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Here’s a special gift for you, dear CedarS Met subscribers!

You can see video-taped reenactments of 2 events in this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson that were filmed recently as part of a summer series at CedarS.  Sunday School classes and Bible study groups who want to reenact these and other Bible events themselves can download the scripts posted at the upper right corner of CedarS webpage of this week’s Met (and previous week’s Mets).

A BIG bonus is that from CedarS new video link you can now also see CedarS 2013 Freedom Talk! It was given by Christie Hanzlik in Mary’s Chapel at CedarS with CedarS Freedom Choir who turn it into an all-camp Hymn Sing for Freedom.

You also might like to daily follow CedarS after-breakfast Practitioner (Prac) Talks (over this and the past 12 summers). And if you want to see why many think that CedarS is the happiest (most unselfish) place on the planet, check out all the joyous faces in CedarS Album of activity photos from last (or any) session. 

Warren Huff,
Director & Editor of CedarS Metaphysical Newsletters

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