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Don’t be an “April Fool!” on April 1st or on any day!
An annual reminder to make today the start of one of your most “Soul-filled years” yet! (S&H 599)

revised and shared by Warren Huff, CedarS Executive Director Emeritus

Did you know that the first “April Fools” were called this name in 1582? They were being ridiculed by the general French populace because these “April Fools” continued to celebrate New Year Day on April 1st instead of on January 1st as ordered by King Charles IX with his newly imposed Gregorian calendar. (

This year, especially with the woes of a pandemic, of unemployment, racial and other inequity issues, we might easily chose to start fresh as did Christ Jesus in “Redeeming the time.” This is the title of a great “Daily Lift” for today by Ethel Baker, CSB, She describes how to pray with retroactive, healing treatments about all that needs to be truly redeemed today! It’d be a joy to have Christ’s resurrection in each of us redeem each worldwide and local issue so as to truly celebrate New Year Day every day during this Holy Week leading up to Easter– and daily beyond that!

According to God’s calendar, “Every day will be an Easter Filled with benedictions new!” (CS Hymnal 171) We will never be fools when we choose to follow “God’s calendar” (Misc. 117:22) and to obey what he puts in our hearts, instead of what hearsay or news reports, heredity or medical reports, try to tell us. God gives each of us a built-in lie detector! So, never buy another lie!

CedarS Founder, Ruth Huff, trained her children and grandchildren well to “never buy a lie” by giving family members a call on every April 1st with some inventive and humorous absurdity (like “There is a horse running down Weidman Road!… (pause for a gotscha moment…) “By the way, it’s purple…”). Her purpose was to train us to see life with a twinkle in our eyes and a lie-detector in our heads.

So, here’s to celebrating the re-start and continuance of one of your most “Soul-filled years” yet! (S&H 599:1)

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