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Detect, decode and denounce every lie of terrorism, economic upheaval, sensuality, mortality, … to discover and demonstrate your “joy that never wanes!” (CS Hymnal 19)
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Weekly Bible Lesson on the subject “ANCIENT AND MODERN NECROMANCY, alias MESMERISM AND HYPNOTISM, DENOUNCED” for 5-31-09
Prepared by Carole Schierholz, C.S. of Tampa, FL
[with bracketed italics by Warren Huff]
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DO NOT PASS UP THIS LESSON! Yes, it has eight sections and perhaps numerous creatures from Revelation you have not thought about or know, however, let us explore their meanings. We are going to listen for revelations and inspired thoughts that will unfold to us as we progress. We each will get individual revelations that apply to our own individual needs and experiences. This is the way it is supposed to be, our need being met right where we are in our own spiritual unfoldment.

Many of the Bible citations in this Week’s Bible Lesson are from Revelation. I do NOT claim to be a Bible scholar and was very grateful to have Edyth Armstrong Hoyt’s book, Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos, A non-interpretative and literary approach to the Last Book of the English Bible, in my library. There may be many wonderful books to help with Revelation, however, I do not have access to them right now. You can expand from your own study and may come up with wonderful thoughts and perhaps articles for or The Christian Science Sentinel.

Hoyt explains the apocalyptic form of writing in Revelation. Apocalyptic was written only in times of persecution to give courage to those persecuted and hope of the imminent appearance of the kingdom of God. “Apocalyptic was always written in code, that is, it was a secret literature that could be understood only by those who understood the code. This shows how very wrong it is to try to understand it literally. It has no literal meaning….the chief decoding book for John’s Apocalypse is our Old Testament.” (p. 1&2)

Perhaps we are facing situations that have caused us to be confused and have upheavals in our experience. Maybe our upheavals are economic, or have to do with our jobs or with relationships. Or maybe our health seems threatened or we face other unsettling situations. This week’s Bible lesson assures us we have the answer to the various threats in our life. Let’s examine the parts of Revelation used in this week’s Bible Lesson.

There are seven visions in the book of Revelation and this week’s lesson deals with some verses from the seven visions: introduction; vision 1; vision 2; vision 3 and vision 4. (In the chapter “The Apocalypse” in Science and Health, pages 558-578, Mrs. Eddy quotes some from vision 4 and other parts.)

The Golden Text, from Revelation 12:10 (from vision 4) sums up what is unfolded in the whole of our lesson. It starts, “…NOW is come salvation.” Apocalyptic was written only in times of persecution to give courage and hope. We get our courage and hope to face any threat knowing that NOW is filled with all we need to meet our every need because we gets all of our strength from the spiritual understanding of “the kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ: for the accuser” (mortal mind’s beliefs of life in matter) “of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” Let us express gratitude right now for what Christ Jesus gave to the world through his teachings and life works, his example of being God’s reflection!!

We have Biblical authority to denounce, denounce, denounce the arguments of mortal mind’s beliefs of life in matter, both mental and physical (Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism), that would say our understanding is sealed and we don’t know what to know or how to apply the Christ, Truth to cast down the accuser or just debunk the junk.

This is how it is done! The Responsive Reading starts with Rev. 1:1, the introduction to Revelation, declaring this book to be the revelation God gave to John regarding Jesus, the Christ, Truth for all times. God revealed this Truth to John by God’s angel. We know what angels are. We have heard angels also. Mrs. Eddy defines angels as, “God’s thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality and mortality.” (S&H 581:4) This chapter is about God and the Christ, Truth that Jesus proved. This Christ, Truth, is at hand for all time and for everyone. (Rev. 1:3)  Now is the time for us to understand and use this Christ, Truth.  We will be blessed as we listen for the Christ, Truth that God is imparting. (What does it mean to you to be blessed? Jesus began his teachings in Matt. 5 with the Beatitudes which start off with “Blessed.” Perhaps being blessed means we are delivered from “the accuser” or the junk has been debunked in our consciousness thereby making us whole, healthy and complete in every way.)

The next verses in the Responsive Reading, Rev. 4:2, 4 (to ;), 6, 8-11, are from Vision 1.  Hoyt says the theme of Vision 1 is, “The establishment of The Oneness of the One (God) is of first importance.” This is done around the Throne in the Responsive Reading.  Remember, apocalyptic writing has no literal meaning, it needs to be decoded.  Even though I may not know all of the verses in the Old Testament at this moment to help me decode, Mrs. Eddy says, “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul.” (S&H 269:14) So, let’s look at the spiritual meaning as we read what John has recorded of his Revelation: “And immediately I was in the spirit.” Let us also get “in the spirit” as John was.

I have tried to not let the literal description of the scene so fascinate me that I fail to “resolve things into thoughts and exchange the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul.”  I have had to struggle and denounce that temptation to just want to read only the Bible text so familiar to me. I do not wish to lose the inspiring, spiritual message of this week’s Bible Lesson.

In the next verses of the Responsive Reading the Oneness of the One God is set forth.

How about the “white raiment” the elders were wearing? To me, white represents purity. Perhaps this is speaking of the purity and clarity of the thought of the elders regarding God’s Allness. Hoyt says, “Elders were first mentioned in the Bible in connection with the story of Moses….the elders were to interpret as Moses had directed.”  Perhaps here these elders understood the Allness of One God.  So God is knowable and can be understood and is practical.

The sea of glass could have something to do with everything being a reflection of God.  What about the four creatures full of eyes before, behind and within with six wings?  They are evidence of life.   In the Glossary “Eyes” are defined, “Spiritual discernment, — not material, but mental.”  (S&H 586:3) This reflection of life is filled with spiritual discernment that soars and uplifts, sees reality, and always proclaims, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty,…and give glory and honour and thanks to him that sat on the throne (God), who liveth forever and ever,…”  The twenty-four elders cast their crowns before the throne and recognize God as the sole creator, the sole source of all life. This is the starting point to finding freedom and peace for us also. We also must recognize, love, honor and trust the One and Only God, the One and Only existence!

Section 1: The Bible starts with Isaiah 29:11 in the Old Testament, which speaks of “the vision of all” as “the words of a book that is sealed” and a learned man could not read it “for it was sealed.” (Matthew Henry’s Commentary reports this chapter in Isaiah was written in times of threats and turmoil in and to Jerusalem, where David had lived. To me this chapter has apocalyptic writing in it.)  Citation (B2) asks God to “teach me thy statutes” which will open my eyes to understand life.  It takes spiritual understanding to behold “wondrous things.” Citation (B3) is continuing with Vision 1 in the book of Revelation. This part of Vision 1 speaks of, “a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals” in the hand of “him that sat on the throne.” “A strong angel” (“spiritual intuitions…counteracting all evil”–S&H 581:4) asks who is worthy to open the seals. No man with earthly knowledge was found worthy.   An elder announces, “behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”   A “Lamb as it had been slain” is seen in the midst of the throne scene (as part of the throne scene) who takes the book to open the seals.  Christ Jesus overcame death and proved immortality to be the only state of man and proved all of mortality and its claims to be lies.   In citation S&H1 Mrs. Eddy’s definition of “Lamb of God” leads off this part.  A person is not named in her definition, just the qualities the Lamb of God embodies.   These qualities expressed by us give you and me what we need to have dominion over mortal beliefs about life being mortal and material, even the belief of death. We can denounce the claim we have to be victims of mortality’s lies in whatever form or suggestion they may take.   Jesus showed us through the quality of his God-based thinking, the Christ, what was possible for us to accomplish. (S&H2) The power of spiritual consciousness destroys the lies of mortality in its many forms. (S&H3)  Citation S&H5 (from the chapter in Science & Health called “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”) helps us identify all evil as a lie that can be denounced. It is the Christ, Truth, which has revealed as total lies the signs and activity of error that would like to seal man forever in a mortal state of consciousness and identity.

Section 2: Citation B4 opens with Rev. 6:1.  This is the beginning of Vision 2 which is about the opening of the seven seals by the Lamb. Only the Christ-element could have silenced mortality’s various suggestions and denounced them, destroyed them.   Hoyt tells us the theme of this vision is “in the establishment of the qualities of true selfhood, all false thinking is silenced.”   In this section the first seal is opened by the Lamb and one of the four beasts beckons, “Come and see.” A white horse with rider, bow and crown comes “forth conquering and to conquer.”   Perhaps this picture is representing war and the lust for power over others.  These claims of mesmerism and hypnotism would frighten us and overtake us as if there were a charging horse headed right for us.  Perhaps you have felt steamrollered into something you would not ordinarily do.  However, the Lamb brings to the opening of the seal the power of Love, spiritual discernment and soaring, spiritual clarity and dominion. Citation S&H6 explains what spiritual strength does: it “…has opened wide the gates of glory, and illumined the night of paganism with the sublime grandeur of divine Science, outshining sin, sorcery, lust, and hypocrisy.” Citations S&H7 & S&H8 tell how to build a strong defense and take the steps to annihilate the false claims with the Christ, Truth.   Our spiritual, real, only identity cannot be hidden as we build a strong defense and wear the crown of Love with our every thought and deed.

Section 3: Citation B5 has the opening of the second seal and the second beast saying “Come and see.”  A red horse comes out and his rider has power to take peace from the earth, that people should kill one another and the rider was given a great sword.  Perhaps this is about terrorism, war and blood.   How about the more subtle acts like criticism, putdowns, belittlements, killing someone’s joy or hope? (S&H10)  We must learn that mortal reasoning and reactions don’t belong to our only identity as the reflection of God. (S&H12)  The Lamb of God, the power of Love, spiritual discernment and soaring, spiritual clarity brought to the opening of this seal more enlightenment about spiritual nature which establishes true brotherhood denouncing and silencing mortal personality’s characteristics. The opening of the seal by the Lamb of God exposes as powerless the claims for war, terrorism and agitation.

Section 4: Citation B6 tells of the third seal being opened by the Lamb of God and the third beast calling to “Come and see,” as a black horse and rider carrying a pair of balances (scales) offers a measure of wheat for a penny. Sounds like a black market taking place with unfair practices or even stealing which can characterize hard economic times. The Lamb of God faced this argument and exposed its claim to have no effect. Citation S&H13 tells what adjusts the claims of lack of any kind. We must denounce mortal selfhood and its claims as never having been part of us or anyone. Citation S&H16 is the acknowledgment of our divine nature and active love of God that lifts us into the abundance of good and helps us to see that suggestions of lack have no place or power in God’s universe or our home or consciousness. It is the activity of the divine nature expressed that provides for us today, here and now, in both “the human and divine economy.” (S&H17)

Section 5: Citation B7 has the Lamb of God opening the fourth seal and the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.”   A pale horse appears with Death riding it and “Hell followed with him.” In B10 & B11, Christ Jesus denounced death and raised the widow’s dead son, proving life not to be in matter, but of God. Christ Jesus’ understanding that the widow’s son was the Son of God (understanding his spiritual identity) denounced death and restored or awakened this young man to his immortal identity as the Son of God. (B12)  If we keep our thinking Spirit-based, we will not be tempted to dwell in the mortal. Understanding the Christ, Truth, defends us and keeps us from burying our concepts in mortal mind. Citation S&H18 makes it so clear what the Christ-element in consciousness, those Lamb-of-God-qualities, do for anyone. They give us life eternal. Citation S&H19 states that the mission of the Christ is to denounce, destroy error by dwelling in the perfection of Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth and Love. Citation S&H20 tells us, “Truth, Life, and Love are a law of annihilation to everything unlike themselves, because they declare nothing except God.”  What are some of the ways you have seen your thought awakened from being buried in mortal beliefs and in a kind of hell of fear? So the raising of the dead is not just the raising of a mortal body. In the Christly way, we are raising thought buried in mortal concepts or beliefs. It is the Christ-ideas we entertain that do the work.

Section 6: Citation B13 has the Lamb of God opening the fifth seal which reveals those “slain for the word of God”–for what they proclaimed and refused to give up. Hoyt says John saw the souls of the martyrs or their uplifted spiritual thought. Uplifted spiritual thought never stops blessing, nor can it be buried in any mortal thought or action. Any personal sense or self-pity as to why this is happening to me, would be removed by the Lamb of God.  Hoyt suggests, a “white robe” could stand for, “purified protection.”  Doesn’t mortal mind try to kill one’s conviction in God’s Allness and discredit or question spiritual identity? Citation S&H22 states “spiritual recompense of the persecuted is assured in the elevation of existence above mortal discord and in the gift of divine Love.”

[I hope you too will love a hymn inspired by an unsealed revelation about you: “Behold, they stand in robes of white Who out of tribulation came, With songs of joy upon their heads, They praise His holy name. O these are they whose hearts are pure, And free from sin or any stain, They stand before the throne of light, Their joy shall never wane.

“They worship Him in spirit new, God’s messengers of Love and Life, They do His will, they speak His Word That stills all pain and strife. They show an ever clearer light, Like stars they shall forever shine; They witness truly to His Word, And God saith, These are Mine.”  CS Hymnal 19]

Section 7: Citation B14 describes the opening of the sixth seal. There is an earthquake, the sun becomes black, moon become red, stars fall to earth, a mighty wind makes the fig trees drop their fruit. All men hide in caves in the mountains. This is not to be interpreted literally. What shakes up your world? When you have run into human will or acted out human will, sooner or later things just don’t run happily and normally. Human will has inharmony tucked in its wings and always darkens, shakes, robs the experience of its fruit, and makes others either run or want to run [and hide] from it. Human will is so easy to spot in others and not so easy to spot in ourselves.  Human will is silenced by the Lamb of God.  We all express these qualities as the reflection, expression of God.  We need to denounce mortal identity as not belonging to us or anyone and to consciously claim and express the Lamb-of-God qualities. Citation B15 tells of a great multitude which appears before the throne clothed in white robes. It is explained [as in Hymn 19] that they came “out of great tribulation”–they stopped accepting a mortal personality and washed their thinking of a mortal identity with the “blood of the Lamb” until their understanding of identity was spiritual, and they were clad in the pure white robes of a child of God. They serve God day and night in His temple and He dwells among them. This understanding of their spiritual identity and expressing it shall feed them, “lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.” All of this good comes from denouncing the mortal sense of identity and things (Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism) and claiming and expressing the Lamb-of-God qualities. Neither the Bible nor Science and Health says it is easy, but it IS doable, can be accomplished and is well worth it. Citations S&H 23, 24, & 25 cover the steps to be taken to establish in consciousness the spiritual identity that God is expressing and to point out the need to uncover and denounce evil. Look up in a Dictionary or The Synonym Finder the word “denounce.” “Blackball” was one synonym I found for denounce. If I had wanted to join a certain club, made application and was blackballed by the club, there would be no way I could get membership into that club. They would turn their backs on me. Are we really blackballing, denouncing, all mortal beliefs? None of them are worthy of recognition and we can’t be made to believe mortality’s lies. In the face of the Lamb of God, the Christ, Truth, these mortal lies are all powerless and we need to acknowledge that fact.

Section 8: Citation B16 describes the opening of the seventh seal by the Lamb of God. There was complete silence; mortal selfhood had been silenced by the Lamb of God. Seven angels were given seven trumpets. Angels do proclaim, “God’s thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality, and mortality.” (S&H 571:4)  Citation B17 (from Vision 3) tells about the mighty angel with a little open book in his hand standing upon the sea and the earth. In citation B18 (also of Vision 3) the seventh angel announces all kingdoms belong to God and his Christ and He will govern forever. Twenty-four elders give thanks to God and acknowledge His great power and government. Citation S&H26 states, “…nothing short of this divine Principle (a synonym for God), understood and demonstrated, can ever furnish the vision of the Apocalypse, open the seven seals of error with Truth, or uncover the myriad illusions of sin, sickness, and death.” In citations S&H 27& 28, Mrs. Eddy speaks to elements of Vision 3 in this lesson and unfolds the passages as revealed to her. Citation S&H29 is from the last paragraph in the chapter “Science of Being,” where Mrs. Eddy has declared, “The First Commandment is my favorite text.”  The author of citation B2 (in Section 1) asks to be taught “…thy statutes. Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”  Mrs. Eddy is telling about the Science behind the First Commandment. This citation states the fruits of applying this Christ Science in human consciousness. Consider how great the results are of denouncing evil. Citation S&H30 closes with man’s spiritual identity seen as the expression of infinite, good God. You fully express a God that is knowable, all-powerful and ever-present. There is therefore no other presence or power, no mystery or mortality in His expression of man and the universe, right here, right now.

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Possible Sunday School Topics (P.S.S.T.) for May 31, 2009
“Ancient and Modern Necromancy Alias Mesmerism & Hypnotism Denounced”
By Tom Evans, CedarS Sunday School teacher / staff, St. Louis, MO [with bracketed italics by Warren]

Look at the subject itself. Think about this lesson centering on John’s book of Revelation, which was written in code. Evil is powerless and unreal, but what other names do evil suggestions have today?

[Check out this link to a video of a British Sunday School Class (including a CedarS camper) doing a great job of breaking down the lesson to help shed some fun, new light on the seven seals: ]

Golden Text and Responsive Reading
The revelation came through Jesus’ life and works, so why is John telling us about it? [God gave this message to John so he could share it with us.] Why should we believe John? What gives him authority to tell us about a crazy throne surrounded by weird beasts? What is he talking about? Is this a hidden message? What are we supposed to get from this Responsive Reading? This is a summary of the lesson, so what is the lesson about? One of CedarS wonderful practitioners, Carole Schierholz, C.S., wrote the CedarS Lesson Metaphysical (“Met”) this week and she did a beautiful job of highlighting spiritual sense in this week’s lesson. Challenges may be presented to us in many different forms. How can we remain vigilant in “stand[ing] porter at the door of thought”(S&H 392:24)? Are you going to let ugly horses and their riders carrying various tools of “Necromancy Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism” ride right into your consciousness? Let’s not! How can we “denounce” erroneous thoughts of sickness, sin, and death that seem so prevalent in today’s culture, media, and entertainment?

[Since “NOW is come salvation” (GT), there is no justification for procrastination. What will you vow to do NOW that you had been putting off? Why wait till the economy turns around or someone else changes? Be pro-actively God-activated NOW! Also it’s time to stop being cynical and critical! Part of 2009 CedarS Climate Change Workshop is to transform the mental climate from one of criticism (“the ACCUSER that is cast down” GT) to the “atmosphere of Love divine.” (Hymn 144) Share ways you can change to be “a real Christian Scientist…constantly accentuating harmony in word and deed, mentally and orally.” Misc. 206:19]

Bible Section 1
When a secret agent gets an envelope marked “for your eyes only” or “top secret” it is going to have some pretty important information in it right? If you were at camp and you received a package from a relative that was ripped open and full of cookie crumbs wouldn’t you suspect something? When a king puts his seal on something he wants to send to another important individual, the recipient knows that no one else has tampered with the message if the royal wax seal on the letter is intact. This verse from Isaiah seems to suggest that only those who are ready can understand the vision. Immediately following this is a verse from Psalms (B2) asking for this very understanding and the only way to get there is through vigilantly following God’s law. Do we routinely ask God to open up our eyes? How can we better follow the commandments in order to grow in our spiritual understanding?
What’s the meaning of the number 7? What is so complete about this book? It sounds like it needs a key to be opened. What book is this? Can we find it in the library? Every creature “listened” to this message. What are we supposed to get from this message about the lamb? How does Mrs. Eddy define “Lamb of God” in the Glossary (S1)?

Science and Health Section 1
What is the lamb we are supposed to be protecting? Is it an idea? Is it tangible? Can we feel it, recognize it, and understand it?
Is it possible to find good from a belief of life in matter? See S4.
Truth unveils error. So if these 7 seals were preventing us from accessing the book how did they come off? How do we get road blocks out of the way of our own progress?

Bible Section 2
If the lamb is opening up the seals for us, how can we follow this lamb? Does it ever seem like mortal mind puts up a fight when we uncover error with Truth? How can we avoid discouragement when bad things appear to result from doing something good?

Science and Health Section 2
S7: “Evil thoughts… cannot go forth if virtue and truth build a strong defense.” There are many human leaders whom history recognizes as great men and women, yet they still had evil thoughts and did sinful things. How do we use virtue and truth to build a strong defense? (“Come out from among them, and be… separate,…” – II Cor 6:17.)
S8: Mrs. Eddy is giving us an assignment. What is the “apostolic command”? Who were the apostles? What did they do for us (MyBible Lesson says they first established the Christian faith)? How do we live this command as good Christians? How can we apply it in daily situations? This is the one time when Mrs. Eddy uses the word, “pressure” in Science and Health. What “Pressure” is the command placing on us? [How can this help you take off some of the pressure you might be feeling at the end of a school year? with a “tight” economy? Remember: “There is nothing more stress-free than a reflection.”]
What does it mean to make Christianity our “Queen of life”? What do you think of when you think of “Christianity” in general? What does Mrs. Eddy mean when she says “Christianity”? Is this simply a way of conducting church services or is she talking about a way of life?

Bible Section 3
B5: Is there really a force that is actively taking peace from the earth (No! Of course not.)? Does darkness “take” light from a room? Sometimes it is tempting to work backwards from effect to cause. Working backwards without any sense of direction, could you see someone making up so-called “causes” that are just plain wrong? Does this do us any good?
The “great sword” could be interpreted as good or bad-what are opposing “swords” in the world today? Think of this “sword” on a macro, global scale. How can we recognize the forces for good when there seem to be so many bad things going on across the globe? On a micro, community or individual scale what forces are acting in thought? Are you standing porter at the door of thought?

Science and Health Section 3
TV and movies seem to teach us the exact opposite moral advice as what we read in S10. Discuss this one. [How can you put and end to put-downs and criticism?]
S12: Mankind will become perfect in proportion as this fact becomes established. Why doesn’t mankind just do it then? We talk about the possibility of world peace all the time. Is there a force stopping us with a huge sword out there? What is the “true brotherhood (or sisterhood) of man?”

Bible Section 4
It seems like they are talking about major price changes here. MyBible lesson says this is the equivalent of spending an entire day’s earnings on enough food to feed one person. It could have been caused by extremely high taxes. Imagine spending your entire salary on food and you don’t even have enough to feed your family. Forget video games or anything else. What if we were in a hyper inflation? Dinner could cost your family their life-savings. People could get very upset. This is a sign that economic systems may fail. People’s savings may be in jeopardy. But whose balance are we looking to? I hope it’s not this year’s CPI. (The Consumer Price Index –CPI–compares relative prices annually for a particular basket of goods-like the price of a loaf of bread, some gasoline, and a bottle of shampoo.) In this passage in Revelation, it seems like the CPI is going crazy, the commodities markets of the time must have been going nuts-they certainly did in times of extreme scarcity and over-abundance. Think of what it would have been like when Israel was under attack and there was famine or when the Israelites discovered the “promised land” and there was great abundance, “a land of milk and honey.” Suddenly the standards and prices that people lived by were all messed up. Whose balances are you living by – the value of the dollar, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500, or “Divine Love [which] always has met and always will meet every human need?” (S&H 494:10)

Science and Health Section 4
S13: Does this mean we should do wrong until “sooner or later” comes around and at that moment we should switch to the right thing?
S14: How can human justice be like God’s justice? What would that look like? Have you ever seen examples of this?
S16: Think of an example of mortal mind tripping itself up. This mortal system is not only mal-functioning and incomplete; it has no basis for existence. “In proportion as we…” (S15)– that’s twice we see a direct correspondence between the “weight you throw into the right scale”( S16) and spiritual comprehension and progress. “The physical senses must give up their false testimony.” How do we do that? What steps can you take to stop trusting in something that is so prominent in today’s society?
Older classes: Use markers 15 and 17 in Science and Health to explain why we should not be uptight about economic hardships like the ones mentioned in B6. Now explain it to a non-Christian Scientist friend of yours-no Christian Science jargon allowed! You can still reason from the starting point of God as the only cause and creator, but you can’t end with “I am perfect.” What does “perfect” mean? Break it down!

Bible Section 5
B7: 4th seal, pale horse: These lies come in all different forms. There seem to be roadblocks. How can we stay fresh when we seem to repeat false claims? Can there ever be a lingering sense of lack or despair after what seems to be a major change in life? Can hellish torments follow challenges? How can we denounce such a suggestion?
B8: Is there really a devil? Does evil have any power? How do we “destroy the works of the devil?” Why do we need to? If there is no power in a suggestion, why bother with handling it at all? Destroy the works of the devil…with what set of tools? What can be a good guide for destroying evil thoughts and beliefs in our thought? Jesus taught and helped heal families who were about to give up on life in general.
Look at Jesus’ healing in Nain: Imagine you are watching this happen. Will you change the way you weigh things? What was Jesus thinking? What steps did he take to raise the dead man? What did the mother have to do? After a huge human change, the death of her son, where would society expect her thought to go? Where did Jesus demand her to rest her thoughts?
B12: John-how do we keep his saying? What is “he” saying? Who is speaking? Whose rules are we talking about?

Science and Health Section 5
S18: What is eternal life? How would you ever know if you really “demonstrated” Truth?
S19: Please explain this passage from Science and Health in layman’s terms. Explain it to a friend of yours. They just asked why you don’t go to doctors. Have at it! Don’t bore them to tears. Don’t lecture them on how they should think. Does the light and darkness, falsity and error comparison make sense to you? Explain this while you are at it. Try to whittle down your answer. Sunday School only lasts an hour, you know.
S20: “Truth has no consciousness of error.” Does God see evil? Is he capable of seeing anything less than His creation? Does anything exist outside of “All in all”?

Bible Section 6
Do we really have to be martyrs? Mrs. Eddy is not asking us to get hurt. How are we supposed to think about them? MyBibleLesson says these martyrs are rewarded with white robes.

Science and Health Section 6
How are martyrs “earth’s luminaries”? What exactly are they lighting up for others to see? If earth has no repayment for the persecution individuals go through to protect Christianity, why suffer through them?

Bible Section 7
B15: What is the Lamb feeding them with? Think about the importance of finding a spring, “living fountains of waters” in the desert. We are comforted by this spring. Think about potential analogies for this concept of finding a spring. What could it be a metaphor for?
Carole and Warren point to Hymn 19 and its correlation with this passage from Revelation in the metaphysical newsletter.
B15 is very different than the darkness, fear, and chaos in marker B14, a great multitude clothed in white robes stands before the throne of God, serving him. They no longer hunger or thirst — all their needs are met and Hymn 19 gives a wonderful description of these people from all countries and languages. Make a list of the qualities and attributes described in this hymn:
— They stand in white robes
— They came out of tribulation (they have overcome many troubles and problems)
— They’re singing songs of joy
— They’re praising God’s holy name (singing their praise and gratitude for God’s great goodness)
— Their hearts are pure, etc.

What is going on here? Whiteness & purity from blood? How can we make sense of this?
How are we supposed to gain from tribulation? On page 66 in Science and Health Mrs. Eddy says “Trials are proofs of God’s care.” We grow from trials. Two weeks ago the lesson was based on “the Trial” in Science and Health. What message is the Bible Lesson Committee sending the Christian Science Movement? What do you get from these subjects?

Science and Health Section 7
S24 Do we have this same sense of certainty?
S25: What does it mean to truly “love” God?
B15, verse 17, and S25: What is the reward of this faithfulness?
What truths and qualities does Science and Health highlight in this section that we can express to help us overcome any error that would try to make us feel bad, like it is “the end of the world”?
Mortal thought and limitations seem to be coming at us in a more challenging way. The illusions are more complicated and subtle. Challenges get more complex as we grow. We will be up to the challenge? How can we be ready to handle the garments coming from mortal looms? How can we continue to “wear white” in our thought? How does it help to “wear white” in our daily mortal existence? Being polite is not exactly spiritual, yet it seems like this will lead to spiritual progress. What other examples of “wearing white” in the physical existence will lead to clothing yourself in “white garments” in the spiritual can you come up with? What would it have meant to wear white in the desert in John’s time? Think about how hard it would be to keep something white in the desert without a washing machine or bleach.
“I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.” (Matt 5:17) Destroy what? Fulfill what?
S23: Evil is not power. What is a despot? Name a “political despot”. How can we overcome the seemingly despotic control of evil over mankind?
S24: If understanding is changeless, where does learning come into play? Doesn’t our understanding of a subject change? How can we figure out what Mrs. Eddy is saying here by thinking about “unfoldment” rather than “accretion?” [Work out from perfection instead of up to it!]
What is the difference between belief and understanding?
S24: How do we aid the ejection of error?
S25: The “robes of spirit” are not only white, but “glistening.” Even in this world we are told to have clean clothes. It sounds like this is going beyond the color white. A glistening outfit would sparkle and shine in the light of divine Love. Talk about what this could mean for us. No, you are not supposed to wear aluminum foil all summer. What does that mean wear white? Does our outfit have anything to do with our spiritual progress? Mrs. Eddy is placing a major emphasis on overcoming temptation-like the horses. How do we accomplish this? What mental garments are we wearing?

Bible Section 8
B16: Silence for 30 minutes. 7 angels with 7 trumpets-that must sound pretty nice. What’s the purpose of all of this pomp and circumstance? No more time. Was there ever time? [How can great good get done in a short amount of time by knowing that “Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded” S&H 584:4]
B17: This angel had “a rainbow upon his head”. When do we see a rainbow in nature? Usually it shows up after rain or a storm. Why is there a rainbow when the 7th seal is opened? Does it have anything to do with the storm of error being over or evil destroyed?

Science and Health Section 8
Look up the definition for “latent”:
“potentially existing but not presently evident or realized” (;
“Existing or present but concealed or inactive” (
S29: “One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations…” Do you believe this? What scale are you putting weight into? Mrs. Eddy says there is no other power or presence. Do you agree? Really? What about all of the negative stuff that seems to go on? How can you use this phrase to help pray for the world when you hear about bad things on the news?
Why does the still small voice reach so far? How can we listen to it more often?
What “curse” is supposed to be on man? Hint: check Genesis 3:23. When we throw away this false sense of existence it “leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished, or destroyed.” What freedoms are rightly yours that you may be forgetting about, taking for granted, or not even realize you have?
S30: Is the victory of Truth over evil something that will happen in the future, or is it helping us right now?

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