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David Price’s 4th session “Farewell Message” to take home the glow of “love, joy, peace… ” along with other “fruit of the Spirit” (Gal. 5:22, Golden Text)

In wrapping up Awards Night for Session 4, David Price asked the whole camp to remember back and cherish all the “love, joy, peace…” and other “fruit of the Spirit” that they had felt and grown in during the session.  David, Holly and Warren all reminded everyone how loved they are and to cherish the “grace to go forward” with your best self in taking the essence of CedarS home with them.  Everyone closed the session with the unity of  the CedarS song.

Note there is no text version (or audio-only recording as yet) of this message, but we hope you enjoy the video.  Note also that everyone in the audience is sitting with their cabin or program cohort which have been together for nearly two weeks.

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