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C.A.M.P. Today —Christ’s Animating Mindset Practiced Today! to feel At-one with God!
Citation application ideas mined by Warren Huff
from The Christian Science Bible Lesson on
“Doctrine of Atonement”
for October 29, 2019
from The Mary Baker Eddy Library, Cobbey Crisler and others

C.A.M.P. Today#1—Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God! (B1)

"…solemnly covenant…to deal justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God;…”
1879 Covenants and Tenets #3D
This portion of the 1879 Church Tenets was taken directly from what Micah 6:8 says that God requires of us in citation B1 of this week’s Bible Lesson. It is adapted and incorporated (as highlighted) into our current “Sixth Tenet” which—with humbly added—reads in full:

6. And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also [humbly] in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure.

Click on Downloads in the upper right of CedarS webpage version of this “C.A.M.P.s Today” to see a full history of the evolution of the Sixth Tenet as researched by “The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Mankind.”

C.A.M.P. Today#2— Find oneness with God “as a ray of sunlight is one with the sun”
from citation S5, p. 361:16 as sung in “I and My Father” Music Video on YouTube

Here’s a link to an inspiring song by CedarS mom and award-winning Country Music artist, Cherie Brennan. It emphasizes the humble mindset of Christ Jesus and builds upon this week’s Bible Lesson citations, especially S5, p. 361:16. Enjoy!

You can learn more about Cherie and buy her CD “You are Loved” (where “I and My Father” is the 4th song) on her website through Spotify at:

Or, on Watchfire Music by Christian Science friend, Peter Link, —LISTEN TO A SAMPLE of “I and my Father are one” SUNG by Mindy Jostyn and BUY IT and the SHEET MUSIC for SOLOISTS at:

C.A.M.P. Today#3 — Do what’s needed to bring a friend to Christ’s forgiveness & good cheer!

Citation B10, Luke 5:18-25 (being transcribed tomorrow) has the same healing described in:
“Matthew 9, Verse 2: ‘We have a man in bed with the palsy.” Can you imagine Jesus going by a man who had been that long without moving and telling him to “be of good cheer”? But there’s nothing Jesus said that he didn’t discern was needed. What that man needed, more than physical movement, was to be of good cheer. Jesus said, “Thy sins be forgiven thee.” Jesus knew at a glance the whole history of a case.”
(Verse 3). The scribes say, “This man blasphemes.” In order to get the healing, he has to eliminate the theological obstruction to healing first.
(Verse 5). He says, “What is easier? To say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk?”
(Verse 6). “Because the Son of man does have power on earth to forgive sins, (then saith he to the sick of the palsy), Arise, take up thy bed, and he goes.”
The Book of Matthew, A Tax Collector’s Account, Auditing the Master
by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Citation B10, Luke 5:18-25 (being transcribed tomorrow) has the same healing also described in:
“Mark, Chapter 2,
Verse 1, "We’re back in Capernaum. " We’ve got to have Peter’s recollection; here because he’s the one that owns the house. His mother-in-law was healed in this same house. "He (Jesus) was in the house.”

Verse 2. "Many are gathered together. They couldn't move. "

Verse 4. Jesus had the same problem many well-known people have today. "They couldn’t come nigh unto him for the press.” No one but the home owner could have told it like that. In fact, only Mark has the details here. "They uncovered the roof where he was.” You have a nice roof on your house and total strangers suddenly are dismantling it above your head. As a home owner you're probably going to be the one most emotionally involved in this.

"And when they had broken it up." You can almost see Peter going around the world giving this as his oral presentation of the gospel of Jesus and never forgetting what had happened to his roof.

"They let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay." It’s a potentially dangerous situation. You are crowded in there elbow-to-elbow and down comes the roof plus four people bringing someone lying on a pallet. Gravity might even have him shift off the pallet right into the midst of the people down there. The whole thing was filled with a potential fear of disaster. See how Jesus handles this panic-in-the-making. He doesn't see any of the physical motions. To him that does not describe the real activity going on. But remember what Jesus lays down as a rule later in the gospel of John 7:24, "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

Verse 5. So, "When Jesus saw their faith,” which was as visible to them as the commotion was visible and audible to those around , "He said unto the sick of the palsy, Son." Notice "Son," immediately linking him to a relationship with God. "Son, your sins be forgiven thee."

Verse 6. Does that really hit the fan? Some of the scribes, the teachers of the faith of the time, "the experts," didn't dare say anything. "So, they only reasoned it in their hearts." This shows you how mental the whole thing is and how accurate Jesus was in establishing one of those cornerstones, as "repent, " and change your thought.

Verse 8. Jesus announces what they were thinking. Apparently it was an obstacle to healing, just as sin was an obstacle to healing. He had to deal with all of them before he could get to the nature of the case completely.

There are three treatments involved in many of the cases as recorded in Mark . Mark is the most methodical in giving us the rules for healing. It is almost as if we have a n eyewitness that not only remembered the details but cherished the details. If it is Peter, how appropriate, because Peter is the first one to be a major healer after the ascension. And he is the first one to raise t he dead after Jesus.

These details were obviously taken in. They imbued him with an education which he was able to use and apply in his own case, even without the physical presence of Jesus to do this healing.

Verse 11. So Jesus says, "Take up thy bed, and walk, and go thy way into the house." Again, the definition of healing includes dominion. Jesus did not take up the bed of this man. This man had associated the bed with what dominated him. It was a false comforter. Both those had to be subordinated to the joyous news that each and every person is a child of God. "Son," he said. Each and every child of God has the freedom to express dominion. Dominion is something that one expresses, not something that 's imposed. It 's a matter of expression.

Would it have been entirely a different experience if Jesus had somebody else pick his bed up, rather than the man himself, to exercise dominion over it, and walk out? "They had to help you through the roof. You walked out through the door with the bed. Your faith hath made thee whole." A mental state. Faith is apparently the antidote for sin because that's how it's treated in Verse 5. One mental state must supersede the other. This is healing. Illness is a conflict of mental states. It's a point of view that can be our worst enemy. But the divine outlook, that is our best friend. We cannot play like our gear is in neutral on the subject. We’ll go nowhere. We must go forward, picking up our bed and going our way into our houses. That's what dominion means.”

“What Mark Recorded,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

Possibly "C.A.M.P. Today#4" & more will be added as mined
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Christ’s Animating Mindset Practiced Today!

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