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Here are Cobbey Crisler and other insights on some citations for “Truth"
(the Christian Science Bible Lesson for January 28, 2018 and CedarS Bible Lesson
MET-aphysical Applications Newsletter by Kathy Fitzer that's been sent already)

[A downloadable, Ken Cooper poem with lessons on "Truth"
from the Golden Text and citation S16 is at the upper right of the online version of this Met.]

Warren’s (W's) PS#1, Cobbey Crisler on John 1: 14 (B11) on “made flesh”… “only begotten”
“To show that it isn't pie-in-the-sky, John 1:14 introduces the word "made flesh,” lived, illustrated, exemplified; it's been done, it's not just theory. The thought has been uttered in human experience, in life. Human life itself has seen this Word fulfilled. Was he the vanguard, the way shower?

He is called in Verse 14, almost in contradiction to what I'm saying, that he was "the only begotten of the Father." That seems fairly exclusive, doesn't it? Since it would also contradict Verse 12 where it refers to "sons of God," it just must be something in the translation we're missing, the intent: You can't have sons of God and have one son being the only begotten. That would be mixed up theology right in the beginning in a book that we are saying is extremely clear and close to Jesus own thought.

So, what have we got? The Greek word "mono genes” doesn’t mean “only begotten." If it has any meaning that we can express in English, it could be "unique," in the sense that he was representing the original man as a model. In other words, the only real man that God could ever beget.”
Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved Disciple, by B. Cobbey Crisler**

W’s PS#2—Cobbey Crisler on Luke 13:11-17 (B12):
“A woman with spinal difficulty is in a synagogue. Notice that Luke doesn’t say she has an infirmity. Luke, who is reputed to have been a physician, doesn’t even diagnose it as an infirmity but as a ‘spirit of infirmity,’ a sense of infirmity, a concept, a spirit, a thought. ‘She was bowed together. She couldn’t lift up herself.’
Verse 12. Jesus comes and announces to womanhood something that could be applicable in many ways, not just this one time. ‘Woman, you are free from thine infirmity.’ Verse 13. ‘She’s made straight and glorifies God.’
Verse 14. Incredible, ‘the ruler of the synagogue’ in which this grand healing and correction in thought occurred ‘answered with indignation’.
Jesus’ explanation about the cause of disease is Verse 16. No longer should there be any room in Christian thought that disease stems from God or is God’s will when Jesus attributes it directly to anything that would oppose God. Only what would oppose God could impose something on man that God Himself never created in His whole man. Is this a new theology? Satan and disease linked, and not God as the cause of loss, or pain, or sickness?
Because if it is, Jesus defines Satan as a liar in John (8:44). Satan has bound this woman with an infirmity that has her bent over, and has accomplished this for 18 years (Luke 13:16). And Satan is ‘a liar and the father of it.’ Satan’s works must be lies as well. If they are, they can be corrected mentally, by a full recognition of what is true. Notice that Satan does the binding. Jesus said (John 8:32), ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’
It’s a contest between the truth and the lie about God and His theology, about man, about woman, about children and about disease. If Satan is a liar, he will never change his character. Our idea of God may have gone haywire, but God has never moved.”

Luke the Researcher, by B. Cobbey Crisler**

W’s PS#3—Cobbey Crisler on John 8.32 (B16) The recipe for freedom!

“John 8:32. Here is the recipe for freedom, “It's the truth itself that makes you free." It is the fact that makes you free. In John 8:44, the devil is defined as a liar and also a murderer from the beginning. If you analyze that again, the devil has one of two purposes when it enters into the thoughts and lives of man. It is either to murder or to kill ourselves or others. That's the motive prompting the thought, critical or otherwise. Remember, judging righteous judgment eliminates most criticisms, and not judging according to appearance. It [lying “fake news”] either murders or kills our neighbor or ourselves, for its purpose is to deceive, one or the other.”
Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved Disciple,
by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Warren’s PS#4—Mary Baker Eddy highlights our need to emphasize harmony!
(W.) In this week’s lesson on “Truth” citation S27 states “Truth is affirmative, and confers harmony.” (S&H 418:20) Mary Baker Eddy spells out how consistent we should be in emphasizing harmony in all our thoughts, words and actions: “The real Christian Scientist is constantly accentuating harmony in word and deed, mentally and orally…” (Miscellaneous Writings 206:19)

Also FYI, as you can see in a downloadable picture (at upper right), large signs of infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss are posted at the launch platform of CedarS full Cable Ski Park. They remind each rider of the forever, take-home blessings they are about to receive from engaging in “rhythmic round(s) of unfolding bliss…” and from being “a living witness to and perpetual idea of inexhaustible good.” (Mis. 83:2)
These signs are inspired by two powerful one-liners from the chapter of “Recapitulation” in our textbook:
1)God’s being is infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss.” (S&H 481) and
2) “Man is the expression of God’s being.” (S&H 470:23)

Warren’s PS#5—Cultivate joy to be “master of your work” & “Spiritually Light-Hearted”
“Always insist on being master of your work. God would not give you something to do and fail to give you the wisdom, strength, and grace necessary to accomplish it. He does not demand of us what he does not equip us to do. Then we should go about our work confidently and joyously, grateful for every opportunity to serve God and mankind….

“Get rid of the sense of burden before continuing your work, for heaviness of thought cannot glorify God…
“Seek to find deeper joy in your work. One can be deeply in earnest and at the same time spiritually light-hearted.”
(Education at The Principia, by founder Mary Kimball Morgan, p. 222)
[More about The Principia’s history, Mary Kimball Morgan, and Education at The Principia can be found at http://www.principiaschool.org/school-history ]

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