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Mine CedarS Answered Prayer History G.E.M. (God Expressed Meekly-Mightily)
of asking God for divine directional signals!

How God controlled the weather on 4/8/1961 to clearly show CedarS right site selection:
Our Huff family first witnessed this G.E.M. on a prayerful, but soggy Saturday “scouting” trip to check-out my Grandpa Buck’s UNDEVELOPED land (where CedarS Camps now flourishes).
It rained steadily all 365 miles from our home in Omaha, Nebraska to one of Grandpa Buck’s two “gentleman’s farms” near Lebanon, Missouri. On that wet 7-hour drive, we read a Bible Lesson that included Gideon asking God for signs: one to let his fleece be wet when the surrounding ground was dry (as in Facets 2 & 3 that follow); and, another sign to make his fleece dry when the surrounding land was wet. (Judges 6: 36 -39, this Facet 1)

My mom proposed that like Gideon, we ask God to show us a divine sign as to which of two properties owned by her dad, Roy (“Buck”) Buchanan, might fulfill Ruth’s inspiring Bible openings directing our family to start a short-term summer camp to serve Christian Scientists near Lebanon, Missouri. [Read Ps. 92:12-14 and Ps. 104:16-17 and “CedarS Camps, Its Origin and Growth” by Ruth E. Huff for more on CedarS Bible-based origin and growth.]

To make an inspiring, but long, story shorter: As soon as we got to CedarS future location, the rain stopped and the sun came out nicely for our whole visit! Then, as soon as we drove through the gate to possibly go see a second property that could have been CedarS Camps location, a steady rain started again (our fleece was wet)! Just seeing the rain stop and start—as if on cue—seemed like the divine signs we had asked for, but God added two more unforgettable signs— not only a rainbow “of promise” over the beautiful property we’d just seen, BUT ALSO an amazing cloud. It was shaped like an arrow pointing down to this divinely-promised place for God’s idea of CedarS Camps to flourish!

That clear, divine guidance was just the first of many facets that daily-demonstrate the precious G.E.M. of God giving us divine directional signals to follow and of Love’s control over the elements—not only at CedarS, but wherever we expect to “love into view” a spiritual sense of divine direction and presence!

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