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KEN’S POETIC PRELUDE for this week Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on:
“Truth for July 25, 2021

Enjoy a YouTube video poem — “Just Say in a Word”read by Ken’s son, James, amplifies our sense of God’s authority which is all that is ever needed.  This offering and its connectedness to the Word theme and stories this week’s Bible Lesson bring extra inspiration. 

[Ken wrote:] “Some weeks ago we had strong reference to the importance of “The Word” and this is key again to this week’s lesson. The opening words of the Gospel of John can be paraphrased, from various translations, “Before time itself was measured, the Voice, the living expression of God, was already speaking. The Word and God were always One and the same.  (John 1 :1-2) What is clear this week is that “thy word is truth.” (Responsive Reading/ John 17:17 thy word) and all God’s works reflect that Truth (Bible citation B2)

We have great comfort in the fact (the truth) that the Word (The Voice) is always, by definition, speaking, and there is no point in speaking if there is nothing listening. What is listening is man. “The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man.” (SH 284:31–32). The two are inseparable. What God says, man hears, for there is no other communication, no other power, no other Mind. Linking back to last week’s lesson when James, John, and Peter heard the voice of God, “This is my beloved Son, in whom, I am well pleased; Hear ye him.” this was the Word speaking the Truth about man. Because Jesus knew he was at one with God, his words were always of God, and had the authority of God. The Word, the Voice, God, Truth, is saying to us even now, “You are my beloved Son”. God is our Father, and this is the wonderful continuing truth that always maketh free. (Bible cit. B10)

The story of the nobleman whose son was sick (Bible cit. B9) is interesting in its comparison to the centurion whose servant was sick. Some believe this to be the same story, but whether or not, the key principle is accepted as the same. The authority of Jesus’ word was accepted, and healing resulted. The poem link and comments below reaffirm that Truth is universal, and does not require physical presence for its manifestation! Christian Science healing is the affirmation of this active presence of Truth, God. It accepts the Truth as now.

With the story of the nobleman and the centurion (which has a different story line in Matthew 8:5-13) we witness the authority of this Word made manifest. “For He spake, and it was done: he commanded and it stood fast.” (Bible cit. B2) This is the authority with which Jesus spoke, and to which the centurion referred. With the nobleman, (Bible cit. B9) he was required to demonstrate his faith: “Go thy way; thy son liveth”.  When the truth is spoken, we have the full backing of infinite good. While the centurion was used to being obeyed, in the poem “Just Say in a Word” (read by my son James) we see the result that flows from the Truth being spoken. What Jesus said came straight from his unity with God: he knew what he spoke was true, and had the infinite power of Truth behind it. No wonder when he said to the nobleman “thy son liveth!” he believed him! The authority of God is all that is ever needed. Time and distance were immaterial. The Word represents the perfection of now, voicing all-good. Each of us can speak with that same authority, for we can do nothing of ourselves, but express the Word. It has never stopped speaking; we have never stopped reflecting / responding.

“He only spoke the Word and that was enough: When faced with the Truth, there’s nothing too tough.

Neither time nor distance can stop what is true: The Word speaketh now, and perfection its view!”

Jesus said: “I can of mine own self do nothing.” (John 5:30). In the humility thus expressed he reflected the purity and power of the Word, and it was necessarily shown forth. To paraphrase SH citation S29, Jesus revealed the Truth, and proved it by his actions. So, did Mary Baker Eddy. In humility, so do we.

A copy of the above poem can be found in pdf format in color and B&W at the end of this inspirational webpage as well as at the bottom of this week’s metaphysical article. A full range of Ken’s videos can be found here.

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