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"From the top" Prayer Watches — Accept the challenge of Virtual 'High Fiving" (or "514-ing" — all on cue for You, God!

At the "top" (or start) of every hour won't you join me in putting a full stop to an alarm pre-set to go off on your wrist watch (or phone watch). My watch is preset as as an every waking hour reminder to bear witness to the collective, coordinated power of our Prayer Watch prayers for "me and mine and all." Let's see all mankind as united for the good of the world and for every aspect of its health. One can even customize the tone and tunes that are played that one sets as reminders to allay the real pandemic of alarms going off all over the world. (I invite you to give this thought and share back any metaphysical inspiration that helps you.)

I invite you to "514" with me at the top of every hour. Although we always want our prayers to be fresh and not formulaic, I've found that affirming a "handful" of truths that Mary Baker Eddy voices on page 514 of Science and Health to be a great way to start any divine "Power Hour!" That's way better than the round the clock protection promised by any deodorant or anti-perspirant that you can buy! It's our divine "No sweat protection! God's got us covered!! And hear are the 5 ways I declare our full (double sevens) protection at least at the top of every hour.

1. Understand the control that Love holds over all!

2. Feel safe in any lying den of fables by seeing the facts!

3. Prove harmless any so-called poisonous venom or virus

4. Move "in the harmony of divine Science."

5. See and be "harmless, useful, indestructible." as part of all that God's made.

Associated ideas to be possibly developed and inspiration to be shared:

Everytime I put on a seat belt or helmet for biking, riding, watersports… I made similar routine of giving a quick treatment to affirm God's complete control.
Also at the bottom of each hour (0:30) or the quarter after ot quarter to each hour. (Possible pictorial history of Ruth E. Huff's "Dollar Day" on the 15th of every month donate a dollar of more toi CedarS. Every dollar helps!)

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