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“The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.” James 5:16 (TEV)

Take just 60 seconds to give this a try! There’s no way that your powerful conviction to do good can be stopped by to-and-fro double-mindedness (the origin of Satan according to Job 1:7)

All you do, now and whenever you feel impelled to, is simply say a small prayer (or Give a “Met”) for the person who sent this e-blessing to you 🙂 And, while you’re at it, why not say a small prayer for yourself and the most significant others in your life?

While there’s no “formula” for your unique expression of divine Mind, your prayers could be merely an impromptu, “gentle art of blessing” that goes something like: “Dear Father-Mother God, thank you in advance for blessing this person (and me too) in whatever it is that he or she needs, and needs to accomplish for You this day! And, may the lives of all of us who join together with You in these prayers be filled with Your peace and joy and be governed by Your power and prosperity, as we seek a moment-to-moment closeness, even a oneness, with You and Your allness. Amen”

Then, send this angel “e-blessing” to at least five other people and keep on praying whenever and however you feel impelled to.

Within hours, five (or more) people will have prayed for you,and your action will have started a powerful ripple e-ffect as a multitude of people pray to God on behalf of others who are seeking more of the divine (ever)presence in their lives. Then, sit back and witness the power of God working in your life to do the things that you know (S)He loves.

Unlike other chain and pyramid schemes in which someone gets left out or hurt when the chain breaks, this Pyramid of Prayer(that I adapted from one sent by a friend) unites us, one with All, in a chain of blessings that can never be broken.

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