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Inspiration on Communion Hymn — # 298-302

I. Definition and Requirements for Recognition of the Saviour ( Dict. def: One who saves, preserves, or delivers from destruction, or danger)
a. Saw, Heard, Felt? Active involvement required – rather than passive waiting for what is to come. Mary went to the tomb, seeking Jesus, and found the risen Saviour. Having seen the promise, she’s eager to share. b. Identification of what saves and where it is to be found. The Truth –demonstrated through life and love of Jesus Christ.

II. The Mourner is Called
(Dict. def. of mourner = One that is grieved at any loss or misfortune.) a. Beatitude: “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted
1. Def. of comfort = from Latin, strong; To strengthen; to invigorate; to cheer or enliven
b. The Saviour actively calls the mourner to come to his/her bosom. 1. Def. of bosom = Embrace, as with the arms; inclosure; compass; often implying friendship or affection.
2. Life, Truth, and Love welcomes us with open arms
c. A response is demanded of us – we must come to the embrace. d. Results: tears are wiped away, sadness is lifted, and room is provided in the glories of “the irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love” that defines God’s day (see S&H 584)

III. The Sinner is Called
(Dict. def. of sinner = one who transgresses the law of God; one who feels estranged from God)
a. A Call to be Baptised in Spirit: “Our baptism is a purification from all error.” (S&H 35: 19) “The design of Love is to reform the sinner.” (S&H 35: 30) The Truth calls us to come to the fountain and be washed clean b. What the Spirit does: makes us pure (purity is our protection); exalts (takes thought to God – leaving no feeling of separation); cures all sorrow and sickness, and sin.

IV. Saviour Defined
a. Strong deliverer (“lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from sin, disease, and death.” – spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer) b. Friend – reaching out to us when we are in the most need – feeling alone.
c. Divine Life of all – eternal and infinite in nature.
d. The Christ – palpitating, active, demonstrable Truth vs. stale creed
e. The Truth in thought and deed, displacing the impositions of error.
f. The water, the bread, and the wine – the water of Life, the bread of Truth, and the wine of Love nourishing, nurturing, and inspiring us to feel our inseparable relationship with God which sustains us through sorrow, pain, or seeming separation. The light of God – the Christ – revealed – for all to see, and fully accept as a very present help in trouble.

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