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from the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on “Adam and Fallen Man”
for Sunday, May 8, 2022

  • In my YouTube poem “The Eve Dream” read by Sue, the importance of thought focused on God is recognised, but beware of unguarded thought!…..
  • In the poem “This is My Beloved Son” we share the desire to be baptised, to have the same purity of thought:
  • In the Poem “Jairus’ Daughter” we listen to Jairus: “My daughter lies sick, she is moaning and crying And I dread the worst, for it looks like she’s dying.”

[Ken writes:] The fascinating thing about “Adam and Fallen Man” is that God, divine Mind, knows nothing about him at all. Does this therefore make God ignorant? NO! It makes the dream apparent for what it is, – a false perception of Man, a false view that man can fall. How can man fall from his high estate when in principio he is enveloped in the infinite Love of God. Are we to believe the talking, lying serpent, when God has clearly spoken to us: “The Spirit, God Himself, confirms our inward conviction that we really are His children, and His alone.” (Golden Text, Romans 8:16 combined translations). Who are we going to believe, – to whom do we bear true witness?

Jesus declared that “God, the Father, is Spirit, and He is seeking followers whose worship is sourced in Truth and Love, – from their very hearts, with their whole spiritual being.” (John 4:24 Combined translations). Our starting point is literally where we do start, and determines which way we are going to go and follow. The Church Mnual directs us every Sunday to complete our church service with the Scientific Statement of Being (Science & Health 468) and then follows the response from 1st John:

“Behold! What incredible love the Father has shown and blessed us with, – to be actually called the sons and daughters of God, the children of Love. Yet the world cannot recognise us, for it doesn’t recognise God, nor the love that God is.

Beloved, we are even now, yes, right now, God’s very own children. We might not yet know what we are going to look like, but we do know that we shall be just like Him, for we shall see Him as He is,  and thus what we truly are.

So everyone that has this confidence in God keeps themselves constantly pure, as God is pure.”  (1 John 3:1-3 combined translations)

This is our alpha and omega, and as last week we saw the importance of the great Commandments, this week shows the result! We are the children of God, His very image and likeness. God cannot be tempted, and therefore nor can man. Thought attuned to God does not hear the serpent’s call! Obedience to the Commandments lifts man above temptation. God’s voice is all that can be heard.

Section 3 assesses the antics of a talking serpent (!), – reminding us of Mary Baker Eddy’s comment “You must control evil thoughts in the first instance or they will control you in the second” (SH 234:26-27). When we dream, the dream will follow its own volition, no matter how daft!

In thinking of the Lesson it reminded me of the well-known “Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love that sin, disease, and death, cannot enter them” (Manual p.40  “A Rule for Motive and Acts”), as read this last Sunday. The One Mind radiates Truth and Love and does not dream, nor therefore does man. In the poem “The Eve Dream” read by Sue, the importance of thought focused on God is recognised, but beware of unguarded thought!…..

“The serpent smiled and quietly said, “Do let me in:
Once in your thought I’ll get under your skin!

We can be good friends, just trust what I say –
You’re free to choose: Let me show you the way.”

Who are we going to trust? Why do we have the Commandments?

“I spared him a thought, what he said seemed quite true:
It took just the one and his lies then poured through!”

We have the confidence that in the beginning was The Word, and it is only the Word that speaks, and it can only speak of what it is. As the Word was from the beginning, it cannot change from what it is. The talking serpent is a lie.

We can’t be tempted, and error can’t win:
The answer is simple. Don’t be took in!
When faced with a lie, dismiss as untrue!
Man is unfallen! SO, SIMPLY, BE YOU!

 Being ourselves means dropping the desire of “being as gods”, the dream of duality, and accepting the doctrine of atonement, whereby we witness all that God is and imparts. What is preferable, – being “as gods” or being the image of the one God? Which is true? His image is His Son. We fulfill the words heard by those who heard God’s voice at the baptism of Jesus: “Thou art My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Bible Citation 9, Mark 1:11). We can rejoice that God is saying, necessarily, the same about every one of us. In the poem “This is My Beloved Son” we share the desire to be baptised, to have the same purity of thought:

He made the Christ so very clear, –
As ever by our side.
So let me too be washed right through,
In glory showing all Thou art:

Thought focused on God is not focused on self, and the mortal drops (falls) away. When we turn to God, and follow the great Commandments, we hear the Word again speaking to each one of us:

Father-Mother lead me forth
To drop false self, all mortal quest.
Hear Your words say lovingly:

 This is what Jesus saw all the time. He was never “taken in”, but shared with everyone the reality of what he did see.
In the Poem “Jairus’ Daughter” we listen to Jairus:

“My daughter lies sick, she is moaning and crying
And I dread the worst, for it looks like she’s dying.”

The serpent thought entraps him with fear, a false view of his daughter, but he moves from fear to hope, impatience to renewed faith, the removal of his fear (the immortal words “Be not afraid!”), removing doubt and bring into his experience the eternal life of his daughter. When Jesus says “Weep not: she is not dead, but sleepeth” (citation B14, Luke 8:52) he turns the thoughts of everyone away from the girl to laugh at him. Truth is untouched by error.

When we make right decisions, we can know that any adverse comment is not directed at us, but at the Truth, and the Truth can take care of it! I found this very helpful in business, deflecting adverse criticism to God’s protection and dismissal, knowing decisions based on Love and integrity, and not self, were God-sourced, and any antagonism cannot touch the Truth.

Jesus knew Jairus’ daughter could never die. She was very much alive, and he proved his words to others by his actions. As with the son of the widow of Nain and Lazarus, healings which came later in his ministry, he spoke quite naturally to the person that appeared to have died, – there was no shouting, calling upon some mystic presence. Jesus was calm, unhurried, supremely confident, because he knew. And his love was in sharing that knowledge.

“Yes, we’d all been asleep! I see now there’s no death, –
In God the Almighty is all being and breath.
There is nothing to fear. And in Jesus so kind
He has proved to us all there is only One Mind.”

The serpent cannot speak, and man can only hear what God says. Man is untouched by false belief, and the last verse in the Bible Lesson shows where true thought lies: “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace”. (citation B28,  Psalms 37:37)  “Observe the innocent and perfect man, for behold he walks uprightly with God, and has a life full of peace and harmony.” (Combined translations). The serpent cannot speak to man because man cannot hear what is not of God, – nothing. The Adam dream itself is nothingness. The perfect man has everything, for he is God’s witness. Jesus just wanted you to know………

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