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CedarS Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Weekly Bible Lesson for June 19-25, 2006.
Prepared by Kathy Fitzer, C.S. of St. Louis, MO

Editor’s Note: The following background information and application ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for this week are offered primarily to help CedarS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp.

Subject: Christian Science

Golden Text: Could we think of the phrase “Christ cometh” as the divine manifestation of God made apparent to human consciousness in a way that humans can perceive? What made people believe that Jesus was the Christ, the promised Savior? Was it what he said, or what he did? His works were called “miracles,” but Jesus knew that what he did was “divinely natural, but must be learned humanly.” (See S&H 591: 21 for def. of miracle.) Christian Science teaches the divine naturalness of “miracles” as God’s law is revealed!

Responsive Reading:  Isaiah prophecies that the exiled children of Israel will one day return to the promised land – that they will feel the comfort of God’s unconditional love and no longer suffer as a result of having turned their back on God, yielding to peer pressure to serve other gods in Assyria and Babylon. (Editor’s note: Ruth Huff, CedarS Founder, opened her Bible in 1962 to Isaiah 35 as CedarS Mission Statement and its new name, “The way of holiness.”)  Wherever it goes, this high-way (of holiness) leads back home, and the journey is guaranteed to be safe, full of joy and gladness – without sorrow.   The mistake people still make is thinking that this is a physical journey, or a spiritual journey led by a personal Savior. People are still waiting for the promised Comforter. But the deliverer is the eternal Christ. Christian Science is the promised Comforter and is available to all – in all time! As thought changes from a material to a spiritual basis – as we look for, find, and follow the Christ, freedom and healing are available – to ALL!

Section I: Christian Science – Timeless!
God appointed Moses to lead the children of Israel out of the bondage of Egypt. (B-1) Moses had to learn the lesson that we all have to learn at some point. We accomplish what we are asked to do by recognizing the supreme authority of God – not by depending on our own authority, or our own ability and strength. God is the only strength, power, and wisdom. Moses held a rod, such as those held by men in positions of authority when pictured on Egyptian monuments. He was told to throw down that symbol of personal authority. His rod became a snake, probably a cobra, the symbol of divine authority on the diadem of the pharaohs. Grabbing the serpent by the tail, Moses yielded to God’s authority. As an additional sign of the unreliability of material testimony, Moses’ arm became leprous and then was instantaneously healed. If the people didn’t believe the first sign, they would believe the second. (B-2) How many signs does it take for us to believe that God is supreme – in charge? People were amazed when Peter and John healed the lame man. (See Acts 3) Peter’s response was to tell them how natural such healing is. He gave credit to the Christ and reminded them that Moses had told them that a great prophet (i.e. Jesus and Christian Science?) would come to teach them all things. (B-3) All they had to do was to believe and respond. Moses lived 1406 years before Jesus and 3265 years before Mrs. Eddy discovered Christian Science, but he was practicing Christian Science – whether he realized it or not! (S-1) Moses learned not to react to disease, lack, and danger, but to adjust the view in order to see the safety and perfection already present. Moses witnessed the power of divine Science and Jesus’ “miracles” demonstrated the Science of being. (S-3) Christian Science (the Science of Mind) opposes other sciences that depend on material observation, and it honors God “by doing many wonderful works through the divine name and nature.” (S-4) Notice, Christian Science – the law of God – does the work. We apply the law, demonstrate the principle, and acknowledge the healing results.

Section II: Ya Gotta Love God’s Law!
Ask yourself, can I honestly say, “I deeply love your law, [God]! I think about it all day.” (B-5 from Contemporary English Version) Nothing’s stopping you. Start as soon as you wake up, and be aware of God’s goodness all day long. It’s what Jesus did. A law is fixed. It doesn’t change. Jewish law developed from customs and human opinions of how things should be done, and they evolved over time. Jesus healed the woman who hadn’t been able to stand up straight for 18 years because he loved God’s law of perfection enough to see the presence of that law right where disease appeared to be. The ruler of the synagogue got angry because from his point of view Jesus broke the commandment (Ex.20) that requires keeping the Sabbath holy. (B-6) No work was to be done that day except what was considered by the rulers to be essential work. Their concept that animals could be cared for, but a diseased woman couldn’t be healed didn’t make much sense to Jesus, and it didn’t stop him! Interestingly, the dictionary has as one of the definitions of Sabbath, “intermission of pain, effort, sorrow or the like.” That’s the Sabbath Jesus was celebrating – and taught us to celebrate! We have to differentiate between opinion and the law of Truth! Christian Science is the law of Truth that destroys the result of mortal opinion (sin, disease, and death.) (S-5) The trick is identifying EVERYTHING that isn’t good as only opinion. Because opinions lack absolute truth, they are constantly subject to change. They are also subject to, and the source of, conflict. Corrected by Truth, opinion is dissolved, conflict ends, and evil is destroyed. (S-8) Our job? Love God’s law by following Jesus’ example. “Jesus beheld in Science (in comprehensive knowledge) the perfect man …” (S-9) Jesus saw the Christ idea (the perfect expression of God) in everyone and everything, right where mortal thought sees sickness, hate, fear, passion, stubbornness, inability, etc. He saw the kingdom intact. By sticking to the truth of God’s law – God’s word – the evidence changes. At CedarS this week we’re looking for the Christ among us. (By about 9 each morning you can hear a new way that the whole camp is working to recognize the Christ by listening to our Practitioner talks posted on our website at Let’s all unite in that activity, and watch the healing that results from loving God’s unchanging, perfect law continually while thinking of man as pure and holy! Look for Truth (Christ) in EVERYTHING you do.

Section III: Scientific Comfort
Mrs. Eddy called Jesus “the most scientific man that ever trod the globe.” (S-10) He taught us (by example) to know and respond, rather than react to what appeared to be going on. Jesus sent his disciples on ahead in the ship while he got quiet and prayed. The calm of that prayer – the stillness of the Christ – then enabled him to walk over the waves, go to the disciple’s storm, and not be pulled down into the belief. Peter responded to Jesus’ command, “be not afraid,” and stepped out on the water. And then he fell (literally) into the trap of reaction and began to sink. But crying out, Peter was caught up by the Christ (Truth) and together Jesus and Peter walked to the ship, bringing Jesus’ sense of divine calm with them into the boat. The wind ceased. (B-7) The mortal sense of the definition of wind as “destruction; anger; mortal passions” was replaced by the spiritual, “that which indicates the might of omnipotence and the movements of God’s spiritual government, encompassing all things.” (S&H 597:27) Stilling a storm wasn’t miraculous to Jesus – it was the demonstration (or visible evidence) of divine power! (S-11) Look at all Mrs. Eddy says about Science in this section. It is an emanation of divine Mind. (S-12) An emanation is something that flows forth naturally, is simply emitted like heat or a ray of light. That ease of expression is why the Comforter is such a powerful force. According to Webster, the Logos, or Word, is the actively expressed, creative and revelatory thought and will of God. This Logos is Christian Science. It is the NATURAL law of harmony that overcomes discord because it is the unchanging law of God, good. (S-14) Christian Science isn’t just another denomination. It is the promised Comforter. Let’s appreciate what we have and be active Scientists! Let’s look at everything from the perspective of the absolute Truth of perfect God, perfect man. As we apply the law of God to every situation we find ourselves in – walking fearlessly over the waves and bringing the calm that comes from prayer to every storm we face – we will heal! (See Unity of Good p. 11 for more on walking over the currents of mortal mind.)

Section IV: Trample the Serpents. You can Heal – Just do it!
In addition to the twelve disciples that studied with Jesus, he sent an additional 70 out to let people know about the good he was doing, and to prepare thought to receive the Christ. They were encouraged to go two by two. What does that say about how we can help each other – how important it is to be there to support each other’s healing work? Their mission – be with whoever would accept them and HEAL! Their mission was basically to “impart truth, health, and happiness.” (Miscellany 165 – part of CedarS’ metaphysical theme for the summer) They accepted the challenge and came back joyously reporting that by proceeding with the authority of Christ, all evil was subject to them. Jesus confirmed that they had “power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy:” and promised “nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (B-8) We read in Science and Health (p. 564:24) that in the Bible the serpent symbolizes evil and is constantly pursuing (in an effort to destroy) the spiritual idea – the Christ! (S&H 564: 24) But it can’t! Jesus promised “them that believe in His name (those who are constant in the truth of Christ – the idea of God) would heal! (B-9) That includes us! Laying “hands” on the sick means touching the sick thought with the power of God. A disciple is a student. We are students of Christian Science and need to “cultivate” our spiritual understanding by stirring up what we’ve learned of God, and keeping out the weeds. Keep your thought fresh and pliable so the seeds of Truth can take root. Jesus prayed for his immediate students and for those to come – that’s us. Isn’t it neat to think that Jesus prayed for our clarity of thought – so that we could practice what he taught and witness healing, too? (S-15) Jesus established his church on the foundation of the divine Principle that heals, and the Christian Science church is built on that foundation of Christ-healing! Time is not a factor when it comes to the mission we share with Jesus’ original disciples. As we stick (adhere) strictly to the teachings and rules of Christian Science we “cannot fail of success in healing.” (S-17) So, if we’re not healing as quickly or as thoroughly as we’d like to be, we need to take another look at the rules (read the Bible and Science and Health looking for them) and strive to be more obedient to them. Remember, we have to love God’s law completely and see the Christ in all, and then nothing can stop us!

Section V: Plenty of Employment Available in the Kingdom of Heaven
The kingdom of heaven is the biggest employer ever and is constantly hiring. The question of pay? Don’t worry, everyone gets their reward. The parable of the householder often arouses the question of “fairness.” (B-10) The original laborers agreed to work all day for a penny. They received what was promised. Those who came to work later were never promised a certain amount of pay – just what was “right.” In the end they all received the same – a penny. Some had worked all day, others only an hour. Is that fair, you may ask? What about healing? Is it fair that some get “quick” healings while others have to work a “long time” before the healing comes? We need to stop thinking about “fairness” in terms of comparisons. What is “fair” is that in the kingdom of heaven (the reign and rule of harmony) all have their needs taken care of. All that is required is that you enter the kingdom and work out your salvation (see the definition of salvation in the glossary of S&H, p. 593). How? By “adher[ing] to the divine rules of Christian Science” (the law of God) and “imbibe[ing] the spirit of Christ.” (S-20) Isn’t freedom from the limitations of material belief – sin, sickness, and death, plenty of reward and worth what may at times seem like “hard” work? This week’s “My Bible Lesson” (newly published by the CSPS, Christian Science Publishing Society, as described at suggests this “MEMO to self:” “It’s never too early or too late to get to work in the spiritual vineyard. With God as my boss, I’ll be well compensated. He wants me to have the entire kingdom of heaven.” Why do we waste time thinking about time? It doesn’t matter whether we discover our spiritual freedom before or after someone else. Our job is to take the human footsteps necessary to lead to perfection – whether we sometimes “gain good rapidly” or get it slowly and “yield not to discouragement.” (S-19) It is not a race with winners and losers. We’re all winners. The important thing is to get in the race and go to work in the kingdom. Keep running – or walking – but don’t stop!!! The goal is not physical comfort – it is to work out your salvation (demonstrate Life, Truth and Love as supreme). Be a sponge – drink in the Spirit! See ONLY the Christ, Truth! The freedom that results and the blessings you can impart to others are priceless rewards!

Section VI: Be Your Own Physician!
Look at the Bible verses to discover God’s role and yours. God is merciful, blesses and shines so His way and saving health can be seen. (B-11) We must listen and keep God’s Word to experience the fullness of life and health. (B-12) God heals. (B-13) We thank God and remember His goodness. (B-14) God forgives wrong, heals disease, redeems our life and crowns us with loving-kindness and tender mercies. (B-14) WOW! Notice how it starts and stops with God. We are told to be physicians and healers. But in order to do that we must remember that TRUTH is the panacea – the universal remedy for all ills. We find healing as we are “imbued” (permeated – thoroughly soaked) with the spirit of Truth. There’s no room for a halfway position. Although there may be times when we seem to be dependent on temporary material aids, we must continue working in the kingdom until mortal mind yields to immortal Mind and “immortal Mind through Christ, Truth, subdues the human belief in disease.” (S-23) Mrs. Eddy cured a woman of consumption (which we might call tuberculosis today) by simply bringing her clear understanding of Truth to the woman’s thought. (S-24) She brought her calm to the storm, as Jesus did. We don’t need to change “the wind” – only our understanding to the fact that man is forever safe and whole in the kingdom of heaven (“the reign of harmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme.” S&H 590) Our job is to be governed by God – Mind. When we are, we KNOW that ALL things are possible to God. (S-25) Don’t limit yourself or anyone else!!! Think carefully about the last citation, “Christian Science and Christianity are one.” (S-26) The Science – the knowledge – of Christ, Truth, is forever. And it is NOT dependent on denominations. Share what you know. But most of all, demonstrate what God is revealing and the “miracles” of old will continue today!

Camp Director’s Note: The above sharing is the latest in a long series of CedarS Bible Lesson "mets" (metaphysical application ideas) contributed weekly by a rotation of CedarS Resident Practitioners and occasionally by other metaphysicians. This document is intended to initiate further study as well as to encourage the application of ideas found in the Weekly Bible Lessons as printed in the Christian Science Quarterly and as available at Christian Science Reading Rooms. * Originally sent JUST to campers, staff and CedarS families who wanted to continue at home and in their home Sunday Schools the same type of focused Lesson study and inspiration they had felt at camp, CedarS lesson "mets" are in no way meant to be definitive or conclusive or in any way a substitute for daily study of the lesson in the books. The thoughts presented are the inspiration of the moment and are offered to give a bit more dimension, background and daily applicability to some of the ideas and passages being studied. The citations referenced (i.e. B1and S28) from this week’s Bible Lesson in the "met" (metaphysical application ideas) are taken from the King James Version of the Bible (B1-24) and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. (S1-30) The Bible and Science and Health are the ordained pastor of the Churches of Christ, Scientist. The Bible Lesson is the sermon read in Christian Science church services throughout the world. The Lesson-Sermon speaks individually through the Christ to everyone, providing unique insights and tailor-made applications for each one. We are glad you requested this metaphysical sharing and hope that you find some of these ideas helpful in your daily spiritual journey, in your deeper digging in the books and in closer bonding with your Comforter and Pastor.)

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