harmony, supply). As David rejoiced through his Psalms, “Let us rejoice that we are subject to the divine ‘powers that be.’” (S4, 249:6) Clinging to that fact reveals the fullness of Life!

Section 2: Life unchanging and undiminished — no chronological measuring!

Ever wish you could do now what you used to be able to do, or find yourself looking forward to a time when you’ll be able to do more or be better than you are now? I’ve certainly taken that bait! But let’s not be hooked by the misty view of time and other mortal measurements as having anything to do with Life — or with us. Sometimes these feelings relate to age (too young or too old) and sometimes just to circumstances. Regardless of the reason … we need to let all of those suggestions go and realize that right NOW Life is living us to the fullest. Life doesn’t have a beginning, a middle, or an end. (S5, 26) So, neither do we, as Life’s full expression!

Joshua and Caleb were among those that Moses sent to check out the Promised Land forty years before the Children of Israel finally entered. They were apparently the only two of the group who trusted God enough to come back from the scouting trip and say, “Let’s go for it.” But they were outvoted and wandered in the wilderness with the others for another 40 years before entering. They were the only two from that scouting trip that were around to enter. And, they weren’t just “alive”, but said they were as strong as they were “in the day that Moses sent [them].” (B7, Joshua 14:11)

The passage of time didn’t affect Joshua and Caleb, but does it affect us? Hardly!!! Same law of Life applies. And, what about when they were in limbo in the wilderness? Their needs were still supplied and nothing truly taken from them. So, … we can’t feel we’re missing out on anything during this time when things aren’t as they used to be. Look for the good and know that we’re being fully taken care of every moment.

As for the belief of diminished abilities, or waiting for opportunities — we’re told “chronological data are no part of the vast forever.” (S7, 246:17) I used to think of “chronological data” as just keeping track of how old we are. But, it’s way more than that, I think. Chronological relates to the measurement of things according to the passage of time. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines chronology as “the science of time.” Time automatically limits! But, Life is eternal.

Again, according to Webster, that which is eternal is perpetual, continued without intermission, without duration, existing at all times without change. So, I realized that any time I measure anything according to time — or look at progress according to time (Things are better or worse today, or this week, or this year) I’m limiting myself and also accepting the possibility of regression.

To be like Joshua and Caleb and many others in the Bible and “shape our views of existence into loveliness freshness, and continuity, rather than into age and blight” we need to turn away from mortal measurements, including time (S7, 246:27). We need to bear witness to present good that is forever unfolding as perfect Life lives us moment by moment. As we look for fresh views, we will see Life — abundant and full — unfold. We’ll stop thinking about how long something has lasted, or how long it might last. Our lives will stop feeling limited or stagnant, and we’ll realize there certainly can’t be regression. Look to Life to give the report and really live every day!

Section 3: Life smooths the way
Other suggestions facing us these days are the ups and downs of daily life, which, if the view isn’t corrected, can lead to dis-ease and uncertainty. It is my understanding that the words of comfort appearing in Isaiah 40 (B9) were written to the people of Jerusalem who had been dealing with an extensive period of hardship, including exile. Although circumstances are different, we, too, are facing difficult times as we grapple with such things as disease, abuse, racism, gender issues, social pressures, economic problems, relationship problems, and just a feeling of being in limbo.

Everyone’s challenges may look a bit different, but the promise remains … God has not deserted His people — not one! Love is revealing the truth of Life — raising the valleys, making the mountains low and the crooked places straight. And “all people will see it together.” [B9, Isa. 40:5] Our prayers must include the fact that no one’s eyes can be shut to Life’s revelation.

Check out the definition of “valley” given in Science and Health and notice that Christian Science contradicts sense in order to reveal the good (S8, 596:20-27). A scientist looks beneath and beyond the surface of things to discover what is really going on. Darkness (no matter how real it seems) is only the absence of light. It can’t be measured (no “darkometer”) and it always yields to the presence of light.

Similarly, the darkness of mistaken beliefs (like the list above) are “the suppositional absence of Life,” and must disappear as God’s ever-presence is felt” (S9, 215:19). Our opportunity is to “rise above the testimony of the material senses” and see what is (S10, 262:12). It just takes practice. We’re not disturbed if someone tries to convince us that 2+2=5 or that the sun is moving around the earth! We know better!! We also know that Life is governing Its creation, and good is here to be seen and felt! Refuse to get on the roller coaster!

Section 4: No need to be anxious about human needs being met

Jesus was very clear that God knows what we need at all times, and we must trust Him to provide it. Where the King James Version of the Bible says, “Take no thought for your life …”, other translations say, “do not worry”, or ask, “why do you worry” about everyday life? We certainly take human footsteps (as directed by Mind) to be clothed, housed, and fed. But, ultimately all needs are met by Love.

How much we have (or how little) doesn’t matter as long as we understand that God, good, is always the source, and amply provides for each one! Our focus — above all else — should be to hold thought in God’s kingdom of harmony that is here and now as we acknowledge the right relationship each one has with his/her Father-Mother God. (B14, Matt. 6:25-33)

I found a recent Sentinel Watch program very helpful in understanding more about this right relationship. It is titled, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS THAT HEALS US, by Tricia Chantha from June 22, 2020.

Our first priority must be to “learn that Life is God” (S11, 496:9). As we let go of the belief that man is separated from God (S14, 91:5), we are able to see that God holds each one safely in Mind — firmly established as a complete, unique, and invariable idea. Lived by Life, all of creation is free to grow, live, and flourish. “Cared for, watched over, beloved, and protected, walk thou with courage each step of the way.” (Hymn 279)

Section 5: Be alert to greed!

Greed can be subtle. Probably none of us would think of ourselves as greedy in the traditional sense. And yet, there is often a tendency in the “civilized world” to spend too much time thinking about the accumulation of material goods and comparing what we have (or can afford to do) to that of another. Based on the Bible stories in this section of the Lesson, it is apparent that this is not a “new issue”.

The King James Version translates Jesus’ warning to the brother concerned about getting his share of the inheritance as “beware of covetousness.” But, other translations say “be on your guard against all kinds of greed.” (NRSV, NIV). (B16, Luke 12:15) Being satisfied with how much one has isn’t solved by adding material riches. Studies have shown that when people are asked how much money they think they would need to have “enough”, most give a number double their income, regardless of what that current income is. Hmmm …

Christ, or Truth, is ultimately the only path to lasting good. Mary Baker Eddy writes, “All must sooner or later plant themselves in Christ, the true idea of God” (S17,54:9). So, what are we waiting for? It doesn’t mean giving up good — but gaining true and lasting Good. During Jesus’ time, it was generally accepted that “the wealthy elite were closer to God and more likely to be saved than were the common people” (New Interpreters 12 vol. Commentary). So, Jesus’ teaching shocked the disciples and pushed them to ask who would be saved. Jesus assured them that whatever material comforts they seemed to be giving up, they would abundantly receive in other ways as they pursued Truth (B17, Mark 10:29-30).

The last citation in this section includes this year’s metaphysical theme for CedarS. The way to put off all limitations is to shift attention to God (to the infinite) and away from matter (that which is limited and bound by measurements) — focusing on expanding our treasures of Truth and Love, rather than material possessions. The result? “Enlarged individuality, a wider sphere of thought and action, a more expansive love, a higher and more permanent peace” (S18, 265:12-15). Nothing better — or more satisfying — than that!

So, how about asking, and expecting to receive on an ongoing basis, a slightly clearer view of the spiritual nature of Life? Ponder a familiar “truth” or turn to the Bible, Science and Health, hymnal, or periodicals (including archives) for new insights. It’s really cool when new ideas (treasures) start coming into focus! A changed perspective really is what we need more than anything!

Section 6: Shake off the serpent

Paul had already survived a shipwreck (everyone on board getting to shore safely) when he was faced with another challenge. A poisonous snake latched onto his hand and the island people were sure that he would die from the bite. But, Paul fearlessly “shook off” the snake and then went on to heal others on the island (B18, Acts 28:3-9). What a great example of how to quickly address whatever would try to attack us and suggest that we can be detoured from our mission of expressing the fullness of Christ (the fullness of Life independent of matter) (S22, 390:12).

The last two citations from Science and Health give really strong instruction for dealing with whatever kind of difficulty may confront us. Like Paul, refuse to be impressed with the material evidence. Respond as quickly to counter the false evidence with the opposite spiritual truth as you would to counter 2+2=5 with the truth, 2+2=4! Your ability to do this and the conviction you need in order to hold your ground, and not be afraid or discouraged, comes from knowing “that God is no more the author of sickness than He is of sin” (S22, 390:21).

Sin and sickness are not necessary for man to experience because God saw everything He made and declared it to be “very good” and He made all that was made! (Gen. 1:31 & John 1:3) I love the idea of letting “the harmonious and true sense of Life and being take possession of human consciousness” (S23,355:11). Stop thinking you’re in charge. Let Life live you!! As we learn this wonderful lesson, we’ll find freedom and healing.

Section 7: All we need — and all there really is — is God

If “God is at once the centre and circumference of being”, what else is there? (S24, 203:32) What else could we possibly need? That’s the point, isn’t it? It’s ALL God — infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation. The staff at CedarS has been working to translate things into thoughts this summer. That’s really what it’s all about. As we see that there is nothing outside of God, we start to perceive everything we see as ideas rather than things — complete, whole, harmonious ideas.

I remember many years ago, while serving at CedarS, witnessing the healing of a severely cut hand by understanding more of this concept. It was helpful to think about the fact that an animator determines what happens to his cartoon characters. Even after getting run over and flattened, they respond to their designer and get up unhurt. So, it is with God’s ideas. He designs all of His children to be incapable of injury, disease, or discord of any kind. Recognizing this, the original perfection is perceived. And this is what happened with the very quick healing of this seemingly serious injury of a cut hand. A beautiful healing took place and thought was awakened, so as not to be as easily fooled again.

The Lesson concludes as it began — assuring us that our sufficiency is of God. Check out these translations of sufficiency, as used here, from the original Greek (from the Touch Bible App): “a perfect condition of life in which no aid or support is needed; contentment.” Where does this sufficiency come from? From God’s grace (or unconditional love). And where does this sufficiency lead? To an abundance, or overflowing, of good works. What could be better? (B20, II Cor. 9:8) And, finally comes the reminder that God is our Life — full and unending (B21, Deut. 30:20). Let Life live you, and you’ll find the resulting view and lifting of burdens to be amazing!!!

[Warren:] Click for a work-in-progress edition of inspiring Bible Lesson GEMs from Cobbey Crisler, Ken Cooper & others.

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