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Happy Halloweenfrom Moses! The Bonus TRICK? Or TREAT-ment edition!
[a 10 Commandment Treatment with a nod to this week's Bible citation B13]

To have a Happy Halloween—try one with no tricks and no fear! Mary Baker Eddy wrote about my being tricked and alarmed no more: The illusion of Moses lost its power to alarm him, when he discovered that what he apparently saw was really but a phase of mortal belief. It was scientifically demonstrated that leprosy was a creation of mortal mind and not a condition of matter, when Moses first put his hand into his bosom and drew it forth white as snow with the dread disease, and presently restored his hand to its natural condition by the same simple process.” S&H 321:16-21
In time-travels to past Halloweens I’ve seen Americans open their doors to many frightful and grisly characters (and some lovely and funny ones too). You who welcome these characters at the end of October seem to know that an illusion is being presented by children who are “presently restored…” to normal “by the… simple processof removing their disguises. You are never fooled, no matter how outlandishly ugly (or beautiful) the costumes worn by trick-or-treaters. But unfortunately other tricksters that knock every hour on the door of thought in all kinds of convincing-looking disguises are usually not detected as quickly—although they are equally unreal. Undetected they would TRICK you into believing in the ever-presence and power of evil. But evil has forever “lost its power to alarm” you when you know it as merely illusion! Your calm fearlessness and inner happiness will bring showers of blessings that spill into all parts of your life, as you REMAIN aware that evil is ALWAYS an unreal illusion which you refuse to believe as real. No matter how illusions come disguised to TRICK you, give them a solid Christian Science TREAT-ment! Remember that every good C.S. treatment includes BOTH of "the two cardinal points of . . . Christian Science . . . the nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good." (S&H 52:19)

Here is a sampling of denial and affirmation TREAT-ments that I’ve found effective to help me remain un-fooled by whatever illusion comes calling, no matter how well disguised:

Top 10 Tricks/Lies (erroneous suppositions) & Top 10 Laws “written by the finger of God”
(Think the tune of “Moses Supposes his Toeses are Roses, but Moses supposes erroneously.”)

1. “Doc” Dust-man* supposes disease is real, but don’t you suppose this erroneously!
“Prac” Dial-man* knows only God’s allness and you can reflect this spontaneously!

2. Bodybuilder Dust-man* focuses on BODY, but beware of doing this erroneously!
Athletic Dial-man* glorifies Spirit and you can do this quite confidently!

3. Unthinking Dust-man* often says “O.M.G!”, but ought not to do this unprayerfully!
Expectant Dial-man* prays not in vain and sees prayer to God answered obviously!

4. Amnesiac Dust-man* forgets Gen. 1* PERFECTION, but you shouldn’t do so erroneously!
Attentive Dial-man* cherishes this Sabbath and remembers what (s)he loves inevitably!

5. Selfie Dust-man* HONORS no one, but you shouldn't act so disrespectfully!
Unselfie Dial-man* honors good in others and that is rewarded instantaneously!

6. Killer Dust-man* mocks and injures others, but you must not blow up angrily!
Jester Dial-man* is happy and controlled and banishes all anger quite cheerfully.

7. Lustful Dust-man* thinks something is missing, but you don’t need to think this erroneously!
Satisfied Dial-man* affirms inner wholeness and you too can claim this quite naturally!

8. Robber Dust-man* thinks any good can be stolen, but don’t you suppose this erroneously!
Santa-like Dial-man* finds true living in giving and you’ll find true joy in acting charitably!

9. Lying Dust-man* thinks it’s fine to tell a lie, but “forfeits divine help” automatically!
Honest Dial-man* tells “nothing but the truth” and receives “spiritual power” openly. (SH 453:16)

10. Jealous Dust-man* supposes rivalry is harmless, but don’t you suppose this erroneously!
Magnanimous Dial-man* sees good enough for all; and you can claim this insistently! **(TMT!)

With all illusions having “lost the power to alarm” me or you!
“Moses” (pictured below in time-travels to CedarS Bible Lands Park)

*The Dust-man’s 10 disguises above come from the misconception of man created materially as recorded in Genesis 2 and the 10 Commandment (Exodus 20). The 10 ways Dial (Divine Image And Likeness) man is expressed come from God’s concept of man created spiritually as recorded in Genesis 1 and the 10 Commandment (Exodus 20). The Halloween theme can be useful to help us detect how mortal man is disguised and how spiritual man is expressed.

**(T.M.T! = That’s Mine Too!—by reflection. Such T.M.T. is a more explosive than T.N.T.!)

P.S. In CedarS Bible Lands Park such healing concepts from the Bible come alive daily so visitors take them back to their families and their futures!

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