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[Cherish “Love Songs” meant for you, with] Love Notes and P.D.A.
Metaphysical Application Ideas from CedarS Camps
for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
for study during the week before a Love “Concert” on January 29, 2012
Publicized by Michelle Wigginton, CS of Austin, TX and Town & Country, MO
[bracketed italics by Warren Huff, CedarS Director and Editor of its weekly notes]
[Editor's Note: The following application ideas for this week, and the Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST) that will follow, are offered primarily to help CEDARS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free — in English by Monday each week, or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION in French thanks to Pascal, in German thanks to Helga and Manfred or in Spanish thanks to a team of Ana, Erick, Claudia and Patricio. YOU CAN SIGN UP at]
[Try cherishing the 23rd Psalm as a precious “Love Song” written especially for you. This week the Bible Lesson Committee has given you the priceless gift of showing you, section by section, how Divine Love is your Good Shepherd who delights in having  a divinely intimate relationship with you that will keep you covered with everything you'll ever need, including: your supply; your rest; your refreshment; your healing; your guidance; your purpose; your testing; your protection; your faithfulness; your discipline; your hope; your consecration; your abundance; your blessing; your security; and your eternity! I can't wait to read such a divine “Love Letter” to me; and to listen –early and often throughout each day–to such a divine “Love Song” for me!  How about you?!  And let's not miss the awesome opportunity to take your best friends and those who need it most to the amazingly-coordinated, FREE Concerts being given this weekend in neighborhood churches throughout the world and being re-broadcast in thousands of home and lives as often as it feels good. This Divine Love Song, Divine Love Concert and the divine follow-up favor they show, must no longer be hidden away, but sung and “shouted from the housetops” in a very Public Display of Affection to individuals and tto a world “famished” for affection (SH 16:24) as this week's CedarS Met contributor, Michelle Wigginton explains in such a fresh way:]  
I can remember the very first time I ever heard the term PDA. I was a stinky sweet freshman in high school, you know, the kind who bathed in perfume instead of spritzing.  I was walking down the hall and someone shouted, “Hey No PDA allowed!” I turned to see a mass of students crowding the hall and glimpsed a couple hugging next to their lockers.  Hugging was (and is) a normal activity for me, so I didn't get it. Later that day at tennis practice, I asked my doubles partner what PDA stood for. He laughed and said “Public Display of Affection”. Little did I know then that PDA would become a big part of my life; and I'm here to suggest it become a big part of yours too.
I like, no, I LOVE the lesson on “Love”.  I think there is an important distinction to make [and to show] between “like” and “love”.  In Merriam Webster Unabridged [Dictionary] we find “Like” means “to be suitable, pleasing, or agreeable to, to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in: to affect favorably: agree with: incline: prefer: thrive: approve: choose: like is a general term indicating a viewing or regarding with favor and without aversion, but without great warmth of feeling”.  Love on the other hand “does imply ardent attachment and great warmth”.
In our day to day experiences we can show Love's, God's, love for us by demonstrating affection for all. [Why not “shower the people you love [everyone] with love, show them the way you feel”? as in this YouTube music video by James Taylor.] As each one of us nears Christ Jesus' expression of Love, we will heal (read: obliterate from thought; remove from the mental screen play; edit false information out of the record;) any notion that we are not presently “made in the image and likeness of God.”  The love God has for us is much stronger and more intense because it is based on attachment; we see an inkling of the depth of attachment between mother and child. [Unfortunately, too often parental attachment degenerates into a sense of ownership.  Whereas, truly] we are all owned by our Creator; therefore, subject to Her control [“of far-flung events with divine precision!”]  And, oh, by the way, God is extremely enthusiastic, [infinitely supplied] and [eternally] loyal to each of Her creation.
I am even impassioned by [the simple elegance and strength of] the Golden Text [G.T.] this week: ” . . . God is love.” (1John 4:8) It is such a clear, motivating and empowering statement of what God is and, by established precept, what She is not.
The Responsive Reading from Isaiah opens with mentioning “the lovingkindnesses of the Lord,” in other words God's tender and benevolent affection which favors mercy for Her creation. I cherish seeing God's affection expressed tangibly. We learn in this passage from Isaiah that God bestows, declares, saves, redeems, bares, carries, feeds, gathers, gives, increases, creates, forms, calls and loves. Wow, you and I are loved.  Feeling it yet?  The Responsive Reading is so powerful we could stop right here.  “Since thou was precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee.” [And, since “perfect love casts out fear” (as 1John states just 10 verses after the G.T. & in S22), we can “Fear not; [for] I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by name; thou art mine.”] Yet, there is so much more, so let's keep going.
Section 1: [To start this “Love Song” spells out the RELATIONSHIP: “[Divine Love] is my Shepherd” and its COMPLETENESS: “I shall not want.”-See B1, S1, Addendum]
[If you've been seeking a tender relationship, full of loving kindness:]
Beep, beep, beep, DING: “You've got mail!”  Remember the movie by that name and the feelings that were brought to each of the characters as they waited for the good messages coming to them via email? Well, here we learn that divine Love without a hint of selfishness has a great message.  She “bathes all in beauty and light.”(S3)  Our understanding of God's tangible expression in our day-to-day experience grows as we recognize She shepherds, visits, waters, enriches, prepares, settles, blesses, crowns, clothes, covers, draws, manifests, sends, gives, glints, glances, glides, brightens, beautifies with goodness and “fatness”(B3)- ideas that make you rich in your understanding of the “nowness” of God. [Citation B3 ends with “they also sing.” (Ps. 65:13). See a few Love Song options in my note at the end of Section 4.]
Section 2:  God's Exercise Routine [includes stretching, REST, “[Love] maketh me to lie down in green pastures:”and REFRESHMENT! “[Love]leadeth me beside still waters.”*See Addendum]
God exercises “lovingkindness, judgment, righteousness” and this brings “delight”. (B7) I'm all for exercising that creates “delight”. How do you and I feel this “delight”? We feel this through Love's “adaptation and bestowals” of course. Did you know that bestow means to “put, place, locate, to set in a given place, position, or situation, deposit for safe keeping, to present as a gift, grant, confer as a characteristic or quality, especially an advantageous one at a public ceremony (as a title of nobility or an academic degree). Ah there it is, the P in PDA, Public. “Do we expect to change perfection?” (S6) How are we exercising? Are we in concert with what God, Love, knows of Her creation? How are you seeing and talking about the Public? Fractured, polarized, materialistic, selfish, incompetent, jobless . . . Remember to exercise as God does, by loving Her creation!
Section 3: Drama disappears with PDA [which Love for you includes first a private and then a public display of healing, guidance and purpose. *See Addendum]
Here's a saving salvo [that guarantees your healing, guidance and purpose] from Psalms 23: “He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.” This verse of God's Love notes [and Love Song to you spells out yet more precious benefits awaiting you][Divine Love's] very name and nature, helps “erring human sense to flee from its own convictions (DRAMA) and seek safety in divine Science” (GOD'S PDA). (S12) Let's visit about “Science”. By definition it is: “possession of knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding: knowledge as a personal attribute: knowledge possessed or attained through study or practice: accumulated and accepted knowledge that has been systematized and formulated with reference to the discovery of general truths or the operation of general laws. Quite a mouthful wouldn't you say . . . Well the first tenet or principle of Christian Science is “as adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life.”  So we will be sticking with Genesis chapter 1's information, because in it God declares Her creation “very good”. And, Christ Jesus proved Genesis chapter 2's creation story to be a giant misunderstanding of who we are [by his many healings of what has no source in God.] (See B11, B12)
In citation B12, Christ Jesus is asked a great question: “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath days?”[Matt. 12:10] He in turn asks “is it lawful to do well on the Sabbath days?”  Then, the Christ immediately answers the question with healing (Publicly Displaying Affection) for God's man.  It is lawful to do good always!   We are one huge [human] family.   Let's “bind up (our brothers and sisters) broken-hearts.” (S15) Let's [publically] display our affection by “tender word(s) … Christian encouragement … pitiful patience with (our family's) fears and the removal of them …” by being “… aflame with divine Love.” (S15, 366:31) We accomplish all this through our expression of Love. We firm up, protect and strengthen our global siblings' understanding of Love by exhibiting a confidant, resolute, willing, often self-sacrificing and courageous attitude which mirrors brilliantly God's devotion and loyalty to Her wonderful creation.  Don't be tricked into “the doling of arguments” into giving of your light guardedly; let the wonder that is God's man blaze with Love!  That blaze of Love nourishes when we find ourselves distressed or suffering from oppression, persecution, affliction, etc. and the lifeline of God's tender and benevolent affection, Her mercy seen in that PDA gives us strength, hope and encouragement to persevere.
Section 4:  “God's Sync Cable – Christ” [links you with infinitely broad “channels … of Love”, which makes you fearless in your obedience (like sheep surrounding a wolf)–confident of the Shepherd's PROTECTION, FAITHFULNESS and DISCIPLINE even in times ofTESTING! “I will fear no evil: For [Love] is with me; [Love's]rod and [Love's]staff they comfort me.” **See Section 4 Addendum.]
[Jesus feeling compassion for “a great multitude” and healing their sick in] citation B15 is the only miracle which appears in all four Gospels. Its meaning is HUGE even though it is only a couple of lines in this week's Bible Lesson. To put it most succinctly this one miracle shows “God's sync cable, the Christ” “divinity embracing humanity” (S&H 561:17) caring for the body as well as the soul of men, who he fed literally and spiritually. The Christ in action redeems, rewrites the false flawed human script, RESTORES to God's Genesis 1 man “made in his image and likeness” and “very good”.
Freely expressing this compassion (Love) is vitally important. We have a second Bible story that illustrates how “God's sync cable” – CHRIST – can even instantly RESTORE to Life [the widow's son at Nain. You may “just” be the lifeline to other raising their burdens of dead-lines, or dead hopes, or dead self-esteem, or dead will to live and give,.. In any case,] our Public Display of Affection (PDA) is “a great light shining in darkness” for our world [that seems to be cowering “in the shadow of death”] right now. (B17)  This display is the propensity, disposition and inclination to express kind feelings, Love and good will without exception to our fellow man. This PDA, living as light and love “destroys the unrest of mortal thought” (S18) is part of “God's Love Note” to you and me now as in Christ Jesus' day.  [It would be wonderful to get us together praying about and supporting this week's question: How have you prayed about international conflicts and tense relations between countries?]
[Check out this good news from Syria dictated (many years ago) by a Syrian shepherd about your Shepherd who is with you in TESTING times to keep you from cowering “in the shadow of death”. Here is a quote from The Song of our Syrian Guest by William Allen Knight.  For thou art with me.  Ah, how could more be put into few words! With the sheep, it matters not what the surroundings are, nor how great the perils and hardships; if only the shepherd is with them, they are content. There is no finer picture of the way of peace for the troubled in all the world.
“To show how much the presence of the shepherd counts for the welfare of the sheep I can think of nothing better than the strange thing I now tell you. It is quite beyond the usual, daily care on which the flock depends so fondly. But I have seen it more than once.
“Sometimes, in spite of all the care of the shepherd and his dogs, a wolf will get into the very midst of the flock. The sheep are wild with fright. They run and leap and make it impossible to get at the foe in their midst, who at that very moment may be fastening his fangs in the throat of a helpless member of the flock. But the shepherd is with them. He knows what to do even at such a time. He leaps to a rock or hillock that he may be seen and heard. Then he lifts his voice in a long call, something like a wolf's cry: Ooh! Ooh!'
“On hearing this the sheep remember the shepherd; they heed his voice; and, strange to tell, the poor, timid creatures, which were helpless with terror before, instantly rush with all their strength into a solid mass. The pressure is irresistible; the wolf is overcome; frequently he is crushed to death, while the shepherd stands there on a rock crying, Ooh! Ooh!', I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.”]
Section 5: God's STICKY NOTE to you is divine Love [that gives you: HOPE (that is “not a cheat” (SH 298:20);CONSECRATION that's not on-&-off; & ABUNDANCE that is overflowing! “[Love]prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: [Love]anointeth my head with oil; My cup runneth over.” See Addendum.]
You have been anointed, chosen by divine election [and favor], ransomed by God.  (B21, B22) Her Love Note, not just any note, is the STICKY NOTE the binding element or agency, “the CEMENT of a higher humanity” (S24).  Love is the payment that releases you from captivity; Love is the glue that binds us all as family; and we are seeing it played out on the global stage. The Public Displays of Affection are more and more occupying thought.
[Bring pleasant “Love Songs” that stick in your head–“Come … with songs and everlasting joy”. (B22) This citation is the last part of Founder Ruth Huff's Bible opening about the purpose of CedarS Camps. (Isa. 35:10) Hear the inspiring tale.]
[1) Hymn 182 is an ultimate “broadband Love Song”: “Make channels for the streams of Love, Where they may broadly run; And Love has overflowing streams, To fill them every one. But if at any time we cease such channel to provide, the very founts of love for us will then seem parched and dried. For we must share, if we would keep that blessing from above; They cease to have who cease to give: Such is the law of Love.”]
[2) On the website you can hear and sing along with Hymn 435 “a lovely alternate setting for Mrs. Eddy's poem “Love.” It has been arranged by Dr. Robert Rockabrand, an active singer, composer, music professor and lecturer.” (Or paste in your browser.)
[3) You can order CedarS great version of a 23rd Psalm song on our “Around the Clock” CD set and at the same time provide a $25 Campership benefit!  
4) Another beautiful version of the 23rd Psalm is at the end of this week's e-Bible Lesson audio and is available on the “Inhabiting Eternity” CD in C.S. Reading Rooms.]
Section 6: [Your “Love Song” closes with a guarantee of SECURITY and ETERNITY when you live to give and to be a BLESSING!  You'll never be homeless when you “dwell in the house [the consciousness] of Love”. This “consciousness of Love” is the highest “place” to “OCCUPY -the kingdom of God … (already) within” (Luke 17:21 & 19:13, CedarS 2012 theme.]“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: And I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [Love] forever.”
Ask yourself a quick question: Does the information coming to me from ______ agree with my “Love Song” or “sync cable ” of Christ's knowing. If not, let the ultimate Fact-Checker, Christ, RESTORE Love's idea of perfection and harmony! Now that is a Love Note worth keeping and displaying! [And, That's a “Love Song” worth singing, re-singing, and sharing in P.D.A. all-day, every day!]

 [Warren's 23rd Psalm Addendum shows this week's references that are used to start each section (or verse) of this “Love Song” Lesson): I don't know who originally wrote the following summary lines for the verses of the 23rd Psalm, but for many years our family and many others have found them to be inspiring and helpful.] 

[with bracketed substitutions in “quoted text”
as written by Mary Baker Eddy to faintly show “the light which Christian Science throws on the Scriptures” with an “incorporeal or spiritual sense” of Love (S&H 578)]  
“[Divine Love] is my shepherd;” THAT'S RELATIONSHIP
“I shall not want.” THAT'S SUPPLY!
“[Love]maketh me to lie down in green pastures:” THAT'S REST!
“[Love]leadeth me beside still waters.”THAT'S REFRESHMENT!
“[Love]restoreth my soul [spiritual sense]:” THAT'S HEALING!
“[Love]leadeth me in the paths of righteousness” THAT'S GUIDANCE!
“For His name's sake.” THAT'S PURPOSE!
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” THAT'S TESTING!
“I will fear no evil:”THAT'S PROTECTION!
“For [Love] is with me;” THAT'S FAITHFULNESS!
“[Love's]rod and [Love's]staff they comfort me.”** THAT'S DISCIPLINE!
“[Love]prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:” THAT'S HOPE!
“[Love]anointeth my head with oil;” THAT'S CONSECRATION!
“My cup runneth over.” THAT'S ABUNDANCE!
“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:” THAT'S BLESSING!
“And I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [Love]” THAT'S SECURITY!
“forever.” THAT'S ETERNITY!

[Click here for an online posting of the above Descriptive Qualities version of the 23rd Psalm by an unknown author, that has been used by many faiths, including this posting by a Baptist Pastor. (or paste

[This morning Amy and Tom Evans emailed these three other adaptations of the 23rd Psalm as a helpful intro for SS students (and us) to write our own versions of this classic psalm.  Making your own adaptation as Amy and Tom suggest fits the tenor of a Geith Plimmer lecture idea on citation S7, (13:2) that when you are ready to make the needed adaptation, you will ready to receive the needed bestowal. Watch latter today for this week's Possible Sunday School Topics and insightful questions by former CedarS counselors-or sign up to get them every week whether you teach or not!]

[Click here to enjoy a Native American version of the 23rd Psalm. (or paste in your browser.)

version of the 23rd Psalm. (or paste in your browser.)
[Click here to enjoy a Japanese Adaptation of the 23rd Psalm with a relationship to a non-rushed, serene, efficient, Pace-setter. (or paste in your browser:
**[Section 4 Addendum: David says, “Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”
“The rod was a small club, usually about 2 feet long, with stones embedded in the wood. The skillful shepherd could use it like a missile or as a weapon to beat off a predator. The staff was the long stick with the crook at the top. The staff was used to keep the sheep in line, or to rescue a sheep that had stumbled into a ravine. Both the rod and the staff were emblems of the shepherd's power. Undoubtedly they made enemies afraid. [It's no wonder that today Israel depends upon the deterrence nuclear missiles and weapons to prevent attacks from their enemies.” From Discover The Word webpage, paragraph III.)]

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[PSST-Occupy “[the consciousness] of [Love] for ever.”** S26, 578]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson
on “Love” for study during the week of January 23-29th 2012
by Amy & Tom Evans, former CedarS Counselors & Sunday School teachers
[bracketed italics by Warren Huff, CedarS Director and Editor of weekly Mets, PSSTs & PCYLS]
One verse from the 23rd Psalm leads off every section of this week's lesson. There are specific ideas for each section [in CedarS Met], but you might want to try focusing with your class on the 23rd Psalm as a whole. Discuss what is so special about this psalm, and what is has to do with Love.
What is significant about the spiritual sense of the 23rd Psalm that Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health on page 578? How does this expand your view of Love?
Have you memorized the 23rd Psalm yet? Practice it this week!
There are many different versions of the 23rd Psalm. The following are links to different ones. Share some with your class. Have the students write their own versions of the 23rd Psalm.
Click here to enjoy a Japanese Adaptation of the 23rd Psalm with a relationship to a non-rushed, serene, efficient, Pace-setter. (or paste in your browser:
Click here for an online posting of Descriptive Qualities  of the 23rd Psalm by an unknown author. It has been used by many faiths, including this posting by a Baptist Pastor. (or paste
PSST for Golden Text and Responsive Reading: God is Love
Describe Love.  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  What does it mean if God is a loving God?  Are there any false perceptions of God that you can get rid of?  Make a list of all the things Isaiah says God does for us.  How is this an example of the “lovingkindness of the Lord”?  Think about God as shepherd.  What is significant about this?  What does a shepherd do?
PSST for Section 1: Lack Nothing
What does it mean to not want?  What does this have to do with supply?  Can you want if you are supplied with everything?  How can not wanting expand your view of the world (see S2)? What is the connection between Psalm 23:1 and the first line of Science and Health?  Give an example of how your day is “big with blessings” (S4)
PSST for Section 2: Green Pastures
If green pastures are the ideal thing for sheep (B5), what does this mean for you as part of God's flock?  What does God make us “lie down” in?  What is the correlation between the feeling of comfort in citation B5 and the “showers of blessings” in citation B6? Define “impartial” and “universal” (S7).  What does this verse mean to you?  [CS Lecturer Geith Plimmer once said that this sentence meant to him that when we are ready to make the needed adaptations, we'll receive the needed bestowals.] Who is loved?  Does God make judgments with Love? (Hint: NO!)
PSST for Section 3: Soul Restored
What does restoration have to do with God?  How was Jesus' restoration of the man's hand an example of Love (B12)?  Think about the process described in citation S11. What does Love do?  Notice the process of Love: inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way.  Does the order matter?   Have you ever thought of Love as a guide? Think about what it means to really love your brother (S15).   How do we effectively help others or “bind up the broken hearted” with Love (S15)?
PSST for Section 4: Rod and Staff [For background click on rod and staff paragraph III.]
How are you comforted by Love?  [B13, S17] What are some ways to feel comfort?  Think about hymns, articles, discussions, etc.  How are we comforted by a rod and a staff (correction/discipline and guidance)?  How exactly do those play a role in providing comfort?  What does citation B13 have to do with “when spiritual being is understood…” (S19) and “One moment of divine consciousness…” (S20)?
PSST for Section 5: Table, Oil, and Cup
What's the significance of a table prepared in the presence of enemies?  How is this a protection?  Why do “trials of our faith make us stronger” (S22)?  How are you “clad in the panoply of Love” (S24)?  When a sheep is injured, its head is anointed with oil.  This cleans and rejuvenates the sheep.  Also, during a coronation, royalty is anointed with oil.  What does this have to do with us?  How are we anointed with oil?  What does it mean for our cup to run over?  Give an example of this in your experience.  What is your cup running over with?  Is it easy to be grateful when faced with a challenge (i.e., being in the presence of your enemies)?  What gives us this gratitude and peace?
PSST for Section 6: Goodness and Mercy Forever
How are “goodness and mercy” following you every day (B23)?  What does it mean to dwell in the house of the Lord?  Where does Mrs. Eddy say the house of the Lord is (S26)?  There are a lot of really powerful statements packed into this short section.  What do the verses from S&H mean to you?  How can you use these verses, these absolute statements, to write a treatment for yourself or others?  How do they show that Love is all?
[*Addendum from Warren: If your class is of age to be interested in “relationships” you will find a treasure trove of application ideas in this week's Met by Michelle Wigginton, CS called “Cherish a Love Song written for you along with Love Notes an P.D.A.”}  

**[Many specific ideas about dwelling in the consciousness of Love forever are included on CedarS “Occupy God's Kingdom” Theme page that plays off the Occupy (OWS) Movement in helpful, metaphysical ways. On this webpage is a possible “rallying cry” game related to the Good Shepherd in this week's lesson. It can be played to provide examples of how to deal with ineffective traits such as pride, greed, gossip, criticism, selfishness,… that would occupy thought to prevent one from dwelling in the consciousness of Love. You might want to develop on your own and as a class ways to handle specific examples of these ineffective traits with metaphysics that “stomp” them underfoot. See more explanations on CedarS 2012 Theme webpage link above.]

[PYCL: Show how a picture can be worth 1000 words.]
CedarS PYCL–Possible Younger Class Lessons for:  
The Christian Science Bible Lesson for January 29, 2012
by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041
[Bracketed titles & links by Warren Huff, PYCL Editor]
[PYCL-Section 1: Make a book for pupils to illustrate safety, food, shelter, warmth, water...]
This week let's make a book.  Each page could have a passage from the 23rd Psalm, the passage from each section in the lesson.  On the first page you would put either or both the first line as it reads from Psalms or the line as Mrs. Eddy expands it.  Put this at the top or bottom of the page.  Discuss what it means to “want”.  Can they see that this can be seen as a command, and also as a statement of Love's provision for them?  Can they illustrate this passage with whatever a sheep might need to feel provided for?  Use colored pencils or whatever you choose to illustrate safety, food, shelter, warmth, water, freedom, and so on.  Talk about how the Psalmist uses these images as analogies for how God cares for us.  Maybe they would rather draw a picture of these things as it concerns themselves rather than a sheep.  If it is one of the younger classes see if you can find some of those bags of small plastic animal figures.  They are often found at Target or sometimes Wal-Mart in the toy section and are very inexpensive.  If you have enough sheep for each student, great, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind undertaking the care of a small pig, horse, goose, etc.  You may have to do the simple illustrations for those that balk at drawing for whatever reason.  Have them place their animal on the page with the picture and tell you about how they are fed, watered, sheltered, etc.  How does God do this for the student?  Can they actually name ways that God cares for them and loves them?  Help them see that God cares for them by His Love that is reflected as moms, dads, siblings, homes, etc.
[PYCL-Section 2: Draw green pastures and still waters for your sheep, a cozy room for you.]
The next passage is an extension of the first by specifically naming the sort of abundant care that God provides.  For the sheep analogy it is green pastures and still waters.  You can explain that green pastures would be good, nourishing food.  What does that mean for us?  Still waters not only represents all the things about water that the Bible illustrates (Life, purity, refreshment, etc.), but the stillness of it causes the sheep to be unafraid and to approach without fear.  Can you draw a picture of green pastures and still waters for your sheep to stay in?  What makes you feel safe and unafraid?  How is your Father-Mother, the Shepherd making you feel fearless and well cared for?  You can look at citation B6 for specifics for a more complex illustration of the abundance with which God is meeting our needs.  Draw either something like that is pictured in this passage, or what that passage symbolizes to you of your own God given abundance.  Would this be a cozy bedroom, a great school, good friends, loving family?
[PYCL-Section 3: Draw right paths and where they lead … and maybe a pit to get out of]
For page three of the book and the third part of the Psalm, discuss what restoring your soul might mean.  What does Mrs. Eddy say about soul in this sort of context?  Talk about spiritual sense, restoration, and what the paths of righteousness or right paths might be.  What are they for a sheep?  What are they for you?  Could you draw some of these paths and tell about what they are leading to and how do they get you there?  The little ones may just scribble, and you can tell stories about right paths and God leading us and being a good shepherd and so on.  They will love to bring home a book at the end even if the pictures make no sense to anyone but the child. Alternatively, you could talk about the story in citation B12.  What was Jesus saying here?  You could draw a pit and set your sheep in it. Would you get your sheep out?  Of course!  Should we be always healing and helping?  Of course!  These would be “right paths”.  Look at citation S16 for the “rightful nutriment” for your sheep.  How can they share this rightful nutriment with others every day?
[PYCL-Section 4: Draw a dark valley and a way through it.]
In section four we have the fourth installment from the 23rd Ps.  You can draw a dark valley and show how the sheep is guided and corrected and lead by Love to the other side. What will you draw on the other side?  How does this correction and guidance (rod and staff) show itself in your lives?  Are we as understanding of correction when our parents tell us we can't do something as we should be? Do they correct us or discipline us because they are expressing Love which is wise and intelligent and knows what is leading well? Talk about how parents reflect the divine Father-Mother in guiding and why this relates to the commandment to “Honor thy Father and thy Mother…” You could also draw a picture of the man on the beir that was healed by Jesus.
[PYCL-Section 5: Draw a banquet table, overflowing cup, enemies, anointing, …]  In section 5 we have the table that is prepared and the cup that runs over with oil.  Also anointing is mentioned.  These are rich analogies.  For the little sheep this would represent unforeseen food or water perhaps in a desert place…for you it could represent so many things.  Can you come up with an illustration of this from your own experience?  What are the sheep's enemies?  What are yours?  What does it mean to “anoint” your head with oil?  You can touch on the ceremony of anointing a King that involved oil.  What does that represent?  How are you anointed today?  Is everyone anointed or only “special” people?  Make sure to talk about oil and what it represents (see the Glossary, SH 592).  If the cup represents the challenges that come with obedience to God, how does the oil counteract those challenges?  With the littler ones talk about how God saves us from evil, from bad.  How does He protect a sheep?  How does He protect you?
[PYCL-Section 6: Draw the house of the Lord, the “consciousness of Love”, pursuit by goodness & mercy.]  
Finally we have the last installment of the Psalm in Section 6.  What does the house of the Lord look like?  What does it contain?  Can you draw a house like that for the sheep, or for you?  How can we draw the “consciousness of Love….”?  What does it mean that goodness and mercy follow you?  In some translations this reads “….pursue me…”.  That's pretty cool imagery!  Can you draw a picture that shows mercy and goodness pursuing your sheep/pursuing you?  Don't let them get hung up on a perfect picture; just enjoy the idea.  The littlest ones won't care at all, but you can talk with the older ones about the challenge of illustrating with pictures, the ideas in the Psalm.  Why is it hard to draw these ideas sometimes?
[PCYL: Use animals or their representations to illustrate taking tender care.]
If you don't have access to small animals you could certainly use stuffed animals or just about any representative of something to care for.  The idea is that they see that they are illustrating the tender care that Love has for Her creation.  Also if they have the little farm animals they can either bring them home or keep them in Sunday school in a box to do other illustrations in the future.
[PCYL: Dress up as shepherds.]
Another thought for the littler ones is to dress as shepherds.  Use a pillow case on their head and a small length of rope around their head to hold the fabric in place for a head dress.  An old sheet cut to length for a robe and a cane or sturdy walking stick for a shepherd's crook or staff.  Have them act out how a shepherd would lovingly herd a stray sheep or lamb.  Would he be firm but gentle?  Would he speak in a way that would frighten or a way that would reassure and help them feel loved?  Have them practice on a large stuffed animal, hopefully a sheep!  But they have good imaginations, so don't worry too much.  They will enjoy taking turns and they will learn that if they get silly or rough, they lose their turn to someone who is acting more like the Shepherd in the Psalm.  Make sure you talk about who the Shepherd is.  Can you sing “Shepherd show me how to go”?  How does that hymn make you feel loved?  I've mentioned this before but one of my son's teachers kept this costume and sheep stuff available in the class for the whole year and my son would frequently bring me into the class before or after Sunday school to proudly show me how he could gently herd the sheep in full costume.  I feel like he really got a good sense of the Love of God through this and loved showing how gentle he could be, (at that time an unusual quality for him to display!)

Hopefully all ages can go home with a book of illustrated Love, or a warm sense of the Father-Mother's wonderfully loving shepherding qualities after class!  
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