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Here’s Spirit’s travel documentary for Paul — and YOU!

Lesson Application ideas for the “Spirit” lesson for 8/2-8/7/04

by Corde Hanzlik, C.S. (Austin, TX)

This week’s Lesson could be a travel documentary of Paul.  Get a map out to follow along. On the way, he shows us some of our opportunities and obligations as students of Jesus and him.

If Joel had the understanding of John, his spirit in the Golden Text would have been upper case ‘s’ as in the Responsive Reading John. God does pour out His Spirit, all of His good for us.  Do we ‘see’ the Spirit as John saw the Spirit as a dove?  Are we even looking for it?  God is giving us is not by measure – it is not measured – it is infinite (verse 34 Responsive Reading)


Section 1 – Our duty as healers – Spirit reveals what “the eye hath not seen” (B1) Let’s claim the ability to see all of the deep things of God.  All of the Acts citations are reassuring us of our spiritual state of recognition of our blest being as anointed by the Holy Ghost (the proven oneness and Christ-relationship of God and man).  Finally in B4, we are all in “one accord in one place”, in accord with Spirit’s pouring out, as Joel said (This time with an upper case S).  So aren’t we to be baptized, to heal, to witness and record the Spirit of God as Jesus did?

In the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy we read Jesus is the way for his students.  Aren’t we his students, too?  He showed us the way by example. We know the Holy Ghost as the disciples did.  They no longer “measured man by material sense”(S&H 3).  As a result of following Jesus’ example, even in a Pentecostal amen, we are “endued with the spirit and power of Christian healing”. (S&H 4)


Sect 2  – Our heritage – The Bible tells us that no matter what we have done, whatever our background, the understanding of Christ Jesus has made us free and worthy.  We are not condemned as we live in Spirit. (B7)  We are not sinners!

Spirit blesses man!  S&H Marker 8 tells us of our parentage.  What is our true vision of ancestry?  In Science.  In the full God-revealed order of being.  S&H 8 is a good one to latch onto.  “Our primitive and ultimate source” is God so that our “human experience is deepened”. (S&H 9)  We can truly see erroneous beliefs as bald (exposed, undisguised, no hair).  We are not fooled by what we think we see or feel.


Sect 3 – We are preachers! – The adventures of Paul and Silas – the two covered a large area in their ministry as God directed them in visions.  Paul went down to the riverside to talk with the women.  The women were probably there to do laundry, get water or to bathe.  One woman of the town, Lydia, was a wealthy woman as a seller of purple cloth (purple dye that comes from a shellfish, difficult to get, therefore expensive) that was used by royalty.  She became a staunch follower of the Christ after hearing Paul preach and teach.  She wanted them to stay at her house so she could hear more! 

As each of us has chosen Christian Science to practice, we have volunteered to be of “service to our Maker” (S&H 11).  Are we willing? Paul gives us a list of ‘tough’ interview questions. (S&H 12)  There are millions out there willing to hear and drink in the word. (S&H 14)  It would be our highest purpose. (S&H 10)


Sect 4 – We are demonstrators, not fakes! – Paul was the honest teacher and preacher, demonstrating truth.  There were copy cats, not divinely inspired or ordained – 7 sons of Sceva, a Jew and the chief of priests – who failed and were destroyed by their own dishonesty.  Evil destroyed itself!  Right prevailed, of course.  God directed, we are protected. 

Where is your faith? (S&H 18)  We are capable!  No matter how many evil beliefs there seem to be or what they call themselves or how obnoxious they are, they disappear in the reality of Spirit. (S&H 15)  So rise in that strength! (S&H 19)


Sect 5 – We are not confused! – The next group that Paul runs into in his ministry, are the idol worshippers and makers. The Ephesians were very confused.  Paul was a straight talker.  Many listened.  Demetrius who profited from the making of silver images was angered by the Christianization of the Ephesians.  He was hurt in his wallet.  To denounce the goddess Diana was a blow to the pride of Ephesus!  The Ephesians would be embarrassed throughout all Asia!  But, we know that no matter how loud or angered error seems to be, it still has no power or authority.  We trust in the one God! We are neither idol worshippers or idle worshippers.

We have the right understanding not to be taken in by the flash of silver.  Our triumph patterns the example of Jesus’ triumph – over material beliefs and hate – setting the seal on the crown. (S&H 23)  We are obedient to the first commandment, as we are demanded to be. (S&H 22) We are actually energized by the exercise of this service. (S&H 24)


Sect 6 – We are prisoners! – of the Lord that is!  What do we receive as His prisoners? We get strength, peace (3 times), grace, purity, baptism in the unity of brethren, anointment, a seal (marked and identified as Christ followers), one body, one faith.  We have one God and Father who does it all!  What more could we want? There are no schisms (divisions) in the kingdom of Heaven, whether within the body – literally, or the church, or the world.

In the Science and Health we have more gifts as we rely on the one, infinite God – good, more unity, brotherhood, no war, love, no idolatry, equality of the sexes, no curse, no sin, suffering, punishment or destruction, harmony, refreshment, blessedness, spiritualization.  The lightenings and thunderbolts cannot touch us or scare us no matter how loud they seem.  We are completely protected and cared for in the peaceful Love of God.  We know complete reality!  God reigns!

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