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Substance is real and eternal.  It provides happiness and intelligence, meets needs, supplies structure and health. It is made to be shared and demands faith.  Substance is Spirit!  It is perceived through wisdom and understanding – by knowing God and acting according to Her commands. [Possible Sunday School Homework (P.U.S.S.H.) Here’s how to have a substantially better week:] Keep your priorities in order – seek God’s kingdom first – and all things truly substantial will be added to you!  Regardless of what you are dealing with – school, family, health, work or play issues; making a decision (big or small), trying to make ends meet, or simply feeling discouraged – seek wisdom and get understanding! Know God and consistently obey Him. Recognize substance as Spirit, not matter. Answers will come, and every need will be met perfectly!

Golden Text: Get wisdom,  get understanding – find substance.  
Get true wisdom – gain the knowledge and use of what most promotes prosperity and happiness – and we get understanding.  Understanding enables to perceive Spirit – substance! “The wisdom which is from above” is the knowledge and reverence of God, and sincere and uniform obedience to His commands.” (Webster, 1828) 

Responsive Reading: No price tag on substance — just find and love GOD!    
[Possible Sunday School Topic (P.S.S.T.)]  How often do we work, worry, and spend lots of money on things that don’t really satisfy us long-term, or which can be lost or stolen? And how many of our problems are blamed on not having enough money? But, Isaiah invites ALL who are thirsty (have a strong desire for something), to get what they need without money! Money can’t buy true substance. Wisdom and understanding is what we need. And God gives that to us. What is required of us? To love God, to find God, and keep His ways. God causes those that love him to inherit substance. Find God and find life! Obey God and be blessed! No justifying or questioning. We can all gain more wisdom, love God more, and follow His commands more faithfully. And, thus see more abundant evidence of the blessings and joy that God freely bestows!

Section 1: True happiness – Where does it come from?  Enduring Spirit or flaky matter? 
The world’s model for happiness puts more and more emphasis on money and what it can buy!  But money (and material substance) perpetually disappoint.   We have a choice of what we’ll love, and what we’ll spend most of our time thinking about.  The world – (meaning that which has fallen away from God, and tries to operate independently of Spirit in the realm of matter, subject to decay and death) – is constantly parading its goods and its false promises. But, nothing in the world lasts. Only to the extent we love and trust God, and live obediently to His law, are we truly happy. [P.S.S.T. How would understanding that “only God can bring us gladness” reorient your priorities and the pursuits of your friends today? (CS Hymnal #263:1)] We can’t really love God and “worldly things” at the same time. (B-1 & 5) Loving God makes us happy in a way that can’t be shaken by circumstances – solid, unmovable. (B-3) Because God made us, he built understanding into us. With this understanding, we have inherited the ability to love Him and obey Him. (B-4)  So, choose rightly! It may look like mortal man and the material world are substantial, but that sense of substance is inherently temporary, and always suggests that you need MORE! Accept God’s gift of enduring substance – always good, made of indestructible Spirit – and identify yourself as eternally reflecting this substance, and you will never wish for anything again. [P.S.S.T. How can using D.I.A.L substantially improve your day? Find out and tell your class or church friends by seeing yourself as a “Divine Image And Likeness” (S4, 301:17) It’s pleasant and helpful to have a fragrant reminder of this spiritual truth around, so I (Warren) give away hundreds of bars of Dial soap to my Sunday School students, counselors and Jr. Leaders. This helps you remember and] know that you HAVE all that is good and substantial – including health, agility, employment, companionship, joy, intelligence, everything good! (S-4)  Isn’t it better to be a YOU that lasts and is not at the mercy of matter? (S-5) Choose God! [and use D.I.A.L. You’ll be glad you did, and so will others!]

Section 2:   Choose Wisdom – as Solomon did!  
Seem difficult to relate to Solomon?
[It’s easier after reading Mike Hamilton’s article “Solomon: Proverbial Wisdom and a Cautionary Tale,” page 21 of the March 10, 2008 Christian Science Sentinel.]  We may not have just been anointed king (at the age of 20), but we all face responsibilities that involve making decisions, using resources, settling disagreements, and deciding how to devote our time and thought. As it must have felt for Solomon, it can seem overwhelming at times. But, God is as ready to help us as He was to help Solomon. Let’s take a look at how Solomon approached things. First, he acknowledged the good God had already shown to his father, David. Next, he acknowledged his need for help – “I am but a child.”   Third, instead of asking for things or specific solutions, he asked for “a wise and understanding heart” so that he could better serve the needs of others. (B-6) Circumstances change; solutions become outdated; material resources run out. But wisdom that springs from understanding Truth adjusts to changed circumstances, meeting whatever need may arise!  We never need MORE than what God has already provided, but we need to be on the same page as God so that we can see what He has provided. (S-6) God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding – enough that every human need was met – abundantly well. (B-6) A key to Solomon’s success was his outward, unselfed thinking. He didn’t ask for glory for himself, or riches. He just wanted to do a good job for others. (S-7) And he did. His record indicates fair judgment, thriving commerce, peace with his neighbors, a wonderfully successful building project, a writing career, and spiritual leadership. It is noted, however, that later in his career Solomon established a huge harem and was influenced by his wives’ pagan religions. As Solomon drifted from God, division arose and problems ensued. This serves as an example (and a warning for us) as to what happens when we don’t maintain our singleness of focus. Mrs. Eddy makes the point, “Absorbed in material selfhood (with its pleasures and pains) we discern and reflect but faintly the substance of Life or Mind.” (S-8)  And again the point is made that “forsaking matter for Spirit” – giving up a “worldly” approach to life in favor of seeking understanding – doesn’t cause us to lose our identity, but “confers upon man enlarged individuality, a wider sphere of thought and action, a more expansive love, a higher and more permanent peace.” (S-9) [P.S.S.T.: In what area would you benefit most by humbly turning your most challenging demands as well as your “affections and aims” (S9, 265:6) over to God this week to give you exactly what you need most?]

Section 3: Body-building and health God’s way!
There are lots of theories these days about how best to build your body and take care of it. But, none can compete with Jesus’ example.  Jesus enabled a woman to stand straight who had been completely bent over for 18 years.  (B-10)  How?  He demonstrated Mrs. Eddy’s statement: “In proportion as matter loses to human sense all entity as man, in that proportion does man become its master.”  He had complete “control over the belief that matter is substance.” (S-12) Matter is not and can never be substantial. So, the way to be healthy is to attribute less and less intelligence to matter – not more! (S-13) This is completely counter to what we hear all the time. But, Jesus proved it to be true.  He tells us (as part of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, chapters 5 and 6) that the best way to keep our bodies in shape and healthy is to stop paying so much attention to them! Think more about the shape of your thinking! The eye of the body symbolizes the conscience (according to Dummelow), and needs to be kept single – morally right.
 [P.U.S.S.H. Work to stay spiritually focused today, rather than being a “double-minded … unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8] Rather than worrying about what is in the food we eat – fat content, calories, and carbs – we would do better to watch how much fat (wasted time and excess) we are consuming, being careful not to get lazy, but remain active, and keep our thought balanced, looking to Love for satisfaction.   Just as Solomon sought wisdom first, Jesus counsels us to seek the kingdom of God first. Seek the wisdom of God – not the world’s concept of what makes a body healthy; health is one of the added things that Jesus promised. (B11)  We can’t change our body by worrying. But, as we understand that substance is spiritual, we can “take possession of [our] body, and govern its feeling and action.” (S-14) As we see that substance is Spirit – incapable of discord and decay, we see that substance is something reflected, not built or formed of matter.  (S-11)  We live freely and bloom wherever we are planted – like lilies – as long as we keep mistaken human concepts regarding health OUT of the equation! (B-11 & S-13) We can’t let ourselves be pushed around by human health theories. Follow wisdom and find substance!

Section 4: Your body [as with “the body politic”] is governed by thought!   

 The body (including bone) appears to be a material structure – its substance vulnerable to disease and accident. Jesus proved this to be false, however, as he healed the lame and maimed. (B-13) The Bible tells us that understanding (the discernment of reality) is a life-giving fountain, and gracious words bring health. (B-12)  [P.S.S.T. How can the words that pour out of your mouth this week be more pleasant for those around you? (B12)  How can you encourage a more civic discourse that cuts out the opinionated bitterness and divisiveness of political campaigns? Lots of good ideas can be found in the March 17, 2008 issue of The Christian Science Sentinel on “Worldwide Elections: CAST YOUR VOTE WITH PRAYER.” Since “pleasant words are as an honeycomb,” might not a restoration to sweetness restore the declining bee population and the key pollination functions they perform worldwide?] The work that we each do [with ourselves prayerfully and practically] supports Jesus’ demonstration of the fact that, as with the fixing of dents in a tin can, healing comes from within. Those uninstructed in Christian Science, including matter-physicians, believe that the body’s condition is determined by matter, rather than by thought.  Looking at the outward appearance, the physician then determines what (if anything) can be done.   Fear and doubt (in the patient or physician), stack the cards against recovery. (S-16) As Christian Scientists, we approach every problem as Jesus did. We start with ONE cause – Mind – rather than with effect! (S-17)  God’s (Mind’s) thoughts are always good – thoughts of peace that always lead to a favorable result. (B-14)  By correcting the supposition that matter makes its own conditions, and establishing Mind as the only Cause, there is a changed (altered) effect.  Where disease or injury was apparent, health appears.  Correctly understanding Mind as the only Cause frees us to see health (in body as well as mind) as the effect. (S-17) So, what do we do when the body tries to give us trouble? Change thought!  Recognize that consciousness constructs the body – not atoms and molecules of matter. Then, turn away from matter’s lie (no matter how long it seems to have been around, or how severe it says it is.) Keep your thought in line with Mind! Lose all faith in the material report and judge according to the wisdom of spiritual understanding. Then – right where the disease or injury appeared to be – you will discover the you that Spirit has created – always brand new! (S-18) [P.U.S.S.H. Find your favorite example of healing and newness in the Christian Science periodicals. A great place to look is in the recent Sentinel and Sentinel radio program on “Reverse the Decline,” featuring articles by Barbara Vining and tips from a windsurfing octogenarian who proved that “nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man.” (39311, S14)]

Section 5: Giving of Infinite Resources Enriches  

 “Freely give” is CedarS’ metaphysical theme for the summer. Jesus’ disciples were givers! They shared their understanding and they shared their possessions. And, as they gave, more were added to their ranks and they lacked for nothing. (B-16 & 17)  Only as we give up worldly riches do we find true abundance. Recognizing God as the source of all good, we realize that we are only blessed as we give. Do we all have the same to give – either in terms of money or talents?  No. But, that’s not the point. If we all give what we have, everyone is blessed. (B-18) Today’s world would suggest that either we don’t have anything worthy of giving, or we just can’t give any more. Human reasoning argues that we need to conserve – energy, time, resources – so we will not run out. But, Jesus taught (in the Sermon on the Mount) that in proportion as we give, we receive.  (B-19) This wisdom follows Jesus’ counsel about not judging and forgiving. Thus, we realize that our motive for giving must be pure. The Message translates part of the verse as, “Giving, not getting, is the way.” The “getting” is a thing added as we first ask for wisdom and seek the Kingdom of God. Mrs. Eddy defines Spirit as divine substance, and that which is everlasting and infinite. (S-23) Spirit being the only substance, we never have to be afraid of running out of anything – strength, inspiration, talent, income. Just as the disciples sacrificed their personal possessions, we need to sacrifice all sense of worldliness – including the temptation to measure our worth according to our standing (or popularity) in the world’s eye. (S-23) No matter what we are doing (from the mundane to the exotic) if we do it out of honor for and gratitude to God, we will be enriched. (S-20)  We can be happy for the good of another because if they are blessed, we are blessed. What is theirs is ours, and what is ours is theirs – because the source is Spirit, and Spirit is the source of infinite good for all! (S-21) [Possible Uplifting Sunday School Homework (P.U.S.S.H.)]:  This week, let’s acknowledge that all mankind has ONE Father/Mother – divine Principle, Love. And then look for ways to help our “brothers.” As we forget about self, and desire only good for others, the blessings that come will be full and running over!  [P.S.S.T. The Spiritual Activist Summits sponsored by the Mother Church (TMCYouth) on four April weekends are an important part of the “one grand brotherhood” (S24) of the Christian Science Movement. Please help spread the word and support them “with one heart and one soul.” (Acts 4:32, B17)  Encourage the attendance of all the 12-30 year olds that you know! You can find the details at a new webpage link Or, for a downloadable PDF flyer about the 4 events in Houston, LA, DC and London click on or go to]

Section 6: Hold your ground in faith!  Know [& protect your possession of] SCIENTIFIC  reality!
When you’ve learned something new – and you really believe in it – it’s so easy to be enthusiastic!  You naturally want to learn more, practice what you know, and share with others. But what happens when what you are so excited about goes against what just about everyone else thinks? How do you react when someone challenges your belief, ridicules you, or tries to convince you that you’re just plain wrong?  That’s when unwavering faith and endurance is needed. What if the thing you believe in is the teaching of Christian Science that dispels “the notion that there can be material life, substance, or mind”? (S-27)  The early followers of Jesus caught the spirit of his teachings and held on to their faith. Churches were started throughout Asia. The gospel was received with enthusiasm.   But, we gather from Paul’s letters to the Colossians, the Philippians, and the Hebrews, that it wasn’t easy to maintain that faith and enthusiasm. There was a lot of opposition – then, as there is now. Doubt, fear, and fatigue crept in – and try to creep in today. But, Paul urged them (and us) not to be intimidated, but to patiently and persistently stand firm in their (our) faith, band together, and continue their (our) work enthusiastically and confidently. (B-20, 21, 22)  If we stick it out, the promised end is seeing, and being received by, Christ – seeing and demonstrating Truth – and freedom from matter’s limitations! You believe in what you know because you have seen the efficacy of it. Stand together with others who believe as you do (whether physically together or not) and join in the battle that Mrs. Eddy started when she named her discovery that Spirit is something (everything) and matter is nothing; that Mind is substance, and corporeal sense is error – Christian Science. (S-28 & 29)  It requires faith to reverse the testimony of the material senses.   But, faith, that becomes understanding, is “the substance of all things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (B-23) It is faith (and understanding) that allows us to see what IS before it appears – to maintain the facts of Spirit, in the face of worldly and material evidence to the contrary.  Science separates Truth from error; and through spiritual sense harmonious man and the universe – made in God’s image – appears! (S-30) Know what is substantial.  Don’t give in to popular opinion, doubt, fear, or just plain apathy. Faithfully look at the world from the perspective of the Science (knowledge) of Christ and you will see the world as framed by “the word of God” – wholly good! (B-23) 
[P.S.S.T.: As we approach the end of the college basketball season in the US, with “Rivalry Week,” NCAA tournament time and “March Madness,” we admire teams that faithfully take care of their possessions of the ball. Those having more “take-aways” than “turn-overs” usually win. How can you be more faithful this week in not turning your thought over to the press of “the opponents of Christian Science?” (S28) How can you anticipate in advance the opponent’s attempts to rattle you and to score and be more successful in cutting them off?]

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