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Expect God to Work Wonders, Every Day!
Hear inspiring examples in a 6/15/23 Breakfast “Prac Talk” by Kerry Jenkins, C.S.

After sharing from Joshua 3:7-17 (citation B14i) n the Bible Lesson, how a flooded Jordan River was stopped to allow the Ark of the Covenant to precede the Children of  Israel into the Promised Land, Kerry told of a tradition started by CedarS Founder Ruth Huff. Anytime adverse circumstances arise, we still expectantly recall and rely on her always effective prayer: “It will be fun to see how God will work one this out!”

Kerry told of how Warren’s deep, peaceful confidence that “God’s Got This!” brought about “freakly fast” funding of a big need. Weeks before camp in 1993 a contractor who was building the Basketball Pavilion said to do the job right would take $100,000 more to also replace the roof over the whole Dawn Lodge/Dining Room.  After practicing and witnessing the success of this CedarS/Christian mindset that “meet(s) every adverse circumstance as its master,” Warren had just a few minutes to express confident gratitude in advance” before taking a happy call from an unknown caller in California. They said “it just came to me that you might need some money.  Would $100,000 help?”  (If you’d like to hear more, Warren related this and several other examples more fully in his Inspirational Talk for the second half of the May 2022 Arden Wood Annual Meeting that you can click to view on YouTube.

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