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For Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on TRUTH  1-28-2024

[W. This was emailed to me today from Ken on his January vacation with a note “… sending to you as a possible interim contribution. I have found it very helpful (for key Bible verses), and hope it may so prove to others.”]


John 8:32       And when you embrace and fully understand the truth, this truth will give you complete freedom. (You will see the unreality of matter, the allness of Spirit.)

John 8:32       You will know and experience the Truth, and by embracing this Truth you will find and therefore have right now your true freedom, life as the kingdom of heaven.


John 18:36       Jesus answered: My kingdom and power is not of this world that you see. If it was, my servants would be fighting hard to stop my capture and being handed over to your leaders, the Jews. But my kingdom has no origin or source in this material world.

John 18:37       Then Pilate responded, “Oh, so you are a king then? Jesus said, “Those are your words, not mine. But note this: This is why I was born: to prove what truth really is. And everyone who loves and seeks the truth will receive my words.”

John 18:38       Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” He went back out and said to the Jews, “I don’t find this man guilty of anything!


Deuteronomy 32:4       God is The Rock, His work is always perfect; everything He does is always right. The one God. He is Truth, who can be absolutely trusted, for He can do no wrong. He’s ever just and right. You can rely on Him.

Psalms 15:1              Dear Lord, who can have the privilege of dwelling in Your holy sanctuary? Who will you allow to rest for ever more in Your holy mountain?

Psalms 15:2              He who walks with integrity and strength of character, forever free of blame, forever working righteousness, forever doing as they should, speaking and holding truth in their heart.


Psalms 119:30             I have chosen the way of truth and faithfulness, and am determined to follow them, to have respect to all Thy laws and judgements

Psalms 119:031             I hold fast and cling tightly to your rules. As soon as You command, I obey and do as You want. Let me never be put to shame.

2 Chronicles 18:33       And one of their army drew his bow and at random fired a shot against the Israelites, and by chance it found a chink in the king’s armour and fatally wounded him.

Psalms 26:1               O Lord, be my judge and declare my innocence! Clear my name, for I walk in my integrity (completeness and perfection) and trust you without wavering. I shall not slip.

Psalms 26:2              Put me on trial and examine me, O Lord! Search me through and through—from my deepest longings to every thought that ever crosses my mind.

Psalms 26:3              I will never lose sight of your steadfast love for me. I live my whole life by your Truth.


2 John 1:3                    God the Father, and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, have given to us overflowing grace, mercy and peace, surrounded always and fully embraced with truth and love.

2 John 1:6        And this is the whole of love, that we are fully obedient to all that God has commanded us, – that  as we have heard from the very beginning, we walk in His ways, living a life full of love. Love is everything.


Psalms 89.8   O Lord God of hosts, there is nothing compares to You. Oh Almighty One,  everything that exists, in the heavens and throughout the earth, is Thine, as an intrinsic and unchangeable expression of all that You are.

Psalms 25:1   Dear God, I give my whole self unto Thee, to be in Thy presence all the time

Psalms 25:5  Take my heart and hand and guide me in the way of Truth and so teach me: You are the God of my salvation; On You I keep my full attention every moment of the day. I trust You completely.

Psalms 25:15   My eyes are ever looking towards God, for He rescues me from every trap laid by my enemies, stops me from tripping over my own feet!

Matthew 8:14-15        And when Jesus came into Peter’s house, he saw that his wife’s mother was lying on her bed, sick with fever. With Love, he touched her hand and the fever was immediately gone. She was up on her feet and lovingly looking after them all.


Psalms 86:11              Lord, teach me what You want me to do, how to follow Your ways (and not mine): so will I ever walk after You and follow Thy truth. Make my heart be focused entirely on You, as the most important thing in my life, that I glorify Your name for ever.

3 John 1:4                  Nothing can make me more happy, give me more joy, than to hear that my children are walking and living in the ways of truth.


Psalms 40:8              I take joy in doing what You want me to do, that’s what gives me delight. Your Word has become my life, the expression of Your being deep within my heart.

Psalms 40:11              Dear Lord, do not hold back Your kind and tender compassion from me; let Your love, Your enduring loyalty and everlasting truth always protect me and keep me from harm.

John 8:32                   And when you embrace and fully understand the truth, this truth will give you complete freedom. (You will see the unreality of matter, the allness of Spirit.)

John 8:32                   You will know and experience the Truth, and by embracing this Truth you will find, and therefore have right now, your true freedom, life as the kingdom of heaven.

Bible verses are taken from my combined translations, a free copy of which is available on an excel spreadsheet for those who may be interested. The spreadsheet also includes a genealogy from Adam to Jesus, with related notes. Shared with love. Write to Ken on



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