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July 21 — Take CedarS Home with you! — along with God’s “Pure Peace, Storm or Shine” to SHARE with All! 

Christie Hanzlik, CS, on the last day of Session 3, 2023 shared this assignment.  Stop taking a limited view of our CedarS time by being sad to leave behind our newly gained friends and our spiritual sense of confidence, joy and peace.  Instead, take them home to share and uplift your families, friends, teams, and classmates and all you meet, when they or we are tempted to be discouraged by a limited view.  And, please do keep in touch with your CedarS HOME and family — and sign-up to return even longer next summer  to play and grow with us!

P.S. And, don’t miss out on our first-Sunday-of-each-month’s Zoom Hymn Sings! You’ll love seeing CedarS family who have joined from all 50 states and 23 countries to unite in joyous praise and heartfelt prayer! You can sign-up to receive Hymn Sing reminders as well as fun application ideas from CedarS Practitioners and others for each week’s Bible Lesson.  Just click here to have your choice of free offerings (in English and four other languages) sent to your email inbox. 

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