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Ken Cooper’s “POETIC POSTLUDE” shares Bible EXAMPLES of feeling at one with God!
from the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on “Doctrine of Atonement”
for Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022

[Ken writes:]What a stirring and supportive lesson we have in “Doctrine of Atonement”, – the fulfilment of all the lessons we have had this year! And how relevant to the situation in Ukraine, where our constant prayers reach out, and include everyone across the world, to uphold man’s unity with God. The full Golden Text this week is so pertinent “Your ancient ruins will all be rebuilt, constructed on foundations from past generations. You will be known as the rebuilders of broken walls, the restorers of ruined streets and dwellings that can now be lived in once again.”  (combined translations). There is nothing that cannot be rebuilt for rebuilding follows the instruction of all-knowing Mind, and is the demonstration of Love. The material picture is not the image of spiritual Truth, – while matter may change, spiritual Truth never does.  What God sees is all there is and can be. Spiritual Truth has as its divine Principle “Love, underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being.” (S&H 496:18 Love) . Our at-one-ment with God, Love, Truth, can never be taken away. It is the present proof of our glory with God (see Responsive Reading John 17:1, 22).

We witness in the lesson the completeness of the Easter Story, through to ascension. It has to be taken as a whole. It is the challenge to live in the Spirit, and not be caught in the sometimes-frightening pictures of the flesh, to glorify God above self.  In obedience to God, “Thy will be done”, we prove our understanding of atonement, as did Jesus.  Jesus did not just die for us all, he lived for us all! He came through everything thrown at him. His ministry began with “Get thee hence, Satan.” He demonstrated LOVE, he proved what it meant to have AT-ONE-MENT WITH GOD, that man indeed “reflects divine Truth, Life, and Love” (S Citation 4 SH 18:2-3 reflects). REFLECTION IS UNTARNISHED AND IS FOR EVER. I love the comment in the Bible Lens that “the ascension of Jesus meant not a Christ-deserted but a Christ-filled world”, the proof of our atonement.

The poem “ATONEMENT’S WON” is a recognition (as last week The Battle is Won) of present good, the clear statement in Ephesians 4:6 “One God and Father of all, who is above all, and though all, and in you all” (B Cit. 1). Like the “Battle Is Won” because there is no battle, atonement is ours, because there is no separation:

“Through Jesus’ life, atonement’s WON!

See God and Man not two, we’re ONE!”

Atonement did not happen because of the resurrection, – it has always been. The resurrection proved it and happened because of atonement! Our debt to Jesus is immeasurable, for he “taught and demonstrated man’s oneness with the Father” (S Cit 4) Words are important, but it is actions that prove them. Jesus did not change our relationship with God, he proved that relationship of Father – Son has always been, “before the world began” (John 17:5).

The poem ends:

“Inseparable from God, now see!

MAN ONE WITH GOD, – that’s you and me!”

This can never change, and is the message that Nicodemus receives and finds so challenging. He was keen to understand the Master. In the poem “Bear Witness as God’s Child” Jesus is demanding of him that he puts aside the material view of man, – the flesh, and is reborn in the Spirit, which is independent of material birth:

“What’s flesh is flesh. It can’t get in. Let loose the Adam dream.
Be born again. Repent in thought. Let Spirit be your theme!”

We must all let loose the Adam dream for the understanding of reality, – our true witness of reflection.

Nicodemus concludes:

“Forsake all flesh and be baptised, let Spirit shine through you,
Reflecting God, we follow Him, and witness what is true.”

 This indeed is the task before us, – to witness only what is true. The monologue “The Magdalene’s Resurrection” , read by Sue, does not hold back in the description of what Mary experienced and what many are experiencing now. The disrespect of life, false accusation, the brutality and arrogance of mortal man. The suffering in Ukraine, not one death, but thousands, highlights what Mary felt for Jesus. It was more than she could bear. She wept while others scoffed. Where should out thoughts be? Jesus prayed for forgiveness, [Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do, – i.e. the Adam dream is false]. He prayed to be at one with Love, to know only Love. His time in the tomb was deep-focused love for God and man, and the stone could not entomb him. When Mary returned to the tomb seeking the body of Jesus, the original question “Why weepest thou?” was looking at the material picture. But when asked by Jesus “Why weepest thou?” it took on a new meaning:

“Why weepest thou? Why indeed! I had been looking for the wrong thing!
Searching for death where there was only life! And what life! Glorious! Eternal! He had won!
Love had won!

This is surely the Easter message, – Love has won, so why weep, – rather rejoice!! And with this new understanding Mary knew for sure Jesus was indeed alive! With what awe we too should be able to have our eyes opened to see the presence of the Christ, and run to share the revelation that the resurrection was no fairy tale, but she had seen death overcome and now fully believed. The hatred of the world had not stopped the love Jesus had for mankind. Flesh was overcome by Spirit.

Truth then is truth now. Prayer lifts us to the knowledge of Love. Mary’s experience was tough at the beginning, but full of joy at the end. She found atonement through the Master as do we.

 “Atonement is the exemplification of man’s unity with God”. (SH Citation 4 p 18:1-3) What a statement! What a vision of what is a present fact, for with God and man there is no future waiting, – only the reality of NOW, the I AM THAT I AM of which God spake to Moses, and which hold true throughout all time.

In stillness, we can take on board the implications of this simple statement: no matter what the material evidence, the spiritual evidence is what God sees and man reflects. It is “the Spirit that quickeneth, – the flesh profiteth nothing“. When we live in the Spirit, we walk with God, are with God and express God. We love our neighbour as ourselves, but only as we love God.


May I recommend “Biblical solutions to the war in Ukraine—really?”, a talk by Madelon Maupin.

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