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CedarS “Met”– Metaphysical Application Ideas–for the
Christian Science Bible Lesson “Christian Science” for December 20-26, 2010, by Rick Stewart, CS, of Dresden, Germany [with bracketed italics by Warren Huff, Director]

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An everlasting Light has come and shines on you.
Have you ever experienced that great joy of a light shining before you where things had seemed very, very dark? 
Years ago my dad and I headed out for a fishing trip on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  We started in the daylight, and then because of a small miscalculation of tides, we found ourselves high and dry on a tiny island at the edge of the Gulf, simply waiting for an incoming tide for our return.  We were fine, but for almost 8 hours we were unable to get our boat to navigable waters.  Night had fallen and we were with no means of communication to let folks back home know we were fine.  And this is when “lights in the darkness” of various forms began to play a significant part. 
First, around midnight we noticed a helicopter in the distance with bright search lights.  We used our boat's spotlight to signal the helicopter and eventually they came our way.  It was a Coast Guard helicopter and illuminated in their light we were able to show that our boat was fine, seaworthy, and only waiting a turning of the tide to get under way.  In their light we could show we were safe and sound.
In a little while we were able to push off the shell beach and begin a slow ride back through the night.  We used our spotlight to try and locate channel markers, but this uninhabited part of the coast was infamous for poorly marked channels.  So we slowly chugged along winding our way through a maze of small mangrove islands, mud banks, and oyster bars. 
We felt it right to try and get back as soon as possible to let our family know that all was well.  So we proceeded through the darkness.  Besides the use of the spotlight on the boat, both my Dad and I were turning to that ever-present Light, God's presence.  We were praying individually, sometimes sharing an inspiring idea, or even singing a hymn out loud.  Dad manned the steering wheel, and I sat up high to try and pick a safe path through the various obstacles, and sometimes jumping overboard and pulling the boat along as I waded. 
We tried to maintain a somewhat steady compass heading, but with all the false channels and obstacles to navigate around it was pretty much a zigzag course.   Then at one point the thought of “unerring guidance of Principle” came to thought.  We were not lost without a sure guide, that Principle, God, was really in control.  As this thought came to mind a tiny light suddenly shone out from the dark coast in front of us.  I had a strong sense to guide toward that light and so for about an hour that was our “guiding star.”  Sometimes it would be gone for a moment, and then once again shine dimly.
Finally we came up to a tiny private harbor, a small dock, and a boat moored alongside.  And there in front of us was a small trailer (mobile home) with a single electric light burning.  As we chugged toward the dock a man came out of the little trailer.  He greeted us warmly and helped us tie up the boat.  Since he was the only one living anywhere near there, he was curious how we had happened to find him.  We explained our situation and then I told that about an hour earlier I had noticed his little light that led us in that direction.  He laughed and said, “I guess it was your prayers that woke me up.  About an hour ago, I couldn't sleep, decided to read something and switched on the light!”  (Wise men in the dark, always a good thing!)
So at three o'clock in the morning, this man had awakened, turned on his little 50-watt reading light, and stayed awake reading, little knowing that he was our guide in the dark.  And to top it all off, he was an absolute expert regarding the local channels.  He pulled on some clothes, took over the tiller of our boat, and in just a little bit had us exactly where we had launched our boat earlier in the day. 
A little light in the dark can go a long ways in lifting our hopes.  Think of this past year where there have been many examples of dark times and finally the coming of the light.  What about that glorious rescue of the Chilean miners and their emergence into the light after two months?
Wouldn't it be nice if we all could expect a “light” to come shining through to guard and guide us in the dark?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was a certain, powerful, illuminating Presence that was dependable and effective?  Or as came to my thought in the boating adventure with my Dad, “an unerring guidance of Principle!”  What about “Christian Science?”
Well, isn't that exactly what came to Mary Baker Eddy's thought in the dawning of “Christian Science?”  A universal, eternal, divine Principle that shines in the darkness of human fear and brings with it the Light of Christ, lifting human consciousness into the light of Truth.  We can, just like the “wise men” of old, follow this Light, “this daystar of divine Science, lighting the way to eternal harmony” (S -5– S&H vii:10-13).
Golden Text Isaiah 60:1:  “…thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” The prophet is writing to encourage Jerusalem (that is the “thee”).  Jerusalem and its people had gone through dark times of occupation, exile, actual destruction and desecration of their temple.  And yet there is a hope, a light that shines and will shine on you. Here are other translations of this verse: 
  • New International Version (NIV): “your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”
  • Living Bible (LB): “Let your light shine for all the nations to see!  For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you.”
  • The Message: “Put your face in the sunlight.  God's bright glory has risen for you.”
Responsive Reading
The story of the wise men following the “star in the east” — what a beautiful introduction to this week's lesson.  Interesting notes:  These men would have had to travel at least four months to come from Persia (Iran) to Jerusalem.  There is no mention as to how many wise men there actually were.  And it could have come up to two years after Jesus' birth. Perhaps their openness to this message of a “new king” could have roots in the Jews' exile in their land.  Perhaps they had learned of the Jews' teachings and prophecies.  Think about this in the world of today – “wise men,” scholars, thinkers, coming from Iran to Jerusalem to “seek out and worship” the “young child?”  II Peter 1:19,21:  “moved by the Holy Ghost.”  Can we in any way limit “the light that shineth in a dark place?”
Section 1 – The Light of Life, the universal Christ shines!
Here we are introduced to three manifestations of the eternal Light.  First, in citation B-1 Isaiah prophesies the coming of a light to break through the darkness: the birth of a child that will establish a divine government that will endure forever.  Second, in citation B-2 John tells of John the Baptist's witnessing to the Light.  And that this Light brings the possibility of understanding divine Sonship, manifested in citation B-3 by Jesus living this Light through healing work.
S-1: Jesus' authority and mission reveal a Science of celestial being.  (Current research and discovery efforts regarding life in the universe are often limited to searches for material existence and material elements.)  What if it were recognized that Jesus' teachings of a “Science of celestial being” remove life from the hands of matter?  Just like Jesus' birth demonstrated, life rises above a mortal-elemental basis.  Where God is Life and the Light of Being, is there a possible location in the universe where God, Life does not exist?  So the universe teems with divine Life, the Light shining in the darkness!
Citation S-4 declares that Christian Science actively brings good and harmony “to light.” 
Citation S-5 reveals that “Wise men,” thinkers, follow the “daystar of divine Science” to new discoveries.
Section 2 – Christ Science, the light of discovery.
How often have you had a new inquirer looking into Christian Science remark, “I always felt it should be like this”? An internal feeling that an order, a Science, a governance of divine Light and Life should be the rule, not the exception!  This section in Science and Health briefly chronicles Mary Baker Eddy's courageous discovery of the “divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love” which she named “Christian Science.”  Her being “graciously” prepared (S-6), her researches and experiments (S-7), her [death-bed] challenges and inspirations (S-8), and her “revelation, reason, and demonstration” (S- 9), led her to her child, “Christian Science.”
The birth of a “child” announces new hopes, new possibilities. A child is often not just a little person, but the birth of a new hope.  Recently I faced a day of physical challenge.  Someone even said, “Well, you probably have pneumonia.”  A little while later an undaunted child-like thought came to my rescue.  My son Noah knew I was struggling.  He came asking where our  German/English Science and Health was.  (I knew I was in for a real treatment of the Word.)  In a little bit he came armed with his “pages” to read to me.  And he did.  And they were good. They were superb.  They were powerful.  They were the Truth.  I went to sleep a little while later with the certainty that the Light had been turned on, the Light of Truth, the Word of God.  And I woke in the early morning with all fear of “possible” pneumonia simply gone. 
Nothing quite like “revelation, reason, and demonstration” to wake us all up to the Light (S&H 109:21).
Section 3 – Good tidings of healing; the healing Light shines in you.
Citation B-9 promises proof of God doing the work as we hold faithfully [and fast] to the good.
Citation B-10 [holds Jesus as a role model who “went about doing good, and healing all…”] Healing is doing good.  So-called disease and sickness are of the devil (liar, deceiver, tempter, Father of lies) and not of God.  So which one for you?
Citations S-10 – S-15 are encouraging and strengthening lessons from our Textbook that support Christian healing.
A dear friend that is a professional musician, teacher, singer, director faced what might be called severe cold symptoms that threatened her ability to do her job and accomplish her performances.  Her approach was not to give up; and she refused to cancel all lessons and all performances.  Even though the physical symptoms seemed overwhelming, she remained steadfast in her prayerful preparations and her carrying out of her duties.  Her prayers were constant affirmations of her perfection as God's beloved daughter.  She was reminded that God is the performer.  As Job says, “…he performeth the thing that is appointed for me and many such things are with him” (Job 23:14).
The result was a week of lovely unfoldments.  The various teaching sessions, the choir performances to conduct, and the daunting concert on Sunday were tremendous successes.  She even got an unexpected kiss from a little student one day when things seemed the toughest.  The Christ does bring the Light of hope and healing when mortal conditions only offer darkness.
Section 4 — A Textbook for the World!
Citations B-14 – B-16 and S-16 – S-21 could be a testament to our Leader's conviction that her Discovery, Christian Science, as explained in her textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was for all mankind.  The appeal and effectiveness of our textbook is universal.  It deserves our whole-hearted support.  [When criticism or challenges come], do we pull back in our support, or re-double our efforts?
In my early college years a dear couple, Ed and Caroline Burgeson, volunteered to help as we attempted the founding of a Christian Science College Organization at our two-year community college.  It was a great and fun success, but at times there were challenges.  One lesson I remember well had to do with moving forward or cutting back with activities.  Caroline firmly stated, “Retrenchment is never demonstration.”  She shared how over the years she and her husband had courageously challenged the suggestion to cut back in business.  When lack presented itself they would consistently pray and work to let God's will be shown forth.  And she became convinced that often when we are most tempted to pull back on our efforts, limit our dedication of resources, or maybe even ease up in our prayers, that is exactly the time to move forward. 
Caroline embraced the spirit of Isaiah's words, “Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes” (B-15).  She and her husband established a thriving retail business, Charisma Boutique and Paddock Room.  The scope of their business became worldwide in its service to the horse industry, centered right in our small city of Ocala, Florida.  And most importantly, the practice of Christian Science remained the keystone to the success of their business.

[We too can enlarge our practice of Christian Science, our outreach and our vocabularies with “The two largest words in the vocabulary of thought… 'Christian' and 'Science'” (No and Yes 10:6). Living Christian Science with our actions will speak volumes and “When the heart speaks, however simple the words, its language is always acceptable to those who have hearts” MiscWr. 262:10.]
And so it is with the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.   Mrs. Eddy learned early that there were tremendous temptations to limit or stop the work on her book.  But she resisted the temptations to pull back.  She moved forward for humanity.  She published her book.  And she established a Publishing Society that continues to serve all of humanity.  What fun it is to support that publishing work right where we are.  As the Psalmist says, “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” (B-16).
Since moving here I have been able to share copies of Science and Health in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.  And one Wednesday when I gave a testimony about the sharing with my neighbors, the church members spontaneously decided to support the work and gave me three copies of Science and Health for sharing.  Recently our local members agreed to give a gift of Science and Health to all interested newcomers.
Section 5 – Comforter at hand; no waiting!
What a joy to know that the promised Comforter, in all its light, tenderness and power, has been delivered!!  There are no delivery problems here.  No sign “Do not open till Christmas.”  We each have the opportunity, in every moment, to open this gift of gifts and share freely with humanity.
But Bible citations B-17 to B-20 relate not only the wonders of the promised Comforter, but also require of us the resolve, the faith, the trust to accept the Master at his Word.  As we do, we not only find ourselves hoping for a promised Comforter, we find ourselves utilizing and trusting the promised Comforter to “guide… into all truth” (B-20).
When was the last time you shared a Bible verse, a quote from Science and Health, or a prayer with a friend?  As you shared, did you expect the results to follow, the sure and certain results that come from sharing of the Comforter?  I had to ask myself that question.
A couple weeks ago I faced an unusual back problem that was very painful.  I carried out my daily duties (but I did it and suffered).  Then when the evening came I guess my boys, Noah and Johann, had had enough of Papa walking around with lots of vocal “owahs” and “ouches.”  They both decided to pray for me.  And Noah got busy again with his Science and Health research.  As I put our little girl, Alma, to bed, Noah walked in like a prophet of old with his Science and Health in hand.  “Papa, listen to this.”  And he read some very good stuff!!  He left and I pondered and thanked God deeply for this expectant offering of the Truth.  Then when I came in to put the boys to bed there was Noah again, book in hand.  As I prayed with Johann, Noah read out loud.  Some of the sentences I could finish from memory.  He read; and he expected.  And what did I do?  I accepted.  Not just a sentimental, “Oh God, isn't this cool that my boy is reading to me from Science and Health?!”  I accepted with respect his offering from the Comforter.  And when I went to bed that night I gave my whole heart in acceptance.
I awoke in the morning much better.  My wife made some mention of three car tires on steel rims that had to be taken out of the car for her to have some room for work purchases.  A little resentment tried to creep in, “Gee, that might be tough.”  Then the next thought, “Would it be love to moves those tires?  Would it manifest the Comforter in action?”  So I moved the tires with no problem and affirmed that this action could only bless, not curse.  And from that point on, I was much, much freer.  And the healing proved permanent.
Do you trust the Comforter to move you out of old patterns of thought?  Do you trust the Comforter to challenge old patterns and habits that might need to be dusted off?  I was made new, but I also had to make some changes.
Let's share the Comforter, let's accept the Comforter, and let's trust the Comforter to bring us and everyone to the Light of Truth.
Section 6 – Accept the Universal Comforter; the “grandeur of universal goodness.”
Just in from a CedarS “MET” appreciator and mother of future CedarS campers, Lara and Sonja:
    “Dear Rick,
    “Concerning sections 5 and 6, I love the meaning of the Comforter.
    I learned that the Greek word is parakletos which also means 'attorney
    advocate, support…' You also once wrote in a Met about this.”

(The original New Testament Greek word parakletos (pronounced in Greek as par-ak-lay-tos), which literally means called to one's side, was used to describe someone who pleaded another's cause, or who helped others by defending or comforting them. In English-language versions of The Bible, parakletos is usually translated as Advocate when referring to Christ Jesus, or either Counselor, Comforter or Helper when referring to the Holy Spirit.   In this line of thought you will find of great interest the allegorical court case presented in Science and Health, pages 430-442.–Rick)

     “Just after I had learned about this enlarged meaning at our

     association address, our neighbor called to tell us that his dog had
     had a stroke and that this was the reason for the “noise” we probably
     had heard. I had heard nothing, but I started to pray for this dog.
     Sonja was a little girl at that time and she loved when this dog wagged
     his tail. I leaned on the Comforter as his attorney and went through all
     the synonyms for God and how each of these synonyms defended the
     dog from any attack. Two days later I met our neighbor again, walking
     his dog. The dog was fine and their veterinarian was very surprised how
     fast the dog had recovered. As I patted Zadu's head, I told my neighbor
     that I had prayed for his dog, since we also treasured him a lot. He was

How wonderful to think of our Advocate, our Attorney, our Counselor, our Comforter speaking and acting on our behalf.

In citations B-21 to B-24 the power of the Comforter certainly is put to good use in establishing peace on earth.  And isn't this the ultimate message of the universal Comforter, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”  (B-24).
In citations S-27 to S-30 the healing message of the Comforter, forever present and effective embraces all of humanity.  It is not possessed by any sect, people or territory, but is for all creation. 
Is this a “Christmas” message?  In one sense, sure.  But is a Christian message about a little Jewish baby, born in Bethlehem (these days mostly Muslim, with a large Palestinian Christian community)? 
I was prompted to ask these questions the other day when Noah had shared an idea he had.  We have some special friends that run a restaurant across the street.  It is a common type of restaurant found throughout Germany.  You buy “Döners” and “Durums” there.  These are sandwiches that are of Turkish background and developed in their present style in Berlin.  Most of the “Doner” restaurants are Turkish-owned.  Our neighbors are Turkish and Kurdistanis.  Over the years we have become good friends.  So Noah's idea was to translate “Merry Christmas” into Turkish or Arabic to share with these friends.  So we had a little talk about how that might be received.  Probably kindly, since they know Noah, and like him a lot.  But also what about their perspective?  They are not necessarily Christian.  Hmmmmm?
So I began to think about what the message from the birth of Jesus says to us.  People were not running around saying, “Merry Christmas” in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, were they?  What was the message that proclaimed the birth of this special child?
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men.”  Luke 2:14 (B-24)
Now there is a message that deserves translating and living!    That is a message that can “glow in all the grandeur of universal goodness.”  (S-30)  And this message can certainly reach to every corner of creation and the universe in its message of “universal goodness.”
כבוד לאלהים הגבוהה ביותר, וכן על פני כדור הארץ, שלום, רצון טוב כלפי גבריםHebrew                                 
المجدللهفيالأعالي وعلىالأرضوالسلام وبالناس المسرة    Arabic
Славав вышних Богу, и наземле, мир, в человеках благоволение     Russian
Let's let the light of the universal Comforter shine on you and me, speak and act on our behalf, heal us, and be reflected [in a loving, peaceful presence] in all that we do. [Then we will be giving -and re-gifting-the greatest gift in the world–the spiritual present of Christ 's presence!]
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[PSST-Unwrap the Best Gift– the Science of the Christ!]

CedarS Camps Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs)
for Christian Science Bible Lesson “Christian Science”
for Dec. 20-26, 2010 by Steve Henn, St. Louis, MO
Golden Text (GT) – Clearly “light” is an important part of this lesson. Look throughout the lesson for the mention of light and, with your students, discuss the various applications of light to Christian Science, or Divine Science.
Responsive Reading (RR) – The Star of David lights the path for the Wise Men to where “the young child lay.” What does this star represent? How can it lead us to revelation relevant to our own lives? 
Look at the last citation in this Responsive Reading – discuss the importance of prophecy with your students.  Where does it come from? What does it take to listen to and hear God? Perhaps this lesson can help train their listening ears to hear what God has to say moment by moment.
 Section 1
The Bible spends a lot of time talking about one man – clearly that one man is Jesus.  Isaiah speaks of the child who is born to be the Prince of Peace.  John appears to speak of that man as being the light…but take a second look at John 1:9 – the light John is talking about ‘lights every man that comes into the world.’ How can Jesus and his example light us today? What if the light isn’t Jesus himself, but the Christ?  How does that change things?
 When looking at Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in Section 1 – light and darkness continue to play a big role. What are some other words that Mrs. Eddy uses in the place of “light” or “darkness.” Are there any words you can come up with to expand on Mrs. Eddy’s list? What does Christian Science teach about light and darkness in this section?
Section 2
In the final citation of the Bible, David (the author of many of the Psalms) says that affliction is a good thing. How can this be? Ask your students if “affliction or challenges have ever helped them follow God’s word more closely? What are we working towards as Christian Scientists, as teenagers, as adults, as students? Look at Mrs. Eddy’s experience. Given the challenges she has gone through, and that Jesus went through, why would anyone want to follow in their footsteps? Discuss with your students the replacing of material joys with spiritual. Pay particular attention to how Mrs. Eddy talks about the material challenges – she says “when apparently near the confines of mortal existence…” – why does she say “apparently” rather than just stating that she was near death? Her distinction between what is real and what is apparently real (but ultimately not real and not powerful) is extremely important and is consistent throughout all of her writings.
Section 3
Jesus in this section is teaching others to heal like he did. The authority that Jesus gives to his disciples…can we expect that same authority to play a role in our own lives? How do we obtain that same authority? Look closely at this section to discuss the importance of not using Christian Science for ourselves only. Rather, we must take the gift of Truth into the world…but that is scary, isn’t it? How do we share our good thought with others without seeming weird? Remember, it is your works that prove your faith, not your philosophy. Mrs. Eddy gives great counsel in this section regarding our practice of Christian Science. What ideas does she give that are helpful to our demonstration of Truth and Love? Look at citation 13 for comfort. Then discuss with your students what the rules are that we should follow to certainly demonstrate Christian Science.
Section 4
Move forward fearlessly. How often do we hesitate before making a move?  This question may not connect with high schoolers just yet, but how often do we look at our bank-accounts, our material indications of supply, before making decisions? High schoolers may look at what their friends are doing before making a decision.  And yet, this section of the Bible is saying, don’t be afraid – move forward and expand your blessings!! Look at both the Bible and Science and Health in this section to discuss just how we make that progress, and do it fearlessly. Mrs. Eddy has much to say about our responsibilities in this time-period. WE are the sturdy pioneers. How, as pioneers, do we press on?
Section 5
While Jesus’ human ministry ended over 2000 years ago; the Christ message still speaks to all humanity today. This section illustrates that point very clearly. How do your students connect with Christ? How can they? Look through this section to discover how Christ remains relevant and present in the lives of today’s teenagers. In particular, it is most helpful to show how comforting the Christ can be. The final citation in the Science and Health gives a very reassuring view of how Christ impacts our lives.
Section 6
Glory be to God. How often do your students give glory to good, God, Love? Such acknowledgement of God’s place in our lives is a vital gateway to more fully understanding God’s role in our lives. Look in this section for ideas about how God, good, is deserving of glory. Use this section to help your students un-self their experiences. Mrs. Eddy speaks openly of the dangers of personality elsewhere in her writings. Look inside this section to discuss personality and open the conversation of how to look outside of self – both during the holiday season and beyond.

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