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Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Christian Science”
for July 1, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS of House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

This Golden Text sets the tone for this lesson about Christian Science by establishing that we are talking not about a religion comprised of theories and doctrines, but the law of divine Love that lives at the very heart and soul of Christian Science (S31). The word law is used five times in the first four verses of our Responsive Reading this week, but this is a law that brings delight and freedom, not condemnation. This "condemnation" comes with the Adam-man version of creation. Christian Science is based on the Christ man. It is the law of the "Spirit of life in Christ Jesus" that has given us freedom from the so-called laws of matter. These are beautiful statements of Christian Science, written hundreds of years before Mrs. Eddy made her discovery. They encompass all mankind of every single religious faith, and all who have no religious conviction as well. Like the human laws of physics, the law of Love governs all mankind regardless of all factors. Christian Science is inescapable, and why would we want to escape it when it brings delight, joy, freedom and healing?

Section 1: The laws of Love are eternal & revealed to all.
[Cobbey C's insights on citations B2 & B4 are in W's PS#1 & PS#2a & #2b]

Jesus declared (B3) that he came to fulfill the law. He was referring to the law revealed to Moses, but it is the same law of Love that we know today as Christian Science and the same that was revealed to Mary Baker Eddy so many years later. Just as Jesus proved the power and love that come with that law by healing, so does Christian Science. This is why we know it as the promised Comforter. It is interesting that this Comforter has been with us forever, throughout all time. This is why I say that Christian Science is about so much more than religion.

How could the law of Love come into being only about 150 years ago? How could it only belong to those who know it as Christian Science, or happen to live in a part of the world where it is known? What would be loving about any divine law that only was available to such a small segment of mankind? We can broaden our thought about the accessibility of this law of Love to each of us. Its blessing is not narrowed by age, understanding, education, locality….but is operating widely and unconditionally.

Section 2: When the law of Love is in our heart, we are new each day.
[Cobbey C's insights on citations B8 & B9 are in W's PS#3 & PS#4]

Nicodemus was a member of the Sanhedrin (B9). This was a group of Jewish men who made decisions about laws. I've always felt like the fact that he came to Jesus "by night", meant that, although he recognized that Jesus' acts sprang from God, he felt that, because Jesus was not a member of an important Jewish church group such as the Pharisees or Sadducees, he couldn't be found associating with him in public.

Showing public approval for Jesus would put Nicodemus at risk for being seen as a law breaker himself since Jesus didn't follow the letter of Jewish law. Rather than risk that, he found him in the cover of darkness. Perhaps he was "hedging his bets", that is, showing Jesus that he was a believer, without risking a loss of his own social status. Either way, I love how Paul's statement from Romans is used in the lesson to follow this story: "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth;" (B10). We don't need to hide our interest in and love of this gospel or "good news". It is the very power of God to save all mankind!

One little church I was a member of was planning on holding a lecture. We were determined that it not be in the "old mold" of someone standing up in a stuffy rented space, or in our own church. We had prayed for months together and worked closely with the lecturer in deciding that in our very informal community, potlucks were state-of-the-art entertainment. A potluck was also something we felt happy to invite a friend to.

We were aware of Mary Baker Eddy's provision in the Church Manual about lectures and not having social gatherings following them. How should we look at that important law? It seemed that the spirit of that law meant that all who attended should be able to leave the lecture to quietly ponder its message, rather than socialize. What if the socializing happened before hand? This seemed just right to us! We also wanted to shed the traditional, but ineffective up to this time, approach of advertising. Instead, we each tasked ourselves with personally inviting as many as we could to attend.

I walked door to door in our woodsy and spread out neighborhood. It was, for me, an act of courage—that soon became a real act of love. I met and visited with more than half a dozen people and families, all of whom were interested, thoughtful and had good questions about healing. Several had past brushes with Christian Science as well. These new ways of thinking blessed this lecture mightily and we did indeed have more newcomers than members in attendance!

These Science and Health citations from this section express the fact that Christian Science is a powerful law of good to mankind.

  • "Our Master taught no mere theory, doctrine, or belief. It was the divine Principle of all real being which he taught and practised. His proof of Christianity was no form or system of religion and worship, but Christian Science, working out the harmony of Life and Love." (S7) and
  • "The term Science, properly understood, refers only to the laws of God and to His government of the universe, inclusive of man." (S9)

Christian Science does not need to be "visited in the cover of darkness", but, as we find in a later section, it can shine through our demonstration, like a light on a hill! In this way it is a religion that renews itself with each demonstration and prayer, helping us to be reborn in our understanding of the laws of Christ.

Section 3: The law of Love brings healing and fearless delight.
[Cobbey C's insights on citations B13 & B14 are in W's PS#5 & PS#6]

I wonder if the woman in this section that was "bowed together" for eighteen years, was bent under the false laws of theology (B14). Did she suffer from the weight of theological belief that she was a sinner and therefore destined to suffering? Did her fellow church goers judge her for her situation? We are told that there is nothing intellectual in the laws of God. Citation B12 tells us that the law of God is in the heart which implies that it is something that is felt and natural to us, not something we garner from position or education. This woman was looking for salvation, as it says in the Golden Text, and she found it in the Christ Truth, the same law that gives Christian Science its healing power. What Jesus did for church in his day, Christian Science does for Christianity today through the Christ. Bringing love to the forefront of activity in church allays fear. Fear cannot exist in the same place with Love, any more than darkness can exist in light.

For many years a member of my extended family has struggled with our faith. He is a Christian of different faith and is clear that, in his eyes, Christian Science is not Christian. His concern is over whether we will be "saved", so you might say that his motives for concern are ones of love. I've never felt the need to defend Christian Science to him, but have mostly avoided conversation about religion with him altogether.

Last fall I had the opportunity to stay with this relative for a couple of days. One morning early, we had a lovely conversation about Christian Science (mostly what it is not), and how we both think of Jesus—love Jesus. We were each deeply moved to find out that we have many views in common, and he was especially touched that I deeply revere and love Jesus. I'm not sure he is at peace about my immortal soul, but we do correspond now and again about things spiritual and religious. We have a very tender and fresh relationship that came about naturally and warmly through allaying some of the dogmatic fears that he held (incorrectly) about Christian Science and its practice. With Love at the helm, we can be sure that our practice of Christian Science erases fear and overturns dogma that might appear to prevent anyone from receiving the healing benefits of this Science.

Section 4: Christian Science reveals the law of Truth.

This law of Truth shines a light on man's innate integrity and uprightness. And Christian Science and its healing power are indeed innate to each of us as it says in citation S22 where the word "immanent" in this case means "innate", or naturally intrinsic! What is the purpose of religion? Is it to divide us into groups of those who are "good" and those who are "unworthy"? This is the belief of the Pharisees who accuse Jesus of mingling with sinners.

Jesus answers that naturally he is mixing with those who need what his Science has to offer! The law of Truth is a law of compassion and it reveals our true nature as God's man. This is the wonderful thing about Christian Science which Jesus practiced. It helps us to rethink (repent) our view of man and God. It gives us the true view of man as good and reflecting a good God who is powerful. This allows us to leave behind false traits that are no part of God's or Truth's creation.

Have you ever tried to leave a bad habit behind? It can be really challenging, especially if it is something you have identified yourself with over many years. I have a sort of silly example, but it has blossomed into something broader over time. About a year ago I realized that I tend to hunch my shoulders forward. Besides being unattractive, it left me uncomfortable at times, and strained my neck and upper back when exercising. I have been working hard to remind myself, sitting or moving, to stand tall and keep my head up. Since beginning this effort I have started to think of this in a spiritual way as well.

I think of this year as my "year of walking uprightly". And I mean by that, not so much standing in a more erect posture, but thinking in terms of integrity. This means to me that I will not freely admit anything in my thought that is not reflected in the law of Truth—regarding body, consciousness, people, politics, family, work, and so on. It takes a great deal of monitoring of my consciousness, and I won't say that I'm completely successful. But I am grateful for progress and a deeper understanding of the law of integrity. I find that I am not willing to shrug off little discomforts, but to challenge them as impostors and outside of divine law. It gives me greater freedom and more joy in my experience. This process is a deeply important part of practicing Christian Science. We all have the privilege, in our practice of Christian Science, of discovering our need of rethinking, renovating, and learning of our true sinless nature. And this is an ongoing process that brings joy and salvation!

Section 5: Christ's Christianity is Christian Science.
[Cobbey C's insights on citations B19 & B21 are in W's PS#7 & PS#8]

Does that mean that Christian Scientists have a "corner on the market" of Christianity? Look at the day of Pentecost in this section. The people that came from afar to Jerusalem to celebrate the holiday were from different nations. They spoke different languages. They came as Jews and heard each other—through the Holy Ghost—speak in one another's language. There was no barrier to communication.

Likewise, there can be no barrier to Love's Science and the laws undergirding it. Just as the laws of gravity apply to one and all, so this divine law applies to all who are reaching out to rethink the status of matter and material "law". As Christian Scientists we can do as Mrs. Eddy states in citation S27 and occupy the place that Jesus told us to: be that light on the hill and that salt that remains savory. This is the Holy Ghost in action, healing and inspiring through our lives. Our discipleship brings the day of Pentecost into being wherever we go, speaking to every heart in its own language—the language of Love.

Section 6: We are called to heal with this law of Love.

In citation B23 Paul tells us that we must "…press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." This echoes the passage from Romans in the Responsive Reading: "…all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Italics added).

Christian Science is calling on each of us to do as it says in citation S30. It is not too difficult, it is an outgrowth of God, our Creator who blesses us with an abundance of Love. This love is, as it says in citation S31, "The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science…" Of course, we want to embrace that central message of Christian Science. It does not hinge on our personal ability or our personal understanding, but on Love, on God. We can lean on this Love. Love's law makes this healing Science demonstrable by each of us!

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