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In relationship to this neat computer graphic, it’s fun to think about some familiar quotes:

1. Like a Timex and this graphic, you can “Take a licking and keep on ticking!” When you are God-centered, like the clock face, you’ll never get bent out of shape! As Paul said, “none of these things move me.” (Acts 20:24)

2. “Time is relative.” Note that preordained relationships never really change, but keep reuniting and working together perfectly.

3. All the elements of the clock graphic move together like the links of a chain. May all your God-forged chains of events, of family, of scriptural study and of your spiritual identity keep you in the perfect peace God designed for you, while your chains of limitation are broken asunder. “Christ’s Christianity is the chain of scientific being reappearing in all ages, maintaining its obvious correspondence with the scriptures and reuniting all periods in the design of God.” Science & Health 271:2 by Mary Baker Eddy (see also S&H 172:12)

4. This passage on time is great for demonstrating precision timing in making athletic “moves” as well as for moving and “moving on” in relationships, schools, jobs and much more. “According to my calendar, God’s time and mortals’ differ. . . . . The disobedient make their moves before God makes His, or make them too late to follow Him. Be sure that God directs your way then hasten to follow under every circumstance.”* (Isn’t it fun to watch the Roman numerals hastening to follow the moves of your mouse? May God direct your mouse and your way today, and may you hasten to follow!)

5. When time seems most limited and limiting, it’s best to redefine “TIME. Mortal measurements; limits” (S&H 595:17) so that “The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded.” (S&H 584:3) It often takes patience and trust to wait for rose petals and other good to unfold, but it’s worth the wait! And, what a waste and shame it would be to force such unfoldment by a premature peeling of petals! (See Science & Health 506:18 for who is supposed to open the petals.)

6. In this special year-end season of gratitude and reflection, plan to “make time” to appreciate time, not as a limiting, endgame tyrant, but as one of God’s unique ordering tools to keep divine events, abilities and alliances working together as distinct and flawless, always in proper relationship and sequence.

With plenty of “(real) time” “to impart truth, health and happiness”** all the time.

* This quote comes from a great article titled “Obedience” by Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings 117:23. The whole artitle is assigned reading for 2001 CedarS staff and will be one of our theme “songs” this summer.
* * This portion of a Mrs. Eddy thank you letter in Miscellany, p165:18 is also a regular part of each counselor’s job description.

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