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Here are insights from Cobbey Crisler and others on some citations for
The Christian Science Bible Lesson for September 9, 2018

“Mark, the perfect” (GT) topic, for a Bible Study at CedarS by Madelon Maupin during our peak fall color season, October 11-15.
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Warren’s (W’s) PS#1Ken Cooper prose offering this week for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on “Man” springs from the Golden Text, Responsive Reading and other citations like citation S9. He calls it “Perfect Peace.” It can be accessed for printing in color or black link via this link to the online version of Warren's PS additions. First click here and then on one of them in the list of DOWNLOADABLE PDF FILE at the TOP RIGHT.

When Ken sent it this afternoon, he commented: Attached is a piece of prose for [this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson on] “Man", based on the Golden Text and Responsive Reading.

The wording in the YouTube description is "Reflection requires light.

God, Love, is infinite Light and understanding, and man is His reflection. In the glow of that light is perfect peace, and the untainted expression of man as God’s image and likeness. This is the forever truth of being, the kingdom of heaven at hand, here, right now.

The glory of God embraces everyone, lighting everything with all that God is, shining face to face. God's perfect Love for man is man's perfect peace. I see!"

The YouTube links to Perfect Peace, and Ken G Cooper Poetry

W’s PS#2 from Cobbey Crisler’s insights on RR, Psalms 17:15: Find satisfaction and health only in the original!
“Verse 15 of Psalms 17 [tells us] that God’s prescriptions, precisely filled, bring satisfaction. Satisfaction because “we awake in God’s likeness.” But that results first from the prerequisite of “beholding God’s face in righteousness.” That requires us to go back to the theology of Genesis 1 [GT and B1] to comprehend what that means. If we indeed are image, or likeness, and God is the original, the only way we can find out about our nature is to spend our time studying the original. Then we know the image. We also know what’s not the image by studying the original.

Just as Treasury Department experts know counterfeit bills, not because they have studied all the many thousands of counterfeit attempts, from poor work to expert work, but rather, simply study the original and you will know the counterfeit immediately. That’s in a sense akin to surgically removing in a mental way, or taking the purgative cathartic Word of God to remove what does not belong to our nature. Imagine the joy of letting go what has burdened us for so long. It’s part of that darkness that is ignorance, that the light, the laser beam of revealed truth, simply removes, and not painfully at all. It just does what light is supposed to do. It removes any rationale for the existence of darkness.”
“Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

W’s PS#3—transcribed from W’s notes on Cobbey Crisler talks on Genesis 1 (B1, S2—S28):
“Genesis chapter 1 was written in response to the Hebrew people’s crisis of exile.

“Verse 2 attempts to explain how creation occurred as well as how a new beginning could occur out of the vacuity of nothingness of exile. To the post-exilic authors of Genesis 1 “the earth was without form and void” – or “Toe-who” and Boe-who” – the translated names of the Babylonian mythical leviathan-like, sea monster and their mythical behemoth-like, land monster. The modern day myth is that we evolved from the sea to be dry land creatures with a refined further way of animal thought and life. Human thought was dark much like “darkness on the face of the waters.” … Spirit is the root of the whole word inspiration… No advance can occur in life without inspiration—so “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”… This happens also when Jesus is baptized, coming “straightway out of the water,” as part of a divine announcement. He sees “the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon him.” (Matthew 3:16) Consequently, one recognizes that if Spirit represents the motive of his career, it’s an inspired career…

“It’s how the entire Bible begins (Genesis 1:2) because “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” It’s almost as if in Jesus’ baptism, we’re getting this genesis of God’s creation, that first chapter, applied on earth. The Spirit is moving on those waters in which Jesus is standing. There is a Spirit genesis here. Look at what happened in Genesis 1 in those brief verses when creation is depicted for us.”

Verse 3 (Barry Huff’s bumper sticker: The Big Bang theory: “Let there be light” and BANG! It happened!) “Light (“or” in Hebrew, “phos” in Greek) was created before the stars… The motif here is that of the creation of the world by the WORD and a differentiation between the light and light-bearers.” Theological Dictionary of the New Testament

Verse 4 records the first Quality Control-check—“it was good.”

Application ideas:
“Any lack of originality is only a lack of knowledge about your true origin.”…

“Searching the scriptures does require scuba diving or at least snorkeling because there’s a need for both clear vision and inspiration.
Verse 26 Here in a book noted for its monotheism we find plural words relative to God. (“Let US make man in OUR likeness…”) Father-Mother (F-M) must be together indivisibly or we have more than one God. If there’s indivisibility in the original there must be indivisibility in the product.

Verse 27. To have Male-Female (M-F) in the product means that it’s in the original.
On IMAGE, Clemet of Alexandria wrote: “In our view, image of God is not an object of sense, but a mental object, perceived not by the senses, but by the mind.” But in Genesis 2:7 the mental model is dropped and in the material account of creation God forms man out of dust—the very OPPOSITE view…
(Transcribed from notes the margins of W’s Bible taken during several Cobbey Crisler talks.)

W’s PS#4 from Cobbey Crisler’s insights on Isaiah 2.22 (B3): “Cease ye from Adam”
[Contextual problem and question in Isaiah 1:5-6 for Isaiah’s proposed solution in Isaiah 2:22.]
Isn’t this a question of Isaiah asking all humanity, “Why should you be stricken any more? You will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the head [there is] no soundness in it: [but] wounds and bruises, and putrefying sores.” That’s Job’s problem written right out there. That’s his record that he that he didn’t want to have as his witness any more when he said [in Job 16:19] “my record is on high.” They must not have been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.” Here is Isaiah even bearing witness that the application of medicine has not cured what humanity needs to have cured.

In Isaiah 2:22 maybe this is part of the solution? What’s the recommended solution? “Cease ye from man.” That word in Hebrew is actually the Hebrew word “Adam.” It literally reads, “Cease ye from Adam whose breath [is] in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?”
“Heal the Sick”: A Scriptural Record,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

W’s PS#5—Four elements of “God’s being” and yours carved in 5-ft. signs at CedarS Cable Ski launch dock: [To see these large signs promoting “INFINITY, FREEDOM, HARMONY, BOUNDLESS BLISS” (from citation S1), click them in the Download list at top right. Have fun applying them to yourself as noted below!

One-line, word equations in Science & Health are “textbook” illustrations of the “Transitive Property of Equality” ( (See page 470:23 and 481:3)

470:23 (citation S9 in the recent Soul lesson) the first of two simple, one-line, word equations under review states: “Man (a) is (=) the expression of God’s being.” (b)

Science & Health citation S1 this week (p. 481:23) the second of two, simple, one-line, word equations under review states: “God’s being (b) is (=) infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss.” (c)

By the Transitive Property of Equality: If a = b and b = c, then a = c

Therefore, “Man or YOU (a) is (=) the expression of infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss.” (c)

Like CedarS Cable Ski system, its skiers and the “Energizer Bunny,” YOU express the synonyms for Infinity including: inexhaustibility, eternity, limitlessness, immeasurability, perpetuity (See )

Like CedarS Cable Skiers and the Statue of Liberty, YOU express the synonyms for freedom including: opportunity, power, ability, exemption, flexibility, immunity, privilege, right, discretion, facility, leeway, liberty, prerogative, range, scope, unrestraint, carte blanche, elbowroom, free rein, full play, full swing, plenty of rope

Like CedarS Cable Skiers and Band, Chorus, Cabin or Family members, YOU express the synonyms for harmony including: cooperation, friendship, consistency, good will, kinship, peace, rapport, tranquility, unanimity, understanding, unity, accord, amicability, compatibility, concord, like-mindedness

Like CedarS Cable Skiers, Happy Campers and Stress-free Reflections, YOU express the synonyms for boundless bliss including: unchangeable blessedness, inexhaustible happiness, unlimited gladness, untold joy…

The reign of “infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss” rules out of you all their opposites (antonyms) of limitation; restraint, restriction, slavery; Inharmony, Strife, disagreement, discord, fighting; depression, sadness, sorrow, unhappiness, grief, upset

W’s PS#6—Cobbey Crisler on Mark 2.15-17
Mark 2, verse 15. Church membership consisted of those not generally being viewed as the most highly regarded communicants. It included publicans and sinners. There is where the need was. It also is where the need often was recognized first. You and I are ready usually when we become desperate. This is probably why Jesus was able to say that the publicans and sinners were nearer heavenly consciousness than the scribes and Pharisees who thought that they were. It's almost as if we have everything upside down just as we do optically. It all has to be inverted. Maybe this is what repent means. To change your concept is a complete inversion of concept.

Verse 17. Jesus calls himself a physician. Since both sickness and sin are mentioned, we find that he considered himself to be a physician of both disease and sin.”
“What Mark Recorded,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

W’s PS#7—Cobbey Crisler on Psalms 138.8 (B16)—God perfects everything about you!

“Psalms 138.8 Despite the fact that many of these psalms come de profundus, right out of the depths, out of the pits, to use a modern term, Verse 8 of Psalms 138 says, “The Lord will perfect [that which] concerneth me.” What’s the goal? To obviate all need for healing is the goal in the Bible. Not to have you come back and make more appointments for newly-arrived-at diseases, but to obviate healing completely. Do you remember the inhabitants of the spiritual city of Zion in Isaiah? What it says about the inhabitants? “You shall not say I am sick” (Isaiah 33:24)”.
“Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

W’s PS#8–Cobbey Crisler on John 5:2-9 (B18):
“John 5:2 We’re now at the famous incident at the “Pool of Bethesda”. Near what serves as an occasional sheep market today, there is still a pool that has been excavated, that has archeological remnants that suggest the five porches. There is apparently, if this is the correct location of the pools, a structure that had two pools, each with two porches. Down the middle was a fifth porch with pools on either side. It may have been the ancient equivalent of a hospital.

John 5:4 There’s some indication that it might have at some point in its history a spot that might have been associated with Aesculapius, the pagan founder of medicine, and that this superstition may have gotten to the point “that those who stepped into the pool when the water was troubled would be instantly healed.”

John 5:3 At least “an awful lot of people were waiting around for that event,” so the news must have spread that this occurred.
John 5:5 Here we run into a man that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. “He’d been there for thirty-eight years.” I’m sure that many of us would feel for him. We all have been sitting around our own pool of Bethesda waiting for something to happen, something miraculous, something fateful. We have all waited for something unexpected from the outside to lift us out of a condition that we haven’t made too much of an effort to do anything about.

There was an environment there that did not help the problem. As a matter of fact, here’s how Professor Dodd describes it. I like this:
‘There is another story about a man who had given way to a chronic disability, and for years had nursed a grievance which excused him from doing anything about it.’
John 5:7. “Someone else always gets in before me.” If that sounds like a familiar excuse, then Bethesda isn’t so far back in history. So he translates Jesus’ statements this way. Do you want to recover? That pinpoints it, doesn’t it? Do you see who that translation exhibits Jesus dealing with the thought of the patient? Where must it happen?

If communication from God to man must work, where must we work? In the thought of the receiver. Do we want to recover? That almost sounds silly to people who have been in a longtime condition, but it may very well be the core of the issue. Do we really want to be healed? Or have we become so settled into our condition that for thirty eight years, we just sit there with our friends and talk about our operations? Misery loving company is a quality that attaches itself to human nature.

John 5: 6. Here’s how Dodd again translates Jesus’ question and then his demand on the patient. “Do you want to recover?”
John 5:8, “Then, pick up your bed and walk.” Jesus wasn’t about to volunteer to pick up his bed for him.

That says a lot. How else do we know Jesus, but to study his thoughts, his words, his methods, his messages, his intent, the logos, not but the word, but the thought behind it? What is required for the healing of a paralytic condition that has lasted practically a generation? It’s the very thing that he thought he couldn’t do, to pick up his bed and walk. Do you want to be healed? ‘Let there be light!’ (Genesis 1:3) That’s permission. Let it in.

John 5:9, “Immediately the man was made whole.” We don’t have any sense that there was a convalescence period. “He took up his bed and walked.”
John, the Beloved Disciple”, by B. Cobbey Crisler**

W’s PS#9—Cobbey Crisler on I Corinthians 13: 12 (B19) “see face to face”
Verse 12. Seeing “face to face” is a mental thing…
“then I shall know even as I am known…” What God know of us, we know of ourselves and others…
[Just transcribed from notes from Cobbey taken in the margin of Warren’s Bible]

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