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Find & Live Your True Freedom: complete, universal, undeniable, inalienable!
Rick Stewart, C.S. , Dresden, Germany
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for July 22, 2012
Subject: “Truth”
by: Rick Stewart, C.S. of Dresden, Germany (
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Complete freedom, there is nothing quite like it. And what we will discover through this week's Bible Lesson is that Truth, God is the only source for all true freedom.
In this lesson we will learn how a better understanding of God can give us a freedom that defeats all forms of imprisonment. What would you want to do if you were set free from a “life sentence” of imprisonment? You would probably want to say, “Thank you very much,” right? I know someone who did just that.
His name is, Nelson Mandela. This week, July 18, Nelson will celebrate his 94th birthday. He is the great-grandson of an African king.  His given name,  Rolihlahla means “to pull a branch of a tree”, or more colloquially, “troublemaker”.  He was born in the Transkei region of Southern Africa. He was the first of his family to attend school. It was when he was in school that his teacher gave him the English name of, Nelson. When Nelson was nine years old his father died. The Supreme chief of the Tembu dynasty, Jongintaba Dalindyebo, informally adopted Nelson at that time. And from 9 to 16 years of age Nelson was raised with Dalindyebo's children.
The country that Nelson lives in is South Africa. During the time when Nelson was growing up in South Africa the government developed a policy that separated black and white people. There was actual physical separation in living areas and also different rights for people depending on their skin color. When Nelson was studying and as he began his working career he was involved in helping defend people's rights to freedom. Eventually because the government did not like Nelson's attempts to bring equality and freedom to all people in South Africa he was arrested and imprisoned. His sentence was for “life.”
While in prison Nelson continued his fight for the freedom of all South Africans. Many others in South Africa helped him in this fight. And also people around the world began to call for a change in the South African government policy of “Apartheid,” or the official separation of races.   After being in prison for 27 years Nelson was released. It was a thrilling moment.  He continued his work to defeat the Apartheid policy of the South African government.   Eventually Nelson served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, the first ever to be elected in a fully representative democratic election.
After his release from prison Nelson travelled out of South Africa and at this time he made his first visit to the United States.   He came to Boston. . There appeared to be obvious reasons for him to include Boston in his travel plans, after all two of his daughters lived in the area. But perhaps there was another reason.  He made a special point of visiting the Mother Church. I remember being told of the visit shortly afterwards. A friend, Marion Pierpont, was serving as Second Reader at the time. While doing some preparatory work she was asked if Mr. Mandela could come into the church. Marion's quick response was, “Well, certainly as long as I get to meet him!”
When Marion told me about this visit, I recall her telling me that Nelson said something like, “I just had to visit the Church from the paper.” (He was referring to The Christian Science Monitor.)  It seems it was the only international paper he was regularly allowed to read while he was in prison and he just wanted to say thank you.
In another report of this visit, Faye Bowers, writes that Nelson “mentioned during the visit that The Monitor was the only international paper he had been allowed to read in prison, although major parts were redacted.  He marveled that a woman not only started this paper but this religion, noting it could only happen in the U.S.”
As I thought about that event and Nelson's time in prison I realized that someone in prison devours whatever reading matter they can get. And The Monitor was probably read from cover to cover. Which of course would include the Daily Metaphysical article found in The Monitor. The spiritual Truth found in those articles had to give courage and hope to someone reading them.
That was confirmed to me about ten years after this event. I received an email purporting to be from Nelson Mandela. I was somewhat suspicious of its authenticity. So I wrote back about my concerns and would like to confirm who was really sending the email. And I asked if he remembered his visit to Boston and what he had said on that occasion in The Mother Church. His reply, “Of course I remember. I was there because of the Paper!” We then had an exchange of several emails on several topics including his health, although I was never asked to pray with him about it or about anything. Mr. Mandela was quite eager to be directed to helpful pages in Science and Health. (Maybe he was even reading from the textbook he had received as a present in 1990.) [“The ‘still, small voice' of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe's remotest bound.” S&H 559:8]
This week's Bible Lesson has other wonderful examples how you, me and many others can discover this true sense of freedom through God's Truth.
Golden Text:John 8:32
King James Version (KJV)  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,”
Common English Bible (CEB) “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
A Christian Scientist is quite familiar with the term, “know the truth.” Isn't that what we all do when we get busy thinking about what God knows about us and when we get busy forgetting about what error knows about us? And this Golden Text shows us that in this lesson we are going to be “knowing the Truth” and being made free and set free.
Responsive Reading:
The Responsive Reading citations are from two Psalms and another song or poem from Isaiah. These songs clearly recognize God as the source of Truth. And the song from Isaiah 52 is known as one of the “servant songs.” These songs describe a servant to Yahweh who will lead the nations unto God. So we are introduced to the idea of God as the source of all Truth and a servant and servants that follow who will lead to this Truth.
Section 1- Moses, a servant leading to freedom.
I love the wonderful example Moses can provide to us all as we struggle with identity questions. Moses, born to slaves, condemned to death by Pharaoh's decree, saved by his mother's inspired plan, adopted by Pharaoh's daughter, raised as a prince, runs away as a condemned criminal after trying to help or rescue someone, wanders in the desert, finds a new home and family, and finds God. A God that is a Spirit, not a statue. A God that reveals Himself to His creation. A God that is above and beyond matter. The one God. The “I am that I am.” 
I love to think of Moses revelation as parallel to the Scientific Statement of Being (Page 468, Science and Health.) Moses pays attention to God's voice and sees a bush that burns and is not burned up as a vehicle for God's revelation. (B-2, Exodus 3) Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health refers on page 467 to this revelation of one God, Spirit. (S-4)  This section closes with a firm statement that “slavery” is completely opposed to divine government. (S-5) This emancipation of “Truth” is a freedom from all forms of slavery.
Moses raised the cry for freedom, but where did it begin? Who was the first one who had to be set free?  Why did Moses ask, why me? He didn't believe, he didn't see.   Freedom's call, the I am, you see, had to first be found by him you see. And then, the courage to follow through, to free all the others too.  How about you, how about me? Are we ready to be free? [See Warren's P.S. on CedarS Ziplines Back to the Bible where zippers “fly back 30 centuries in 30 seconds” to this significant scene for Moses of the burning bush that was not consumed.]
Section 2- God's servant, the Christ leading to freedom.
Once again we find the “servant song” in Isaiah 42. This section clearly identifies the “servant” as the Christ. This servant heals the blind, frees from prison, and leads out of the dark. (B-5, Isaiah 42) This Servant, this Spirit of Truth leads to all Truth. It is quiet and gentle (B-5) like a smoldering candle wick that won't be extinguished. The “infinite Truth” is a “still, small voice” that acts through silent utterances” and “divine anointing.” (S-10) If you do not feel like you can go around shouting the Truth of the Christ from the rooftops, isn't it good to remember you can pray silently and anoint those that suffer with Love. One of my most cherished healings was when I responded in an emergency situation to a man who had collapsed in a mall. I was 19. There was a call, “does someone know First Aid.” Well, I was already working as a Lifeguard and teaching Lifesaving, besides being an active member of my branch church and The Mother Church. So while others ran around looking for help, I kneeled down, took the man's hand and prayed. No words were exchanged. Only the “still, small, voice” of Truth. I was “knowing the Truth.” In a short while the man revived, opened his eyes, said “God bless you.” He then got up and walked away, perfectly well.
This “quiet” Christ is also likened to yeast (leaven). (S-11)  Yeast works in the bread dough to raise it up. Its action goes on unseen, only the effect of a rising loaf of bread. When I thought of Nelson Mandela's experience with The Christian Science Monitor in prison, I found myself thinking of this “leaven of Truth” at work in consciousness. (After all I know he read the metaphysical articles also.)
Section 3 – The Truth of Perfect God and perfect man leading to freedom.
I love the way this section starts off with a firm, “The Rock” declaration of God's perfection and truth. (B-8, Deut. 32) And without “iniquity”, that is without sin or wrongdoing.  This truth is found with a clear identification of man's (your) true origins. (B-11, John 8:31-36)  A powerful element that the Science of the Christ brings to human thought is the basis for man's true perfection. That as we glimpse this God-like perfection we can “stand fast.” (B-12, Gal. 5:11) But sometimes the challenge is in the practice.   Citations B-10 and B-11 establish the effect of the Christ in our lives. As we embrace the Truth that Jesus evidenced in his life, and “know” this Truth, we are saved from “sin.” And Paul later in the section writes of our need to “stand fast” in this Truth as our salvation.
Citation B-12 (Gal. 5) is where Paul is writing to the Christians in Galatia. Most scholars think of this as a letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to a number of early Christian communities in the Roman province of Galatia in central Anatolia. These people were thought to be descendants of Celtic peoples or pagan origin. Jewish Christians had begun to convince these people that they must follow Jewish ritual law, Mosaic law, to be following the true way. Paul encouraged them in his letter to remember the Gospel that had come to them as their path to freedom and dominion over   sin.
Following the rituals would lead to an improved human being. Following the Christ would lead to the new man, the Christ-like man of God's creating.
In citationS-15, Mrs. Eddy speaks of the value of “Jesus' spiritual origin and understanding” enabling him to demonstrate the “facts of being.”   “From him mortals may learn how to escape from evil. The real man being linked by Science to his Maker, mortals need only turn from sin and lose sight of mortal selfhood to find Christ, the real man and his relation to God, and to recognize the divine sonship.” [S-15, 316:2]
Section 4 – “Ethical and pathological Truth-power”…leading to freedom
In this section, we learn of a “Truth-power” (S-16) that heals quickly and effectively. In citation B-14 Jeremiah passes along to us God's precious promise: “For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord.” In citation B-15, Matthew shares a fulfillment of this promise: “And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.”
The Discovery [in this age] of this “Truth-power” (S-16) has brought the same healing effect to our time as was seen in the Biblical days of Jeremiah and Jesus. It does not leave anyone “without” a healing medicine or without a “universal” health-care system. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health,” A Christian Scientist's medicine is Mind, the divine Truth that makes man free.” (S-18, 453:29)
Is this fact of a medicine, a health care method that is not dependent on matter or material infrastructure hard to understand? Not always. Some years ago my brother, Gary, and I were invited for a Bar B Q dinner with some new friends. We were having a great meal and a great time visiting. Then somehow one of our new friends brought up the topic of Christian Science.  (He did not know we were Christian Scientists) He began to tell a story about a Christian Science family in the area where we lived. He did not have all the facts right, and before he said something that might embarrass him, I simply said, “H.B., I think I should tell you that Gary and I are both Christian Scientists.” There was a silence around the table, and then I asked, “You know we know the family you were speaking about and if you would like to know the real facts I would be glad to share them with you.” I did that. And actually H.B. wanted to know even more. Suddenly I had an idea of how to share with him my perspective about health care. 
I simply said, “H.B. let's say that you and I are hiking out in the Rocky Mountains. We both fall off a cliff and break some bones. You have to try to find some way to call a rescue helicopter to get you to a doctor or hospital. Meantime since all my life I have learned to depend on prayer and “knowing the Truth” when injured I have my “Physician”, the Great Physician right there.   I just immediately turn to the health care system I have always used and that is always with me. 
For a moment there was silence from H.B.'s direction.  (And that was a real rarity!) And guess what the next day, Sunday, our new friend, H.B., joined us for the Sunday church service. He took away a free copy of Science and Health from the church. And for many years after that, whenever H.B. had some big problem in front of him, I would get a call. “Rick, tell me a good place to look in that blue book to help me.” He had many healings and even shared copies of Science and Health with others.
Section 5 – The right to healing 24/7.
It might be hard for you to believe, but when Jesus healed a woman who had been sick for 18 years the local church authorities were not happy. Jesus had simply said, “Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.” (B-20, Luke 13) And the woman, who had been bowed together, imprisoned in a misshapen body, was set free immediately. Yippppeeee… you would think! But instead the ruler of the synagogue made a statement about when people could be healed and that was “never on a Sunday.” Well, actually not on the Sabbath (for the Jews that was Saturday.) (B-20)
Jesus did not take the rebuke and walk away. He used the occasion to show how ridiculous it was to believe that Jewish law dictated that no healing was to take place on the Sabbath. As he so often did, he used an illustration from the people's daily life. They were allowed to take care of their valuable livestock, oxen and donkeys, on the Sabbath, why not this woman who had suffered so long?
“And when he had said these things, all his adversaries were ashamed: and all the people rejoiced for all the glorious things that were done by him.”
The citations from Science and Health in this section make it clear the spirit and the power of Truth bring healing. Unselfish, tender care, and courage to stand for the “Truth of perfection” inevitably bring healing.
As our Leader wrote, “If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is instantaneous.” (S-25, Science and Health, page 411.)
Section 6 – Truth's freedom is universal
Citation B-21 from Psalms 117 sets the tone of the last section: ” O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. 2 The truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.”
Citation S-28 continues: “The voice of God in behalf of the African slave was still echoing in our land, when the voice of the herald of this new crusade sounded the keynote of universal freedom, asking a fuller acknowledgment of the rights of man as a Son of God, demanding that the fetters of sin, sickness, and death be stricken from the human mind and that its freedom be won, not through human warfare, not with bayonet and blood, but through Christ's divine Science.
God has built a higher platform of human rights, and He has built it on diviner claims. These claims are not made through code or creed, but in demonstration of “on earth peace, good-will toward men.”
Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying, “Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement. For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”
The demonstration of freedom for all is a song that we all can sing, loud and clear.
Citation S-27 lays out a challenge that we can certainly achieve: “Beyond the frail premises of human beliefs, above the loosening grasp of creeds, the demonstration of Christian Mind-healing stands a revealed and practical Science.  It is imperious throughout all ages as Christ's revelation of Truth, of Life, and of Love, which remains inviolate for every man to understand and to practise.” [Science and Health, page 226]
Our dear friend and one of our German newsletter translators, Manfred Soellinger, shared the powerful message from Hymn 355 in The Christian Science Hymnal. What a wonderful statement of the freedom that comes through the Truth that is God.
“Truth comes alike to all 
Who on Her name dare call 
With motives pure; 
Then let us all unite, 
With freedom's star in sight, 
Press onward in the right, 
   Which shall endure. 
Come, all pervading Love, 
Thou heart of heaven above, 
O Spirit blest. 
Life, Truth and Love shall be 
Our glorious trinity,
And every heart shall see 
Eternal rest.”
Truth's freedom is for all to find, enjoy, and live. 

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Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
Truthfor 7-22-12
By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri 
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]
PSST-Golden Text (GT)
Take a moment to look at the little things in this wonderful promise.  Look particularly at the word 'shall' – it appears twice in this short line.  What does that word suggest; Jesus did not say 'could,' 'should,' or 'may.'  Why?  And what does it mean for us?
PSST-Responsive Reading (RR):
Continue looking at the little things in this responsive reading.  Read through the entire passage and just highlight the word or words that stick out to you.  What do each of the words you highlighted mean for you; for your relationship with God; for your understanding of God; and for your knowledge of yourself?
PSST-Section 1:
B2-What key things happened in the interaction between Moses and God?  What does it mean that Moses 'turned aside to see'? What does that indicate that we must do if we are to follow in Moses' footsteps? What else did Moses do, and what else can we do to emulate him?
B3-Why do you think this is Mrs. Eddy's favorite text?  (hint: if you look it up in S&H, she tells us)  What happens in our lives if we have no other Gods?  Is this a limitation, or a source of freedom?  An entire class could be built around just this citation; there is so much to talk about. You could ask what other gods we might worship – what does it look like to worship another god – what is the result of doing so?
B4 – Back to the little things; both what is there and what isn't.  Isn't it nice to know that there is no if” at the start of citation verse 8? Equally comforting is the “and” in the middle of it.  What do these two and three-letter words add with their absence (no “if”) and presence (and)?
S2 – What is the difference between believing and understanding? What does it take to gain understanding?  How do your students feel about Truth as a synonym for God?
S4 – Why should this be so thoroughly understood? What does one Mind, God, Father, Life, Truth, Love mean for us and how does it impact our lives?
S5 – What a powerful citation, right?  Just sit on this citation for a while and discuss what makes it so powerful.  
PSST-Section 2:
B5 – Recognize what God will do for us.  What are more relevant ideas to replace 'prison' and 'darkness'?  What do those represent in the lives of your students?
B6 – In what ways did Jesus bring grace and truth? What are some examples of Jesus adding grace and truth to the law established by Moses?
S7 – How does Christ speak to us?  What does God sound like?  Where/how do you hear either of these good messages?
S10 – What is the significance of the 'still small voice'?  Where did that phrase come from?  Are there other translations of that biblical phrase that shed light on what it means?  
PSST-Section 3:
B9 – Why does the psalmist say that God knows our sins and our foolishness, especially if God is only good and only knows good?  Think of how this connects to the Beatitudes – particularly being poor in spirit.
B11 – What can Jesus do?  What does this mean for us – what, then, can we do? Furthermore, how are we in captivity now, according to Jesus, and what breaks that bondage?
S12 – What did Christ come to destroy? (This is key – it may look like an obvious answer, but stick with this question for a few more moments than you expect).
S13 – Define sensualism. Certainly it includes the obvious, from kissing to sex, but what else is in this profound statement?  How can we reign in the temptations of sensualism and 'harmonize with…Principle, divine Love'? Does this mean that all sensory activity must stop?  Think about what is primary and what is secondary in our lives, and let that inform your conversation (think back to citations B3 and S4).
S15 – Why is sin so important to resist?  How do we get past sin?
PSST-Section 4:
B14 – Why have we no reason to fear?  What is behind Jeremiah's comfort of 'fear thou not'?  How does Jesus' work then follow this passage from Jeremiah – what is the natural connection between the citations in this section?
B15&16 – How did Jesus heal?  What is he teaching us through his healings?  Who did Jesus heal?  What is this teaching us?
S18 – Do Christian Scientists use medicine?  Look at this citation before you answer, and discuss what Mrs. Eddy means here.  It also might be interesting to look up the history of medicine, particularly around the time when Christian Science was being discovered – the definition of medicine, and the market of health care was very different then.
S19 – How do we heal?  Dissect this passage.
S20 – How often does Truth win?  Why?
PSST-Section 5:
B17 – What is God's law?  How is it 'the truth'?  
B20 – Where did this healing take place?  Was it in a back alley or in a private house where the result could be concealed from the authorities?  When was this healing executed?  Why does the location and time (day of week) matter? What does it teach us about Jesus' ministry?  What is Jesus teaching us through this healing?
S21 – How are we to classify sickness?  Why is this classification so important?  (Think: what would happen if we classified sickness as true?)
S22 – Define true – what does it mean to be the 'true' image of God?  What does it mean that Jesus threw upon mortals a 'truer' reflection of God?
S23 – What does Christian Science alter?
S24 – What binds us?  How do we break this bondage and become free? (In what ways are we bound and what is the impact of this bondage? Look at all the words Mrs. Eddy uses for bondage).
PSST-Section 6:
B21 – Now that we have established all that is discussed in sections 1-5, what are we to do?
S27 – What are we moving beyond, and why is Christian Science not 'frail'?
S28 – What is the higher platform of human rights that we are guaranteed by God and Christian Science?
S30 – How does this citation relate to your students?  What rights do they have?  What oppression is doomed in their experience?  In what ways are they supposedly enslaved?  And how can you/they/we establish their freedom?

CedarS PYCLs–Possible Younger Class Lessons for:  

The Christian Science Bible Lesson for July 22, 2012
by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

 [PYCL Overview on the importance of integrity, honesty, purity, truth…]
It might be interesting to ask the kids right off what they think of as truth or Truth.  Obviously many will simply say “God”.  But what makes this a unique name for God, what qualities does it make clear about God's nature and our nature as His child?  Try looking at synonyms for truth in a Thesaurus, think about words like “integrity”, “honesty”, “purity”, and so on.  What kinds of words come to thought, even if they are not exclusively synonymous but imply elements of the qualities of truthfulness.  Why do you think that Mrs. Eddy saw this as a name for God?
 [PYCL retell Bible stories about the freedom and justice of Truth & the Commandments.]
The lesson this week focuses heavily on the idea of Truth being the source of freedom and justice.  What is justice?  How does truth make justice possible?  What are some examples of freedom and justice in the lesson?  Let them look through the Bible lesson for a few minutes if they are reasonable readers, and see if they can find some examples to share on their own.  If they are not up to that task, read a couple of the stories together.  You could start with the story in section one of Moses in the desert.  How is this an example of freedom/justice?  Obviously there is the freedom for the Children of Israel, but are there any other thoughts?  Are there any Commandments at work?  (You'll need to look at citation B3).  How does God's word (what he tells us/Moses/the prophets, including the Commandments), promote justice and uphold truth?  You could discuss this for the entire class if you wanted to use this as a jumping off point for looking at the Ten Commandments.  It would be very interesting to look at them from this standpoint.  What do they each offer to us in terms of freedom?  Are laws freeing or confining?  Why?  Maybe it depends on if the law is based in Truth or in human understanding of the day.  For example it used to be illegal in the US for black people to go to school with white people, for women to vote, and so on.  Are those laws, laws of Truth?  One way to look at the basis for a law is whether it is lasting or not.  Truth/God is eternal, so Her laws will also be eternally relevant, useful and just.
 [PYCL Discuss healings as examples of Truth setting free imprisoned thoughts and bodies.]
Another story to look at is Jesus' healing of Peter's mother, or his healing of the woman in section 5.  The story of the woman in the 5th section is a great example of defying a law that didn't promote justice if it was followed in a dogmatic way.  You could talk about what dogma is and what Jesus was railing against in this story.  Our obedience to law should always embody Love and the expression of Love.  Jesus' example here is leading an animal to watering.  Doesn't this express love and compassion for an animal, as well as justice certainly?  Wasn't the woman's healing a wonderful example of Truth bringing her freedom from the confining and painful nature of her deformity?  How does Jesus describe to the ruler of the synagogue what he wants to do? … “ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?” He uses terms of bondage, and freedom.  This might seem obvious to an adult, but it's worth pointing out to younger kids.  Can you or the kids come up with an example where they felt they were limited by a false sense of what was happening, sickness or limitation of some kind, and an understanding of Truth made that falsehood disappear?  Share such a healing with the kids so they can come up with one of their own.  It's cool, because you can look at almost any healing you've ever had as an example of Truth freeing you from some sort of misconception about yourself or a circumstance!
 [PYCL Discuss what is worthy of our reliance: friends; our senses; things; people…]
Talk together about the Golden Text and think about what it means to each of you.  How does knowing what is true/real/substantial, give you freedom?  How does knowing Truth/God give you freedom?  Is it sort of the same thing, or does one lead to another?  If you find out what is true, will it also be loving?  Will it be intelligent (express Mind)?  Will it be eternal (express Life)?  And so on… Jesus was the source of this statement and we often put it on our church walls.  Can you talk about how we associate the Christ often quite closely with Truth?  Why would Christ Jesus so often be associated with this particular synonym?  What did he do a lot of that we read about in the Bible and in this week's lesson?  Healing!!  How is healing an act of Truth?  How is the “rock”/Christ a source of understanding of what is true in our day to day lives?  Isn't the Christ a perfect, solid place to take off from when we are looking for healing?  What better place to look for the Truth than to the Christ man who showed us so vividly the Truth's activity in our lives?  Sometimes it can be tempting to look in other directions for truth.  We can find ourselves relying on friends, or our senses or many other things or people that are inevitably less reliable and solid than the Christ truth.  But we will never be led astray if we are looking to the Christ and to Jesus' example and practice of the Christ spirit to guide us.
 [PYCL  Discuss building on the rock instead of on the sand…]
With the little ones, I don't have a game or even an experiment this week.  But it could be helpful to talk about how they know if something is true.  If it is true it must be from God.  So it must be good.  You could think together about what is good and be grateful together to God/Truth as the source.  You could touch on how sickness, injury, temper and so on is not set on the rock/Christ.  So it must be set on the “sand” and it can be washed away with Truth.  Most of them will have experienced how sand washes away, even if they haven't been to the ocean, so they should be able to understand this idea.  Sand can seem very firm if it's packed and wet, just like sickness or anger can be very impressive or painful, but even packed wet sand dissolves if you pour a pitcher of water on it!  And, as we know from last week's lesson, that water can be like Truth (Life), washing away the seeming solidity of the sand and the “realness” of sickness or anger!
Have a truthful day (my husband used to say that to me every day when leaving for work!)!
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