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Choose Life! Receive the blessings God is pouring forth!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for July 12-18, 2010 on the Subject: Life
Prepared by Kathy Fitzer, C.S. of St. Louis [with bracketed italics by Warren Huff]
[Editor's Note: The following application ideas for this week, and the Possible Sunday School Topics that follow, are offered primarily to help CEDARS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free — in English by Monday each week, or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION in French thanks to Pascal, in Spanish thanks to Ana or in German thanks to Helga. YOU CAN SIGN UP at]

This week's lesson teaches that life is sustained by God — by Life itself — and is endless!  God is continually bestowing bountiful blessings on His creation. Elijah fully demonstrated the sustainability of Life (CedarS metaphysical theme this summer) that comes through adherence to God's law.  Life's fullness is reflected in the fullness of human life and experienced as we faithfully follow Christ. No wavering — choose Life!
Golden Text:   “Life for evermore!” That is God command! There is no power capable of countering or interfering with that order. So, accept the blessing of perpetual Life — without limits — as your life. No beginning, no middle, no end. Just universal harmony — for ALL!
Responsive Reading: The Reward for Obedience
The book of Deuteronomy reviews the laws given by God to Moses, and elaborates on them. The generation of people that had been led out of Egypt, and been given the first set of laws have now died, and Moses is reminding their children — the next generation — what is expected of them, before they enter the land that has been promised them. IF God's laws are honored, and His voice heard, the people will experience the blessings that God is pouring forth. These blessings cover every aspect of life. Try translating the specifics mentioned here into modern language — and expand your thought about what areas God is surely blessing in your life. Nothing is excluded. All that is demanded is your allegiance to Him. 
Section 1: Choose Life and its blessings!
Moses did all he could to prepare the people as they left the wilderness, crossed the Jordan, and entered Canaan (the Promised Land). He was well aware of the temptations that would come to them to depart from strict obedience to God's commandments — to be influenced by the customs of the people they would be living amongst. They were told that blessing and life would follow obedience; cursing and death would follow disobedience. (B-4) Does this mean that God sometimes chooses to curse man — or cause man to suffer — to be sick and die? Or, does disobedience to God's law simply cause us to sometimes feel separated from God's presence? Experiencing the consequences of either breaking or honoring a law helps to keep us on the most direct path. An example ….. defy the law of gravity through extreme acceleration, and you experience an unusual — or uncomfortable, even dangerous — effect. You are being “cursed” through disobedience. But the law of gravity isn't responsible! Blessing is simply the natural result of obedience, and cursing (misery) is the result of disobedience. Christian Science presents God as Principle — the unwavering law of Love. Principle is Life. Understanding, and being obedient to, the Science — the laws — of God enables us to be in harmony with divine Principle, Life. But, just as we won't be able to solve a geometry problem by calling “a straight line a sphere,” we won't consistently solve the problem of being — overcome challenges we run into every day — unless we accurately define, and actively live in accord with God. (S-2)  Blessings do come “to those leaning on the sustaining (nourishing; supporting; comforting; perpetuating) infinite (divine Principle.) (S-5) To lean on something, you have to be close to it! When you feel yourself falling — or unsupported — move closer to God's law, the Principle of supreme good! 
[After breakfast this morning, Christian Science Lecturer Josh Niles, C.S. of Boise, ID, gave a great, interactive lecture to 350 “future, active workers in the Christian Science Movement” who are starting CedarS 3rd two-week session this summer. Sorry that our lecture prep caused a slight delay in the delivery of this Lesson Met, but here are a few of Josh's awesome examples about ways to go about our own spiritual training, like Elijah went about his in this week's lesson. Josh trained us in how to use the hand signals of a military patrol and told us their spiritual significance that he used for a year as an Army Ranger platoon leader serving in Bagdad, Iraq. We learned how to be alert on our daily “patrols” through a society with belief systems seemingly hostile to our own: how to “stop and take a knee; … how to keep your head on a swivel; … how to watch your 6 (backside); … how to point out potential dangers to your fellows; how to be watchful so as not to be ambushed by lies; and how to quickly “close the gap and destroy any false suggestion, like David did when he ran to meet Goliath.”  We pledged to join Josh in a Special Forces mission to “liberate the oppressed” by the lies about LIFE as God made it. Special thanks to donors who have helped–and can still help-to underwrite costs for this and future Christian Science youth lectures by contributing to “CedarS C.S. Lecture Fund”.]
Section 2: The God of Life sustains man
King Ahab was a king of Israel several hundred years after Moses had led the children out of Egypt. He had fallen into the trap Moses had spoken of ….. he allowed himself to be influenced by his Canaanite[-Phoenician]  wife, Jezebel, [the Princess of Sidon] and resorted to worshipping Baal, the pagan god of fertility (or life) — the god that sent rain. Elijah — a prophet of the Hebrew God — would reveal that only this God is the source and sustainer of life, and has power over the forces of nature.  Elijah informed Ahab that there would be no rain until God ordered it.  Elijah fled from the anger of Ahab and Jezebel. Drought did come, but Elijah was provided for. First, ravens (unclean birds of prey — an unlikely choice) brought him food, and he drank from a brook in a wilderness area close to the River Jordan and to his home.)  Once the water dried up as a result of the drought, God sent Elijah back [on a 40-50 miles trek through pagan territory] into Canaan [Phoenicia] to be cared for by a widow woman. Another unlikely choice! [But one that made Elijah lean wholly on God to sustain him]  The woman (assumedly a Baal worshipper, as she was from the same area as Jezebel) had virtually nothing in her pantry. She was preparing to use the last of her meal (flour) and oil to fix a little bread for herself and her son.  She at that point saw no other option but death. Elijah asked her to make HIM a biscuit first — and she did! Her willingness enabled her to see the authority of the Word of God to sustain life.  As promised by God, the flour and oil did not run out until the rain came. (B-5) As the children of Israel had learned in the Wilderness, Elijah's experience with the widow was living proof that life comes from God — as the Deuteronomic law proclaimed: “people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.” (NLT, B-7) 
We make the mistake of looking for solutions based on what is familiar to us — acting according to logic. It wasn't logical for the widow of Zarephath to take food from her son to feed to Elijah. But, by doing so, she saved everyone. “Life is self-sustained.” (S-8) God supplies our every need. God commands crops to grow and businesses to flourish because that is in accord with divine Principle. (S-9) If something else seems to be happening, it is only a distorted view resulting from our ignorance (lack of knowledge or unawareness) of God. (S-8)  We're tempted to bow down to the god of a human economy, job market, laws of health, I.Q. etc. But, as we understand God — understand (perceive or view) the ever-present law of abundant good — harmony IS restored. Elijah was unfailing and unwavering in his allegiance to the sustaining Spirit. This faithfulness brought blessings, and sustained him and those around him — and has not changed. Maintaining our faithfulness, we can defy the limiting claims of matter, and receive blessings that will appear in unimagined ways.
Section 3: The God of Life Revives Man
The Golden Text is repeated in this section — God commanding the blessing of life for evermore. (B-8)  Elijah had witnessed the power of God's word to enable him, the widow, and her son to avert death when humanly all resources appeared to be exhausted.  Now the life of the widow's son (her assumed source of future supply) had apparently been lost. Could the God of Life not only sustain man, but revive him?  Elijah took the son from his mother's bosom. To me, this symbolizes a removal of the boy from the belief of mortal birth and a separation from the mother's lingering faith in another god. Elijah took him to his bed — to dwell in the consciousness of the one almighty God of Life. The boy was revived and now the woman fully acknowledged the truth of God's word — and must have turned forever away from faith in pagan deities. (B-10) Mrs. Eddy defines Elias as “spiritual evidence opposed to material sense; …. the basis of immortality.” (S-11) Elias is the Greek form of the Hebrew name, Elijah. Elijah saw the spiritual fact of life, right where death appeared to be. He understood the essence of Christian Science (that Mrs. Eddy later discovered and delineated for us.) God doesn't make or send sickness and death; He destroys them. (S-12 & S-13)
God commands blessings. “Soul is never without its representative.” (S-14) So, man can't dissolve into unconsciousness anymore than Soul could lose consciousness — any more than a note could lose its tone or a number its value! As the widow gave up her confidence in her false gods, we must give up all material beliefs. (S-15) We don't live in the limited, finite, false substance called matter — so we don't die! Ultimately we have to understand that nothing “can overpower omnipotent and eternal Life,” so there is no death. But, we have to start by overcoming every suggestion of limitation, lack, accident, sickness, sorrow, etc. that crosses our path. Elijah explicitly trusted God's ability to sustain life. It was then natural to have confidence in God's ability to revive life. Practice, practice, practice. Accept NO discord. Never be satisfied to believe that you live now — or have ever lived — in matter. There is only ONE God of Life!
Section 4: Choose!
Ahab blamed Elijah for the drought. Elijah threw the responsibility back on the choices Ahab and the people were making. He challenged the population to choose for themselves whom they would serve. (B-12)  The problem, as he saw it was that the people were torn between two opinions, and not taking a stand. The Hebrew idiom Elijah uses in v. 21, translated in the KJV as “halt ye between two opinions,” means, literally, “hobbling upon two branches.” (New Interpreter's Bible). That could be thought of as hobbling on two crutches made of branches or a bird hopping back and forth. Certainly, it is not a picture of stability. In this world of unstable economic times, changing medical theories, and uncertain relationships, we can't afford to waver between two opinions, any more than the Israelites could during this time of drought.
There were a lot more prophets (followers) of Baal than of the Lord (the God of Israel that had led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, through the Wilderness, and into Canaan.)   In other words…. popular opinion was on the side of Baal (pagan idolatry.) Popular opinion today certainly rests more on the evidence of matter than the power of Spirit to govern us. But, how many believe something has nothing to do with whether or not it is a reliable authority. Elijah had seen that when the widow woman saw the power of God, she believed. He challenged the followers of Baal to a contest to see which god/God would answer the call. Read all of I Kings 18 to get the full impact. One verse tells that Elijah built the altar with 12 stones — reminiscent of the 12 tribes of Israel that were united in their worship of the Lord. Regardless of how much the prophets of Baal begged, there was no answer from their god. Elijah quietly offered the sacrifice, confident that God would reveal Himself and give credence to all that Elijah had been saying in His name. As the people saw that God answered, they believed and followed.
The physical senses rant and rave; evil shouts for our attention; health laws and physics claim authority over our lives. But, we choose whom we will serve. “Our proportionate admission of the claims of good or of evil determines the harmony of our existence, — our health, our longevity, and our Christianity.” (S-17) These are moment by moment [or thought by thought] choices. To worship is to honor. Watch thought. What are you honoring — what are you drawing close to — the evidence of the body (its supposed strength or weakness) or the might of Mind? Were you born of human parents and subject to the limitations (or supposed strengths) of a human heritage — or are you the offspring of the everlasting I AM, that knows no limits and imparts all thing good? (S-19) Consecrate (devote) every minute of every day to utilizing your mental might “to offset human misconceptions and to replace them with the life which is spiritual, not material.” (S-20)  Do this while you are going about your daily duties, as well as when in specific prayer or study.  Spirit is infinite — no limits! Matter is finite — limited in every direction. Choose!
Section 5: Elijah passes the baton! Elisha persists — and gladly receives it!
As Moses had exercised God's authority (symbolized by his staff) to part the waters of the Red Sea, and Joshua had ordered the Ark of the Covenant to be carried into the Jordan River, and the waters parted enabling the Hebrews to enter Canaan, Elijah now smites the water of Jordan with his mantle (symbolic of God's Word) as he again crosses the Jordan and retreats to the Wilderness (“the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and a spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.” (S&H 597 — def. of Wilderness.) Elijah (with the prophet, Elisha accompanying him) is now in the same region (the area of Mt. Nebo) where Moses had sent the children of Israel on their way under the guidance of Joshua.) When Elisha had first been called as a prophet, he had to chase after Elijah — leaving behind his worldly goods. Again, it is up to Elisha to persistently follow until he witnesses Elijah ascending from mortal view. He then picks up the mantle (that had been thrown over him in I Kings 19:19), fully aware of the power and authority of God that it represented. (B-16) We have to ask ourselves — are we willing to pick up the mantle left for us? [It is inspiring and fulfilling to witness campers and staff accept this mantle in “an abundance of wholesome, joyous activities” designed to strengthen their spiritual sense. At this place on the Jordan River in CedarS ownBible Lands Park (BLP)daily visitors are making their own the lessons about the batons that have been passed and are being passed to them. Later this week we plan to post Bible application ideas about Elijah and more on CedarS blog.]
Have we given our consent to a Life that is “without beginning and without end?” For Elisha (memory aid: the prophet comes with an s comes after the one with a j) to witness Elijah's ascension, he had to have glimpsed “man and woman as coexistent and eternal with God…” (S-25) Science reveals things that defy the testimony of the material senses (like the rotation of the earth around sun.) Divine Science teaches us — that despite the testimony of the senses — we were never born and we can't die. (S-24)  We live because God lives — God is LIFE! God pours forth the blessing of eternal life, because life is all that Life can pour. We must accept the blessing and pick up the mantle — God's authority — to demonstrate this Life in all things!
Section 6: Transfiguration [“One of the biggest WOWs in the scriptures!” Cobbey Crisler]
Imagine walking along with your teacher and you witness him now talking with two other teachers — Moses and Elijah — who had long been “dead,” though recognized by Jewish tradition as not having died, but as living in heaven. (New Interpreter's Bible) They knew these men — although they certainly hadn't known them physically.   They heard God's voice proclaim what had been proclaimed at Jesus' baptism — THIS is my beloved Son.” (B-20)  This experience proclaimed Jesus as Christ — the ideal man of God, and demonstrated the coming of the kingdom that Jesus had preached. Whereas Moses and Elijah had quietly passed from view, Jesus would experience suffering and apparent death — but would rise again in life. [The transfiguration as told in Luke 9:28-36 Moses and Elias “spake to Jesus of his decease (crucifixion) which he should accomplish in Jerusalem.”] This is the lesson that his followers must understand. Six days before the transfiguration, Jesus had told his disciples — and the crowd of people around — that if they expected to be his disciples, they would need to be willing to take up the cross — go against common beliefs and hold their ground for Jesus' teachings, even if it meant they would suffer for this stand. (Mark 8: 34) Remember that Jesus got in trouble with the rabbis for going against their interpretation of Moses' law, and the scribes refused to accept Jesus because they were waiting for Elias (Elijah) to first return. Christ – Sonship — (represented by Jesus) includes the law (represented by Moses) and the prophecy (spiritual sense, and the reminder to be obedient to the law, represented by Elijah). John the Baptist had come before Jesus to prepare the hearts of man for the coming of Christ. But, nothing less than Christ — God's ideal Truth — can fully demonstrate God's law.
The only way for us to see and demonstrate eternal Life is to follow Jesus' example. (S-27)  His road wasn't an easy one, but it was sure and always victorious. “We must look where we would walk, and we must act as possessing all power from Him in whom we have our being.” (S-27) Rejoice evermore! (B-21) God IS pouring forth blessings. Obedience to His laws — as demonstrated by Moses, the prophets, and ultimately Jesus — have led to healing throughout the ages. Mary Baker Eddy explained these laws and demonstrated to us how to implement them. Material belief (no matter how well-meaning) always ends in death. Spiritual understanding forever leads us into life! “Life and goodness are immortal. ” (S-30)  NOTHING is more important than to choose to be a loyal follower of Spirit — even if it sometimes seems hard. Climbing a mountain or learning a new skill is hard! But, the effort is well worth the gain!!!

[PSST: “Before your feet Life’s pearl is cast” (Hymn 391) Pick it up! See Section 5]

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson: Life” for 7-18-10 by Merrill Boudreaux [with bracketed italics by Warren Huff]
P.S.S.T. – Golden Text – What blessings has God commanded for you?  For example: life, abundance, safety, harmony, joy, inclusion, all needs met.
P.S.S.T. – Responsive Reading (RR) – List all the blessings outlined in the RR.  Which of these are yours?  Which are for your family, neighbors, city, country, planet?  Can you, or any idea, ever be separated from God?
There is spiritual truth included in the following old hymn by Francis Crosby:
Blessed Assurance [The best insurance]
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.
  • Refrain:
    This is my story, this is my song,
    Praising my Savior all the day long; [the best insurance]
    This is my story, this is my song,
    Praising my Savior all the day long.
Perfect submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels, descending, bring from above
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.
Perfect submission, all is at rest,
I in my Savior am happy and blest,
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love. .
P.S.S.T. – Section 1 – Outline the blessed choices stated in this section and their results.  Because God lives, you live.  How long?  See S1.  Not only is today big with blessings, S5, but every today to come is blessed as well. Each day agree to identify and record one blessing and hold to that fact in your life.  At the end of a year you will have 365 blessings, like showers of rain that fall from heaven. See Hymn 97
P.S.S.T. – Section 2 – Read aloud the Elijah story.  [Or listen daily to a CedarS “Prac(titioner) talk-this week by Robin Jones about Elijah.]   List the provisions provided to Elijah, the widow woman, and by extension to us.  Was this just a demonstration of Elijah’s or did the widow woman have a role to play as well?  What do you think the widow woman was thinking/praying before, during, and after this experience?  Take a situation in the students’ lives or in the world and apply the truths in S8, S9, and S10 to it.  Prepare to be amazed at God’s goodness at hand including life to all, forever.
P.S.S.T. – Section 3 – What is the command in B8?  What is the blessing in B9?  Research the prophet Elijah and share with your students:
Sent to remind people of God’s power & convince them there were no other gods.
Ministered about 865-850 BC
Interactions with Jezebel and Ahab
On Mount Sinai; windstorm, earthquake, fire, still small voice [future Bible card Blog]
Chariots of fire
Elisha as his successor
Elijah in Hebrew, Elias in Greek (look up definition of Elias in Glossary in S&H, also see S11.
What truths in S12, S13, S14, and S16 correlate to that which was behind Elijah’s great works?  Are these truths available today?  To you? [future Bible card Blogs]
P.S.S.T. – Section 4 – Another great Elijah story.  Perhaps also an opportunity to role play.  How many prophets did Baal have?  How many prophets of God were left?  “One with God is a majority.  What is the great spiritual fact in S20 that Elijah was applying?  Does that fact include and apply to you?  To all?  Review the old hymn provided earlier.
P.S.S.T. – Section 5 – Are you like Elisha?  Has Elijah’s mantle passed to you?  What are you doing with that mantle?  Translate Elijah to Elias to Christian Science; what are you doing with Christian Science [“the pearl of great price” Matt. 13:46, Misc. 437:23]?  In S&H 468:8 in advance of others, you have been provided “The Scientific Statement of Being”, the most powerful, [“most profound statement ever uttered by mankind” according to Albert Einstein as quoted by Jack Geis on p. 220 of Physics, Metaphysics and God.]  “we, as Christian Scientists, should give to the world convincing proof of the validity of this scientific statement of being. Having perceived, in advance of others, this scientific fact, we owe to ourselves and to the world a struggle for its demonstration. Retrospection & Introspection 93:23]  How are you [valuing this pearl and] wrapping yourself, your family, your neighbors, your friends, your city, your country, your planet in this mantle of truth?  Around you are also chariots of fire.  How can you progress most rapidly in this understanding? See S&H 495:25-19.  It’s commitment time!
P.S.S.T. – Section 6 – What is your role?  B21.  [Smile sincerely as mentioned in today’s “Daily Lift” by Shirley Paulson, who is speaking at CedarS for the Midwest Bible Conference, Sept. 16-19, 2010]  List all things for which you are joyful.  Use this list to establish an attitude of gratitude.  As you do so what do S28 and S29 tell us will happen?  
Please complete this phrase: Life is ________________.

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