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Change channels from a constant A&E re-run to the ever-new Science (of the Christ) channel (of thought)
Lesson Applications for “Adam & Fallen Man” by Corde Hanzlik, CS (Austin, TX)

Adam and Fallen Man, a favorite. This time the Lesson is very different from the ‘usual’ Adam & Eve (A&E) Lesson as the complete Genesis creation story is missing. Why? The Golden Text and the Responsive Reading set the scene for the difference. The Golden Text makes it sound as if there are 2 creations exemplified by the bad guy, Adam and the good guy, Jesus. It almost seems like there is a choice or that we have already been put into limited conditions, but that isn’t true, has never been true and never will be. We don’t have to suffer mortality because of the ‘sin’ of Adam. What is the key as to which side we’re on? Obedience! To faith, law and grace as shown by Christ Jesus. Do we want to choose sin, disease death, over righteousness, health, and life? Of course not. What is the point of the Lesson then? We learn by the examples of many individuals, Adam and Eve, Noah, Jesus, John, Simon, Andrew, the woman in Revelation and angel, Michael, the direction to go. There really isn’t a choice. We are not the sinning Adam man under any false law.
Look for the gift that we are given in the RR from Romans.

Section 1: There it is again – the comparison – Adam vs the Christ man. We are not earthy, neither of the soil/dust or stuck in earthly patterns, but we are heavenly. When a situation arises that challenges you, recognize the serpent for the sneak that he is. We need to be alert that we are not found anked – exposed, vulnerable – to evil’s suggestions. Ask yourself, “Who told me (of my …. fill in the challenge)?” If it is not of God, good, then it’s the lying serpent suggestion. If we associate and follow the example of Adam and Eve, test out the “tree of good and evil”, what is our reward? Sin, disease, death – curse. Poor choice, for sure.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: Mrs. Eddy is clear on the facts of course. Adam is totally false. It starts with a dead end. Her phrase, “the atheism of matter” (580) nails the godlessness(literally) of the Adam dream. Woman at least recognizes the error of her ways and is open to seeing the truth of things, giving up mortal selfhood. Just imagine a dam holding back an enormous amount of good, love, blessing, life that when Christ Jesus blows it apart, we have overflowing currents of all that we need! (338) It was always there. We needed the Christ example to show us. It isn’t enough to open the flood gates. The whole dam belief must be obliterated!

Section 2: God picked Noah. Why? He was good (marker 3 and 4) Noah knew the gift of grace. Would you be willing to build a huge ark when there was no rain in sight? So what is the big key that the Responsive Reading was pointing out that made Noah special? Obedience. Noah did what God said. Note in marker 5 that the ark was “lift up above the earth”. It makes the case again that the Adam dust has no substance value to us. We’re above it. What was God’s part of the bargain? He remembered Noah. We have “access to grace” as given in the RR, just as Noah did because we know to put God first, so that all we need is an umbrella.

Science and Health: The definition of Noah is a clear statement. In the light of Christian Science, shouldn’t we put our name in place of Noah for the second part of the definition? We are not of mortal selfhood, but are immortal, and we know it. Who told us that we are matter beings? Serpent talk. We are not to be humbled. (320) It’s all washed up and flushed away. Refuse to be deluded by the deluge of sense! There is only one Mind! One image and likeness – never in matter. (191)
So what is the conclusion on Noah? Good guy example or bad?

Section 3: John the Baptist was a good guy. He foretold the Christ coming and recognized him even before God made His announcement, “Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” (marker 7) That’s what God says about each of us too. Each and everyone of us! Jesus had his time in the wilderness to make his claim of sonship. We have that battle too it seems. Thank heavens he showed us the Way! (Look up the definition of wilderness in the Glossary.) Peter and Andrew recognized the Christliness of Jesus. They were obedient to Jesus’ command to follow him. It was a “sure” life blessing instead of the net-or-miss life of a fisherman. What would your reaction be to leaving your nets (video game, tv, book, business, lifestyle) and to immediately see this amazing man cast out the unclean spirit? They were amazed, perhaps even frightened. It was graphically confirmed that they made the right choice to follow.

Science and Health: If Adam had answered the questions in marker 11 and 12, his life would have been different. But the Adam story is only an allegory, not real life. (literally) What does Truth reply? Marker 13. Truth has the answers, always. Truth doesn’t get rid of error. Truth doesn’t know error. Truth is.

Section 4: The “following” activity became very popular! Great multitudes! The disciples especially were given the understanding to do as Jesus did, but when did they really understand it? Which ones got it? Not all did. Peter got it. Jesus knew who were his real followers “from the beginning”. Yet doesn’t it appear that he cared for each of his disciples? What love and patience he expressed!

Science and Health: What type of disciple are you? Do you stick with the Christ idea no matter what? Error tries to justify itself and compromise because it doesn’t know any better, but we do. Our test is marker 17. Do we “constantly turn away from matter”? It’s easy to look for the “imperishable things”. Are we willing to leave our nets? Or do we drag them along “just in case”? Who or what are we following? (Oops, that the next section.)

Section 5: So??? What is the choice? Will you record (live and prove) Truth? Even the deaf and blind to the Truth will get it someday. We have the examples of so many, not merely of Biblical proportions, but everyday guides and demonstrators. We have the book. So????

Science and Health: You have probably read a biography of Mrs. Eddy to know that her life was not easy as she was sickly, impoverished, widowed and divorced, yet, she still claims that God had graciously prepared her for her revelation of Science.(107) The Bible was her teacher.(110) Her selfless work was/is totally for mankind to learn what Jesus taught, put into practice his truth without human bias. The serpent could not silence her. Paradise is open, but there is no matter there/here. What a guarantee it is that she gives us in marker 21. Even when we don’t understand the Truth, it works anyway. It’s the law! Check out Aesculapius. Why does she use him as a comparative reference?

Section 6: The woman is helped by Michael and his angels. The divine revelation was upheld as Satan, the Devil (remember that serpent back in Genesis? It got huge, ripe for destruction.) That old dragon was cast out. What was so special about this woman? What is she the standard for? A total stance, dominion, over matter. She has the complete universe; moon (time cycles, reflected light) under her feet; sun – check the Glossary; a crown fulfilling complete separation from material existence. Science is complete. All is Spirit. There is no matter. The curse laid down in Genesis is dissolved as the accuser – the curser – is cast out. (Read S&H 560-573) Will we follow her?

Science and Health: Nothing could stop the revelation of God’s Word! We have Michael fighting for us, too. His angels are present to cast out that old serpent, the dragon. We are not asleep in the Adam dream. Error is washed away. As Noah was, we are lifted up. No more guess work of fishing. Truth is accurate, complete. The good guys are obvious. We will follow them in the way of the “new heaven and new earth”. No more sea (scary threats, or as Mrs. Eddy tells us, “elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms”.(559) Our selfhood is in tact and recognizable. (294) To cognize would be to know. To re-cognize, would be to know again what is already known. We are not deluded or deceived by the lies of the Adam dream. We never have been. As obedient children, we follow the direction, revelation of good only, blest by law and grace, forever. We are the good guys!

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