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[Dispute mortality now! Affirm the truth of your origin & who maintains & preserves you. (4th)]
Possible Sunday School Topics by Merrill Boudreaux, CS, for the

Christian Science Bible Lesson: “Mortals and Immortals”

November 10-16, 2014

P.S.S.T.  Golden Text – Ask students, what does each one know about himself/herself?  Then ask, what does God know about you?  If one were looking through the glass in a window, what would darken the view?  What would lighten the view?  Think of the glass as your thinking or consciousness:  What darkens or lightens your thinking and therefore your outlook on your life and your surroundings?  How can you know with certainty what God knows about you?  Ask Her.  This is a good opportunity to discuss prayer of petition and prayer of affirmation.  What tools do you have to aid in such prayer?  Don’t forget silence and quiet listening as significant prayer aids.

P.S.S.T.  Responsive Reading – Does what God command come forth?  Look to the first chapter of Genesis to see God’s commands brought forth.  When your thought is open or receptive, what can you behold?  Think in terms of the third way to resolve any conflict or concern.  That is, not my way or your way, but another way that neither of us may have thought of.

P.S.S.T.  Section 1 – Are you a child of God?  From where did you come, human parents or God, Spirit?  Can you be reborn?  How often?  Perhaps this aligns with every time you change your thought or align it with God’s revealing to you who you are.  Are you material or spiritual?  You are not, cannot be, both (B6).  Read the story in citation B5.  Which way is the wind blowing you?  Everything you are, you are as reflection (S6).

P.S.S.T.  Section 2 – What has power in your life: sin, sickness, death, or sinlessness, health, life? (B8).  Memorize citation S10, lines 32-2.  What was the result of Jesus’ beholding the perfect man?  What is the result when you behold the perfect man, either yourself or someone else?  See SH 477:2-5.

P.S.S.T.  Section 3 – Read together the Bible story in citation B10.  What are the questions being asked or implied?

How long had the man been blind?
What was the accepted view of what caused the blindness?
What was Jesus’ response?
What was Jesus’ action?
Did Jesus need the clay or the water to heal the man?
Is it possible others needed to see this action at the pool of Siloam to witness the healing?
What did Jesus know about this man’s ancestry? (S18)

What is a prayer treatment in S17 for any belief of contagion, including Ebola?  What is real heredity or heritage?  What is your heritage, you beloved child in whom God is well-pleased?

P.S.S.T.  Section 4 – Begin now to counter in thought any belief of death as a reality, cause, or power.  How?  Affirm the truth of your origin and who it is that maintains and preserves you (S23).  Affirm there is no separation from God as you or any idea created by God (S24, lines 18-20).

P.S.S.T.  Section 5 – Open thought (face) to see through any suggestions of life in matter with all its limitations to see what?  The truth of your being (S30).  Begin now to live a life of holiness, harmony, immortality.  This is your divine right.  Your progress in taking on these tasks will aid in the destruction of a dark glass, replaced by seeing yourself through God’s glass, clear, uninterrupted, harmonious, in-sync with God as an immortal being.

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