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Challenge the limitations of matter – You are the unlimited idea of Mind and you can prove it!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Weekly Bible Lesson on the subject”
“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
For the week of June 16 – 22, 2008
Prepared by Janet Hegarty, C.S. of St. Louis, MO

Editor’s Note: The following application ideas for this week and Possible Sunday School Topics that follow are offered primarily to help CEDARS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free — in English by Monday or Tuesday each week, or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION in French from Pascal, in Spanish from Ana or in German by Gabriele. JUST SIGN UP at

In her article “One Cause and Effect” Mary Baker Eddy answers the question, “Is the universe, including man, evolved by atomic force?” She says, “The universe, including man, is not a result of atomic action, material force or energy; it is not organized dust.” (Mis 23:20)

In the 1890’s the scientific community made some discoveries through which they believed the material origin of the universe would eventually be found. They studied the atom to search for this material origin. New scientific discoveries, such as roentgen rays or x-rays, discovered in 1895, and radioactivity, discovered in 1898, gradually allowed natural scientists to take a closer look at atoms in their search for the material origin of the universe. (Atom: Journey Across the Sub-Atomic Cosmos, Isaac Asimov)

But at the same time, Christian Science presented a completely spiritual explanation of creation to the world. Christian Scientist’s were aware of the work of the natural scientists, but that didn’t make them question the spiritual discovery that Christian Science reveals. They knew that every Christian Science healing proves, without a doubt, that man and the universe are spiritual, not material. [If you would like to peek back to this time in history, visit a Reading Room or stop by PAL House at Cedars. Look up the article, “Natural Science on Matter,” by Alice Boyd on page 28 of the Christian Science Journal of April 1895 and also the item “Prof. Rontgen’s New Force,” on page 514 of the Christian Science Journal of March 1896.]

In her article, “Bible Lessons,” Mary Baker Eddy gives the spiritual explanation of atomic action. She says, “Atomic action is Mind, not matter. It is neither the energy of matter, the result of organization, nor the outcome of life infused into matter: it is infinite Spirit, Truth, Life, defiant of error or matter.” (Mis 190: 1-4) The Lesson this week challenges the idea of a material creation and shows the effective, powerful, results of Mind’s “atomic action.” Let’s study it and challenge every material idea that would try to limit the great good we can do.

Golden Text: Nothing is too hard for Mind!
The unlimited power of God, Mind, made the heaven and the earth and you! Do you find yourself wondering, “Can I swim that far? Hold on for that long? Or ride a horse that’s that big?” Remember each of these doubts comes from measuring the world in material ways — so many yards, so many minutes, and so many pounds. God, Mind, has an entirely different way of measuring things. God’s measurement of strength and endurance is not limiting because His idea of strength and endurance is the infinite strength of Spirit. His measurement of time can’t restrict you because, to God, time is the unfolding of good. His measurement of courage gives you complete freedom from fear because He has given you unlimited courage which comes from your constant awareness of the ever-present comfort of Love. There is nothing too hard for Mind! And, nothing too hard for you, Mind’s idea! From now on, measure your abilities with God’s spiritual yard stick and you will soon see that these material measurements, the yards, the minutes, and the pounds, have disappeared from your day.

Responsive Reading: It’s time to get to know God better.
Let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time thinking about ourselves. We think about what we’ve done in the past and what we would like to do in the future. We wonder what others are thinking about us. We think about our physical bodies. These thoughts often go something like this, “I’ll be able to do that when I’m taller, stronger, or older.” We think about our intelligence — “I’m just not good at math, I don’t like to read, or it’s easy for me to learn languages.” Some of these thoughts might make us feel good about ourselves while others might make us feel bad about ourselves. But all of these thoughts limit us, even the thoughts we like, because they are all matter-bound thoughts.

The verses from the book of Job in the Responsive Reading show us a whole new way of thinking – boundless God-centered thinking! These verses talk about the complete freedom, unlimited power, and perfect intelligence of God’s creation. They turn our thoughts away from the narrow limits of atom-bound thinking that we know all to well, to show us the boundless thoughts and abilities of Spirit, God. The last verse of the Reading tells us how to improve our thinking and expand our abilities. It says, “Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.” (Job 22:21) Become better acquainted with God who is the source of all power and intelligence. Get to know Him better, think more about God and less about yourself. Think about what God is and about what God does. Remember, the truth is, you are His image and likeness. You are not the compound creation of material atoms. The more you know about God, the more you will understand who you really are.

Section 1: God’s universe: controlled and governed by Mind.
The first four sections of this Lesson each include a story of Elisha. He challenged and overcame widely accepted ideas and obstacles through his reliance on God. Baal worship was very popular in Elisha’s time. Because of this, Elisha’s mission was to show the people of his day the powerlessness of Baal, which was simply an idol made out of matter, and to teach them to rely on the perfect power of God. Elisha made this power evident to the people through the many healing works that he performed. (The Stories of Elijah and Elisha, Leah Bronner) In this section, we come into the story at the point where three Kings are traveling together with their armies. They are on the way to fight with a mutual enemy. Because of the enemy’s location “they fetched a compass of seven days’ journey.” This means they had taken a circuitous route, heading south and traveling around the south end of the Dead Sea. (Interpreter’s One Volume Bible Commentary) They were in trouble because they were not able to find any water, and so they called on Elisha and through his prayer they were supplied with water. There was no rain where the armies were located, but rain in another location flowed into the valley and provided for their needs. (B4) Elisha definitely understood and demonstrated, “Mind’s control over the universe.” (S3)

With severe drought troubling some parts of the world and severe floods occurring in other locations it’s important that we use the ideas from this section in our prayers for the world. Adam Dickey, Mrs. Eddy’s secretary, recorded the following thoughts that Mrs. Eddy shared with her household one day when she asked them to pray about the weather. Her words reinforce the ideas from Science and Health that you’ll find in this section. Mrs. Eddy told her household, “A Christian Scientist has no business attempting to control or govern the weather any more than he has a right to attempt to control or govern sickness, but he does know, and must know, that God governs the weather and no other influence can be brought to bear upon it. When we destroy mortal mind’s belief that it is a creator, and that it produces all sorts of weather, good as well as bad, we shall then realize God’s perfect weather and be the recipients of His bounty in that respect. God’s weather is always right.” (Mary Baker Eddy Library)

Section 2: Divinely Natural Act.
Recently, a friend of mine was searching Science and Health. She was looking for a spiritual antidote to counteract what she had heard in the news about the hereditary aspect of DNA. On page 44 she found the phrase – “divinely natural act.” At the beginning of the paragraph that includes this phrase, Mrs. Eddy questioned if it was “supernatural” for God to “sustain” Jesus in his resurrection. In her answer she says, “…it was a divinely natural act, whereby divinity brought to humanity the understanding of the Christ-healing and revealed a method infinitely above that of human invention.” I really liked the idea of DNA defined as a string of divinely inspired activities that make up the substance of our lives. This spiritual DNA thread runs throughout the story of Elisha and the Shunammite. As a natural expression of her love for God, the Shunammite woman was impressed by the spirituality of Elisha and inspired to act on this by providing Elisha with a place to rest when he traveled to her town. Elisha was grateful for the hospitality and naturally took action to express his thanks. As a result of Elisha’s gratitude, through yet another divinely natural act, the woman who had been unable to have a child, gave birth to a son. (B7) It is clear that this spiritual DNA, divinely natural activity, guarantees everyone will have a rich, full, life and that is the only possible kind of life for “the offspring of Spirit.” (S10)

Section 3: Mind always multiplies but matter always divides.
From a material point of view, supply is like an eight-inch apple pie. If there are only four people to share the pie, everyone gets a big piece. But if there are ten people sharing the pie, everybody’s piece will be very small. The servant of Elisha objected to Elisha’s request that he feed one hundred men with only 20 barley loaves and some corn. The servant questions Elisha’s wisdom because based on his material estimate of the situation each man would get only a small morsel. (B10) Elisha, on the other hand, looks at the situation from a spiritual point of view, God’s point of view. He understands that “Mind is the multiplier” and, with confidence, says that everyone will have enough to eat and there will even be some leftover. (S12, B10) Elisha didn’t draw his conclusions by dividing the quantity of food by the number of men. Instead he multiplied the number of men by the magnitude of God. He demonstrated boundless God-centered thinking. To unlimit your view of supply, search this section for words that describe God’s infinite point of view – words like, bountifulness, inexhaustible, and ever appearing. Use every opportunity to put these words into action. Turn to Mind’s bountiful out-pouring of ideas to keep your cabin running smoothly. Put inexhaustible Love to good use to comfort and encourage your cabin mates. Brighten everyone’s day with a generous portion of Soul’s ever-appearing joy. To do this won’t cost you a dime, but you and everyone around you will be greatly enriched.

Section 4: Love proves the laws of physics are purely mental.
When I was in eighth grade, I loved the old piano that was at my best friend’s house. My friend’s Mom loved to tell me her story about the piano. She really loved that piano, too. It had been in her family since she was a young girl. One day when she was in high school she was at home alone when a flood came. She could see the water was creeping into the house and knew it would soon ruin the piano. She couldn’t stand the thought of that. She forgot about the immense weight of the piano and all by herself she managed to push that big old piano up a small flight of stairs to protect it from the flood. When her family got home they couldn’t figure out how she had done it. She couldn’t even explain it herself.

When Elisha rescued the ax head from the Jordan River he certainly demonstrated his understanding of the mental nature of material laws. His act of kindness was a natural response to the sincerity of the man who had lost the ax head. This man’s greatest concern was that he had lost something which he had borrowed. Elisha showed him that when our motives are pure, nothing, not even the laws of physics, can stop us from doing the good we desire to do. (B12) Don’t be surprised if, one day, you find, as a result of your efforts to help a friend that you have done more than you ever thought you could. Freely give! 2008 theme

Section 5: Challenge the material evidence with Truth and you will win.
This section includes many important rules for spiritual healers. As you study this week, consider how Jesus applied these rules when he healed the man with the withered hand. This is a condensed list of the rules. Rule 1: Never admit that there is a condition beyond God’s control. (S22) Rule 2: Know that God is good and does not cause deformity. Since God didn’t make it, it’s not real. (S23) Rule 3: Know disease has no power. (S24) Rule 4: Know that God, Spirit has all power. (S25) Rule 6: Remember, “the physical senses must give up their false testimony.” (S25) Rule 7: “Stick to the truth of being” and contradict the false notion that there is life in matter. (S26) Rule 8: “Plead with an honest conviction of truth.” (S26) Rule 9: “Speak the truth to every form of error.” (S26) Rule 10: Know that all diseases are only “dark images of mortal thought.” (S26) Rule 11: Know that man and the universe reflect God’s goodness and power. (S27) Heal the sick! 2008 theme

Section 6: Mind is the grand Creator.
If you are ever tempted to believe that you are helpless or powerless, never believe it! This false sense can only be one thing – a false material, atom-bound, sense of being. God, infinite Mind, created you. You are the child of greatness, and power, and glory – the child of Mind. (B19) Because you are one of God’s ideas, you actually radiate out from the glorious power of God. (S28) How could something that radiates from the one and only all-powerful source possibly become powerless or helpless? You cannot, that would be impossible. Remember, the perfect power, life, and intelligence that radiates from the divine Mind is not processed through matter. Mind is always Mind. Mind doesn’t need matter to sustain itself or to express itself. All that you express, comes directly from Mind and is never filtered through matter. Never let a false material sense of being dim your consciousness of Mind. (S29) Each day, cultivate God-centered thinking, search the lesson to find fresh spiritual views of Mind. Then, accept your own identity as the likeness of Mind. Each day you will find that you have more and more to give and you will surely fulfill your spiritual niche! 2008 Cedars Theme

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Camp Director’s Note:
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Warren Huff, Camp Director, (636) 394-6162

Possible Sunday School Topics: “Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?” for 6-16-08 through 6-22-08
Submitted anonymously by former CS camp counselors who now teach Sunday School

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T. – Golden Text and Responsive Reading] – When was the last time you said, “I can’t?” (“I can’t waterski, complete the high ropes course, get along with my cabinmates, ride that horse. . .”) Take the promise, “there is nothing too hard for thee,” and apply it to the challenges that you’re facing today. [Possible Uplifting Sunday School Homework or P.U.S.S.H.]

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T. -Section 1] – In B4, three kings travelling with their armies call upon Elisha to supply them with water, and through Elisha’s prayers their needs were met. Identify other examples from the Old and New Testaments where Bible characters overcome beliefs of lack of water or food. (Hint: one of these stories was in last week’s Bible Lesson and another story is in Section 3 of this week’s Lesson.)

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T. -Section 2] – In this section, Elisha shows the Shunammite woman that nothing is impossible when you trust in God. What challenges in your life appear to be impossible? How might this story provide inspiration to overcome a difficult challenge? Study S&H 10, and substitute your name for wherever you see the words “man,” “his,” or “he.” What new insights did you gain as you substituted your name into this passage?

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T. -Section 3] – In the Cedars Met, Janet Hegarty suggests “searching this section for words that describe God’s infinite point of view.” See how many of these words or phrases you can find. Then, apply this perspective to situations in your life or in the world where there appears to be too little of something: too little money, time, athletic ability, intelligence, companionship.

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T. -Section 4] – When the borrowed axe head fell into the water, how do you think the man in B12 felt? Have you ever felt this way? How did Elisha respond to the situation? Role play this story with your cabin or Sunday School class. How does this story answer the question posed by the Bible Lesson subject, “Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T. -Section 5] – As Janet Hegarty points out in the Cedars Met, this section “includes many important rules for spiritual healers.” Read through the passages in this section and come up with a list of at least 5 principles for effective healing. Jesus turned to God and applied these rules of spiritual healing, even when those around him criticized and persecuted him. Are you willing to risk the world’s persecution and criticism to be a healer? What Beatitude(s) does this situation relate to? (Hint: See Matthew 5: 3-12)

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T. -Section 6] – What connections can you make between B19 and the prayer we pray aloud in Sunday School? Select one task or activity every day this week in which you will give the greatness, power, glory, victory, and majesty to God. [P.U.S.S.H.]


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