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[Let “Christian Science, the natural law of harmony … overcome(s) discord…” SH 134:21]
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

Christian Science”
for June 22-28, 2020

prepared by John Biggs, CS Maryland Height, MO 541.418.1176

The law of God is the only law that is 100% just, 100% merciful, 100% accurate all the time. Reliant only on God and His self-existent nature as omnipotent good, the law of God – the actionable, reliable Science of Christianity – enforces itself and illuminates all God's creation. Throughout this 'Met,' when I refer to the law, it's the law of Christian Science that I'm referring to. This is not a humanly prescribed 'law and order' screed; this is a rejoicing in demonstrable “Christian Science, the natural law of harmony which overcomes discord…” (SH 134:21) and in "Love's divine adventure to be All-in-all”! (My. 158:9-10)

Golden Text

Changeless, trustworthy, entirely Principled, entirely aware… these are some of the beautiful adjectives for God and His impartations. When I think of things coming down from above, I think of rain. Rain touches everything; sometimes it's a fog that slowly soaks everything, sometimes it's a downpour that drenches you and makes kids stomp and jump, and sometimes it's the gentle drizzle that just waters the garden. If you're outside when it's raining, you get wet. So here, with this beautiful verse from James, it makes me think: how can I make sure I'm 'outside,' so to speak, so I can really feel God's nature, gifts and perfection soaking into me and revealing who I am, and who everyone really is. God is raining – or shining, to use the sun and light metaphor – His nature everywhere. We can be so grateful! Let's enjoy the constant impartation of His law, and instead of trying to use His law so we can get a better life, let's let His law show us who we are, in all God's goodness and glory.

Responsive Reading

"Open my eyes, so I can see wonderful things because of your law!" Light allows you and me to see! How wonderful that the law of God is not, and does not encourage, some kind of prosperity gospel. No, it's all about showing us how to assess things from God's point of view – not trying to have an amazing life from our point of view, but letting our point of view be defined by God.

Can we joyfully and humbly say, "I am Your servant"? We don't need to be ashamed or embarrassed if we don't know or understand everything about the Gospel message, or about God's law. Just keep looking to the activity of God, His law, His Christian Science, to show us what to do and how to go forward each step.

Section 1:

His nature doesn't change based on people's opinions. The kingdom of heaven is not a democracy! The divine Principle of the entire universe, Love, expressed Herself: here we all are. God gave us Christ Jesus to show us what Her ideal man (generic term there, meaning men and women) is like. God reveals Himself – shows us what He is like. We don't need to ruminate over past wrongs or justify our own bad behavior; we don't need to be afraid of others' fears or base our sense of things entirely on what other people have told us. Let Love reveal Herself, moment by moment. Mary Baker Eddy's familiar hymn, "Feed My Sheep," includes this helpful line: "Shepherd, show me how to go…" HOW to go. Not what to do, or where to go, or with whom to speak. HOW to go. If you get the 'how' covered, all the rest becomes clear. Following God's law – looking to Him and to the model provided by Jesus – is what teaches us 'how to go.' The glory of God HAS been revealed, and the life and teachings of Jesus show us who we were all meant to be. Those teachings of Jesus, and the shining of the Word of God throughout the Bible, have been illumined and freely explained to the entire world, shown in their timeless efficacy and glory, in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. We can be so grateful that she was willing enough and humble enough to devote so much of her life to God's service, explaining the Bible texts. We are able to follow and practice what we've been given!

Section 2:

"Our sufficiency is of God." (B8) What a rescue from the self-centeredness that would make us think our safety and salvation depends on us. The Christ, that Jesus so perfectly represented, freely shines God's light, showing how the law of God is supreme and the supposed law of mortality is precluded from existing.

You may know that the word 'sin' comes from the Greek 'to miss the mark.' Like in archery! It's crucial to remember that, just like in archery, when you miss the mark, you are allowed to try again. Sin is not a done deal! Now, if we think that we can't try again, that's its own punishment, but as the law and light of Christ shows, we are always able to persist in seeing our true nature as the image and likeness of God. Healing is an effect of this new view. Be willing to keep persisting in looking to the law of God.

There's a saying, "we all fall, but we're not fallen." There's no use pretending that we don't sin. But there's a big difference between missing the mark, and being fated to always be a missed mark, yourself. The law of God rescues us from any sense of predilection to sin, to be unhealthy, to not feel loved. We can consciously and intentionally yield to this law. In doing so, we'll find our freedom from any sense of predilection to sin, or victimization by sin.

Section 3:
Do you ever catch yourself saying, "There's no way" ? Like, there's no way to do this, or there's no way that so-and-so will agree with me…? Ok, consider this. Jesus identified Christ – the impartation and action of God and His law – as the Way. Christ is risen and is eternally here – as represented by the resurrection and the ascension.

So, if there's 'no way,' doesn't that deny the risen Christ? But if Christ IS risen – if the foundation of the Christian message is true – then there must be a way. Now, of course, we need to be humble and willing to be more God-oriented than personal sense oriented; the way that lies ahead may not be the way you wanted. But there's a big difference between not getting what you want, and there simply being no way.

The law of God is the law of Love; that, truly, actually is what we all want. We don't find love in money, jobs or people. Those things and people may illustrate avenues for feeling and giving love, but the fundamental existence and presence of Love is independent of circumstance. It's important to really practice turning more and more to God and His law to see our way forward, instead of turning only to the expression.

Sometimes you may be entirely on your own; sometimes people will let you down; sometimes your income may not be what you hoped; sometimes your health situation may seem scary. But right there – right there! – the Comforter (so aptly named…) is there. God is what is HERE, and Love's law is supreme. We are able to feel that law. I have found much peace, even in the midst of chaos, when I'm willing to just be still and be glad that God is here. Love to put God's presence first.

Section 4:
You serve who you serve. If we serve evil, we can't pretend or justify somehow and say we're serving good. If we serve good, we don't then fear that evil will come. Something important to remember is that the servants are cared for and provided for. But again, the servant is provided for, by the one he serves. So, if we are self-serving, then everything is going to feel like it's on your shoulders. If we watch for how we can serve others, we'll also see what others are giving.

As we persist in learning to serve and wait on God, we'll see how we "mount up with eagles' wings" (Isaiah 40:31). Love to watch closely and thoughtfully, to see how Christ, the active presence and law of God, is what you serve – and thus what shines out. It's helpful to have specific watchwords or hallmarks for ourselves. So, when we're thinking or doing something, can we say, "I'm doing this and showing that I follow Jesus" ? Watch. See how, or if, we can see who you serve.

Section 5:

Remember and declare how loved you are! The law is an ever-present, ever-active law. Principle never stops being Principle. So, when we do feel this, deeply in our hearts, declare it and remember it. Then, when the storms come, and we do not feel loved, we can remember that we have been loved… and if we have been loved by a changeless, perfect Love, then we must still be loved right now. Right here! God and His perfect law is right here.

Love to act and think in accord with the presence of the Comforter – no matter what the evidence may suggest. Evidence is only legitimate if it relates to the 'court' and the case at hand, and since God never let us out of His jurisdiction, if the evidence does not indicate the presence and power of God, it cannot truly be evidence but is just a mistaken sense of things. And we don't handle that mistaken sense by blaming ourselves for those problems!

The law is the law of Love; we find our way forward through a deeper valuing of the wonderful work God has done – including ourselves. The encouragement in citation B16 to present ourselves entirely by and to Spirit, God, makes me think of so many ramifications. Am I presenting myself to a client, to a family member, to a church member, to a neighbor, as a representative and servant of God and His law? Or am I just representing myself and what I feel I want? Love “the natural law of harmony,” and we'll love to serve the law.

Section 6:

Give of the good you've seen! I love the idea of 'ushering in an awareness of the presence of the kingdom of Heaven.' Following the law, living by the mandates of Christian Science – and this is so much more than just the trap of culturally 'checking off the boxes' – means we are learning to see what God has made in everything, and thus refusing to be impressed or entranced with 'evidence' that doesn't indicate God.

I was asked once, "Why don't Christian Scientists drink?" I responded, "Well, some Christian Scientists do drink, so the question is inherently unhelpful and inaccurate. If we're looking to people or cultural norms or judgmental expectations, all we'll learn is what opinions people have. So maybe we can ask instead, what do Christian Scientists do? And, being so busy learning about and engaging in that impartation, that 'ushering in' of a greater awareness of heaven, we'll naturally find, without unhelpful judgment or criticism, that we won't have time to do things or think things that aren't included in that perfect harmony, that perfect law of Love." It's by the doing – the engagement, even the apprenticeship and full servitude – to the law of Love, because we love the law, that we'll see what heaven is like. Because following the law – following, serving, obeying the action and Word of God, perfect Principle – is to live in heaven.

Jesus said, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!" That's not, "Watch out! The God-police are coming! Shape up and follow the law!" No. It's, "Look, the kingdom of heaven is here! If you can't see it, turn around!" Included in that loving call is the implication that we CAN turn around – that we are ABLE to follow the law, to see heaven and all God's love, in the first place. This is the joy of following God's law: not that we have a list of stuff we don't do, but that we know more and more clearly what we DO. And we know that, because we know what God does. You are so loved, so very loved, and that perfect law of infinite Love will never ever let you go.

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Summer Update (as of June 22):
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