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With Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son” as citation B14/Luke 15:11-20 in this week’s Bible Lesson, I wanted to share with readers a new to me insight on the”Prodigal’s God’s” steadfast, “unconditional love celebrating the one-of-a-kind expression that you are!”

An after breakfast inspirational talk on 8-12-21 for Family Camp by Barry Huff, PhD in Biblical Studies

Barry shared his joyous love and inspiration on CedarS summer theme of GRACE. In a little more than 5-minutes Barry mixes in these band “YouToo” song lyrics– “Grace finds goodness in everything” — with Desmond Tutu’s moving description of “The Prodigal God” as the “God of grace” — along with several Bible examples that show “God’s steadfast, unconditional love that celebrates the one-of-a-kind expression that you are!”

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