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In my need to leave in the wee hours this morning for an appointment with a contractor at CedarS, I sent my GEMs unintentionally without a corrected link that Ken had given me to his poem "Comfort is Thine." He recorded it on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ0TczpRMHk.

Here is Ken's full description of this poem with the correct link as well a YouTube link to the monologue that he wrote from the standpoint of the adulterous woman who was taken to Jesus. (Ken's wife, Sue, is a good play actor/reader of the monologue.)

KEN’S GEMS THIS WEEK: HEAR on YouTube a KEN COOPER MONOLOGUE read by his wife, Sue. Her voice shines new light on "Go and Sin No More" as does Ken's voice in reading his poem "Comfort is Thine." Both uplifting offerings are closely connected to this week’s Bible Lesson.

[Ken wrote:] The omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience of God preclude anything unlike what God is. If not of God, it is not, and therefore cannot be real. The fountain of God’s goodness can only produce goodness, overflowing, never-ending, all-embracing, the omni-action of I AM THAT I AM, of which man is integral and held fast. We are indeed, right now, the complete proof of God’s goodness. This is what we are, what we do. We can do nothing else.

"God never wrote 2+2=5. While this may be visible to the senses, it is a lie, and it makes the senses a lie, the father of itself. God is Truth, there is only Truth. A lie has no Principle, no real existence. It is a false label. We know that 2+2=4, and the lie is dismissed instantly. When we know that all is good there is nothing that can lie. We are held fast and at one with God’s infinite goodness. When we know a lie , our rejection of it is instantaneous.

"Sin, disease, and death are unknown to Love, Truth and Life. When we pray, align our thoughts with God, we hold fast our relationship with God, good, and experience all that God is. We are what God thinks. There is nothing else. The kingdom of heaven fulfils John’s Revelation and is now. That is where and how we live.

"Jesus knew his divine sonship was also our divine sonship. In the beautiful story of the healing of the adulterous woman, he knew her true nature was unchanging. We do not know what he wrote when he stooped down. It may be that like the Day of Pentecost, where everyone heard the disciples speak in their own language, that every accuser read what was relevant to them. It may just have been “God is Love”. The key part is that the accusations all fell away, became nothing, and in the instruction "Go and Sin No More" we hear in this powerful monologue, read by Sue, the woman realising what true love is, complete redemption and glory. She felt the love of the Christ, and the command became self-fulfilling. She was reborn, her life changed. The lie of sensuality, materiality, was replaced by the truth of her spiritual being. This is what Jesus saw, and shared with her, and us.

"This understanding of love is our immediate and present source of comfort whenever we are challenged, for Love comforteth like a mother. Infinite Love careth one to one for everyone of its ideas. In the poem "Comfort is Thine" the activity of Life, Truth and Love embraces everyone of us with the tenderness of the Word constantly whispering “Thou art Mine”. This statement of fact utterly eradicates any threat, concern, doubt. It is the fulfilment of the first commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (ex. 20:3) because there are no other gods. This is the power with which we live, the light by which we shine, the dominion which we reflect and prove. Are Life, Truth and Love real? YES!"

PDF version of the monologue and poem in color and B&W can be found on the top right of CedarS metaphysical article for this week. All Ken's poems are available on kencooperpoetry.com

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