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PSST: Heed a call to action to be who you truly are right now!]
ossibe Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
for week ending 9-8-13

prepared by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon – johnbiggscs@gmail.com541.316.0809

This week's Bible Lesson on Man provides many opportunities for discussing and demonstrating the relevance of what we learn in Sunday School to our lives outside of Sunday School. You and your class will enjoy looking at this Lesson as not just a description of someone out there, or who we might be someday, but as a declaration, even a call to action, of who we truly are right now.

Throughout this PSST, I'll be giving links to content published by The Mother Church Youth (TMC Youth) on their website at, and also from the Sunday School site they host on These resources provide examples of folks living these ideas (especially what with Radical Acts 2013: Reach Out! underway, which you can explore here: ) and also include opportunities for you and your class to engage in conversation with others around the world, using the online discussion forums and commenting features included in all content.  You can also sign up for weekly email newsletter (by going to this link: ) from the Sunday School team at TMC Youth which contains highlighted resources which will be a great conversation starter in your Sunday School class. Of course, anyone can sign up for these newsletters – Sunday School supporters are all equally important, no matter whether that's supporting through teaching, parenting, encouraging, prayerfully supporting, substituting…the list goes on! You'll all also enjoy the specific pieces of content from the Sunday School section of which relate to each week's Bible Lesson — you can find that page here:  And of course, TMC Youth hosts weekly conference calls which you are welcome to join; information about those is always found here:

And before we jump in, a hearty, heartfelt "Thank you!" for all your love for church and Sunday School, which is so effective.  From my years as a counselor and practitioner at CedarS, I remember that one of Warren's favorite t-shirts says, "Nothing you do for children is ever wasted." This is so true, and doubly so with regard to Sunday School.  So let's see, together, what we can learn about man!  [Warren: I'm wearing this t-shirt today in John's honor and also as a thank you to the Christian Science Board of Directors who made the trek to the population center of the U.S. (CedarS) to address and have a Fireside Chat with about 130 Christian Scientists here for the International Conference of Christian Science Nurse this week!  The t-shirt quote is attributed to Garrison Keillor.]

PSST — Golden Text
When you look into a mirror, if you smile or scream or jump, the reflection follows you instantly. Does the reflection do anything that you don't do? OK, so then if we take the example from the Golden Text, are you the reflection or the source? How can we cherish and live this idea about recognizing our nature as God's reflection? What does that change 'from glory to glory' look like?

Check out this amazing bio of a new Radical ACTor, an educator who is devoted to seeing that reflection of God in all of her students. Does this inspire you as a Sunday School teacher, as a student, as a church member, or even infrequent attendee? Go to this link to listen to the story:

PSST — Responsive Reading
["Put off the old man…, Be renewed…, put on the new man…, Be kind one to another…"]  These are all calls to action. What would each line of this Responsive Reading look like, lived in your life? How can your class support each other in striving to live these?

This myBible Lesson back page article from 2011 gives a relatable, inspiring account of not giving in to feeling stuck in the 'old man.' What's more, as this story illustrates, the more you can boldly shine, the more others are inspired as well! Here's the story:

PSST — Section 1
Are there any times when you know you have been led by God (B4)? How can you follow more consistently? If we're God's reflections, why does it feel like sometimes (or even often) we have a choice as to whether we're going to follow Him or not? Why do we sometimes feel like we definitely do not have dominion? How can we more boldly and effectively live our true natures?

This podcast shares how one teenager was alert enough to follow God's leading in praying for his friend. No matter what the situation, prayer is always effective, and knowing our status as His reflections is so healing. Listen to the story here:

PSST –Section 2
What do you do when the situation described in citation B7 doesn't seem to be coming true? What if folks just keep being mean, or uncaring, or generally unGodlike toward you or someone you know? And they just keep doing it? What in this section can help you move beyond this and find healing?

This podcast shares how one family found healing from abuse. No matter how intractable the situation may seem, a commitment to seeing the man of God's creating, and living it in your own life, is always effective. You can listen to that story by clicking here:

PSST — Section 3
Even though you may never have seen this specific event take place, have you ever experienced that kind of a 'water into wine' moment? What are some hallmarks of that new feeling, that 'new creature'? (B12) How can we experience more of that 'true idea of being' (S12) without being sidetracked? What helps you keep on track in "learn[ing] the way in Christian Science and recognize[ing] man's spiritual being…"? (S15)

This Radical Act is completely devoted to this idea of turning water into wine. Check out the intro story, read the comments, share your own. Best yet, live it with your Sunday School class! Here's that Radical Act:

PSST — Section 4
It might be hard to imagine a law against healing on the Sabbath! I am sure many of you have experienced healing during church services and Sunday School. But are there any laws or social codes today that might be similar to this situation in citation B15? What about even feeling nervous or embarrassed to be available to the world —  including your friends who may know nothing about Christian Science —  for healing? How can we find freedom to be who we are, and to effectively see who there truly are as well?

Again, a Radical Act devoted to these ideas. Isn't it great how Jesus' teachings are so relevant and applicable to us today, no matter who you are? We really have been called to be disciples, and we really can do it! As a matter of fact, with Radical Acts launching a fresh series (the Reach Out! focus), it's a perfect time to live Radical Acts with your Sunday School and engage with your community in a radically Christian way. See if this Radical Act inspires you all:

PSST — Section 5
Do we hate our bodies? Do we love our bodies? What is the correct attitude to hold towards this aspect of our lives?
Citation S21 doesn't leave any room for gray area. Have you ever had any experiences where hatred was conquered with kindness, lust with chastity, and so on? What did that feel like? How can you keep practicing those habits?

This blog from TMC Youth's "Dear Me" series hits on one aspect of this issue. Whether or not this specific subject is familiar to you, see if you and your class can draw any relation to your own lives. Read the blog here:

PSST — Section 6
Have you ever felt that extreme sense of unity with God? Is Revelation a tough book to get into? Have you ever discussed the symbolism of Revelation, and it's present application in your life? Of course, the whole chapter in Science & Health, The Apocalypse, is a beautiful explanation of this, and this final section in the Lesson does a great job illuminating these passages. What would help you feel this sense of the "kingdom of God…within you…within reach of man's consciousness here…" (S25)?

This Radical Act is all about seeking the kingdom of heaven. What do you need to let go of, to see the kingdom more clearly — to feel that glorious, joyful wedding celebration?! Like all the Radical Acts, this isn't just a static thing to read and then be done with. It's a call to action, and an invitation to participate in the community conversation already happening. Share your stories, successes, and challenges. See how we are all in the kingdom!  Check out that Radical Act here:

Thanks again for everything you do for your Sunday School, church, and community!
This love is never wasted!

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